Most profitable market niches today

Most profitable market niches today

The subject of market niches is exciting but at the same time complicated like no other.

This term is very important in the business world, both physical and online, and it is especially in the latter where it has become very popular.

In this guide on this concept, I will concentrate on the online world, but the lesson could also be valid for the niches of the traditional economy.

However, there are some differences between choosing a traditional niche on the street and one online.

On the street, there was always the possibility of opening a restaurant and people who came by the place hungry would come in to eat.

There was no need to advertise the thing much, at least without much competition.

However, opening a new website without marketing or advertising is not going to get any visitors. The webs on the net are in a kind of infinite vacuum that no one will reach unless they are directed in some way.

Who knows? Perhaps with the new virtual reality, it will be possible to return to a kind of “store” model similar to the one before, with businesses open in popular places in the Metaverse, but that is another story that does not affect us at the moment.

Well, in this guide I’m going to teach you what a niche market is, how to choose it, and some interesting examples.

What is a niche market?

A market niche is part of a market made up of individuals with a series of similar characteristics that are not yet covered by the offer. Well, this thing about not being covered by the offer is a bit subjective because there may be an offer that you are trying to cover but you are not doing it efficiently.

In other words, this means that if we get into that niche we have a good chance of getting good results.

I will give you an example.

Imagine an appliance niche, which is served by a website called (I just made it up and I don’t know if that website exists) and other similar and not-so-similar ones.

Maybe I realize that within this niche there is one washing machine that is not well served because for example there is no website called or “.net” or whatever.

Well, then I decided to create a niche website specifically for washing machines.

This example brings us to the topic of microniche, one that has been talked about for years in the world of SEOs.

The microniche is a much more specific part within a niche that meets a need that can hardly be further reduced.

An example of a micro-niche following the washing machine case would be to create something related to portable washing machines, for example, lavadorasportá

There we would be attacking a very specific part of the washing machine market, and our intention should be to position ourselves as the web (or business) with the best information on portable washing machines and the internet.

Such a niche would be the typical example of trying to monetize with Amazon affiliates.

Anyway, I repeat that it is a rather crude example so that you can see the idea, not for you to try it (it’s probably not worth it).

Profitable market niches

First I am going to name some of the most classic and which are considered to be the most profitable up to now, with divisions and subdivisions of niches and micro-niches:

  • Money and finance (largest niche)
  • Health & Wellness
    • Weight loss (a real classic)
    • Fitness
    • Yoga
      • Aerial yoga (micro niche)
  •  Technology
    • Hosting
      • WordPress Hosting
    • Gaming
    • VPN
  • Digital Marketing
    • blogging
    • SEO
  • Hobbies
    • Photography
    • Trips
      • (Travel to Egypt: there is already a website like this, for example)
    • Casinos
    • bets
  • Family and house
    • Gardening
    • Dogs
      • German shepherd
    • home security

Well, I think that one of the topics that interest you the most about niches is knowing which ones are the most profitable, especially if you are trying to create a profitable online business based on applying SEO or blogging (or vlogging).

Look, no one knows which are the most profitable niches in the market at any given time.

This online world is a hydra that is constantly changing heads and it is impossible to predict.

It’s just that I can’t say that the “toys” niche is the most profitable because that’s impossible to measure. The most we can do is speculate and think about the niches that could be most interesting at any given time.

It is that not even SEO gurus are going to agree on which niches are more or less profitable at the same time.

The niche that is profitable today may not be profitable tomorrow, but maybe for you, not for the already established authority website.

Oh, it’s such a complex subject that even I get lost.

But is normal.

Look, in general, to find a profitable niche, the logical thing is that it still has a lot of potentials to exploit, and in which the competition is not excessively great.

This does not mean that it is not possible to get into a niche that is supposed to be very competitive and not surpass the competition, since there is always the possibility of doing things from another angle and going to the established websites. A classic example of this is the English SEO blog Backlinko, which starting much later caught up with industry giants like MOZ and other brutally authoritative websites.

