29 Ideas to work from home 

29 Ideas to work from home 

10 years ago, working from home was considered a dream by many and the truth is that there were not many people fortunate enough to do it, but today things have taken a spectacular turn, and the number of people working from home has skyrocketed.

The good news?

That this trend is going to continue and I think it may accelerate in the next few years, so if you are looking to work from home, this is the perfect time to do it.

In this article, I am going to explain the hottest jobs from home at the moment and some interesting things that can help you consider one of these professions so that you can earn money in the future.

We have a market that is increasing in quantity, with a greater number of online jobs and also in quality, with new jobs constantly appearing; jobs that did not exist a few years ago and that are therefore poorly regulated and present opportunities for everyone.

Without further ado, let’s go for the list of jobs that can be done from home.

Table of Contents

Best jobs from home

Many jobs can be done from home, from manual to 100% virtual.

From those we do on our own to those, we do for other companies.

We are going to see the best ideas to work from home, with a trend variable measuring the popularity of those terms on the internet in the last 15, 10, or 5 years until now. Although it is important to note that having a negative popularity trend in online searches does not mean that it is a finished profession, far from it.

1 Blogging

This is the one I put first because it’s what I do here. It may not be the best for you, and it probably isn’t. After all, it is just one of many options, but I think it is undoubtedly one of the most significant because it is a profession that arose purely from the world of the Internet.

Blogging is one of the activities that are considered key in the development of the world of making money online.

The word may not be as trendy as it was in 2010, but it’s still an activity that works very well.

As a job, it is of the self-employed type, since to become a blogger you will have to work on it on your own.

But to create a successful blog you will have to do very well and work very hard. Things don’t come easily.

Work: self-employed

The trend in recent years: -50%

2 Website design

The world of the Internet is based on the web, so those who design it have always been in high demand, and this is something that has not changed at the moment.

It may have changed how they are made, going from static designs in html to dynamic with wordpress, but in the end, the web designer has a lot of work to do to make the best possible websites.

The term itself may not be as popular as the golden age, back in the first decade of the 2000s, but as I said it is because the sector has specialized in different niches and now there are also specialists in platforms like WordPress, Wix or Shopify.

Work: freelance, self-employed, for other companies

The trend in recent years: -25%.

3 Influencers

Maryann Rizzo, a well-known influencer on Pinterest, is dedicated to the world of decoration. Take a look at her profile to get an idea.

This is a term that was barely known 15 years ago. Those days the use of social networks was very limited. Come on, YouTube was still being designed.

However, the explosion of the social world on the Internet has made this profession become a mass phenomenon.

If you looked at the two previous professions, you will see that they have been on a downward trend for some time, because they are concepts from a previous era of the Internet, which, although they are still very valid, have been replaced by other new concepts such as this one of “influence”.

An influencer is a person who can earn a lot of money. If not, you can always see the case of Rubius.

It is one of the fastest methods to achieve financial independence.

Type of Work: self-employed

The trend in recent years: +8,000%

4 Scheduler

This is another of the professions that can be considered to go hand in hand with this new digital age. These software developers indeed had a job long before the massification of the Internet since computers came out it was a profession that was in high demand.

Things may be changing and fewer PC-type applications are in demand, but at the same time, the number of applications based on mobile technologies and the virtual world are only growing like foam. Not to mention the world of blockchain, with its myriad of projects and applications.

That is, there may be fewer people looking for “programmer”, but the blockchain phenomenon, which requires skills of this type, is growing exponentially. The possibilities in that field are limitless.

Are you willing to become a Neo?

Type of Work: self-employed, employed, freelance.

Trend: – 40%

5 virtual assistant

The world of companies and businesses has always needed assistants, be it in the help of a house or more, or many other things.

The online world is giving way to the creation of a new profession of virtual assistants that is increasingly in demand by a greater number of companies of all sizes.

The online business sector does not stop growing and with this, you will have the opportunity to become a virtual assistant if you propose it.

Type of Work: Employed, casually as a freelance

Trend: +100%

6Community Manager

This is another profession with a skyrocketing demand in the world of social networks, I would almost say on a par with the influencer phenomenon. In fMore more influencers need community managers to manage everything related to their huge communities.

