7 Best Products for “nenis”

7 Best Products for “nenis”

Marketing products online is an attractive business that can generate attractive profits. Internet connection, time, and good public relations are the key points. The best products for nenis are those that can be attractive to a certain audience or target.


This is how you can find in clothing, shoes, accessories, food, skincare, among others, a fairly wide market in which the “nenis” is handled like a fish in water. If you are interested in starting in this world, here you will find some essential keys, read on and find out what are the products that you, as a “nenis” or micro-entrepreneur, can market. 

7 Best Products for "nenis"
The “nenis” are microentrepreneurs

Start by choosing a market segment with which you identify 

One of the most common mistakes is wanting to cover a very broad sector. Even though you may consider that you will have more opportunities to sell, it is the opposite, you will have to create and serve different profiles of buyers and design marketing strategies to be able to reach each one and this translates into a lot of work. 


Optimize by choosing a single segment. For example, if you are interested in clothing, within this area you can find various categories: children’s clothing, swimwear, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, etc. In turn, each one is made up of subsectors: girls’ dresses, children’s outfits, men’s jackets, etc. The best products for nenis are those aimed at a specific area. Better yet if you are targeting a niche.


The more specific the sector, the easier you can to meet your ideal buyer and generate a profile of him. This is what is known as a buyer persona. You need to know what their pain points, interests, and needs are. With all this information you can work on advertising strategies that allow you to crystallize sales. The guy who is looking for a shirt has different interests than the housewife who wants a party dress for her daughter, do you get it? 

7 Best Products for "nenis"
All “nenis” must choose a market sector to sell 

Knowledge of your ideal client

If you want to start your own business, you must identify the market or target audience you are going to target. You must define who will be your potential buyer, to design the marketing strategies that bring you closer to him. All the “nenis” know that they must sell to whoever is really interested in the product. For example: would you offer skin care products to someone who is not interested in skincare? 


To create the profile of your ideal client, you must start by gathering as much information as possible about their lifestyle. It starts with demographics (where you live, education level and income) then goes on to determine your hobbies, hobbies, what social networks you use, and how often. 


It may seem like a lot of work, however, it is well worth it. Your first buyers can provide you with much of the data, you do not need to force them to fill out surveys. You will be able to collect data of interest as you interact with them. Having an ideal customer profile will allow you to generate appropriate content for them and have a community in networks that follows you and is attentive to your business and what you offer. Remember the best products for nenis respond to the needs of your target audience.

The best products for “nenis” are directed to a segment, identify yourself with them

The “nenis” give careful attention and this characterizes them. They sell based on their own knowledge and experience with the product. In recent years, the buyer has become more selective. In a market so crowded with offers, the opinion of others makes a difference, and even more so if the one who recommends is someone they consider an authority on the subject or a very close person. 


The sales success of the “nenis” is that they know the needs of their buyers. For this reason, it is important to create the ideal customer profile. Only then can you have full knowledge of what they are looking for, their pain points, and how to offer the solution. Because the “nenis” do not make simple sales, no. They respond to the needs of their buyer simply. 


You must sell products from an area that you master and like. As a microentrepreneur, don’t offer products just because you think they have a good outlet. Lean towards those that you like, know that they are of quality and that they can be subservient to other people. 


If, for example, you like fashion and you have a good eye for matching combinations, make the most of it! You can not exclusively sell individual garments but an entire outfit. On your commercial page on social networks, you can give tips on how to dress well. That will make you look like an expert on the subject and will allow you to create a community that can purchase your products. 

84% of consumers trust a recommendation from someone close to them more than advertising in shop windows and other media.

Shelley Pursell (2020).  

Optimal use of social networks

During the pandemic, restrictions on mobility sent online sales skyrocketing. In fact, according to data released by investigations of the Coordinating Council of Women Entrepreneurs of Jalisco, the “nenis” was a fundamental part of the increase in online sales. 


Social networks serve to connect. This social interaction allows companies or entrepreneurs to sell and promote their products. Even service providers have obtained great support on social networks to be able to reach clients in ways other than the usual ones. 


So the best products for “nenis ” are marketed by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms also allow you to make advertisements that are aimed at meeting certain objectives and reaching your ideal customer. Through Marketplace you can promote different items for free and support yourself in the buying and selling groups of your locality. 


Important! Make sure to read Facebook’s advertising policies. Faced with an infraction, they will not hesitate to suspend your account. In addition, there are messaging channels such as WhatsApp and Telegram that provide efficient communication options. You can keep track of your customers and have a database. 

