13 methods to earn money on Facebook for free and paying

13 methods to earn money on Facebook for free and paying


Let’s see what are those particular ways to earn money with Facebook.

There are for all tastes and colors.

Over the years, Facebook has grown to become a global advertising giant, and you know that where there’s advertising, there’s money.

And more money is going to be in the new Facebook project: the Metaverse, but that hasn’t started yet.

Here we are going to see the best ways to earn money using Facebook, so let’s see them:

1 Earn money with Ads (advertising)

This is the queen way, the one that moves large amounts of money.

In this case, we are going to start assuming that we have a brand and we want to sell a product or service.

The next thing is to see what possibilities Facebook ads have.

As you already know (or should) the possibilities of placing ads are many, including traditional media such as radio or TV, and web such as Google, Instagram, Twitter, and other social and web platforms.

The options are many.

However, Facebook stands out among these because it has a reputation for being very affordable and for offering very good results per dollar spent.

The objectives that you can have for the campaign are many, for example:

  • brand perception
  • brand reach
  • Traffic
  • Install an app
  • Watch a video
  • Generate Subscriptions
  • Store visits
  • Etc

You have to be clear about the latter, because the greater the specificity, the better results can be achieved. A large company can apply its expert staff to find the most efficient campaign, but an individual can also achieve interesting results.

Facebook ads are a whole world, in such a way that there are people who are dedicated to advising others in the creation and management of them. Here you already have a sub-category of how to earn money with Facebook Ads.

Going back to the case that you have a service or product, what matters is creating the most specific and efficient advertisement when it comes to achieving the objective.

As I told you before, Facebook ads have a reputation for converting very well and some people have made 3 or 4 dollars or euros for every 1 invested. This is what is known as ROI or Return on Investment. As the phrase indicates, it would be what we get for each euro or dollar spent on the campaign. The higher the better. What happens is that spectacular figures are not always achieved.

Imagine a case with an ROI of 2 to 1. If you invest $2,000 a month in Facebook Ads, you can get $2,000 in profit. What is not bad?

As I said before, a whole world.

To investigate deeply into the subject.

2 Earn money with a blog on Facebook

We’ll see.

It is not that we have a blog on Facebook, although it could also be, and in fact, that would be another specialty, but what I mean here is to have a blog and use Facebook to earn money with it.

This is valid for any other platform because what we have to be clear about is that the blog is the epicenter from which all the ramifications come out to generate that income.

Why the blog?

Well, because the blog is your address and where you can show your knowledge and experience in whatever niche market.

That is, it is about having a domain or brand like Facebook, and appearing in a .com, .net, or .org because that is what the social network does with its Facebook.com.

Many have been saying for years that the blog as a medium is dead and that it no longer generates income.

How wrong they are.

I don’t know if they do it to discourage people and have less competition, but I think that it is still a long way from that.

The blog is the perfect platform to end up developing a product.

Then, when we have the product, it’s time to get down to business and use some of the other ways to make money with Facebook. The most recommended option is just the first one: use Facebook ads to promote your product and seek the maximum possible ROI.

3 Earn money with e-Commerce with Facebook

This is the same as with the blog but instead of a website that is designed around the blog, it is built around an online store. In this case, we can use the blog as a complementary.

The main thing is to create an attractive store and have several products that are in demand.

The competition is tough but there are still many interesting niches and I always see new cases of people making money this way.

To develop this method you have to open an online store. Two good platforms for this are Shopify and WordPress. Which is better of these two? It depends on each case and the user. If the product and the idea are good, either one will work for you.

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4 As Social Media Manager

The name makes it more or less clear: you have to become an expert on the platform and then manage what is done on it.

Think that within the immense income that Facebook has with its ads and campaigns, there is a huge number of companies of all sizes that are in great need of experts in managing all the paraphernalia that surrounds them.

From my own experience, I tell you that using the Facebook ad platform is quite cumbersome or at least not easy or intuitive (at least for me).

Let’s see, it is not that it is extremely complicated, but someone like me, who is dedicated to doing SEO and other things, does not have the necessary time to investigate and delve into all the functions of the platform. So, the logical thing in this case, and if the business makes good money, would be to hire a social media manager or virtual assistant to manage all my advertising campaigns.

This person will have already spent those hundreds and thousands of hours of experience necessary to master the operation of the platform well.

A way to get to this?

Well, use Facebook as much as possible, study all the free material on it, and of course, maybe take a quality course that will teach you the best tricks to master the ins and outs of this network.

Like the first option, this is a whole world and really, one of the best options for those who, in addition to earning money, want to build a professional career.

5 Earn money with Facebook gaming


But what is this Facebook gaming?

Don’t tell me that you can also earn money as a gamer on Facebook.

Well yes.

