13 Best Paying Online Jobs and which ones to Avoid

13 Best Paying Online Jobs and which ones to Avoid

Are you looking for a job online?

Well, you are in luck because I think there is no doubt that we are in the golden age of online business, and that means that there are and will be many online jobs to earn money.

In addition, the times are long gone when many people consider online jobs as something unreliable. Today these jobs are as serious as any other and are on a growing trend, while off-fine jobs are declining. We may like it more or less, but that’s the reality.

Here I am going to explain which are the most attractive online jobs and which ones you should avoid, something almost more important than the above.

By work, we must understand something that can give us money that covers at least the minimum wage in our country, or at least comes close.

Let’s say that the average minimum wage in the EU is 900 euros net per month. Well, we should look for something that is not much less than that, putting in 40 or 50 hours a month. In other words, it is not worth it for us to get involved in doing an activity that gives us €100 a month by putting in 50 hours, at least not as a medium or long-term objective. I’ll explain more about this later.

Now we are going to see the online jobs that are worth it.

Best High-Paying Online Jobs

These are the online jobs that we can consider to be well paid, and that at least have the potential to become a significant monthly income.

1 . Developer – Programmer

If you have programming skills, congratulations.

As I said before the online world is the present and much more the future, and programming skills are the most in-demand in this new digital landscape.

This has been coming for many years, but over time the panorama that we are in the age of algorithms is much more reinforced.

And who prepares and improves or repairs those algorithms?

The developers.

The truth is that I have been hearing for many years that the profession is burnt out and that it has no future because machines are going to replace the programmers, but if I tell you the truth, what I see is that every year that passes things get better. for these professionals.

Yes, many languages and technologies indeed become obsolete, but if you can get into the new trends, there will always be jobs to do.

For example, just look at the new world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DeFi, all of which are demanding an increasing amount of programming skills.

So don’t be discouraged if you see out there that developers have no future. I think that if they don’t have a future then I don’t want to think about what other professions have.

What can you do as an online developer?

How much can you earn?

It depends on the country where you are, and what you are doing. You can earn from quite little to very high figures of more than $100 or $200 an hour, with almost no limit above if you can develop your successful application.

2. As a Youtuber

Yes, this thing about being a YouTuber is not like years ago, when many people took it as a joke.

Now everyone knows people like Rubius or Willyrex, but not only, but we probably know many more who already earn a living only with their YouTube channels.

In the Spanish-speaking world, we are probably talking about tens of thousands of YouTubers who earn at least a salary online just with their presence on YouTube.


What changes in each one is the way of earning money.


Some earn from Google advertising, while others earn by promoting their products or services. This will depend on each one.

How much can a Youtuber earn?

Well, from a few dollars a month to millions.

Everything will depend on what phase of your “youtuber” career you are in.

From the outset, it is not an “online job” in which you are going to start and they are going to pay you 1,500 dollars a month, but it is something more related to a personal project, to create a brand, and with it becoming an influencer of Youtube. Then the money will roll in.

3. virtual assistant

Virtual and online are almost the same.

So yes, the online world needs virtual workers, and that’s where assistants come in.

Think of many jobs that online companies need.

When you see a website for a large company, the number of things that are needed on it might surprise you. This cannot be carried out by a single person and sometimes it is necessary to form very large teams if the web has a certain amount of traffic.

But that doesn’t just stop there, virtual assistant tasks can go to many other branches, such as simply managing emails or whatever comes to mind.

How much does a virtual assistant earn?

It depends a lot on what you do, being able to go from €7 or €8 to €50, €60 or more in Europe.

In a country like Mexico it could go from $250 (and its equivalent in Mexican pesos) to $4,000 a month, or more if you are a specialist in something of high value.

4. Web designer

This is a profession that has had a very strong market for many years and has allowed many to have a profession that makes them proud to earn a living.

Years ago it was necessary to know code such as HTML or CSS to be able to build web pages by hand, but that went out of fashion with the arrival of CMS like WordPress and others, with which it seemed that the profession was going to disappear, but nothing further from reality.

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What happened is that demand changed, and not only that, but it also increased dramatically.

Yes, there were fewer requests for bareback HTML jobs, but the demand for professionals who create websites and e-commerce with other platforms grew enormously.

What’s more, the issue of web page design today goes much further since it is not only a question of making the page look good, but also that it be fully functional, and that it also loads quickly, a current challenge that is creating new market niches.

