15 Best Paying Online Jobs of all Seasons ($US100/hr)

15 Best Paying Online Jobs of all Seasons ($US100/hr)

Contrary to popular belief, many paying online jobs allow you to earn a few hundred, and even a few thousand dollars a month. Of course, this is not easy or requires little work.

For whatever reason, many people believe that “working online” involves making a few clicks or filling out a couple of surveys to generate a decent income. The truth is that many are attracted to this idea, and for a large part it usually works.

But the truth is that Internet work in dollars can go further, and generate much more income. To do this, having a specific skill is key, especially if it is among the most in-demand jobs online.

Therefore, whatever the selected skill, the important thing is that with practice and a little motivation, you can master it. So, if there is something that we should highlight from these requirements, it is that you enjoy it so that the road is much more pleasant.

So, do you want to have a paid Internet job that allows you to have an income of thousands of dollars a month?

Below, I’ve put together a list of the top 15 online jobs you can do from home or wherever you want, and how you can start mastering and benefiting ($$$) from them. This list will be useful to you whether you want to earn extra money or if you want to dedicate yourself 100% to it.

NOTE: Most of the value ranges have been taken from the range shown on the first page of freelancers on the Upwork platform. These figures may vary depending on your experience or job opportunities.

1. Online Transcriber

Pay: $US7-30+/hr

If there is a highly-paid online job, which is also considered one of the most demanded on the Internet, it is an online transcriber. If you know a little about my history, you know that it was one of the first paid online jobs that I embarked on.

It consists of transforming audio or video into text. It is usually a demanded job to add subtitles to YouTube videos, or other platforms.

And it is that, although there are programs that do it automatically, creators or companies prefer to add subtitles created by humans, and not use artificial transcriptions created by robots.

Sounds simple, right? And it is not far from the truth. If you decide to take this activity seriously, it could be quite lucrative for you.

 How Can I Get Started

If being a transcriptionist is something that interests you, there are a number of tools that you will need.

That includes some good headphones, software to assist you, and probably a footswitch to speed up the process of rewinding/forwarding or pausing the audio while you let your little fingers do the work.

Here, it’s important to be quick at writing, and good at listening to even the smallest and most subtle details. And finally, hit play on the transcript.

There are jobs for this type of profession on platforms such as Freelancer, Fiverr or Upwork, but there are also service companies that often look for freelance transcriptionists.


2. Freelance Translator

Pay: $US8-60+/hr

If you speak more than one language or are passionate about languages, freelance translation is perfect for you. Currently, thousands of pages and blogs continue to expand into other markets, making it a highly requested job.

Although there are automatic translators, they do not have the precision and knowledge that only a human can add to the translated texts, such as cultural meanings, and terms related to various areas, among others.

Your clients would be more than happy to throw a few bucks in your face to help them translate their websites and publications to attract a new audience.

How Can I Get Started

Platforms for remote workers such as Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr are excellent places to start having clients, and to increase your network of contacts. Another of the fastest ways is by applying to specific service companies for translators , and interacting with the communities.


3. Virtual Assistant

Pay: $US6-25+/hr

There are so many things that a virtual assistant does that listing them here would make this section kilometric. But simply put, you will be assisting an individual or a company (duh!). From accounting management to customer service, a Virtual Assistant can cover small tasks such as meeting schedules, or administrative or financial tasks.

It is one of those professions in which you mix the skills that you (perhaps) already have and pack them in one place, at the service of a company or person that requires it.

If you want to start a freelance career as fast as possible and feel that you don’t have a “wow” talent for the other professions, this is my recommendation.

How Can I Get Started

The first thing I recommend is that you choose the type of business or the profile of the person you would like to assist. Would you be more comfortable helping a Blogger? Or do you prefer the administrative side and could assist a physical goods business owner with their accounts and administrative tasks?

Really, all this will depend on your experience, ability or preferences.

On any of the platforms for freelancers like the ones mentioned above, you can find remote work as a Virtual Assistant in quantities that you can’t even imagine.


