8 Apps and Platforms to Earn Quick Money

8 Apps and Platforms to Earn Quick Money

The internet age has changed the way of life in many ways and making quick money thanks to the internet is no exception. Due to the massification of information, several new digital demands have been created that only those who have decided to take a step forward can take advantage of. If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, you have a facility for technology and you want to become independent, you should not miss these applications and platforms to earn fast money today.


Platforms to earn money on the internet

In recent times, a series of digital platforms have appeared that have served as a meeting point for a large number of independents whose talents can be used anywhere in the world. This is just a small list that can generate good income in Latin America.



The model presented by this platform is different from the above. Hotmart is a pioneer in Latin America and its area of ​​work is focused on the niche of digital info products and services. This is basically virtual content (courses, E-Books) that various producers create on any subject: pastries, makeup, occult sciences, graphic design, etc. (You will be surprised by all the subjects they cover) they upload it to the platform and your job is to sell them! This is under the affiliate system.


Someone generates a digital product. If you join, you can sell this digital item at a reduced price compared to what the same page offers. For each product, you will earn a commission. Simple, don’t you think? This is perhaps the most accessible platform to earn quick money since you do not need to invest too much time or resources. It does not matter if you are a student or professional, because the only thing that counts is your social ability to publicize the benefits of the course you want to offer.


This other platform to earn fast money on the internet is the favorite of many. On other similar pages, those who need a service application and choose the most suitable freelancer. At Fiverr, designers and professionals show what they know how to do. It has the particularity of being very intuitive and not complicated at all.

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No matter what you do, be it design, illustrations, even music composition,, or its editor, here you can put an offer based on plans. Whoever needs the type of services you do, will search among the candidates and if they find you interesting, they will contact you! It is a kind of yellow page on the internet where people contact experts.



This portal brings together a large number of talents spread over many countries. Those who require the services of graphic designers, illustrators, copywriters, and a large number of professionals in digital media, can find here willing people. The relevant thing is that it can become quite competitive, so quality is key to building a reputation.


Although at first, it can be hard for those who start, due to a large number of applicants. A polished portfolio becomes essential to stand out from hundreds of other applicants. This means that if you have talent, you will not have a problem, because your work will speak for you. This is one of the fastest ways to earn money because depending on your skills in a week you can get a project and start generating dividends.


When someone is looking for quality photo or video content, they usually pay very well for it. If you are passionate about taking images, you can upload your content to this platform. In case any user anywhere in the world wants to use your material, they will pay you to have the right to use it. There is nothing simpler than that. Furthermore, it is completely passive.


This means that once the material is uploaded you just have to wait for people to pay you and use it. The platform itself takes care of the process and you can withdraw the accumulated funds at any time. You may think that in Latin America it is not profitable, but nothing could be further from the truth. You would be surprised to know the demand that these articles have especially in the advertising field. So if you can create new material, approach it with that in mind.

Some many websites and blogs are looking for new material to keep their sites going and this is when these types of platforms come in handy. Unlike others named here, WeAreContent specializes in search engine optimized material. Have you searched for something on the internet and the first result has been useful to you? Well, it was probably someone who wrote the answer you were looking for attractively.


SEO is the ability to target a text, usually blog entries, to appear on the top of a search engine. This platform brings together these types of professionals, copywriters who use SEO tools. For this reason, if you like to write and have the right knowledge, this can earn you quick money. Register, select the areas or topics in which you would like to participate, send proof of writing or multimedia content, and wait to be accepted. Notifications will be sent to the email when they have orders that match your profile and the topics you master. Simple!


Apps to earn quick money

The above is not by far the only thing that will help you make money online . If yours is more a smartphone or Smartphone, there are also alternatives that you can use for the same purpose. Although yes, most need dedication. So let’s get to it!


If you wonder how the money paid by these applications is generated, you should know that most of them are intermediaries between the public and companies. Many of the latter allocate funds for market research and this is where you come in: you can test their products or participate in surveys.

Gift Hunter Club

If you are an Android user , this is one of the first applications that you should try. To earn quick money you just have to try new apps, watch videos, take surveys or participate in contests. Each action you perform generates points that obviously when you accumulate you can exchange them for money or gifts.

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In addition, it has a referral system. This means that if you invite a friend and they subscribe, you will earn a small bonus for bringing them. So don’t reserve this opportunity just for yourself. Everyone can win!



Although the name may be intimidating, it is nothing of what it suggests. Its operation is also simple: when you register you will have access to a range of offers such as downloading and testing games, completing surveys or playing some videos. It is available for Android .


As you can imagine, each action generates points and these can be exchanged for cash that you can deposit in a PayPal account. The advantage is that you are not filled with downloaded applications, as some only ask that you just download them, others that you install a few minutes or watch a video for 30 seconds. Ideal for free time.

Cash App – Free Money

This is another application that allows you to earn quick money because you only have to complete the tasks that they send you. As you can imagine, it includes watching videos or downloading the app. Each action generates points and by accumulating 6500 of them you can exchange them for money deposited in your PayPal account. If you want to know, this amount of points corresponds to 5 dollars.


They are not all because there are many more, but the operation is the same. These actions that you take will allow you to gradually accumulate money that you can withdraw when you meet a minimum. You just need dedication and organization, as well as a phone with enough space for you to download the material they ask for without problem.


If you are looking for applications and platforms to earn quick money on the internet, that is just some of the most outstanding ones. Some require more effort and dedication than others, but what you can be sure of is that they pay and if you dedicate time, you can have benefits in a short time.


Which one suits you best? How would you like to earn money the easy way? Comment it.


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