In Spanish, and Africs I have not seen many specialists, but in the Anglo world many people are dedicated to selling web optimization services, and they earn a good living doing it.

How much can you earn?

It depends, because if you are self-employed and have a good cache you can charge large amounts to important brands.

5 . Podcasters

This is another of the professions that have burst into the new digital era with force.

Figures like Joe Rogan or Pat Flynn are icons of the online world, and even though they both came from different worlds (one from MMA and the other from blogging) it was in podcasting where they achieved fame.

Well, it is difficult for us to be as successful as the previous cases, but the truth is that every day more podcasters make a living with it.

The truth is that it is not as easy as with YouTube or a blog, but with perseverance and with quality content you can go far.

The ideal thing would also be to complement this podcasting with other things like the blog, although it is not necessary.

For this, it is necessary to handle one of the podcast software on the market such as Audacity.

6. Social media influencers

This is another of the fashionable professions, and everything seems to continue to grow even more.

It is logical that in a world that has seen how physical contact has decreased to a great extent, people have to focus more on online content and spend more time on social networks.

That is where the work of influencers comes from.

Whether you’re on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, I’m sure you follow some influencers regularly. I think all of us who use that platform do.

The truth is that the following influencers have something of an addictive component, but that’s how it works.

Well, many of these influencers started from scratch, without being famous, and little by little their respective channels grew, until they reached a point where without realizing it they were earning money, sometimes a lot of money.

I already talked about the case of YouTube, but it also occurs on sites like Twitter or Facebook, where there are people who have even put aside their blogs to only publish there.

Maryann Rizzo, a well-known influencer on Pinterest, is dedicated to the world of decoration. Take a look at her profile to get an idea.

How much can you earn?

From a few dollars to millions in a month.

There is no limit.

7. As a second-hand seller

Yeah, this isn’t the most glamorous job out of the whole spectrum of alternatives I’m presenting here, but that doesn’t mean people are making a living out of it regularly.

If you are an expert in finding bargains in markets and second-hand stores, surely you can find an opportunity to resell them on sites like Mercadolibre, Amazon, or eBay for a good margin.

How much can you earn?

Normally it is to earn an extra income per month, but if things are going very well for you and you find places where you can find bargains regularly, you could turn it into a job where you can earn a monthly salary to live.

8. Doing tutoring

Many of us have had private lessons as children.

Before, the typical thing was to go to the tutor’s house or give them in a commercial place.

Today this is changing rapidly and children and young people (and not so young) are looking for private tutors online. This has several advantages, such as saving travel time.

In this way, many new opportunities have arisen in the online tutoring market, to the point that many companies dedicated to training of all kinds have been set up, not only dedicated to young people but also to adult markets who want to learn professions. There is a whole mine there by the way, you just have to see the typical YouTube ads of people looking to be your “tutor” to get rich.

Some of the pages to be able to take private classes online are Superprof, Udemy, Verbling, and Smart Academy, among others.

This is one of the best business ideas for young people today.

9. Community or Social Media Manager

Social and Community have something in common: contact with people.

These professions try to take charge of managing a group of followers of a brand.

Many influencers or companies have many followers on the different social platforms where they are. That represents enormous potential in terms of monetization possibilities.

In these cases, it is advisable to hire someone who is in charge of managing the relationships with the fans on those pages.

For example, imagine someone has a Facebook channel with 500,000 followers. Surely there are many potential buyers and future customers there. By hiring a social media manager, you can get many leads, but much better than that, you can create a feeling of a brand that is committed to its users.

To become a community manager in demand, you will have to learn a lot about the subject, for example by becoming an expert in one of the social channels you use, as well as taking courses and so on.

It’s not easy to get there but the one who does has a good profession, and a very dynamic one at that.

How much do these professionals earn?

Well, in Spain no less than approximately 47,000 each year.

In Mexico, you can expect to earn more than 500 USD per month.

10. Graphic Designer

Just as websites need a design, the work of professionals who are dedicated to designing important parts of websites, social profiles, YouTube channels, and whatnot is also necessary.

We are talking about a whole sector with quite varied niches, such as creating images or banners for campaigns, that a good designer can convert into success metrics with a good design.

Sites like Canva or Snappa allow you to create all kinds of graphic works in a short time and some people use them to earn good jobs on sites like Fiverr.

11. Freelance writer or/and editor

This is another profession that is very tied to the modern digital world.

Most of the content you consume on websites, blogs or social media is written or video.