But we also have a very large demand from companies, large, medium, or small, many of which have millions of followers.

Type of Work: employed, freelance

Trend: +4,000%

7 with Amazon

Do you want to know how to work with Amazon from home?

Although it is not a specific job in itself, I believe that the Amazon phenomenon is so important that it has become one of the masses, and many people are looking for work online in this global giant.

The positions they request are related to customer service and areas related to management, development, programmers, etc.

In other words, Amazon not only needs delivery people and people who work in the warehouses but also an increasing number of people who provide value-added services through the network.

Most of these jobs are in the United States, but there are many in the rest of the world, including Spanish-speaking countries.


That is a virtual customer service job that is aimed at people from Costa Rica.

Jobs like this can be found on the Amazon employment website.

8 Graphic Designer

Another of the concepts that have come out together with the world of the network.

Since the beginning of the internet, there has been an explosion of this type of work related to giving a striking visual touch to the different aspects of internet pages and applications.

The online world has developed and with it, this profession has had to adapt to new technologies.

Although AI is capable of making things much easier for content creators, it is still necessary to hire graphic designers to do many jobs.

Type of Work: self-employed, freelance, employed by others

Trend: stable

9 Instructor through videos

If you’re good at something, you could create a YouTube channel or other similar medium and teach how to do that.

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It is a very competitive market and it is not as easy as it was years ago but there are still possibilities, in addition to the ramifications that it has if you create a personal brand.

Type of Work: self-employed

Trend: stable

10 Give online courses

This is another job that has become very fashionable in recent years, and that covers many more possibilities than we might think. For example:

  • Teachers for specialist websites like Udemy
  • Professional niche mentors: make money, SEO, trading
  • Teachers handle online tools such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc.

And more than I forget.

Of course, to do these things you have to have experience in the field.

The demand for this type of professional increases as the possibility of giving face-to-face classes decreases due to mobility problems.

Type of Work: self-employed, employed

Trend: stable

11 Hand Craftsman

There are many people who ask for manual work from home, doing crafts, or manipulating items.

In this sense, there are new variants of crafts that are appearing and that are related to art and the creation of gadgets that are valuable to many people. Hence, many websites like Etsy have been known in recent times.

Do you have a talent for creating decorative objects, jewelry, or whatever?

Well, maybe you can create a successful profile in this field.

Types of work: freelance

Trend: +100%

12 Online sellers or commercial

This is one of the most classic works of pre-digital economics.

The commercial is a work activity that had its golden age during the 20th century, with companies and businesses that depended on having good professionals in this field to sell their products.

Well, more and more jobs from home of this type are appearing, which do not require physical travel looking for clients. Customers are found by prospecting on the net.

We enter the field of e-commerce.

Type of Work: self-employed

Trend: stable

13 Virtual Public Relations

This is another of the classic jobs of the traditional economy, always closely related to the world of leisure, especially at night.

Even before the pandemic, this was a job that was losing popularity, but this is in the physical world. On the contrary, digital “public relations” has been gaining more and more importance.

It is a very specific market but if you find a gap it can be very profitable.

Type of Work: self-employed

trend: growing

14 Translator from home

This is a job position that has become very popular since the advent of the Internet.

Before it was also necessary, especially in media-related jobs of all kinds, but the internet broke down the barriers to entry, and the radical increase in information online led to a greater demand for content in other languages.

The danger in the sector lies in the increasingly better applications for translations, but if you want quality work you will always have to pay a human, for now.

Type of Work: self-employed, freelance

Trend: stable

15 Product Reviewer

There are many products to review, both physical and digital.

One of the market niches in which some jobs can be found is web testing, although it is not a very broad sector.

It is not a very typical online job and you should not normally expect to earn a lot of money or permanently.

Type of work: freelance

Tenure: stable

16 Nurses online or by phone

There are insurance companies and other similar ones that are looking for qualified nursing workers to attend to certain tasks and cases that do not require a physical presence.

There are even companies that provide nurse consultancy via chat for what professionals in the sector need.

17 Editors and proofreaders

The companies are looking for people who are capable of editing all types of content, especially written content, something that can be more profitable than it seems.

