How to use Telegram to earn money

How to use Telegram to earn money

Do you think you can make money with Telegram?

What is special about this application of Russian origin?

Why use Telegram and not WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger?

There has to be something, of course.

To begin with, it is known that it is a slightly more lax platform in the allowed content or what is the same, that it does not carry out censorship. This has made many people go to it because we already know that a lot of content is not possible in typical social media. But this is not the issue.

What we are going to talk about here is whether or not you can make money with Telegram.

But first of all, let’s see what this platform is about.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a mobile messaging application that was born in 2013.

Like almost all of Telegram, it started from nothing and in the early days, it was barely known. 7 years later, we are with a platform that is used by 400 million users and that has a fairly strong growth, in addition to a fairly loyal user base.

What is the application for?

Well, to be in contact with people.

At first, it was limited to messages, and then over time, it has been adding other methods such as video calls.

In that sense it is nothing new under the sun, why are we going to fool ourselves?

However, it has things that make it attractive compared to other popular applications such as WhatsApp.

What are those (supposed) advantages?

  1. Has unlimited server storage
  2. A Telegram Supergroup can have up to 5,000 users
  3. It is better for the privacy of the group owner
  4. Channels can be created in which the owner decides who posts
  5. Has more support on other PC platforms
  6. Secret chat that self destructs
  7. It is an ideal platform for bots
  8. The options to send files are more advanced and powerful
  9. You can have multiple sessions

On the other hand, Whatsapp is better for :

  1. Communication notifications (not good for privacy though)
  2. Better quality for calls and videos

As we can see, the advantages of Telegram are many.

What strikes me the most is the possibility of creating channels, groups and interacting in a way in which the owner or manager is in control. In this sense, WhatsApp is much more limited.

So why is WhatsApp still more popular?

Well, maybe because it appeared first.

And most importantly: Facebook is behind it.

In addition, the fact is that WhatsApp is sufficient for the use that 90% of its users give it, so it is no longer necessary to switch to another platform like Telegram. The latter wins where it stands out as a unique service.

Some Telegram statistics

  • Two-thirds of the users are men: this may give some clue as to what type of content may be more popular in the app. Think of things that guys usually show more interest in
  • More than 80% of users do it through Android. What’s wrong with iOS?
  • The sector of young adults is the highest, with the majority between 25 and 34 years old, and it is also usually a public that is quite versed in technological management.

Gain subscribers for the channel

The first thing we have to do to even think about making money with Telegram is to have subscribers on the channel. The more the better.

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Now, don’t be confused.

In online or digital marketing, quality counts more than quantity. But we must not ignore the second either.

If we have a very specialized channel, it is best to have users who are interested in the niche.

A good channel with 1,000 followers in a good niche can make much more money than a channel with 10,000 followers in a more general niche in which many users are not very interested.

To start we have to create a channel.

The logical thing is that we have some interest so the channel belongs to a niche. It can be about technology, trading, blockchain, fashion, offers, news, politics, betting, or whatever you can think of.

But of course, to have people on the channel they need to know it. Because people are not going to see it appear out of nowhere.

People can find your channel if they search with related terms, but don’t expect them to find you massively like that.

The most logical thing is that your channel becomes known in another way. The most typical way is by having a popular blog, or it could also be a Facebook or Youtube channel, and the Telegram channel would be an extension to add specific content to the app, for which it is very good depending on the case.

Of course, remember that the channel has to have a purpose and it has to be interesting. If not, what’s the point of doing it?

You have to give value to the users of the channel. Let them feel that they have to see it often.

What’s more, if your channel is really good, your own users will make it known to other interested parties.

What things could we do to make the channel interesting?

  • The first thing would be to publish frequently. If you do it once every two months everyone will forget your channel
  • That the name of the channel is striking and easy to remember and associate with. It would even be nice to have a name that allows you to create a unique brand
  • Publish the highest quality content possible. This is the hardest because most people just post the latest content from their other platforms.
  • Related to the above do not post irrelevant content
  • Make a logo that stands out
  • Promote the channel in other media
  • Using a lead magnet on the blog to attract visitors
  • Join similar groups that you can participate in so that people get to know you. This also applies to forums or sites in the same niche in general.

What I just said sounds very good but it can also lead to confusion.

For example, why take people to my Telegram channel from my blog? Why would I want people to leave my blog or website?

Well, because the Telegram service is something that you don’t offer on the blog; something different.

Just posting the latest content is fine as a reminder but it will never be enough to make a channel memorable.

The true goal of Telegram should be something else. It should be about posting truly fresh content that users can’t find on the blog or anywhere else.

The latter is difficult to do on a normal channel.

The logical step would be to create a Premium channel for which users would have to pay.

But for them to pay you have to be sure that what you offer is good, and that is not possible in many niches.

However, it is not entirely necessary to have a pay channel either. It is also possible to have a free channel in which we are commenting on things and then diverting the traffic to another need which can be the product that we have created in another channel.

You see, we can wind up and find many ramifications and possibilities.

