11 best ways to earn money traveling

11 best ways to earn money traveling

Everyone loves to travel, and who wouldn’t want to do it and make a living from it? Keep reading and you will know how to earn money traveling.

Contrary to what many people think, you don’t need a lot of money to travel. To vacation maybe yes, but not to travel.

The topic of travel has been one of those that have worked best for earning a living from home or with the Internet since interest in travel has been one of the most fashionable things in the last 15 years.

And despite the Covid pandemic, it still is. So let’s see what are the best ways to generate income while traveling.

Let’s go there.

Do you need a lot of money to travel?

The truth is that traveling is sometimes cheaper than living in a fixed place. Although, this will depend a lot on how you live in the fixed place and how you travel.

For example, in many countries life tends to be expensive, be it renting a home or basic services. When you are traveling these expenses are not there, so that money can be more useful for a trip.

Also, many things can be obtained without spending money. There are social networks like Couchsurfing where you can subscribe and find accommodation anywhere in the world for free.

Another social network is Warmshower, very similar to Couchsurfing but it is for cyclists, that is, for bike travelers.

Nomador is a website where you can find houses that need care, that is, you can stay for a while in said house taking care of it and taking care of pets.

This site allows homeowners to go on vacation or even leave for work, with the assurance that someone will take care of their home and pets in their absence.

Another page where you can do work on organic farms in exchange for accommodation is Wwoof.

Also, services such as electricity or plumbing can be offered in exchange for room and board.

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How to earn money traveling?

There are countless ways to earn money traveling, it’s just a matter of being creative and knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Next, we will give you some great ideas to make and earn money traveling.

1 Photos

Print the most beautiful photos of your trip. You can use them on a postcard, then sell them in tourist areas or busy places.

Selling photos online on pages is also a good idea.

Pages like iStock Photo, Shutterstock, or Alamy, pay you a percentage for each download or each sale. So if you have a good camera and a good eye, don’t hesitate to use it to get some money from there.

2 Jobs

You can earn money by getting jobs on the tour. A good strategy is to work in more economically developed countries, and then invest the same amount in countries where the cost of living is lower.

A good option is to have jobs for days or daily since they can help you earn some money and pay for the trip at the same time.

If you know about gardening, masonry, and painting, these are trades that you can do anywhere you are visiting or walking.

3 Content Creation

Many of the best-known travelers who have been living this life for a long time have started by writing a travel blog. Also, you can create a website and monetize it with ads.

To create a blog you will probably need to buy hosting, so I recommend that you see the best sites to buy domain and hosting.

Another way to earn money traveling is by creating audiovisual content for YouTube and monetizing the channel (see how to earn money with YouTube ).

A platform that could help you have the life you want is Patreon, where people can support you with micropayments starting at one dollar a month. This patronage network could allow you to dedicate part of your life to art thanks to sponsorship.

Many of those who have opted for this route have ended up having very successful blogs and creating the basis for the creation of very profitable online businesses.

4 Gifts and Abilities

Traveling with an itinerant gift such as singing, playing an instrument, or drawing and painting is having your own ATM, it will help you not only to sell but also to barter.

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One of the most viable options is to sell food, everyone eats, try to get those culinary skills.

If you are skilled at crafts, take advantage, sometimes it will serve as a piece for sale since many vacationers love to take something as a souvenir or take souvenirs for their family.

5 virtual work

Being a digital nomad is a good option, on pages like Upwork you can work from anywhere in the world at any time.

As a translator, writer, producer, and various jobs where you will only need an internet connection.

You could even offer your work to agencies that need blogs or guides for travel magazines. Also photos for newspapers for travel or tourism magazines.

Another form of virtual work is to give classes, courses, seminars, and conferences online. Well, education today has changed by leaps and bounds and you no longer just learn in a classroom sitting in front of a blackboard.

So, if you handle some areas in depth, this could be an option to generate some money while you do what you like, travel.

6 languages

If you have a good level of English and Spanish, and you also have certifications, you will have a lot of work. It is very common to give language classes and partly it is very well paid.

7 Jobs in tourist areas

A fun way to earn money traveling is to get a diving certification, with which you can work anywhere in the world in a diving center. And if the waves don’t make you dizzy, you can work on a tourist cruise.

You can also work in hotels, inns, and restaurants in exchange for food (there are more and more profitable food businesses ) and accommodation.

In this way, you can travel if you do not have enough money and do not have camping equipment.

8 Buy and sell

Buying both clothing and crafts from places like Mexico and Asia is ideal for selling them in European and North American countries, as they will be unique pieces. In addition, many times they feel empathy with you and what they buy is your story and your essence.

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9 Sponsors or sponsors

Many companies are interested in learning about your journey and in turn showing their products through you.

Every time many companies take risks by this means. But it is not surprising because it has become a very lucrative method, especially if you are an influencer with a large following on one of the online social platforms.

There may be a company that needs your project to be able to promote itself, the possibilities are wide.

10 Street Shows

This method is used by many travelers to cover unforeseen expenses. You can perform magic shows, theater, juggling, and music.

11 Work and travel programs

These programs are work contracts that work through a travel agency.

This agency gets a job in another country where they also have these contracts. The work contracts are usually three to four months, they also give you insurance, accommodation and you will receive a salary. At the end of the contract, you decide if you continue in that country looking for other types of jobs and traveling or if you return to your country of origin.

It is one of the simplest and safest ways to earn money traveling, it is ideal for those who are starting this life.

Earn money traveling truth or lie

As you can see, there are too many ways to earn money while traveling, and they are not difficult to achieve. You only need a bit of ingenuity and good intentions, so that everything will emerge.

And of course, it’s true.

In my opinion, I believe that the best way to earn money with the topic of travel nowadays is to become an influencer and take advantage of online synergies, something that can be achieved with Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Blogging, Rumble, and many others. more ways.

Without going any further, thousands of travel channels were created on YouTube alone in which travelers made a living simply by posting their trips.

For this, I recommend one thing.

Try to be original, and not put typical or “easy” trips, but have a story or something interesting.

If you have a good presence on camera, you can even create a company.


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