18 E-commerce store

You can set up an e-commerce store.

This would be the online equivalent of opening a real store of a lifetime. I fear that this last concept will be used less and less and that little by little the transactions will end up being done online, from home.

But don’t think it’s easy. You have to get a presence, and customers, and there are many competitors, starting with Amazon.

Yes, it can be achieved. I know people who have done it with fairly simple concepts.

Type of Work: self-employed

Trend: +20%

19 Tax advisor

This is one of the first jobs that have been able to be done from home, at least on a small scale. But with the advent of the internet and the digital age, you don’t even need offices to have various employees. Everything can now be done in a more automated way.

Of course, a tax expert will always be needed, at least as long as we continue with a system like the current one.

Type of Work: self-employed, employed

Trend: stable

20 Accountant

The case of the accountant is the same as the previous one.

In the same way that things are being automated and digitized, filing processes on physical paper are less and less necessary, so much of the traditional activity in offices becomes unnecessary.

The problem is that accounting programs are increasingly functional and are capable of replacing humans in many aspects. Although an expert in accounting or managing these matters is always necessary.

Type of Work: self-employed, employed

Trend: stable

21 Copywriter

This is a writing professional and he hi specialized in writing the most creative and efficient texts on any subject. In other words, he is not just a more generic writer but a student of writing techniques applied to marketing and sales.

It is a specific profession and not too popular, but with the large market that SEO has brought, it has become very lucrative.

Type of Work: employed, freelance

Trend: stable

22 Writer

This is a highly demanded job on the web today. Good SEO is paid and writing is necessary for all projects of this type.

But we are not only talking about SEO but many other things. Businesses also need content regularly for news or just general information.

Writers who get a good portfolio of clients can establish a profession, and if they study in depth they could become copywriters in the future.


Type of Work: self-employed, freelance

Trend: stable

23 Real Estate Agent

This is one of the professions that least seems like it could be done from home but reality proves otherwise.

Sure, you can’t go see a house in person like this, but many realtors have people who work from home and take care of things like virtual tours and other administrative tasks.

The truth is that it seems increasingly clear that the sector does not need offices to operate, although having one makes things easier. Of course, once the online contracts are more advanced, it will only be a matter of time before most of the real estate work can be done from home.

Type of Work: self-employed, employed

Trend: stable

24 SEO Specialist

Search on Pinterest

The world of Google has always been linked to that of search specialists. This not only concerns the famous search engine but those of YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Reddit, or any other site where people interact a lot and there is this wonderful “search” function.

What seemed like a job for geeks has become a whole profession that provides qualified work to many people in the online world.

There are always people saying that SEO is dead but it seems that day has not yet arrived. Maybe when the Singularity hits, who knows?

25 Internet Safety

The internet world is full of scams and hackers trying to steal passwords and break into people’s accounts.

This profession of online security specialist is increasingly in demand by businesses that have to worry about their systems being proof against attacks by the most sophisticated criminals.

That is why an Internet security specialist has a guaranteed present and future job. I believe that this is a profession that will become increasingly important in the coming years.

Type of Work: self-employed, employed, freelance

Trend: upward

26 Customer service

Many companies have people whose main function is to answer people’s calls, chats, or emails.

Have you not used websites that have a contact chat? Or have you had a problem that you had to solve by email?

Well, on all those occasions the person was likely working from home.

Although there is a trend to automate these responses with bots, it is still a long way from being able to replace an intelligent human response.

Type of Work: self-employed

Trend: upward

27 Animal caretaker

The person who is in charge of going for a walk with the animals probably comes to mind, but here we are talking about working from home so it is not that. Rather, I mean the person who can welcome animals into their own home and keep them as if they were a keeper.

This could be to care for animals while their owners are away.

Type of work: freelance

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Trend: stable

28 Cooking or making sweets

Well yes, it is also possible to prepare food at home to sell to consumers or even to restaurants.

This could be the start of a successful catering business.

29 Lawyer

This is one of the first professions that saw many professionals providing services from an office in their own homes. Some lawyers with space to spare in their homes decided to use it to provide this service. After all, for a freelancer, you don’t need big things. A different case is if an office is created with more partners and workers.

