30 Best Platforms to earn money drawing: Is it Easy?

30 Best Platforms to earn money drawing: Is it Easy?

In this article, we are going to talk about ways to earn income online with the ability to know how to draw. That although it seems like something from a bygone world, we would be surprised to see the number of options there are to monetize with it.

Nowadays modernization has reached and modified several aspects of our life, for example, the economy. Although most of the time we will have within our reach techniques and systems that have been with us since time immemorial, learning and innovating will be a decision that will favor us at all times because technology will continue to advance causing the rest of the world to do so. Within the internet, there is an infinity of tools for almost any need within everyone’s reach.

Having a skill will not be an advantage over others until you know how to make the most of it in any aspect that is required, so if you have valuable skills for the market, this is your opportunity to choose the best option among all those that are found. within the network.

Currently, you can give yourself the chance to try new and more comfortable ways to earn money since there are many virtual companies that, like you, are looking for reliable sustainability on the internet and are looking forward to the arrival of collaborators to grow the Freelance community.

 How to earn money with drawings online?

Now that you are ready to enter the world of virtual commerce, you may be wondering how to start it may seem complex at first glance, however a variety of companies are willing to grow with you and help you boost your career.

You have to be realistic and recognize the level of your art as well as identify what style it belongs to, as this will help you get closer to the right platform where there will be clients interested in your style. You should also analyze what the companies offer you and reflect if it is related to what you are looking for, a large part of the online markets offer guides to their workers before, during, and after work, so if you do not have experience in certain aspects of the trade you will be able to learn and clear any doubt from the hand of other collaborators and from the company to which you decide to give your services.

To start selling in a virtual store you must compare the market proposals and choose the best of them, you will be able to find a list with the best options to publish your art and start earning money for it.

Before starting, you must consider certain legal issues for both your benefit and that of your company. For example, if you sell designs that you previously accepted would be exclusive online and then sell them through other sources, you could be penalized for both. parties and affect your work within the company seeking exclusivity.

Most companies allow you to keep the copyright and trade your art under your name, however within others this right is lost, so if you want to own the right to all your paintings you have to take care that the company reserves them for you.

Platforms to sell your art online

1 . Etsy: This is an online market specializing in handmade and vintage products, so if this is your style, all you have to do is establish your store within the platform and start selling your art. The published ads are charged for a small price to appear in the store (approximately 18 euro cents) but you can also hire a plan for €20 to put 100 ads and add all the variations you want to make them more attractive to the customer and therefore get more sales.

Many sellers generate income from Etsy and make a living from it.

2. Storenvy: within this virtual store you can find brands of the indie or “independent” type for their closest translation into Spanish. You can open your online store for free, your products will be promoted through the social network that is within the platform where clients and other artists participate, in addition to the fact that you can customize your store professionally and with advice from the platform to make trading your art a unique experience.


3 . Artweb: this is an excellent option if you are looking to provide a wide variety of art-related services such as designs, digital art, drawings, illustrations, jewelry, etc. Artweb gives you the ability to get your own website from a template, sign up for free, choose a template, upload some of your artwork, and be trading minutes later.

This online store has multiple benefits for the artist such as guides where you can learn to get the most out of your products and talent, in addition to not charging any commission for the works of art you sell.


4 . Alamy: this is a photo agency where you can sell images as a photographer, agency, or student. Being a student and collaborating in this agency has a unique benefit, which is that for 2 years you can earn 100% commission, otherwise they also have fair commission management regardless of the occupation you have.

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In this agency, you can sell sets of images, vectors, panoramic images, and videos within categories such as abstract art, cultures, families, and food among others.


5 . Fiverr: it is a platform where you can offer your services as an artist, it is very simple, you register for free, you are approved, you offer your services and once a client places an order you will receive a notification as a confirmation that you will be able to work on your product, payment will be made once the service is delivered.

This platform offers professional courses on demand. Joining is completely free and you do not need to purchase any subscription to enter, you keep 80% of each transaction or sale you make.


6 . Devianart: on this website, there is a large social community of artists on the net. Within the platform, there is a space where you can exhibit your art and profit by selling it internationally.

Devianart has interesting themes such as digital art, fan art, fantasy, anime, and manga, etc. To start selling you have to create your account, upload your art and create a virtual gallery, after this, you will have the opportunity to participate in the community by publicizing your art and earning money for your products.


7 . Displate: the name of this online marketplace is quite related to what you can offer in it, since in the words of the platform itself “Displate is a unique metal poster designed to capture your unique passions.”

You trade your designs, the customer buys plates with your design printed on them, and you get paid for every sale you make. For each piece of art you sell, you will receive a commission of 50% of the total value of the sale with secure payments through PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard, among other recognized payment methods.