4. Freelance Voiceover

Pay: $US25-100+/hr

Here, you will ask yourself, can I make money with my voice? Just talking? Hey! Don’t underestimate the impact a good, clean, clear (and well-edited) voice can have on an ad, movie, or audiobook.

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The vocal cords are our innate instrument, and thousands of people are making this instrument their main source of income. Of course, it is important to acquire skills to entertain or market, since some announcer jobs require these skills.

Likewise, you can dedicate yourself to the area that you prefer or where you simply feel better.

It’s a career you can live off of—and live comfortably.

How Can I Get Started

First, start training and practicing with your voice on a daily basis. Repeat those commercials you hear on the radio, record yourself and critique yourself if necessary, and compile a few samples to show what you’re made of.

Undoubtedly, you will need a professional microphone (sorry, the one on your PC is not enough) and a quiet place or a room where you can record without any noise.

Regarding the source of work, there are agencies such as Voices , VoiceBunny , Vozalia , and others that constantly require freelance voice talent . Also platforms for home workers such as Fiverr, Workana, Freelancer, Upwork, among others.

You will go through an audition process to be accepted, so make sure you have gone through the steps above.

5. PowerPoint Presentation Designer

Pay: $US15-65/hr

“Noooo, you’re kidding me,” some would say. Remember what I mentioned above: a skill is what is required, and it shouldn’t be anything fancy.

While this job sounds simple, not everyone can create a captivating presentation that delivers a message clearly and effectively. And those who can do it don’t always have the time to do it.

So this is your chance to exploit this ability and make money from home. One of the best online jobs anyone can start and learn how to do!

How Can I Get Started

As far as I know, there is no page dedicated to creating presentations that I can mention to you that accepts freelancers in this niche.

My recomendation?

Learn the basics first, and level up as you discover new features of the tool. Then create a PowerPoint presentation featuring your PowerPoint presentation creation services…

…and start looking for clients.

Not knowing any agency for this, you can resort to the aforementioned freelance platforms to get your business off the ground.

Extra tip: there are libraries with thousands of templates for presentations. SlideShop is one of the best known, with more than 15,758 templates available.

6. Designer with Canva

Pay: $US25-100+/hr

This online work is related to the previous one. Did you know that the Canva platform is used by more than 100 million users around the world? Don’t let its popularity fool you.

This platform is very easy to use, and in it, you will find hundreds of thousands of templates to use on social networks, web pages, and even templates to create book covers, podcast shows, YouTube, resumes, and much more.

Canva provides easy-to-use tools for anyone to create designs for their businesses. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to do it, so they delegate this task to remote workers.

And here is your opportunity.

 How Can I Get Started

Like the previous work, I recommend you start exploring the tool. On YouTube there are hundreds of tutorials on how to create templates and learn about the features of the online program.

Canva is available in a free and a paid version. But believe me when I tell you that with the free version you can do wonders with a little creativity and the available tools (which are not few).

Freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and others offer this niche for remote workers. From here, your customers will start pouring in, as well as a few thousand dollars, for a skill within the reach of a few clicks.

7. Mini-Services

Pay: $US25-100+/hr

With the rise of platforms like Fiverr that promote services starting at $5, mini-services are part of the boom among paid online jobs. Of course, just because it says “mini” doesn’t mean they have to be cheap.

Although there is still the myth that we should sell everything for $5, now more than ever is when platforms are incentivizing freelancers to raise their rates. It is up to you, whether to battle with quality or battle with the price.

I have cheated you here. “Mini-services” is not exactly a skill, but the truth is that creativity is the limit in these types of services.

It is difficult to estimate when you can earn per hour, but doing things as simple as formatting a document and changing it to PDF…

I have made up to $100 in 3 hours — that would be ~$33/hr.

How Can I Get Started

There are a few platforms that you can use. The best known is Fiverr.

It is the only one that I recommend because of the amount of traffic and clients it has.


8. Freelance Writer

Payment per article: $US25-100+

If words are your thing, and you are passionate about reporting, and narrating, among others, why not earn money writing about the topics you like?