With the Internet, the possibilities grow a lot, and it, is likely,e lawyer does not have to leave the house much, except for essential tasks. Even the world of justice is digitizing at a forced march, making access to all kinds of procedures more and more accessible without having to leave home.

Type of Work: employed by others, self-employed.

Trend: stable.

Types of jobs from home

As we have seen, there are a large number of jobs that can be done from home, and I have left many behind along the way.

There is something for everyone.

However, an important classification that we have to make is the type of work in the sense of our position when it comes to providing it. There is an important difference between having a company and working for another.

Which of these types suits you best?

Work for companies from home

This is a type of work that is suitable for people who need fast, safe, and uncomplicated money. It is what almost all of us try when we finish our studies. Few people have it so clear then as to start their own company.

Many prefer to be given a job for which they have been trained, stick to a schedule, and then forget about it when the day is over.

As it happens with the jobs of a lifetime, we cannot expect to earn large amounts of money here, at least in most cases, but you will also get rid of a lot of headaches.

What are the most typical freelance jobs from home?

  • virtual assistant
  • Customer service
  • Community Manager
  • online nurse
  • sales commercial
  • Amazon employee from home
  • online teacher

Work from home as a freelance

This is a type that many people end up doing by simple inertia.

Freelancing is the most flexible work model and many people use it to earn extra. But many of those who start with these extras realize that they start to have more and more work and in the end, they end up becoming true machines to earn money from home, depending on the sector.

Unlike working for someone else, it is a job that is not secure, unstable, and in which we can expect shocks at any time.

Seen in this way, it does not seem like a good prospect, but the truth is that it also has its advantages, and that is that not having a boss is something that is sometimes priceless. Of course, you have to deal with customers, which are sometimes worse than the previous one.

What freelance jobs from home are most typical?

  • handicraft
  • Web developer
  • Writer
  • test websites
  • Translator
  • Graphic design

Work from home as an entrepreneur

This is when a freelancer has so much work that he decides to open a company, which should be good news because it would mean that he is already making a lot of money and is not interested in doing low-paying online jobs.

In this case, we enter the field in which the worker begins to give work to others and thus begins to multiply his business systematically.

The good thing in this way is that we no longer have to do the heaviest work, but the responsibilities will be maximum.

Most typical jobs from home as an entrepreneur:

  • Blogger/Webmaster
  • Influencers
  • Consultant
  • E-commerce
  • Chef or caterer
  • Any services that we can be the business owner of
    • Training school
    • Consulting and accounting
    • Internet security

Pages to get work from home

Well, now that we know the jobs that we can do from home, we are going to see the sites that offer jobs if we are interested in searching the net.

Pages to find work in all countries:

  • Indeed
  • Jooble
  • info jobs
  • Linkedin

Pages to find Freelance work:

Pages to find jobs from Spain:

  • studentjob.es
  • milanuncios

Pages to find jobs from home in Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, etc.):

  • computer work
  • jobs.Clarin
  • boomeram
  • Elempleo.com (Colombia, Costa Rica)

This is just a small sample of the pages to find work, both as an employee and as a freelance. There are many more but you will have to search on your own, which is quite simple as long as you have an internet connection.

If you work for yourself, you may be the one offering work. This is the ideal option since it is where you can earn the most money.

Advantages and disadvantages of working from home

Savings in transport costs

Let’s face it, until today the vast majority of jobs have required transportation to access them, either by car or public transportation. The transport bill has been one of the biggest concerns of many people when trying to balance their accounts at the end of the month.

With working from home you will no longer have to spend 30, 50, 100, 200 dollars, or euros a month when going to work.

In Spain, you can save thousands of euros a year with this. In Mexico, the savings can be several thousand pesos, for example.

You save time

This is another advantage related to the previous one. By not having to take the car or bus to go to work, we saved a lot of time, which in many cases could take an hour or more one way just to get to the job.

If we do that on the way back, we could be talking about many hours a week depending on the case.

Do you know how much they pay you per hour? Well, try to apply it to save 10 hours of unpaid transportation per week. You may not use them to earn money but you can use them to study, learn music, play sports, or any other useful thing.

