74 Internet Jobs That Pay FAST (Every Day Or Weekly) 

74 Internet Jobs That Pay FAST (Every Day Or Weekly) 

One of the disadvantages of working online is that you receive your payments once a month or every two weeks. However, these companies are hiring and paying very quickly (some pay EVERY day). Would you like to work without leaving your home and get paid quickly? Read on and see if there is an open position for which you qualify.


Online jobs that pay daily or weekly

If you’ve been wondering about finding a job online that pays more than once or twice a month, you’ve come to the right place. This list of online jobs that pay weekly or daily will help you receive your money without having to wait too long.

Most of them even pay through PayPal, so you’ll need to create a PayPal account (it’s free) so you can start receiving your money.

To help you find a job that matches your skills, we’ve divided the list into categories. So you can find a job you like quickly.

 Don’t know where to start and need to earn money quickly?

These websites are also good sources of extra money and pay weekly or daily.

You get paid to do small tasks that don’t pay that much, but add up over time. We recommend them as the best way to start if you have never made money online:

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  • Swagbucks pays you to do everything from shopping online to watching videos. By accumulating a minimum of $3, you can get to request a PayPal transfer, which you will usually receive within two business days.
  • InboxDollars pays you to test websites. Pay via PayPal exactly 7 days after your first trial.
  • Surveys for Latinos pay you to take paid surveys. Users often earn up to an extra $500 per month by spending a few minutes a day answering surveys. It is aimed at Latinos in the United States. Pay weekly through PayPal.
  • Valued Opinions has paid surveys available for cash. Pay via PayPal within 72 hours once you reach $15 in your account.
  • Perk pays you to watch videos and give your opinion on TV shows. You can request your earnings through PayPal and it is displayed in a few minutes.
  • Global Test Market pays you for your opinion on music, clothing, and more. Pay via PayPal within 5 business days of reaching $10.
  • SurveySavvy pays you $5 to give your honest opinion on the products and services they send you. Earnings are transferred to PayPal every Monday.
  • MyPoints pays you to receive emails. You can earn $5 for signing up and getting paid every Friday via PayPal or receive gift cards.
  • Humanatic will pay you for answering phone calls for cash. Pay every Monday and Tuesday through PayPal.
  • Workforce Logic pays you to rate the quality of the ads you see in search results, on social media, and on websites. Pay $15 per hour, via direct deposit, weekly.

Spanish writing jobs that pay fast

You can earn money and get paid quickly by writing for these companies that need writers.

 If you have a talent for writing articles, web content, blogging, and more, please submit a sample of your work to the following instructions.


You can become a writer for our company site, working remotely from home and getting paid for every article you write.



You will earn money by writing for Publisuites. You will need to write articles requested by clients (usually blog and website owners) from various industries. The higher your typing level, the more profit you will get.



Boost Media is looking for Post Writers for articles related to Online Business, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, or Web Design.


Printful is a blog that will pay you to write for their blog from the comfort of your home. Articles must be original and focus on Internet stores or e-commerce.


This is one of the best ways to earn money with your own blog. With Coobis you can generate income in different ways. This company will connect you with different brands and companies that pay to write sponsored articles.


16. Upwork 

Upwork itself doesn’t provide jobs online, but you can use it to find fast-paying writing jobs. This is a job board where many freelance writers find employment.

You get paid after two days once the job is received and approved by the client.


17. yelp 

Yelp hires some users to connect with Yelp reviewers and keep their community up to date. The work is 100% remote, part-time, and usually lasts six months (this can be extended according to your performance).

However, you must live near certain locations, which vary based on Yelp’s needs.

Jobs by phone and from home that pay fast

Amazon Customer Service

Amazon is one of the largest job providers in the world and has recently added many more jobs that allow you to work from home.

On the Amazon Careers page, you’ll be able to filter the results and find jobs to work from home for. This is one of the jobs at Amazon that pays fast is the position of customer service agent.

As a customer support agent, you’ll be responsible for answering email and phone questions for customers who order from Amazon.com.

One of the best things that Amazon offers is the flexibility of hours. In addition, you will be able to work from home (you will need a good Internet connection), which is an excellent advantage.

Apple Customer Service

Apple customer advisors often work from home. Among the benefits you’ll get if you’re hired: Apple is also known for giving its agents free Apple computers so they can work.

The company offers quick weekly pay, somewhat flexible hours, and various benefits, such as paid time off and product discounts.