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Unfortunately, writing isn’t for everyone, or not everyone has the time for it, which is why hundreds of thousands of customers are willing to pay very well to have you write for their blogs, websites, online businesses, and more.

But in my experience, it’s similar to the fear of riding a bike—after a few wobbles, things get easier.

However, having a bit of creativity is also essential, as clients often look for writers who can attract readers through words and their persuasive power.

But hey… I’m not the one to judge your tastes or preferences. If you have stopped to read this section you must be interested.

We are going to tell you how to start.

How Can I Get Started

One of the crucial elements of getting started as a freelance copywriter is starting to build your freelance portfolio.

Clients will want to try out a bit of your style before hiring you, unless you can accommodate the specific styles they’re looking for. Be sure to diversify your samples to demonstrate your writing abilities.

Also, most companies that hire freelance writers will require a sample to be accepted.

After you have your first sample, the goal is to use freelance platforms like the ones I mentioned. However, there are also other websites or agencies dedicated to this niche, such as Publisuites , We Are Content , among others.

There are low-paying sites—like iWriter or textbroker—that many use to get started. But if you’re good with words and want to get started on freelance platforms, surely writing a sparkling freelance proposal is not a problem for you.

9. Online Teacher

Pay: $US18-100+ per class hour

Do you remember going to a homework room as a child?

We now technically have digital classrooms in every corner of the great virtual neighborhood: the internet.

There is enough space for everyone with specialized knowledge. No matter what your profession is, you can earn money by teaching online and earn money by teaching those skills in which you are an expert.

Whether as a teacher of English, computer science, programming, cooking, law, and more, you can give private lessons and get paid well for them.

Thus, you can exchange your knowledge while helping other people in any other part of the world.

From basic subjects like Biology to languages, or anything else that another human being in the world wants to learn.

If you already have experience, being an online teacher is perhaps one of the jobs that you can start the soonest.

How Can I Get Started

If you want to become a freelance teacher and decide to do it online, all you need is a computer, an internet connection, a webcam, and a decent microphone to transmit clear information, and answer the questions of each of your students. .

There are also specialized pages, and where, in fact, you can get to sell tutorials. You just have to organize your course, record it, edit it and upload it to the platform! It seems simple, but it is only the first part of the job.

On the other hand, as a teacher you have two options: be a coaching-style instructor (offering 1-2 hour sessions) or provide online courses.

If private classes seem like a good idea to you, try Aulaya , or Tus clases Particulares .

If online courses call your attention, I’m just warning you, creating the course is one thing… selling it is another.

Not that it’s anything special, but taking the course is only half the job, as I mentioned.

You can use some platforms like udemy or Skillshare that have thousands of clients. If you have something good to offer and you present it in the right way, the sales will flow.

10. Style Checker

Pay: $US10-30+/hr

If you thought about using the common excuse of “I’m not creative to write”, but your spelling and grammar are on another level, here is another alternative.

As a style checker, your job will be to review and correct (obviously) an already written text and make sure that all technical, spelling, and grammatical issues are in place.

Interesting, right?

How Can I Get Started

I recommend that you pick up that old pet or language book and brush up on a few linguistic concepts.

Unless you already dedicate yourself to that professionally, surely the concepts are not very fresh.

Style manuals are an important part of this type of paid online work.

There are web pages like Vivilia or Correcta where they are always looking for style editors. If it’s something that catches your eye, go for it without hesitation.

11. Social Media Content Creator

Pay: $US10-30+/hr

Many content creators or companies with a presence in social networks require the creation of videos such as Reels on Instagram, Snapchat, or Tik Tok, once their content goes off like wildfire.

If you are a Pro at creating short videos, and you handle the tools for it very well, then this is a job with which you can start earning money online. In your videos, you can include music, effects, images, or freely accessible videos.

Creativity is also a limitation, but today, creating this type of audiovisual content is a lot of fun, and with a basic knowledge of it, you will be able to do high-level editing or editing for your clients.

 How Can I Get Started

Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer have niches for online workers who perform these tasks. I don’t know specialized platforms or agencies, but on these sites for freelancers, you can start fishing for your first clients.

