How To Start Your Own Bitcoin Faucet: Earn 1-2 Bitcoin Per Month With Your Faucet 

How To Start Your Own Bitcoin Faucet: Earn 1-2 Bitcoin Per Month With Your Faucet 

Bitcoin faucets are websites that give away Bitcoin to their users. By starting your own Bitcoin faucet you will earn money in various ways by sharing your earnings with others. You can build a Bitcoin faucet in just 10 minutes by getting a Bluehost account and installing a WordPress plugin. Let’s see how to make money with this method and how to earn 1 to 2 bitcoin per month

What is a Bitcoin faucet or Bitcoin faucet?

A Bitcoin faucet is a website that distributes a small amount of Bitcoins to its visitors. The amount can range from 0.000001BTC up to (0.0001BTC) for multitasking.

It is possible to make money passively with a Bitcoin faucet and starting one is relatively easy (we’ll tell you how to do it yourself).

How to make money with Bitcoin faucets 

You may be wondering why share your Bitcoins by having a Bitcoin faucet. Simply, because you will be “giving away” or sharing part of the profits you get with a Bitcoin faucet.

By starting your own Bitcoin faucet you can earn money in several ways:

  1. By ads on your site
  2. Paying other people to complete micro-tasks (for example, filling CAPTCHA )
  3. With a referral system (which will allow you to grow your Bitcoin faucet much faster)

So by having a Bitcoin faucet, you keep the majority of the profits and share a part with your users. This method is so successful that it is the main source of traffic and one of the best ways to earn money with Bitcoin.


Best of all: owning a Bitcoin faucet is FREE. You will only need a fast and cheap hosting plan for your site (it costs around $3 per month) and the rest will be a free process, so there is not much risk.

Let’s see how to start your own Bitcoin faucet and what you will need to get users.

 How much money can you earn with a Bitcoin Faucet?

In our experience, it is possible to earn 1-2 Bitcoin per month by having a Bitcoin faucet.

Example of earnings with a Bitcoin faucet

According to website analytics site Flippa, a well-known Bitcoin faucet (they won’t reveal the name), with nearly 240,000 users, generates between 1-2 Bitcoin per month for its owner.

How to build your own Bitcoin faucet (make it profitable )

There has never been a better time to make money with a Bitcoin faucet than this year.

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Starting your own Bitcoin faucet is relatively easy, you will not need programming or design experience. The process takes less than 20 minutes and won’t cost more than $4 per month (if you use Bluehost ).

1. Get a domain and hosting

For your Bitcoin faucet to be available on the internet, you will need to have a domain name and a fast hosting service for your website.

The domain should be a short and easy-to-remember name, as this will facilitate the traffic of more users to your faucet.

You will also need hosting or hosting for your site. If you already have one, you can use it with a fresh WordPress installation.

If you don’t have a hosting service, we recommend Bluehost because they give you a FREE domain name with your web hosting plan. Also, they have very cheap plans (less than USD 4 per month) and are 100% optimized to work with WordPress.

2. Install WordPress

Now that you have a domain and a hosting plan, you must install WordPress. If you decided to use Bluehost, you can use the 1-click installer found here.

Then, just follow the instructions to install and set up a simple WordPress installation. If you don’t know how to do it, you can follow our tutorial: How to install WordPress 


3. Install the Bitcoin Faucet Plugin for WordPress

Now that you have a fresh WordPress installation, the next step to start your own Bitcoin Faucet will be to install the plugin that will allow you to manage your faucet. Follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Bitcoin Faucet WordPress Plugin
  2. On the WordPress page, go to “plugins” -> Add New -> Upload
  3. Locate the file you just downloaded, upload it to your website, and click Install Now.
  4. After uploading, Activate the plugin.
  5. Create a Faucethub and SolveMedia account

Since you will need to send payments to the users of your Bitcoin faucet, you will need a payment processor service. The simplest and free will is Faucethub.

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit Faucethub and create an account.
  2. Add your Bitcoin faucet URL to your account

To protect your faucet from abuse, we also recommend implementing a CAPTCHA. This is simple:

  1. Visit SolveMedia and create an account
  2. Add your Bitcoin faucet URL to your account
  3. Configuring the WordPress plugin

Although the plugin for your Bitcoin faucet is free, it has a LOT of options. You can explore these options as you grow your Bitcoin faucet, but to get started you will only need to add your SolveMedia information and your Faucethub account.

Implement payments on your faucet:

In the “Payment” tab, enter your Faucethub API keys. On the WordPress page of your faucet, type the shortcode of the faucet that your plugin will display.

Implement CAPTCHA on your faucet:

In the “General” tab, enter your payment methods and timer settings. Enter the SolveMedia API keys and page URLs.

Then you must click on “verify address”.

Ready! Your faucet is set up to send and receive payments and is protected from user abuse.