Also, add to this the time you save preparing to go to work, which in many cases can be even more than the transportation time.

To answer the phone at home you don’t need to put on makeup or hairspray.

Increased flexibility

This does not happen in all jobs, as some tasks require a schedule, especially if you work for someone else, but in most jobs from home, we can choose the hours we work.

For many of the tasks, it does not matter if we work from 9 to 11 in the morning or at night.

In this way, we can plan our day much better.

It’s good for the family

Working from home is a blessing for a family that has children and that in this way can balance their hours around their schedules much better.

Having to go to work in an office or on the street increased stress related to family tasks and child care. What’s more, you would probably need to hire babysitters or daycare, while staying at home can avoid many of these costs.

But the main thing is to be able to combine a healthier family life, choosing the working hours that make us enjoy our loved ones more.

Eat healthily

This is a blessing, especially for those who are used to working in the city, where fast food is the order of the day. And you know how bad those foods are that, even though they can be promoted as good, have almost nothing good.

There is a lot of difference between eating a sandwich prepared from a supermarket and a good breakfast made at home, not to mention lunch and dinner because of the extra time we have we can use to cook homemade food.

Remember that health is priceless.

This saving cannot be quantified in money.

 It’s better for the environment

This is a positive social or political point. If you are concerned about the environment, then the logical thing is that you would agree that traveling less and therefore consuming less oil and materials, is a good thing for the environment.

We have less chance of an accident at work

Saying this is a no-brainer.

It’s not that driving is an extremely dangerous activity, but accidents do happen from time to time. In this way, the number of accidents decreases and therefore the risk you run does too.

 You may end up working more

This is supposed to happen to those who work for themselves, not necessarily to those who work for someone else.

The question has something of truth and lies since those who have known self-employed workers in the traditional economy know that they always tend to work much more than public or private employees.

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 It is a problem for people with discipline

This is one of the biggest problems with working from home.

Let’s face it, when we’re at home we don’t have the boss behind our ears.

If we are our bosses, we have the problem that when we are at the computer and home we can easily get distracted by anything. This is something that happens to me constantly, especially with music, videos, food, etc.

Not getting distracted and being disciplined is quite a challenge in this work-from-home economy.

Not having space

A work office is specially prepared so that people have all the tools at their fingertips, in addition to providing a fairly large space.

This is sometimes not possible for families and people who live in small apartments. Many end up working in a small and inappropriate space and that is a problem.

This is without taking into account other problems such as noise from your family or neighbors, or even from the street.

 Reduces human contact

Some people don’t care about this, but many of us find it nice to have human interaction with other people. In-person conversations cannot be compared to being stuck between four walls.

However, it is also true that working from home reduces possible mobbing problems that occur much more often in offices or traditional work environments.

 Electricity bill increases

This is one of the costs that rise when it comes to being able to work from home. Normally it should not be very high but in many cases, it can be worrying.

Fortunately, there are possibilities of being able to deduct some of these costs in the income statement, depending on the case. This must be consulted with the tax advisor.

 More difficult to have a social life

Being in a company means that we are surrounded by people, whether they are other workers or clients. This usually leads to creating friendships which leads to leisure, parties, meals, and all kinds of activities.

Being at home breaks the possibility of creating these relationships. In the end, everything is done by the computer and it will be very difficult to create a new friendship.

Most likely, you will end up doing your social visa virtually.

Learning ability decreases

Many people learn a lot from what others do, so it is essential to be side by side.

The problem with working from home is that this is eliminated almost at the root, and learning must be carried out in another way. It is not that it cannot be done, but it is somewhat more complicated, and you have to look for new networking alternatives.

10 tips for working from home

Well, now that we have seen the advantages and disadvantages of working from home, I think we can have an idea of ​​what tips to follow to do it. Let’s see them:

1 Maintain discipline

This is the most complicated of all, believe me. Not being tempted to do other things is the most important thing. Without realizing it, you can be watching movies on Netflix or using Youtube constantly, and thus it is difficult for you to maintain concentration to work.

