Earn Money With Your Mobile Or Smartphone 

Earn Money With Your Mobile Or Smartphone 

Earning money with the mobile every day has more addicts and it is not for less, the new technologies make people immerse themselves in the world of networks and games and they can spend long hours of the day dedicated to this activity. And in exchange for what? Of absolutely nothing, they do it without obtaining any remuneration in return

This is the main reason why I invite you to study various ways that exist to take advantage of your mobile or cell phone to obtain some extra income. In this way you will be killing two birds with one stone; On the one hand, you will know applications with excellent scores and surely you did not know. These apps will make your life easier. And on the other hand, you will get the extra money that before I am sure you would not even have thought that you could achieve using your mobile.

Earning money with the phone is real and true and today you have it at your fingertips. Throughout the post, you will learn about different ways that exist to monetize the price of your high-end smartphone or the time you spend using your phone without receiving anything in return. It’s up to you!!

What do you need to start earning money with your mobile?

Nothing special. Logically, a mobile or cell phone that has one of the two most used operating systems, Android or Apple (iOS). A fairly decent internet connection, be it 3g, 4g, 5g, or any broadband internet. It is preferable to use a stable Wi-Fi connection if you do not want to spend data in 5 days. Some Applications need to download large data packets but don’t worry, they are the fewest. As a general rule, you can use the Apps that I review in this article with the data of your mobile phone, but remember to download them beforehand with Wi-Fi.

You will also need an email that will be used to register in the apps that require it, preferably Gmail. Create a new email. Do not use the staff, in this way you will avoid spam that sooner or later will invade your mailbox.

And finally, be of legal age and have a payment processor such as PayPal to receive the prizes or money you earn. Everything will depend on the means that the application pays. Some Apps pay by bank, by payment processors, through gift vouchers, etc.

Having said that, we are going fully with the different ways that exist to earn money with the mobile.

Ways to earn money with mobile

You just have to take a look at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to realize the wide range of applications that we have to monetize the time we spend using our phones. The options are many and varied, so we have made a classification depending on the type of use of these Apps.

1. Tasks, offers, games, testing Apps

As the title says, here you earn by doing certain tasks. It is the category that you will find the most applications, although from the ganadineroo.com blog we have only selected those that we have tested, worked, and pay.


StreetBees is a different Application. For each task, they usually pay at least €1. It is about answering simple questions in a kind of interactive chat and at the end taking a detailed photograph of a product or object. Payments are generally received within one business day and always through PayPal. Valid for both Android and iOS, it is one of those apps that you must have installed almost by force. Remember to have GPS active, otherwise, you will NOT receive tasks. And you have to be careful, each task has a limited number of participants. Don’t stay out! If you need a guest code and want to use mine, enter 6368DA

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Accepted countries: All

Payments: As already mentioned, they pay on a due date exclusively through PayPal.

App Karma

It is another very famous and well-known application among those of us who are dedicated to making money online and it is not for less. It allows you to earn points and redeem them later for a multitude of gift cards and PayPal. The tasks to be carried out are those already known; Watch videos, download and try other apps, download a game and reach a certain level, take a survey, answer simple questions, daily use the App, etc. In short, another App to have a good time and earn some money at the same time.

Sign-up bonus: 400 points ($0.4) by entering the code  GanaTuSueldo or by downloading the app from here >>

Accepted countries: All

Payments: PayPal (from 13,000 points or $10), Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Play Station Store, Xbox Live, and Steam.

Big Time

Does it sound like making money playing? Well, from the mobile it is possible with Big Time, an App managed by WINR Games Inc, which allows you to win tickets by playing fairly intuitive games. With the tickets, you will participate in a daily drawing of up to $ 2,500 in cash. It allows you to save the tickets in a kind of “bank” to later exchange them for money. 10,000 tickets equals $0.1. In addition, for each friend you invite, you will earn 2,500 tickets and another 2,500 for your friend. A recommended app is available for both iOS and Android. Do you dare?

Registration bonus: 2,500 free tickets by entering the code AIYNN

Accepted countries: valid for the whole world.

Payments: from $10 exclusively by PayPal

Smart App

It was one of my favorites at the time, back in the middle of 2018, which was when I learned about the existence of Smart me, an application that by the mere fact of having it installed and opening it daily will earn you points that you can later exchange for euros in cash. Its operation is simple; is responsible for analyzing complex data related to mobile technology. In other words, this app works in the background while you use the phone. For example. When you open Whats App or any other application that you have installed, Smartme App will collect a series of data such as the time you remain connected, the data you consume when using the app, battery consumption, country of connection, and mobile device used, etc.

Bonus for registration: 5000 points (0.5€) by entering the code  77345 

Accepted countries: Only Spain and Europe.

Payments: Pay by bank transfer from 50,000 points equivalent to €5.

More Apps that are very valid and pay.

Poll Pay App

Play&Earn App

People App

News Pie

Givvy App

Game App

Current Cash Rewards


Cash App

Bituro Rewards


2. Express your opinion and earn money with your smartphone

In the blog, we have a wide section where you will find the best survey pages to earn money, and many of these pages have excellent official applications that you should have installed on your smartphone. These are some of the ones we use.

 Market Agent

It is a survey portal that has an excellent app available for Android and iOS. Points system through which you can earn cash via PayPal, Skrill, and bank transfer. 100% recommended.

Bonus for registration: €1.5 free for registering and filling out the profile  from here >>

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Accepted countries: All

Payments: From 1000 points equivalent to €10.