Now yes, the 7 best products for nenis

  1. Clothing: it is a very wide market, as mentioned above, the idea is that you locate a category within this large area. However, many choose to buy lots of American clothing, and in this case, it is difficult that you can only choose one type of garment. Ideally, you should set up a virtual store where you can display each of the products. Combine several pieces, so you will sell styles or outfits sets. On the other hand, the sale of second-hand or vintage clothing has become a fashion trend that attracts buyers from a segment, who are looking for quality and good prices. You can set up virtual bazaars, where you display those pieces that you sell.
  2. Footwear: like clothing, start by building your business model with your target audience and product portfolio in mind. If you want to sell shoes online you will need a virtual catalog, a site where you can professionally display all the models you own, and complementary information that is relevant such as size, colors, and material. Sports shoes and footwear for women are undoubtedly the most sought after and sold.
  3. Makeup: many “ nenis ” have found their perfect niche in makeup. They are products that have an easy way out, but it is also a very competitive market. If you want to stand out and have good sales, you must differentiate yourself from the rest. Competing with prices is not always the best option, so you can sell quality products that have greater benefits. For example, long-lasting lipsticks, with fashionable colors, but that separate, hydrate and protect the lips. Skincare: every day more women worry about taking care of their skin. Make-up removers, products to hydrate, moisturize, and protect are the most sought after. The platforms that allow you to record videos are perfect for showing facial cleansing routines or the use of certain products such as masks and creams. There is a growing niche and it is women who are looking for natural products for the skin and not tested on animals. They can pay more and will opt for quality. Lean on social networks and create a community by providing them with relevant information.
  4. Cell phone accessories: although the variety of cell phone ornaments is not the same as in previous years, today it is a niche for “nenis ” to be exploited, especially in younger audiences. Custom protectors and cases are the most demanded. In the same way, wireless headphones are continually sold everywhere. Concentrate on the most striking and different, always thinking about the type of public that acquires them. An extendable arm for selfies, tripods, light rings,s, and microphones are highly requested by influencers (and not influencers) to record their content.
  5. Kitchen products: at this point, it is essential to know who you are going to sell to. The kitchen of a housewife with teenage children is not the same as young people who have just become independent. Defined this you can opt for accessories. You can sell from a thematic holder to store the knives to a dispenser. The decoration is also important, so you must consider fashion trends to offer suitable products. From vintage or retro to irreverent and modern, there are many possibilities!
  6. Accessories for women: this is undoubtedly the largest market, but with the highest demand. To stand out you must focus on the most striking, useful, and practical products. Original bags, wallets, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets … each of them is an attractive niche full of many possibilities. The ” nenis ” can share their favorites in networks and attract people with similar tastes by affinity, the best sales are made thanks to the recommendation and experiences of others!
7 Best Products for "nenis"
Makeup is one of the best-selling items for the “nenis” 

Attributes that nenis must have

Selling is not easy, even when many try to give a derogatory meaning to the activity since in networks you can come across hundreds of memes and jokes. The truth is that to dedicate yourself to electronic commerce you must have certain skills. Like all work, it requires skills, effort, perseverance, and dedication. Even preparation. Every “nenis” is an entrepreneur, a micro-entrepreneur, someone resilient who found a solution in the commercial exchange. This is just one more way to use technology tools and meet the needs of the market.


Characteristics of the “nenis”

  • Kindness: always provide friendly, cordial, and respectful treatment. Answer all the doubts of potential buyers with patience and do not let a long time pass! You must organize your schedules if you will not be serving clients until the early hours of the morning. Closing a sale requires expertise. Don’t be anxious, just focus on highlighting the benefits of your products and even offer added value.
  • Professionalism: that is why you must know the sector in which you operate. You must give a timely and accurate response. Likewise, to give a professional image, use professional tools. A catalog of products for sale on a landing page or a website can show you what you are, a small business owner. 
  • Offer delivery and payment facilities – be diligent. Apart from the price, why would a person decide to buy from a “nenis” and not from a store? Answer: for the facilities that the first offers. You have to go to the store at a certain time and you must normally cancel in cash or card. However, with the “nenis” you can agree not only on the delivery site. If not, also various forms of payment such as transfers, Oxxo bank deposits, or cash on delivery. In addition, many even offer shipments by special couriers, outside the city, and at home. 


If you want to become a micro-entrepreneur, follow these tips, remember that the best products for “nenis” are those that satisfy a need and can be easily sold through social networks.


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