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How to earn money with Telegram?

Telegram can be used in various ways to earn money with it.

It’s not like there’s just one magical system.

The same happens in the different apps and web services.

It depends on the “specialty” there will be better options and worse ones.

To begin with, I am going to name what I mentioned just before about a payment channel, which is perhaps the most “pure” way to earn money with this platform.

1 Earn money with a payment channel

Suppose you have an exceptional knowledge about a niche.

This is something similar to a Patreon account but with the advantage that people can look at your Telegram account on mobile at any time.

Therefore, it is perfect for giving live announcements that people can take advantage of “on the go”.

A typical case of this could be related to market comments, or what many know as “trading signals”. Although we already know that investment advice cannot be given, it is possible to give information and opinions about the market, and on that basis said channel could be created. There are a few such channels in the Hispanic community and many more in the Anglo-Saxon community.

Doing a quick search we can see channels with 4, 6, 14, and more than 40,000 followers related to trading signals. That’s quite a few followers. If a part of them can be directed to a Premium payment channel, an interesting income could already be generated.


However, there is also the possibility of making money with the channel being free and “directing” people towards other paths.

2 Earn with affiliates

The very famous affiliates are everywhere.

They are like a plague. But it is a working pest and legit.

Who does not know the Amazon affiliate program?

Well, Telegram is used to put links from the commercial platform directly.

But it also serves to send traffic to your website where you may have affiliate-focused content.

For example, imagine you’ve created a mega blog post about a service you’re affiliated with. You can create interest from the posts on Telegram and send important traffic to it, thus increasing the possibility of earning money this way.

3 With own product

This is similar to the first point, but we do not have to have our product on Telegram as a payment channel.

We can have a free channel and then from time to time offer our consulting services or whatever else you can think of.

An example of this could even be the development of an application that you gradually promote on the channel until you launch it and then your users already know it, and if they are interested they can buy or use it.

4 Promoted content or advertisements

In Telegram we don’t have Google Adsense, but you can get the interest of companies that can discover that you are an influencer of the app and are willing to pay you money for a publication.

This is a fairly typical model on image platforms like Instagram. In Telegram there are probably fewer opportunities for this method but we should not discard it.

An important point as an influencer would be not to offer poor quality products, simply for the fact of taking a few dollars. Your reputation as a person of influence is worth much more in the long run.

5 Creating stickers

All platforms have their memes and jokes.

Telegram has the stickers and in certain niches, they are in high demand.

You can specialize in creating them and maybe even earn money if you see that they are successful and in demand.

6 Become a Telegram expert

This can be done in different ways, the main ones being:

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The size of Telegram has grown and with it the needs of some companies that generate strong income and that are present in this app.

If you have a lot of experience managing content in the app, you could sell it and get paid.

7 Make money with bots

This is one way that stands out from the rest because it requires extra technical knowledge, at least if you are the person designing the bots. The latter would be ideal.

However, we can also earn money with these “gadgets” without having to create them. We can use the most suitable ones to increase the effectiveness of our channel when it comes to generating interest and finally income.

An example of a bot could be to support users.

Another example could be using a bot that posts to remind you of important events in your business.

In general, what is intended is to automate essential communication with potential customers and make it more efficient with less effort. Always dealing with people takes a lot of time.

Of course, important and complex things will always have to be resolved by ourselves. But everything simple can be left in the hands of the “robot”.

If you look closely, this is used by more and more companies to provide information and to answer the simplest queries. In this sense, it would be good for users to know that they are dealing with a bot so that they do not feel cheated.

With a good design, you can create a really good bot that seems almost human in “dealing” with the user.

Undoubtedly, I believe that this field of bots is going to have greater development in the future, so developers or experts in them believe that they will not lack work.

This is an old method of entering online, through famous companies that pay you for each time someone clicks on those short links.

It’s fine for you to tinker with, but it’s not a method that I think would be very worthwhile. It’s nice to meet him, yes.

How to use Telegram data and statistics?

Look, an old trick to see how you can make money online is to see what others do.

Many people have a hard time understanding something as simple as this but believe me, it’s something worth doing.

If you have a niche, simply search for channels related to it and try to find the most successful ones. You sign up for them and see what they are doing.

It’s not about you copying them; of course not.

But you can emulate what they are doing and even improve it, adding a personal touch.

A good place to find ideas of the best channels in the EU is telegram channels.

There you will be able to see the best channels or bots of the moment in the main languages.

You can also get your channel listed there, although don’t expect miracles just for that.

Conclusion Is Telegram used to earn money?

I think it has been shown that Telegram is an excellent platform to try to get a source of income or boost the one we already have.

Its channel function is very powerful and, if used properly, it can represent a great opportunity in certain market niches.

Some people use it and other people don’t.

It doesn’t have to be mandatory either.

If you already use it to contact people or follow some other channel, you will already have a better idea of ​​what you can do with the app.

Oh, and be careful not to fall for scams, especially if you see that they ask you for money in exchange for “miracles”. But it is common to all online businesses and even to all businesses.


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