12. Community Manager

Pay: $US12-55+/hr

If you spend so many hours browsing social networks liking those images of cats or funny videos of cats, maybe you can be on the other side and work on creating them. As you can see, this skill is related to the previous one, but it covers other tasks.

It’s one of those careers that everyone knows exists (someone has to create those images, trade posts, reply to comments, engage with followers, schedule content, make the posts, write persuasive copy, and more) but we have a hard time believing that it is a profitable profession.

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Take advantage of this opportunity.

How Can I Get Started

The living example that you are able to manage and increase the interaction of an account on social networks is creating your own and making it grow.

We all know a family member or friend with a business. You can own their social networks for a few months and you will have the results in your portfolio.

Although it may seem simple, educating yourself on the subject and constantly learning is what will differentiate you from the people out there who claim to be able to manage social networks.

I recommend all the content of Vilma Núñez and her book Triunfagram — to date it is one of the fastest growing networks.

So you know, stay updated and win.

13. Freelance Programmer

Pay: $US25-80+/hr

If that sounds familiar to you, keep reading.

Programming is one of the most lucrative and in-demand careers in this digital age.

And it’s no surprise.

With technological applications and services coming to the market every minute, the demand for these professionals is immense.

Whether it’s web programming, backend or frontend, or application programming, this is one of the fastest-growing paying online jobs in the industry.

 How Can I Get Started

I’ve already mentioned a few tips for getting your first project started, but I’ll mention just one of them: contribute to an open source project.

If you’re a fresh out student and don’t have work experience yet or haven’t worked on any projects, that’s perhaps the best advice I can give you.

Contributing to a project in this category will speak well of you as a professional and as a person, and if you present it to your potential clients, you will ensure that you are hired by one.

And last but not least, take as many courses as you can. Although it is not that complicated, it requires attention and discipline. If this is something you’re good at, the rest will be a piece of cake. It depends on you!

14. Illustrator

Pay: $US5-100+ per illustration

Do you like to draw? Are you good at drawing people, landscapes, architectural structures, and more? Few people know it, but illustration is an area that has become one of the most lucrative on the Internet, and the opportunities to earn money are too many to list here.

Whether you draw with watercolors, pencils, or digitally, you can earn thousands of dollars in this area that you are so passionate about. From selling your illustrations in prints, products like shirts, glasses, and more, or receiving custom orders for cartoon-style character designs, realistic portraits, and much more.

As I told you, it is a very wide field!

How Can I Get Started

If you already know how to draw and this is not a problem for you, I recommend creating a portfolio. You can also upload your illustrations to Instagram or Behance, ArtStation, and other platforms or social networks where your work speaks for you.

You can also try freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and more.

15. Website Builder

Pay: $US20-100+ per website

The creator of web pages is a booming sector. There are hundreds of thousands of companies and entrepreneurs that require these professionals to have a presence on the Internet. However, for many, it can be a complicated skill, but the truth is that it is not.

On YouTube and online course platforms, you can find other professionals who will teach you step-by-step how to create a website. Canva (which I have told you about in previous lines) is a very simple tool to create websites.

Imagine just dragging the modules of the site! Of course, here creativity and some key knowledge are important to do a good job and distinguish yourself from the competition.

How Can I Get Started

Once you have acquired basic knowledge, you will be able to create websites not only for companies, but also catalogs, weddings, ecommerce businesses, blogs, and much more. Here, it is also crucial to create a portfolio, so that your clients can know how qualified you are to sell this service.

Also, your own portfolio website will talk about you first, and will generate first impressions. Make sure this one shows what you’re made of!

Despite the fact that this work can be done automatically on some platforms, it is still a very profitable niche market. If you are new to it, we recommend offering your services on online job sites, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, among others, to get started.


Making the Internet your source of work is possible if you know in advance which are the best-paid online jobs. Any of these skills will help you earn money and make your way on your own.

It’s time for you to choose the freelance job you want to execute and start getting your hands dirty.


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