8 . Instagram: without a doubt, this is one of the most practical and economical options since you can promote your art from your personal account and make posts about it at no cost. One of the most valuable resources you need for this option is time, a enriched account will cause greater impact and intention and therefore more potential customers.

It is recommended that you promote your art.


9 . Facebook marketplace: this platform is similar to the previous one, in it the appearance is also important, therefore you must choose high-resolution images of your art, as well as give it a description that contains keywords, you set the price for what that you must choose an appropriate one taking into account the standard figure after you publish your ad in the corresponding category, you will only have to wait for clients to contact you.

Here is a video where they show us some ways how you can earn money using Facebook Marketplace:


10 . Verctorstock: this is a site specialized in vector illustrations where you can trade with yours by uploading it to the platform and even editing some details in it, the payment method is via PayPal and MoneyBookers.

On this platform, you can sell illustrations, design elements, and logos, among others, but you can only trade with vector images for quality reasons, you must be sure that your work is vector since bit images lose resolution with zooms and for This will not be accepted by the company.


11 . Thebookcoverdesign: within this agency, you can sell pre-made book covers, for this, you simply have to register, read the guide they provide you, upload designs, and wait for them to approve them, for each sale you achieve they will pay you 70% of the price original sale (you establish it). Each cover is exclusive so it is only sold once, therefore you must take into account that you will not be able to sell it simultaneously on another site.

12. Selfpubbookcoverson this platform, authors can buy pre-made book covers, you have the opportunity to upload your designs for them to be bought by a writer, you set the price, and registration is free.

If you publish your art on this platform you can NOT upload it to any other site.

13 . Shopify: to start in this electronic company of great international recognition, you must select a name and logo for your brand with which you will be recognized by the rest of the market throughout the business that you develop in Shopify, build a store with tools that it offers you the platform and finally get a domain and images to amplify your brand.

You can make your way within this company with the help of Shopify guides and resources.


14. Society6: this is a great community full of artists and customers eager to buy your art, in Society6 you can trade your designs or paintings, or illustrations which will be turned into fabulous wall art for interior design and decoration, home decoration, even furniture and a wide variety of items for the day to day.

You can join for free to start earning money for your art prints, you simply provide your art and designs and the company takes care of their client’s wishes.


15. Artnet: it is an online market where you can exhibit your art and receive money for it, to start you must create an account and send basic information as well as the images you want to sell, they approve your work, they give you advice throughout the work and after selling you start making money.

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16 . Amazonart: this is a company well known for being one of the first to sell products online and having international growth, this company has a variety of categories but we will focus on the “handmade” section and “works of art» is here where you can exhibit your art after creating your account and after paying the subscription, to publish your ad you only need to have good images of your art and make a well-written publicity.

This category works in the same way as your main store, i.e. Amazon.


17 . Ebay: in this online market you can trade locally, nationally, and internationally, to start selling on this platform you do not need to take an exam or manual approval, so to join you simply have to create your account. A great advantage of this marketplace is that you have the freedom to choose from the price of your item to the type of shipping.


18 . Saatchi art: this platform offers the possibility of selling both digital and physical works of art, you must create your free online account, upload photos of your art, and complete your profile, after that, you can enjoy the multiple benefits it offers the platform as advice from professionals so that you can sell in an optimal way and fair handling of commissions for each sale you make within the online market.

It comes from the hand of the famous London art museum.

19 . Minted: the dynamic is that you upload your designs or illustrations to the platform where it will be visible to merchants and colleagues on the platform, you criticize the work of others who work with you on the platform and you participate so that your design is a winner and so is include the merchandise that customers order and then receive your corresponding payment for each time your design is sold in a variety of products that Minted offers to its customers.


20. Artfinder: it is a virtual market where you have control of your store, your prices, and advertisements but of course, you have the advice and support of the platform.

You have the opportunity to join an international community full of independent artists just like you. Artfinder charges commissions only for the art sold, which is affordable and low for the artist.


21. Artpal: undertaking the trade of your art is completely free on this platform, they do not charge membership fees, there is no commission, and you start selling in a few minutes with unlimited space to sell your art, for example, paintings, crafts, photographs, sculptures, etc

You don’t need to be a creator to trade art, as long as you own a piece you can sell it but for this, you must present the licenses that allow you to sell the art of others.


22 . Artsy: This platform is associated with top-level auction houses and galleries, when you start you must confirm the name of the artist or designer who created the work, create your account, describe your work in detail and upload photos of it (photos must be of quality, with a view to the front, the back, and your signature or the signature of the person who made the painting), your work will finally be reviewed and if it is approved you will be able to sell your art.

