75 Companies That Pay You To Work From Home

75 Companies That Pay You To Work From Home

Why do companies that pay you to work from home think it is a win-win situation?

The win for the companies that pay you to work from home:

  • They don’t have to pay the office for you
  • You have your own computer
  • You have your own internet connection
  • You have your own phone
  • If you are sick, you will try to get back to work

Take advantage of you working for a company that pays you to work from home.

  • No need to drive to work, no need to pay to drive a car, bus tickets, etc.
  • You can work if your child is sick
  • Work at hours that suit your lifestyle
  • You want to work for yourself, not for your boss (even though he or she will send you the job).

The internet is a huge place and it’s getting bigger every day.

There’s no way you will be able to find a suitable job for you with these resources. Whether you want to find a full-time job, make extra income, or save some money before the holidays, finding work online has never been easier.

When you’re ready to start your work from home, check out the options I’ve shared below!

I would like to recommend FlexJobs. This is my first recommendation, Trusted, dedicated to providing flexible part-time work opportunities for almost anyone. This company has been featured on CNN, NBC, USA Today and is probably one of the best resources available online today.

This article will give you a better overview of the most popular companies paying you to work from home this year.

Work from home full time

1. Concentrix 

This company has jobs that include customer service, payroll, and sales, among others. In addition to free training, regular positions cost $ 9 per hour, but the technical staff is paid $ 12 per hour.

2. Sitel 

This company hires people to handle billing inquiries, provide technical support, and answer incoming calls. You’ll need to become familiar with sales techniques and then get paid between $ 9 and $ 11 per hour plus a perks plan.

3. Asurion 

is the ideal company for those who want to provide customer service to different people. The company has many customers from various backgrounds who need help from their customer service team.

4.American Express 

This company offers sales-related jobs that handle incoming calls and answer customer questions. The payout is $ 16.13 per hour, which has benefits and incentives. Search the keyword “Virtual” for all available home positions.

5.VIP Desk Connect 

This company hires people to work from home as brand ambassadors as part of the outsourcing service they offer. Ambassadors need to be passionate about connecting with customers via email, phone, and chat.


This company is always looking for booking agents to look after their customers in the US and Canada. Payments are between $ 12 and $ 14 for an hour, including bonuses that match state salaries.


This company employs people who want to work from home in a variety of positions. You will earn approximately $ 9 per hour plus paid tuition and service packages.


The position available is for customer service representatives who are responsible for scheduling appointments for patients and answering their questions. At least one year of experience is required. 


This company offers an in-house consulting position that deals with issues related to the technical aspects of product and customer service. You must attend training to be employed as a Domestic Worker and receive the benefits that Apple offers.

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The company provides a virtual support service in the US for people who need assistance throughout the day with project implementation. The virtual assistant specializes in various tasks that online users need.

11.Connections Academy 

Offers practical educational solutions for students at various companies. The company runs several programs that ensure the success of its students in both academic and personal life.

12.Accounting Department 

Provides jobs for those with experience in accounting, meeting scheduling, and payroll.

13.Working Solutions 

This company hires you as an independent contractor working in areas such as sales, technical support, and data entry, among others. Payments are per project and can range from $ 7.50 to $ 30.00 per hour.

15.Sykes Home

Formerly known as Alpine Access employs home agents based in Canada and the US to assist in areas such as video games, health care, and order, among others.

This company is a popular customer service company. They offer training programs for employees who wish to advance their careers.

17.ABC Financial

ABC Financial offers domestic customer service jobs to answer calls from members of their health club. The job is for people who live in Washington, Texas, Arkansas, Maine, and Georgia.

Part-time work at home


Employ a call center agent who works at home to answer incoming calls from customers. You don’t need any experience to become one of their independent agents.

19.Time Etc 

This company employs virtual assistants based in the US and UK. Payouts start at $ 11 but can go up to $ 16 for experienced workers.


This company employs homeworkers to take up “good start-up” positions. A good start challenges patients to become patients who need to be reminded to take a prescription and set a schedule that works for them.

21.Voice Log 

The company provides part-time independent contractors who work from home with a call recording and review service. They currently have jobs for US citizens.