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So that means there is a huge market for both niches. I already named the video one a bit with YouTube, although there are other alternatives such as Twitch, the writing one is a huge field where the bulk of the Google search engine business is based, still the most used in the world by far.

The demand for writers for posts and content editing, far from diminishing, has only grown over the years and in particular, there is an increasing demand for talented writers, since good copywriting is what is most successful in SEO and the subsequent sale.

This market is highly developed in the Anglo world, where there are people who charge a lot of money to write quality articles. Still, the Spanish-speaking market is also becoming more powerful, and some people are charging good money to write the best posts for certain themes.

This is especially important for SEOs and companies that do not have the time to spend writing content pieces as they are dedicated to other things. That makes them have to release the creation of written content and for this, they have to look for good writers.

So if you have a writing talent and you don’t have a job, you could try to get into this world.

It is not easy, because most likely you will have to start writing almost for free, but over time and once you have made a name for yourself and a good portfolio of articles, you can knock on the doors of companies or startups that are badly in need of quality content creators.

Ways to get these jobs are by signing up for freelancing websites ( see the freelance jobs entry ), sending direct emails, using sites like Twitter, and so on.

How much do they earn?

Again, the variations are tremendous.

In the United States, a freelance writer earns between $24,000 and $115,000 a year, so taking into account the standard of living, you can get an idea of ​​what they could earn in places like Spain, Mexico, Colombia, or Argentina.

12. Dropshippers

This is another of the fashionable professions of recent years.

I don’t know about you, but in my case, YouTube videos have inundated me with these types of ads in recent years. That means that it’s a very big market, but also that there are a lot of people who fail, so don’t think it’s going to be easy.

To do dropshipping we need a platform where we can put the products, which can be Shopify or Woocommerce, and there we can have our products available to potential buyers. Once they purchase a product, it is the manufacturing company that sends it to the customer.

In other words, it is a model where you act as a salesperson and you forget about the part of having to pack and deal with the product itself.

Let’s say you become an intermediary between the manufacturer and the buyer.

It is a method with its advantages and disadvantages, but it is one of the most chosen by those who start in the world of entrepreneurship and want to have their own business.

You only have to look at Shopify’s stock price in recent years to realize how many people have started dropshipping businesses around the world. Many have failed but others have done well and are making a lot of money. Could you be one of them?

How much can you earn?

Well, it depends on how the business works for you. You can directly lose money and have to close the beach bar or be able to earn millions of dollars a month if you get it right.

13. As a blogger

I saved this one for last because it’s my favorite. But that doesn’t mean it has to be yours.

It’s not that I’m a great blogger, not at all, but starting as a blogger taught me how the online world works, and with it discover the different earning models that exist on the web.

Starting as a blogger can end up doing many other things, like the example I gave earlier of Pat Flynn and his great success as a podcaster when his initial product was a blog.

As a blogger, you may end up doing things like:

  • Sell ​​ad space
  • Make sponsored posts, which are well paid if your website is of the influencer type
  • Sell ​​mentorships about your niche
  • Sell ​​courses related to your blog
  • Start making a podcast related to the blog
  • Transform the blog into a much larger website, with affiliate products, your own, or both
  • And more than I forget now

The possibilities are endless.

Everything will be a matter of seeing what works best and also, if possible, you like it.

How much can you earn?

As with almost all the previous methods, which have to do with self-employment, you can earn anywhere from a few dollars a month to millions.

Best of all, creating a blog is not difficult at all, and can be done for free or almost free (recommended).

What I do ask of you is that you write with passion and things that are worthwhile and unique, if at least not in content then in form, that is, with your personal touch.

What online jobs exist?

There are many online jobs that we can get.

I have already listed you most of the best and most profitable. They are characterized by either working from home for their account or someone else’s account. What advantages and disadvantages does each have?

Online self-employment:

  • It is difficult because at the beginning you earn very little
  • It is very unstable and there is no security
  • You can earn a lot of money over time if things go well
  • You end up working more hours
  • You almost always have the “work” in your head

Online jobs for others:

  • They provide a more stable salary
  • If you get one of these, you earn an average figure, usually enough to live on, and sometimes a good above-average salary.
  • You can’t get to earn a lot of money, or it’s almost impossible
  • Less working hours
  • When you finish the work you usually leave it on the “computer”

Depending on your situation, you may be more interested in one than the other.

I am not going to say here that it is better to work on your own as it is not always possible, and it is not for everyone. It is for me but maybe not for you.