Before, it seems that there were only a few who won in the world of live games, but over time it has been discovered that it is a niche that offers countless opportunities.

Each game can have a huge fan base. We are talking about millions and millions of players around the world.

Everyone in the industry knows the strength of Twitch and YouTube. Facebook has seen it and did not want to be left behind, attempting a big assault and looking for the niche of mobile users, although it can also be used without problem from the laptop.

How to start with this?

Well, first of all, you have to be a fan of games.

Then, there are a series of requirements such as having a series of minimum broadcast hours and days every two weeks or a minimum number of followers of 100.

If the requirements are met then you can start using the app and you can deposit money as you accumulate stars, which is how the program works.

Another way to try to make money with Facebook is by siding with the developers, of whom there are many specialists in the platform. Although this is something that is not available to everyone. But, hey, if you are a programmer or want to be, you may find your place here.

There are no less than more than 700 million Facebook users who make use of the games.

Again, this is a whole world.


6 Earn money with videos on Facebook


Facebook decided to fight YouTube.

What a fight of the Titans, right?

It is a war that he has not been able to win by far, but that does not mean that it has been totally in vain. The in-app video marketplace is here and it stays.

The truth is that video content is increasingly popular, and not necessarily in the form of a “channel”, but in a format for everything, including, of course, ads.

Hence, an industry of specialists in the creation of Facebook videos has been created.

Facebook videos are used particularly strongly on mobile – again – since that’s where a lot of people spend checking out their feeds. What the network does, then, is pass the most relevant videos to each person. This is where the vast world of network data takes advantage.

There are some methods to remunerate these videos but a typical one is usually that of sharing the income: 55% for the creator and 45% for Facebook.

7 Earn money selling your Facebook page

Over time, many people began to realize that even web pages had value.

Offers began to arrive and many pages were sold.

Thus, yet another market was born, not unlike that of URL domains.

The most typical is someone who has a popular page with a lot of followers and for some reason wants to leave it. If the page also belongs to a niche that moves money, then it can be sold for a more interesting figure.

Then some specialize in building pages to grow and then sell.

On the internet, there are several pages specialized in this market such as Viral accounts.

8 Facebook Influencers

Some people have unknowingly become influencers in some Facebook niches little by little.

You are someone who spends a lot of time on Facebook, posting original content, and you already have 5, 10, or 20 thousand followers who also have significant interaction with many of your posts.

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In that case, it is difficult for a company not to have contacted you to offer you some possibility of generating money in exchange for promoting their product.

It is not something as well known as the typical Instagram or Twitter influencer, but some people have a significant following and who take advantage of this issue.

Getting to do this out of nowhere is not easy, nor is proposing and achieving it. Rather it is something that comes naturally. In many cases, some people have the potential and have 1,000 or 3,000 followers but they haven’t realized it. As soon as the account and presence on Facebook work, with constant interaction with their followers, they could become an influencer.

9 As an expert through a group

Groups are a gold mine.

If you have been using Facebook for years, surely you have been or are involved in one.

We all have interests.

Some of us are interested in movies, others in gambling, others in fashion, others in PS games, and a thousand other things.

If by chance you are an expert in a subject you can even create a group in which you are the singing voice.

Imagine that people start asking you questions about things in which you are an expert. As soon as you realize it, you could create a course, mentoring, service, or affiliation, and start making a profit out of it.

10 Using local groups

You do not have to be the creator or administrator of a group.

You don’t have to be in just one group, you can be a member of dozens of groups in the same industry in an area or region.

Depending on the group itself, you can use it to offer services about it or to sell things that people might be interested in. You know, people no longer have to go to a site to buy something, they can look for those things that interest them online.

I don’t know, to give you an example, we could be an animal groomer, and if we are in local dog groups, for example, we could offer ourselves as the reference groomer. This is a cheesy example, but it’s to give you an idea.

11 Use the group to create a sales funnel

What is this sales tunnel or Sale Funnel?

Well, it is one of the most effective and used concepts to earn money online, but for this, you will have to work hard.

The thing can work as follows.

Imagine that you want to learn how to do something.

You look for it in the Facebook search engine.

In the results when you get into some you will see that they are very interesting groups or channels.

They will give you information and free courses to earn your trust.

The trick is that in the end, they will offer you a paid course to learn the most important and necessary tricks to master the relevant subject. Lots of people buy them, of course. And we are not talking about scams but about a very effective sales marketing strategy.

Well, you can do that too.

12 With a Facebook fan page

This is another of the interesting concepts of this social network.

We all know the word fan.

Some are from Cristiano Ronaldo, others from Mesi, others from Lebron James, others from the Kardashians, and so on with countless celebrities.

Well, this fan page is when you have a page to get many followers who follow it with interest.