2 Take plenty of breaks

Try to get out of the computer routine every hour or so:

  • walk around the house a bit
  • Make a call from another site
  • do stretches
  • Eat your snacks in another place away from the computer

3 Try not to be interrupted by others

Talk to your family or whoever you live with so they don’t interrupt you while you’re working. This is easier said than done, however.

4 Use comfortable equipment

Do not save when buying a chair or a table to work.

In other words, it is better that you spend 3,000 dollars on a good team than 300 and that within two years your back will be half screwed.

5 Communicate as much as possible

Although it may seem silly, being in continuous contact with colleagues or dependents makes us able to solve more problems than would otherwise be possible.

When SMS, email, WhatsApp, chat, or other means do not work, call the person to clarify any doubts. This is important in teamwork. The fact that we are working from home does not mean that we have to avoid contact with our collaborators.

6 Do not be lazy and present yourself professionally

This is important especially when you work with a team or on behalf of someone else. Remember that even if you are at home, your presence still has value. If you have a video conference, don’t show up in your pajamas.

7 Use video to contact your colleagues or clients

Video is a way of maintaining a kind of closer contact that you can’t otherwise achieve in the digital world, at least as long as you can’t go directly into the virtual world.

Talking with colleagues via video is essential, hence the success of companies like Zoom.

8 Try to have a good office

This is one of the first things you should do if you already earn some money. You may have it within reach if your house is big, but if you live in a small apartment and use a simple desk, I advise you to move to another place when you can afford it that allows you to create a proper office. If not, then try to find a place where you can do coworking.

9 Create a to-do list

This can help with the issue of discipline and motivation, as well as helping to organize our work.

This list will motivate us to finish it, which is a continuous reminder that we have to work and not use tik tok or other things.

10 Exercise regularly

Remember that you are no longer commuting to work and that you are going to walk much less than before. That should already set off the alarms for you to put your batteries in and do physical activity. Something at least, whether it’s walking for an hour, or playing a sport in your spare time.

Furthermore, this is essential for our mental health, since without physical health there is no other, and vice versa.

Conclusion of virtual work from Home

The virtual world has brought a complete revolution to the work sector.

Traditional office work is giving way to working from home. Although this does not mean that the concept of “office” disappears completely because what happens is that each of the home workers starts to have one.

I think that as the digital or virtual economy increases, the number of jobs at home will be greater.

Many of the ones I have named here may be gone in the next few years. No one knows for sure what will happen.

The problem is that we are in the midst of changes that go beyond the economy, but directly affect the nature of the human being.

Many of the jobs we see today as viable will be replaced by artificial intelligence, although that will cause new professions to appear as well.

Whoever can foresee these new professions will possibly position themselves as a leader in the job market of the same?

What will be these new virtual professions to work from home?

Look, I can’t guarantee anything and most likely I’m wrong (we live in crazy times) but possible future jobs in demand could be related to the following niches:

  • Insect agriculture and derivatives
  • Manufacture of artificial food
  • Technical specialists in programmable matter, or what is the same as saying in 3D Printing
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • Data sleuths, or experts in data interpretation
  • robot monitoring
  • manage drones
  • gene sequencer
  • Blockchain UI/UX
  • Related to food and AI
  • All kinds of experts and professions in VR (think Ready Player One )
  • home automation specialist

And this is just a small sample because if you realize, each of those jobs has many other parallel and associated functions that may also become in high demand in the future.

Another interesting way of trying to predict which jobs are going to be in greater demand in the future is by looking at them based on their characteristics. For this, we have a very interesting study from the Mckinsey Institute.

Activities that can potentially spend more time remote working in the US:

Activities Potential for remote work (0 to 100)
Learning and updating knowledge 82-91
Interacting with computers 70-75
think creatively 43-68
Communicate with clients and colleagues 43-63
Process, analyze, and interpret information 54-61
Communication and establishing interpersonal relationships 29-57
Administrative and organizational work 39-52
Monitor processes and resource usage 34-46
sell or influence 24-41
measure products or things 24-33
care for others 8-12
Operate or move equipment and machinery 2
move objects 0
Control equipment and machinery 0

It seems clear that there are things that always need to be done in person, but everything related to thinking can be done in the cloud and, therefore, at home.

What do you think will be the most demanded jobs in the future from home?


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