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Now, having said this, I say again that the most sensible thing to do is to look for a niche that still has enough points to exploit.

This tends to work well with things that haven’t come out yet or are in the early stages of their infancy, which is pretty much in line with breaking tech stuff.

Tips for creating or choosing a niche market

Ok, we are determined that we are going to get in the face with the competition on a subject but we have not yet decided on the niche. We are undecided.

So let me tell you some tips.

1 What are your interests

One of the things that tend to be more successful in online business launches is that people do a business related to what they have experienced or like.

So a good idea may be to list those hobbies you like or things you know a lot about.

After all, think that if in the end, the thing is successful, it is likely that you will have to continue writing, publishing, and researching about the said market, and nothing better than knowing about it to be able to do it efficiently.

This is valid both for a website and for a video or messaging channel such as Telegram.

For example, you make a list of your hobbies and talents and you have:

  • Make and drink cocktails
  • Travel to exotic countries ( methods to earn money traveling )
  • Bet on football in bookmakers
  • Knowledge of engineering related to renewable energy (from having worked in the sector)
  • Great interest in the environment
  • Lots of online dating experience

From all these things or hobbies you can get many ideas for possible successful blogs, authority websites, or video channels so that in the future you can make money with Google Adsense, affiliates, and even with your own products, especially mentoring.

2 Choose an evergreen niche

What is this evergreen?

Well, something that does not go out of style.

With this, I am not saying that you cannot choose a niche over something temporary and make a lot of money.

But if we want a good business in the medium or long term (+5 years), it would be better to choose something about which we will be able to update new information on a more or less regular basis.

However, this shouldn’t be difficult when choosing most topics because almost all of them have things you can post new articles about.

A classic example of a non-evergreen niche is a news site or things related to a specific event such as: “Tyson vs. Holyfield”.

3 you have to focus on the long term

It is increasingly difficult to come up with a groundbreaking idea with which to make money in the short term and run away.

Against this advice we have the ideas of many SEO gurus who advise constantly creating niches, looking for new undiscovered opportunities.

Who will be right?

I believe that a mixture of the two approaches should be sought.

What these gurus say is that you have to try several niches after having done a good search for them. Most of those projects will fail but most likely there are 2, 3, or more that are profitable, and that is where we should focus on them fully. Ideally, this should be a medium to long-term approach, trying to build authority sites in successful niches.

As time goes by and our site gains authority, it will be placed more strongly in the SERPs, not to mention that we will be able to create a personal brand, which is the key to long-term success.

4 Better to focus on a more specific niche (less competition)

Surely you would like to have a dominant website in an entire market sector.

Who does not?

But let’s be real.

You are going to have a lot of difficulties in positioning that website, especially if you start from scratch and work alone. Even working as a team can be difficult.

In other words, another slightly silly example but that may be worth it for you to see this.

It is more difficult to get into something like “” and be successful.

That is going to be very complicated with brutal competition and a fairly broad theme. It is not impossible but at this point very difficult.

However, if we mess with something like “” we will have it easier, both in terms of the focus of the web and in the possibility of attacking a more specific niche, which translates into better access to “searches -long-tail”, that is, the least competitive in the search engines.

It will cost you less time, resources, and effort to reach that market niche than the superior one.

Note that you can apply this almost the same to the world of traditional economics.

It may not be easy for you to create a car rental company, but perhaps you can make an electric scooter rental company in a tourist area.

5 Focus and specialization

Specializing in a fairly specific sector helps you become a reference figure much easier and faster than if you do it on a general website or business.

Come on, don’t start training with boxing, MMA, karate, kung-fu, kickboxing, and more at the same time hoping to become the Bruce Lee of today.

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You’ll do better if you focus on something. That is if you concentrate your learning on one.