This is what all brands that have a product or service on the market are looking for.

If they get many followers they can multiply their sales.

Okay, we’re never going to get there, but in a good niche, we’re going to be able to get good results with a few thousand followers.

13 Other Ways to Make Money With Facebook

These other ways I only name them but they are also interesting:

  • Search for work on the same Facebook
  • Find a job through the Facebook service, which puts you in touch with companies
  • Investing in Facebook shares (and waiting for their price to rise, of course). At the moment it is one of the largest actions in the world ( source 2020 )
  • Mentioning other pages for deals
  • Creating viral content, and who knows, getting hired by a company to do it for them
  • Looking for security flaws in the system

How to earn money with Facebook for free?

Realistically, most people who are interested in being able to make money with Facebook do not have an established business.

In this case, it is normal that we do not think about spending the extra money to be able to generate income on the platform. This rules out many things like ads and so on, but if you realize, a good part of the methods that we have seen can be done without putting any money on our part.

In some, it will be enough to put in a little money, and you have to be very bad if you do not have 10 or 20 dollars a month to use some paid applications that are always useful to improve the content in some way.

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To create posts, join groups, interact, and many other things you do not need money, and if you do it well you can advance quite quickly in the race to generate income.

What is certain is that in recent years Facebook has increasingly rewarded paid content and this is something that has been widely commented on by veterans of the platform. For a long time, with good content, many more people could be accessed, but things have changed and in many cases, it will be difficult for our content to reach many people if we have not paid for it, since the ads will have priority. This is also logical if we take into account that more and more companies and people are using ads, which automatically puts them ahead of the list.

Despite everything, the answer is still yes; you can make money with Facebook for free, we just have to act smarter.

How many views do I need to have to get paid on Facebook?

People always talk about numbers when buying or selling businesses.

Well, it’s the same on Facebook.

If we have a page without visits or users, it is normal that we are not going to generate sales, just as if hardly anyone enters the physical store.

Some say that we need a minimum of 10,000 users.

Others need 20,000 and others 2,000.

For tastes, as always.

The problem here lies, once again, in how heterogeneous the market is.

If we have a high value-added service for which we charge $1,000, such as a consultancy, it is possible that 10,000 followers are not needed, but with many fewer but more interested parties, they can buy the product with more zeal.

If the service, on the other hand, is of very low value, then we are going to need many thousands of visits.

Think about the difference between generating money with the same visitors for a page dedicated to online hosting and another dedicated to talking about Bugs Bunny. 1,000 visits in the first one will generate a much higher amount of income, with a multiple of, easily, 20 or 40 times more per visitor. This is to give you an idea of ​​the variability of the niches and opportunities.

But in general, we do have to take into account that a page without visits will not generate anything. So we have to get down to business and start moving so that people come.

Remember, the more added value your product has, the fewer visitors you will need.

In addition, two pages or groups will generate the same type of income, since it all depends on how the money moves in them. Similar to the example from before, a group of coffee makers is not the same as another for Forex trading. They are different products with different ways of entering.

How does Facebook make money?

To get an idea of ​​how you can get income from Facebook, we could see what are the main ways in which the social network earns its income.

You know, follow the money.

Let’s see those ways:

  1. Through user-created ads
  2. Sell ​​specific ads out of interest (due to the huge amount of data the app has)
  3. Through video ads
  4. Ads on the mobile platform
  5. Selling Oculus (virtual reality gadgets)
  6. Payments and cryptocurrency with your Libra system
  7. eCommerce through MarketPlace and Instagram
  8. Managing communications in companies through Workplace
  9. Make money with the Metaverse

Oculus sample (maybe this gives an idea of ​​where we’re going in the future):

There are some more methods, but with those methods, you can get an idea of ​​the number of possibilities that this platform offers.

However, the main method of income revolves around advertising, on which more than 80% of the company’s chicha depends. In the future, this will probably diversify.

This means that:

  • The biggest opportunities to make money will be related to the subject of advertising
  • The greatest growth in the ways to make money in the future will be related to other niches, so you could position yourself as an expert in one of them.


Which entry method do you like best?

Sometimes it is not about taking the one we like the most, but the one that suits us best. Well, what we like does not always have to give money.

In addition, we have to take into account what situation we are in.

An established company is not the same as someone who has no income and wants to start testing the possibilities.

The good thing about Facebook is that it offers a wide variety of opportunities and that it has a huge market.

Really, with this platform, you can generate enough income or enhance what we have.

Despite the years passing and other competitors appearing, Facebook has continued to grow and still dominates the global social media market. And I think it’s a market that’s just getting started. I think you’re in for years where we’ll even see new ways to build revenue and business around the platform.

Maybe you can jump on the bandwagon and become a Facebook guru.


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