This company has a job as an in-house web assessor. Applicants must complete their exams to be hired and earn a salary of between $ 13 and $ 15 per hour.

23.Reasoning Minds

Offers online job training that takes place between 8:00 and 16:00 at home. The pay is $ 11 but it can go up to $ 15 for employees during the fall.

24. Aim 4 A Tutoring 

The company employs online teachers who can study a variety of subjects taught in schools. Applications for these jobs are always welcome and must include salary requirements, availability such as hours of work, and a Skype name, among others.

25.Validated Response

Employ agents who work from home to place calls they can use to screen leads on behalf of customers. The schedule is flexible and the salary offered is generous for employees.

26. Tutor ABC 

On this website, it is possible to work as an online tutor as long as you have graduated. Online candidates are admitted to ESL with teaching experience, which gives them an edge over others.

27. Metaverse Mod Squad 

Metaverse offers a variety of moderator roles, namely customer service representative, social media representative, and content moderator. These moderators are responsible for communicating with the customer via chat or telephone and moderating the digital content accordingly.

28. Wonder 

This company has a job at home that requires you to do research and then submit a written summary of customer results. This position is ideal for those who want to find information on the internet.

29. ICUC 

ICUC employs domestic moderators to ensure trademarks are protected. The Canadian company ensures that copyrighted content and information are properly monitored by its teams.

30. Appen Butler Hill 

This company employs a search engine evaluator based at the home of US residents. You must have graduated from college to be hired for at least $ 15 per hour.

31. Homework Help 

This company hires online teachers to help students with their homework. Students connect with professional teachers in subjects such as English, math, and science.

32.Workforce Logic/ Zero Chaos 

They provide jobs for telecom companies that rate websites for the Google search engine. To apply, you must be a college graduate and speak English. Payments are $ 14 or more per hour depending on the project in progress.

33 .ACD Direct 

This is a call center that offers jobs that includes answering calls from competitions hosted by non-profit organizations. Work is done on a flexible schedule, and the pay ranges from $ 0.25 to $ 0.30 for every minute you speak.

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This company allows you to teach a subject that you are good at and make money from it. Classes are easy to set up at the price you set that enrolled students have to pay.

Freelance work


This company offers a lot of low-budget jobs, but there are also opportunities to find customers who pay for a job well done. The work is varied and can be done by both beginners and professionals from all over the world.


This website has a list of job vacancies covering more than a hundred professions with different salary levels. Some of the website responsibilities include administrative support, website design, business consulting, and graphic design.


Elance offers a variety of freelance projects including research, web development, marketing, graphic design, and writing. The company offers a free membership package for those who are looking for work through their website but need to pay to upgrade.

38.Freelance Writing Gigs 

This website is focused on providing paid work for publishers, writers, bloggers, and editors. If you have a passion for writing and you know how to put words together well, this page is for you.

39.99 Designs 

This is a platform that freelance designers can use to make money from the projects they create. You can also enter various design competitions to get feedback on your work


 Is a marketplace where members list their services for $ 5 or more. The PayPal payout for each task is five dollars, but the website saves one dollar.

41.Envato Studios 

This is a micro job site that offers skilled professional jobs at several online companies. The services offered on the website attract a different price than you have set as a member of the website.


If you are good at offering solutions, you can make money by offering them on this website. Tasks performed on this website are given a base salary of $ 5 but can increase to $ 50 depending on the work performed.


This company provides a platform for freelancers to register their services and earn money while they work for clients. This site allows you to receive a payment of between $ 2 and $ 100 for each service sold on the site.


This company is great for creative artists as well as those looking to make money online. In this market, you can pay for freelance work as a photographer, designer, or illustrator, among others.


Pay to get services like programming, freelance writing, and web design from this company. They offer many projects offered by companies looking for such a service for a fee.


This company offers jobs for a wide range of skills, making it possible to find lucrative jobs. It’s great for designers, programmers, consultants, and more.


Earn money by providing SEO, design, and web development services to clients on this platform. Freelancers can offer a website-focused service.

Seasonal work at home

48.1800 Flowers 

This flower company employs a home agent to serve customers during their busy season, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. However, an agent can receive a permanent position as a reward for his excellence.