When one puts all the focus on something it is easier to become an expert.

6 Explore the market

Suppose we already have an idea.

Well, then it’s time to see if it is in demand.

One thing that I have not told you is that it is useless to find a niche with little competition if the reason for not having it is that it is a market with no potential to make money.

That happens a lot more than we think.

Honestly, it is very difficult to find a niche that has many searches, with high commercial intention, and is not very competitive. If someone succeeds, I congratulate them, because it is not easy at all. It’s not impossible, but it’s not something everyone will find.

What we can find more easily is a niche that is not in demand in the market, and therefore we can avoid it so as not to waste time or resources.

If you want to search for words and search volumes there are several tools:

  • Google KeywordPlanner
  • Google Trends
  • Semrush (use free trial)
  • Ahrefs (the same, although here you have to pay a small amount for a 7-day trial)
  • ubersuggest
  • surferSEO
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • LongTailPro
  • Moz (free trial)
Google Trends always has the latest search trends by country and for free

There are many more, but with those, you could try to do free searches, without having to pay in most cases.

If we see that the term has interesting searches, then we may be facing an interesting niche.

Of course, this requires a little deeper study than what I discuss here.

You have to analyze the competition, the difficulty to position yourself, and more detailed things.

A good way is to do searches in the Google search engine and see the results live. In other words, look closely at them, see who is on the first page, and analyze what type of page it is. That can help you decide if it’s worth fighting there or not.

7 Make Sure It’s Marketable

This is important.

You have to take a good look at the websites that are operating in the said market to see what monetization methods are being used, and if you see that the website makes a clear commercial sense, then the money is being made.

The most typical methods are:

  • Google Adsense: with this, you will need a lot of quality traffic
  • Affiliation: if the niche has many affiliates, it is good news
  • Own products: it can also be good news, but if you are not interested in developing your own product, stick with the previous ones. Don’t fall into the trap that you can only make real money with your own product. You can earn a lot, yes, but also with other methods, especially affiliates.

In addition to looking at the websites of the people who are competing for that niche, it would also be a good idea to see if there are related products on Amazon or any of the affiliate platforms, although for that we should already have the website created, so my advice remains as above. : Study the established competition.

Examples of niche markets

I am going to give you some examples for which I am going to break my head a bit, but without assuring you that they could be successful.

They are just ideas like that on the boat soon.

You would have to study each niche in depth, and even by doing so, you could find something interesting.

1 Renewable energy niches

This macro-niche seems to have a lot of potential, and I’m not just talking about the online world, but even the real world, where I think there will also be many opportunities to create businesses related to this industry.

The trend for the world to embrace renewable energy solutions seems pretty clear, and I think we are only at the beginning of it.

It’s not that it’s a new sector either, since if you look closely there are already a lot of websites dedicated to the matter, especially news (those make money with promoted posts, among other things).

As for products, more and more appear in this market. The first that comes to mind is the solar panel, but there are many others.

Is there a lot of competition?

Probably but not as much as other traditional sectors.

Is it marketable?

Not too much but possibly more applications will appear shortly.

2 Virtual reality products

It may still be too soon, or it may not. Probably yes, but I think that this field would be an interesting one to follow to see if products emerge that could have commercialization facilities.

In principle, it is a niche that will grow in the future.

There’s no doubt.

However, it also brings its “danger”.

The concept of “virtual reality” would imply that at a given moment 2D webs or sites should give way to the 3D digital world, which would be the end of the web.

How would SEO be done in that 3D world?

Would it be possible?

I leave it there.

3 NFTs

This is another phenomenon that is emerging strongly, at least at the beginning, because with the cooling of the crypto market, it has calmed down again. Therefore we see that it is a phenomenon that depends on how the cryptocurrency market in general goes, and in particular Ethereum and others to which it is closely linked.

Is it too soon to create niches with this?

It may, or may not.

I haven’t done it or studied it.