4. Launch your Bitcoin Faucet

Before you can activate your key, you’ll need to add money so you can send the rewards to people. The plugin only works with Bitcoin, so make sure to add your Bitcoin balance.

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You only need a very small amount as your faucet is just getting started. Try $1 to $10 (Bitcoin equivalent) and you can add more as your Bitcoin faucet grows.

How to make money with your Bitcoin faucet

Now for the fun part: how to make money with your Bitcoin faucet. These are the methods with the best results this year:

1. Ads on the site

The easiest way to start monetizing the faucet is through ads. If you are new to online advertising, read our article on Google Adsense, where we will show you how to sign up and start earning.

NOTE: Some users report that Google AdSense is not recommended to monetize a Bitcoin faucet, since your account may be closed. In this case, it will be to use an alternative to Google AdSense.

When putting ads on your faucet, you want to make sure they are as visible as possible. Experiment with different formats and sizes, without abusing them. We recommend limiting your posts to no more than 3 per page.

Another option to generate money with your Bitcoin faucet is through short links. These links pay you to send your users to any website.

You can take advantage of short links to earn money, especially shorteners that pay in Bitcoin.

We show you how this method works in our article:

Another way to monetize your Bitcoin faucet is through affiliate links.

For example, for users who don’t have a Bitcoin wallet or wallet, you can place an affiliate link showing them how to get one (It’s 100% FREE and some companies will pay you to send them your traffic).

You can sign up as an affiliate with Coinbase and recommend it to users who need a Bitcoin wallet. They will pay you a commission for each registered user who subsequently receives Bitcoins in their digital wallet.

4. Take advantage of other Bitcoin faucets

This method will not only help you get more users quickly, but it will also help you earn more profit.

Some faucets also refer their users to other faucets to receive a referral fee from them. One way to do this is by building a faucet rotator. Since I already explained what a rotator is at the beginning of this post, I won’t go over it again.

How to get traffic for your Bitcoin faucet

It would be impossible to generate a substantial amount of income without having a good amount of traffic on your Bitcoin faucet. So getting traffic should be a primary task for your faucet.

These tips will help you make your Bitcoin site go viral:

Promote your site on existing Bitcoin faucets

These already have several users who are always looking for new ways to earn money. For example, iFaucet and These sites have a huge amount of traffic and if you manage to get your faucet to the top of their list, you will get thousands of hits.

Take advantage of the Bitcoin forums to get users

You’re promoting a great opportunity to make money for free, so who wouldn’t want to give it a try? There is no risk and there is nothing to invest. Visit a cryptocurrency forum like Forobits to promote your Bitcoin faucet.

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Create a YouTube channel about Bitcoin

A lot of people are interested in learning more about Bitcoin. You can create your own YouTube channel on cryptocurrency news or a channel that discusses the latest trends in Bitcoin. You can advertise your faucet as a sponsor of your channel and get other users to sign up.

Add an affiliate system to your Bitcoin faucet

Reward your users for referring others. The best way to get more traffic to your faucet is through referrals from acquaintances. Reward your users with referral bonuses. Although at first this increases your expenses, if you have a solid strategy this could be the best investment of your life.

IMPORTANT: Protect your faucet from spam

When you have a well-known Bitcoin faucet, you will be fighting a constant battle against spam and hackers who will try to abuse the system and even steal Bitcoins from your faucet.

Malicious users will usually use a VPN or proxy to change their IP address so they can make money from your faucet without having to follow the rules. Automated bots can also be used to abuse your faucet, automatically claim Bitcoins, and undermine your winnings.

Fortunately, there are several security measures you can use to stop these malicious attacks (in the world we live in, it’s impossible to eliminate them).

So when starting your own Bitcoin faucet, you should secure it by:

  • Do not deposit more than you can lose
  • Do not deposit large amounts of Bitcoins into the faucet. Keep your earnings in a separate account. This way, if someone has access to your faucet, you will have a limit on the number of Bitcoins they can collect. We recommend that you only keep around 0.1 BTC in your Bitcoin faucet each day to prevent fraud.
  • Use a free security service like CloudFlare to block malicious users and questionable IP addresses.
  • Set a 24-hour limit for each IP address. This way, even if someone manages to abuse the faucet, they won’t be able to get access to all of your Bitcoins.
  • Implement an email address registration and verification system for each user. This way you will be able to track each person’s earnings and block abusers on your faucet.

Of course, there are always additional security measures that you can add as your Bitcoin faucet grows.

Making money with a Bitcoin faucet: Summary

Starting your own Bitcoin faucet can earn you some nice passive income, and it’s one of our favorite ways to make money with Bitcoin.

Setting up your own Bitcoin faucet has never been easier, so if you have a good marketing strategy or a good method of getting new users, you can certainly make a lot of money.

If you have questions about how to make money with a Bitcoin faucet or how to be successful with your own Bitcoin faucet, leave us a comment and we will do our best to help you.


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