The company hires customer service representatives to work from home, especially during the holidays. Customer service agents help process thousands of orders placed during this time of year.


Corporate seasonal customer service jobs for those living in the United States and Canada. Agents receive the state minimum salary for the training period (12-16 hours). After practice, the salary was up to $ 8 per hour. For each season of the year (eg Christmas, Mother’s Day), the finished agent is given a bonus of USD 250.

51.Great American Opportunities 

To be hired as a data entry employee by this company, you must pass an exam. The recruitment process starts at the end of June and also in December to include those who will work for them. To register, please send your application and email toair@gafundraising.com.


This company employs a customer service representative to help customers with their questions via phone or email. You need to learn how Groupon works to be successful.


This company employs only Nebraska residents as specialists in seasonal online retailing. You work in sales and customer service, where you help buyers find items by answering questions.

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This retailer employs customer service representatives on a seasonal basis. The representative will become a symbol of HauteLook, a clothing store brand.


Skullcandy is a company engaged in marketing and sales related to audio and technology. They offer brand ambassador positions to help build their brand while offering products.


This company employs a full-time agency, part-time agency, and seasonal home agency for tax season. Expect to work at least 30 to 40 hours a week 

The average starting salary for a tax advisor is $ 15.50 per hour. This is an employee-based position with benefits such as medicine, health, 401,000, and more.

57.Home Shopping Network 

Earn money doing homework for customer service and sales. Salaries range from $ 10 to $ 11 per hour for both jobs.


This company offers seasonal jobs on the phone that typically last about six weeks. The recruitment process takes place three times a year, namely in April, August and December.

59. Cool Jobs (Cool works )

This site features seasonal jobs for young and old people who want to make money from hotel jobs. Some of the jobs offered are domestic work while others require on-the-spot work.

Online assignments and concerts


Provides human intelligence tasks that can be completed quickly by those looking for work from home jobs. Some of these tasks include web testing, data entry, and freelance writing.

61.Slice the Pie 

Earn money by submitting music reviews uploaded on websites. Music by emerging artists can fetch as little as $ 50 or more when viewed sequentially.

62.Task Rabbit

Performs men’s chores at work or home and receives payments from companies. Applicants must go through a video interview and provide background information.

63.Click N Work 

This company has hired people from all over the world to perform various tasks. Duties include internet-based work, data entry, interviews, and research, with different payments for each project.


Get paid when online tasks such as writing, copying, and marking images are complete. These tasks usually only take a short time.

65.Cash Crate 

This company lets you pay to watch videos, fill out offers, shop online, and much more. Payments can be made of $ 30 or more, which can be made via PayPal or check.


Earn money by watching advertisements or even doing other tasks on the company website. Payment for completed tasks is made via PayPal or even Payza.

67.Easy Shift 

This is a shift job that may include taking photos or viewing price reviews on a cell phone. Payments made via PayPal are between $ 2.00 and $ 20.00 for each task completed.


This company provides a platform for short tasks that need to be done and paid for. The tasks offered on the website include transcription, surveying, and copywriting.

69.SEO clerks 

Sell your services on this microsite at different prices depending on the work being done. Some of the most popular services include blogging, link building, and editing.


This company employs domestic workers to perform tasks requested by their customers via their website. They indicate the amount of freelance work they have to do and get paid for when it’s finished.

71.Just Answer

Earn money for answers to questions asked by site users. Applications for the various categories displayed will always be accepted and payment will be made according to the answers to the questions.


Find short assignments offered by the site and get paid based on work completed. Tasks to do include booking tickets, planning parties, and a disc jockey service.

73.Commission junction  

You get paid to display affiliate links related to this satellite to your blog. If your blog has a lot of traffic, you can pay a lot more for the links to appear.

74.Virtual Bee/The Smart Crowd

This company offers data entry jobs that are easy to implement and get paid for when you close them. Jobs are in high demand and you may have to wait a while before getting hired.

75.The Forum Wheel 

Pay to post your comments on various online platforms created by this company. Chat agents are paid daily but must meet the minimum payment threshold.


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