23 . Redbubble: In this virtual marketplace you can sell designs and add it to the platform to create fabulous products such as posters, stickers, stationery, and clothing, among others, all printed with your design.

Payments are made through Paypal and credit or debit cards. To start working and earn money, you simply have to open your virtual store, which by the way, is free!


24 . Absolute arts – Here are a variety of opportunities to sell your own contemporary art online to customers who will be happy to buy your art, you can promote, display and sell your art within the platform.

You can sell art professionally painted by you or you can trade canvas prints, you can also sell photography and sculptures under the supervision and advice of the platform that accompanies you from the first moment.


25 .Pond5: within this global online marketplace you can sell a variety of services such as illustrations/vectors, images, videos, 3D models, and even sound effects for world-renowned brands just by creating an account, uploading content to your profile, and verify your ID. An interesting proposal that this platform has is that you can also earn money by promoting the platform, during the first year you can earn 5% of each sale you get promoting just for recommending Pond5.


26 . Envato: This is an operator of digital markets that offers their work to web designers, Envato has a category called “Graphics” and in this space is where you can offer designs, icons, backgrounds, illustrations, vectors, etc.

To start selling on this platform you must register, review the content requirements and upload articles so you can create your portfolio. Once you start working you will generate profits and these will be deposited in your Evanto account and later you can request your payment.

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27 . Artquid: this social network, in addition to allowing you to interact with clients and artists from all over the world, allows you to have a 3D virtual gallery, which makes it an innovative option since it makes the online shopping experience so as pleasurable as walking through a physical gallery.

You can publish up to 10 works for free in the virtual gallery or buy a premium plan to get more benefits like unlimited ads, more tools, and other aids that will make your art look enriched. Within the platform, you can sell from physical prints to digital art.


28 . Artplode: the main attraction of this online market is that you can sell your art and keep 100% of the price you put on it since Artplode never charges a commission when buying or selling, a small fee will simply be applied so you can advertise your product, in the sales process they can provide you with a guide to trade properly.


29. Ugallery: in this online gallery you can exhibit your works of art and sell them physically, it is worth mentioning that Ugallery has been featured by ”The New York Times”, ”VOGUE”, ”Art in America”, etc. To start, you simply have to fill out an application to be able to enter and follow the steps that are in the guide on the page, which are detailed step by step.

Although shipments are by mail, buying and selling outside the United States is supported, however, artists must pack and ship at their own expense.

Can you make a living drawing online?

We have seen all the possibilities that we have before our hands and yet we cannot be sure that it is possible to have a good economy based on working from home, but the truth is that it can be achieved if you make the best decisions within the market.

It is true and well known by all that over time the difficulty and competitiveness within the market increase, but you can make your way in virtual commerce and stand out if you have skills that are valued at work such as creativity, willingness, time, commitment, etc.

Many people have ventured to live from sales made online and the good news is that they have succeeded, they have dedicated themselves to selling their art either in one or several companies and although they have been slow or have had low sales streaks Over time they create a high position within the platforms and become artists with a high demand for work.

Long ago it was believed that money would never be made in ways that are possible today, and although art has been undervalued for a long time, it has been shown that it has value and can be well traded.

Now with the help of globalization through the internet and technological advances, you can carry out the idea of ​​living from what you like the most, in this case, your art since it will be easier for your art to be traded nationally and even internationally. the international way in less time and more economically than it would cost to do it in the traditional way

Before venturing completely you must take into account that it is not a permanent job and if your work is not requested or bought you will not receive pay, therefore you must have alternatives in case you do not have the desired success on a platform

We previously presented you with 30 platforms where you can sell your art, so you can take the time to compare them and choose one or more of them to sell. Remember that each company has its policy and conditions that you must pay attention to so as not to get into trouble with the platform or clients.

Providing services on the Internet can be a totally pleasant experience depending on how you manage your work online and the professionalism with which you take your art. There are many options for trading your art so you can give yourself the privilege of choosing the one that you like the most and with which you feel happy.

Payments are usually safe on most of the sites, however, you must be sure that you make decisions that fully favor you, it is true that on some platforms you need to make a main investment, although this is worth it for the benefits that the company gives you.

Like every business, you should treat it calmly since profits may not show up from the start, however, if you optimally do your job, you will soon be able to see the fruits of your effort.

In conclusion, earning a living through the Internet is a profitable possibility as long as you know how to identify good opportunities and are willing to learn from current commerce to adapt and fully introduce yourself to it. A great advantage is that you can manage your time as you wish and distribute it among all the platforms you want as long as this is not against company policy and you don’t neglect any of your work.


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