What is clear is that there are more possibilities of earning more money with a job on your own than with someone else’s. Of course, you will have less stability.

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What online jobs to avoid?

There are people out there who start recommending online jobs that aren’t.

I will list the main ones:

Day trading

This is a supposed online job that has a lot of publicity on the net and which many people fall for thinking that they are facing a profession that can be achieved with little effort. Nothing is further from reality.

The vast majority of those who get into it lose all or almost all of their money. The best way to “work online” as a trader is to do it for a broker, but in that case, realize that you are not a trader.

Online surveys

This is another highly publicized method of online work.

I’m sorry but that is not so. Online surveys are not capable of generating an income that is even close to the minimum vital income of any country.

At most, you can earn a few dollars an hour, and that is not worth it in countries like Spain, Mexico, or Argentina where the average job can pay more than $3, $5, or $10 an hour. The same thing changes in places where the situation is desperate like Venezuela but I still doubt it.

This type of place is good to hang out, killing boredom and maybe taking a few extra dollars. If that sounds good to you, then go ahead and do it, but don’t think that this is an online job.

Bitcoin and crypto faucets

This case is the same as the previous one.

The same but with another mask.

We are not going to earn a good hourly wage there, we cannot even expect to earn much money in the future.

The only thing we can hope for is to earn some extra cryptocurrencies, especially when the cryptocurrency market goes up, which in the end does have a positive effect on the earnings of the national currency, but beyond that, it is not a model attractiveness of working online.

A point in favor of this type of model is that it allows you to become familiar with the world of blockchain, which is full of opportunities to earn money.

Another case is similar to the previous two.

Here you are not going to earn more than a few dollars by spending many hours on the matter.

It is not worth considering it as a job in the network.

Online poker

Years ago online poker was very popular, and it was a time when many professional players made a living playing poker and were glued to the screen for most of the day.

Over time things changed and it became more and more difficult to do so, especially in places like Spain, with new regulations dedicated to pillaging users with taxes.

Today it is very difficult to make a living playing exclusively online poker. It is not impossible but I think you shouldn’t consider this as a possible online job

One thing that you could do if you know how to play well, you can become a poker mentor, and there, yes, earn money as an online worker.

Sports bets

This case is the same as the previous one, but with the difference that I think it is even more difficult to earn money with it. The chances of defeating the house are slim, not to say that they are nil in the long term.

In other words, we should not consider this as an online profession.

However, around online betting, there are many interesting professions, such as bloggers, YouTubers, or tipsters, who make a living selling information related to this world. So if you are an expert in it, there you could find a career opportunity.

Online jobs without experience

Jobs without experience are the most sought after by those who have just entered the job market, usually young people and students.

Young people and students need jobs to be able to pay for their studies or sometimes even to be able to help their families.

The main characteristic of this group is that they usually do not have experience, so it is difficult for them to look for well-paid jobs online.

A fairly typical web job for inexperienced students is data entry. While it’s not a bad job per se, it’s not one of the best paid.

The same can happen if a student becomes a virtual assistant, or something else. Most likely, you have little experience in the business world, and that in the market counts for a lot.

The more experience and skills they acquire, they will be able to aspire to better-paid jobs.

For example, a student might start by charging $5 per article written, to gradually gain clients, and over time, once their writing improves, then they can start asking for $10, $20, or more.

This is explained by applying a little common sense.

Experience is very important in life.

If you want to be inspired, you may be interested in the entry of young entrepreneurs.

Free online jobs

One of the wonders of the world on the net is that it allows us to find jobs that we can start doing for free.

But if we want to earn money, what is the point of working for free?

Well, all the sense in the world.

He thinks that in ancient times trades were learned by working for free for a teacher for a season that could last for years. After a period of apprenticeship and once the trade was learned, these apprentices became artisans and thus could begin to earn real money.

Something similar is happening now, only instead of those trade teachers, we have the internet.

Today you can create your blog, video channel, Facebook account, Instagram, or TikTok for free, and over time you may have become an expert in your market niche. When that is the case, you will realize that you have a lot of potential to earn a lot of money, because opportunities are everywhere, even in the most unexpected niches.

In other words, we can start creating our online learning for free.

The internet is free or almost free. You will only need to have the connection at home and start using it very actively.

One piece of advice that I give you is not to be passive but to get involved in doing things like the ones I said before, be it networks, videos, or writing.

In the end, you will surely get job opportunities online.


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