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But this would be a field in which, from the outset, the competition is not the same as if you start creating a website called “”.

The sector may come to nothing, but if it ends up exploiting those with authority websites in the general niche or micro-niches like “NFT art”, or “buy NFTs”, or whatever, you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

4 3D printing

You may have seen 3D food printers, but this 3D printing thing goes much further.

At the moment it seems like a very limited phenomenon, but I think that at any moment this could be “democratized” and then there could be a significant market there.

The potential applications in things like fashion, food, industry, or health show that we are facing a possible revolution in the way of consuming some products.

And note that it is also said that it can be used to build houses.

Will it be lucrative to create a specific niche or micro-niche?

Maybe not, but we couldn’t rule anything out.

5 Drones and robotics

I think we are seeing new products appear in the mass market and start to replace things of the past.

For example, a market that is getting hotter is that of drones, but what is interesting is that it not only deals with the devices themselves but also with accessories such as batteries, skins, or landing strips.

6 Online Security

The issue of online security cannot but increase in the years in which the digital economy is going to eat the rest of the cake that the real economy still had left.

There are also quite a few niches in which I am sure you can look for opportunities.

Thus suddenly the world of VPNs comes to mind, necessary to browse with more privacy and to use services that we could not otherwise. It is a very powerful market, with many searches and that pays well.

The bad thing is that here I see that the competition is already quite strong, with international SEO companies fully involved in competing (that is, sites that serve several languages ​​with a lot of authority) and even the occasional SEO in Spanish that has already gotten involved. to give themselves hosts in that lucrative market (

Maybe he’s burned enough already. Maybe not.

I think if I got involved I could do exciting things.

Examples of interesting domains (if they are not already taken) could be:

  • (or .com)
  • (.es)

You can see more on the subject of domains in my entry on the most prominent domain registrars.

Another example that we can quickly take is related to Internet passwords.

In this case, we could attack the niche of “password generators”. I already see that there are some of the same competitors in the VPN market involved, so I think that money must be moving. It would be a matter of investigating.

I mean, I’m not saying you have to take these examples and do them. The most likely thing is that if I do a study I will come to the conclusion that they are not worth it, but what I want is for you to keep the idea and that perhaps, by introducing a different angle, from another perspective we could attack interesting niches.

The same goes for any other more or less large market on the net.

In almost all there are gaps to fill.

Types of market niches

Before finishing this guide, I want to tell you about this point that is sometimes overlooked and that can help you focus on a niche more precisely.

The following variables help to differentiate the niches:

1 With geography

With this, we have to differentiate the different regional markets of each niche.

This is important.

Then you have to take into account that in each of these countries there is an offer of different products.

For example, the companies that offer discounts and promotions are not the same in Colombia as in Argentina. Some match but others don’t.

This segmentation is important in the market for real products, but it is less and less so in the market for online products.

The online product par excellence, cryptocurrencies, can be bought and sold anywhere in the same way.

While to buy a coffee maker we will have to use different suppliers in many countries, almost certainly.

2 Demographics

We can segment based on population issues that can be as varied as gender, income, age, or profession.

3 The behavior of people

Conclusion What is the best niche market?

I hope that I have resolved some doubts about this exciting topic of niches.

And thanks for reading this far if you have.

Regarding which is the best market niche, I tell you again that this is not something that we can measure objectively.

Maybe the best niche for me is not the best for you.

The good thing about this is that there are always opportunities in the market.

An interesting field to find niches is to go with the latest technological trends in the market, especially new digital services that are replacing traditional ones. That is where the best opportunities appear.

The examples that I have commented on in this article are nothing more than a few grains of sand in the Sahara because believe me, the niche market is almost infinite.

If you use your imagination you can come up with several ideas in a single day.

Now, yes, do not do things like crazy, and think a little before getting into a project.

I am sure that if you think about it, you will find good profitable niches in the market, evergreen niche

Best of lucky


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