Now called Toluna Influencers, it is another application that should not be missing, especially if you like to do surveys for money through your mobile. More than 15 years guarantee one of the best market research companies in the world. Come in and start making money today.

Bonus for registration: It does not have a welcome bonus. Create an account for Spain from here >> or for the rest of the countries from here >>

Accepted countries: All

Payments: Paypal (140,000 points or €35) and gift cards and vouchers.


MySurvey and GlobaltestMarket, two of the big ones come together giving rise to LifePoints. It is one of the best pages to earn money with surveys that exist, especially if you reside in Spain.

Bonus for registration: It does not have a welcome bonus. Create a LifePoints account  from here >>

Accepted countries: All

Payments: Paypal (140,000 points or €35) and gift cards and vouchers.

3. Apps that pay for doing sports

Although it may seem funny or impossible, some apps allow you to earn by going to the gym. Of course, you must take it very seriously because the only way to win with this method is by achieving the proposed objectives, otherwise you will be the one who helps pay for the achievements of others. This means that if you are constant, have discipline and it is not a problem for you to go to the gym, you can earn some safe money from your mobile with this method, which can range between 0.25 to 4 euros per week. One of the Apps is App Gympact.

And there, I’m not going to lie to you. Sport is not my thing, and even less so going to the gym, but keep in mind that I am one of those strange beings, weird and a bit of a nerd who prefers to sit quietly at home watching a series or simply checking out new ways to earn money online.

3. Mystery shopper, daily purchases, and cashback

Another very comforting option is to earn simply by making purchases or carrying out a mission such as taking photos in the supermarket closest to your home or filling out a form about the care or services provided by it. To do this, you just have to download an App like Clic and Walk or Mobeye, both available in Spain for Android or iOS, where depending on the order you will earn between €5 or €6.

4. Sell your used mobile

Normally when your cell phone stops serving you, you put it in the trunk of memories and it ends up being forgotten. Others deliver it when they go to buy their new phone, receiving some insignificant money for it, however, we currently have portals in Spain such as Zonzoo and Locompramos where you can negotiate the price of your old mobile depending on the year, model, and state in which it is. , even if it has a broken screen.

You can also choose to sell your old Macbook or your old SLR camera. They will not pay you like new, nor will you earn large sums, but it will be fine considering that for you it already has little heat or little functionality.

5. Photograph every detail

This is an art that we sometimes practice even unconsciously, we capture every image that seems beautiful or different to us, images of the world, of people, of the place where we live, what we are doing, etc. The good thing about the case is that better than taking photos and doing unnecessary actions that are useless, you can find a way to focus on nature, beautiful landscapes, people working, food, moments of life, animals, etc., sell them, and obtain remuneration for it.

To sell the photos you will have to register on a site to sell photographs (there are thousands on the internet), upload your photos and from there they will be in contact with a company that needs them to illustrate their brochure, blog, or any other document. Keep in mind that you will find a lot of competition, so in addition to making an effort to publish original and striking photos, try to assign a reasonable price. The minimum price usually ranges from 50 cents to 1 euro and you will earn a percentage of the sale that varies depending on the platform, some pay 25%, 30%, and some even 50%.

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But… Can you make money with your smartphone or is it just a pantomime?

As a power, of course, you can. The answer is a resounding yes. But, do you earn a lot? Little? How much do you earn? Is it reliable? Well, there are some data from my point of view; It does NOT compensate for the time spent using these apps to earn money as they pay very little. I would dare to say that at most you will earn a few euros a month and if you arrive. In the beginning, you will start earning a good amount of points and you will see it easy since as a general rule you will find enough apps to download as a new user, but as the days go by the tasks decrease, and believe me that it becomes difficult to earn points. Come on, what a long time to earn a pittance, clear things.

On the other hand, you will also find offer walls that will allow you to get more points. When working with the typical offer panels like the ones you will see in the image, the drawback is that, for example, if two applications use the same offer wall, you will only be able to work on one because the offers are recognized as done unless you register with different emails, which I wouldn’t do, it’s crazy and less to earn cents but well, for color tastes.

And finally, to avoid unexpected scares or even any type of scam, you should know that the offers that pay more points are usually premium and you should be careful NOT to provide personal data such as ID or credit cards. Any apps you download or tasks that are available must be free. If you do so, it will be at your own risk and responsibility.

My experience and opinion 2022/23: Make money with your mobile

I’ve been making money online for years and looking for new ways to do it. Earning money with your mobile is one of the classic ways to earn a few cents or euros per month, always with perseverance and patience. If you expected the opposite, let me tell you, firstly, that I’m sorry, and secondly, thanks for reading the post and getting here. I hope it has at least been of some use to you.

Perhaps you are wondering how much money I have earned with these apps in these years, specifically in the 5 that I have been in this world, right? Well, the truth is that not much. I have earned more money with the referrals than on my own by using the Applications that I have mentioned, mostly because of the inconveniences that we have seen in the previous section. Referrals are people you invite using your link or friend code that you’ll find in many of the Apps we’ve seen. It’s the only way I know of to earn real money with your mobile, although I have to be honest; the theme of making money with apps does not help at all. They pay little to recommend and invite new people, therefore it is better to opt for other topics such as paid surveys.

At the end of the day, using the mobile to earn money is not very effective, but keep in mind that less is nothing, so it is one more option that you should take into account.

Did you know these ways to earn money with your mobile? Do you know more? Any contribution is welcome. See you in the comment box. Thanks for reading and until next time!


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