As a customer advisor, you will be in charge of technical support and customer service for Apple customers, so it will be useful to have some knowledge of Apple products.

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Nestlé customer service

The Nestlé company is hiring home-based agents to provide customer service for customers and business partners. Payments are sent weekly, so you won’t have to wait long for your money.

US Bank Customer Service

Sales reps can work online and get paid quickly when working for US Bank. The job consists of getting new clients and servicing existing clients, although they may also include some administrative tasks.

You must have at least one year of sales experience and a high school diploma or equivalent to be hired. Most reps can receive up to 40 hours per week and pay is done weekly.

PNC Bank (Customer Service)

PNC Bank offers work-from-home. In addition to offering a competitive salary, most positions include several benefits: flexible hours and retirement accounts.

Customer Service Representative positions allow you to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Representatives can earn up to $650 per month in bonuses alone. Payments are remitted weekly.

They also offer education benefits. If you are a university student, this is one of the companies that can pay for your university studies.

Capital One Bank

Capital One Bank is hiring part-time customer service representatives to work from home. The job involves answering questions about Capital One products and helping clients with any problems they may have with their bank accounts.

However, they do require that you live a specified distance from a local call center to receive training and attend some occasional meetings. After this, the work is done from home.

The job offers up to 30 hours a week, although some reps may ask for 12 to 20 hours a week. Payment is weekly.


23. REI Assistant

Virtual Office VA is a company that will hire you to be a virtual assistant. In this position, you will help business owners accomplish certain tasks through phone calls. You can earn as little as $14 and you will be paid weekly.

Accolade Support

Accolade Support customer service agents are paid weekly between $7.25 and $9.00 per hour. The hours seem to be very flexible and you can work from home. They let you choose the hours you want to work.

A Better Call

A Better Call is an online call center with virtual workers. The position is for telemarketing or lead generation. You must have two years of relevant experience to be hired. You can earn from $20 per hour and pay is weekly.


26. American Support

American Support hires telemarketers and customer service agents to work from home. The company pays weekly and you receive your payment by direct deposit or prepaid card.


27. Blooms Today

Blooms Today Company is seeking Independent Sales Representatives to fill flower order orders. Your job will be to complete phone orders and offer more products for sale.

The average pay for this position is $15 per hour, but the best reps can make as much as $24 per hour.

They will also pay for your training, which you can do online through videos and workshops. Payment is made weekly.


28. Blue Zebra

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting Company has a fully virtual sales team. If you are interested in working in sales from home, this is the job for you. You will be cold calling or scheduling appointments for prospective clients.

They pay between $15 and $25 per hour with a weekly payment via direct deposit.


29. Brighten Communications

Brighten Communications is a telemarketing service for business-to-business companies. Although the job is not very flexible in terms of hours, you can work from home earning up to $18 per hour.

You will have to work between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm (Eastern Time / EST), Monday through Friday. However, the payment is made every week.


30. Call Center QA

Call Center QA hires telephone mystery shoppers (known as mystery shoppers ) to make phone calls to companies and ask various questions. They will pay you $5 per call and pay via PayPal within 7 business days.

City Twist

City Twist needs operators to schedule appointments for their agents. You can work from home and earn up to $50 per scheduled appointment. They also offer paid training and the pay is weekly.

Customer Service for Gametime

Gametime is a ticket sales service for events (concerts, sporting events, etc.). Hourly pay is USD 15 plus benefits. You can work up to 40 hours a week and get paid weekly.

As a company representative, you’ll need to answer phone calls and answer questions about tickets, orders, returns, and more.

You will need at least two years of customer service experience and high-level Internet and computer skills.

You can do all the work from home and you can communicate with the rest of the work team through the Slack platform.


Infocision needs home workers to make calls for non-profit organizations. To be hired, you will need to have a landline telephone line and high-speed Internet. The pay is weekly.


Jobs that don’t require a lot of experience and pay fast

If you want to start making money quickly online and get paid fast, start with these companies.

Although you won’t get rich working for them, this will be the best way to start making money online quickly (since there is no lengthy application process and almost anyone is eligible).

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or Amazon Mturk, is a micro-task website that pays you to complete quick tasks, such as searching for information on websites and even some tasks in Amazon.com, Amazon.es, and other countries’ stores.

The minimum daily payment is $1 and they pay weekly via direct deposit or Amazon gift card.



OneSpace is a company that pays you to perform micro-tasks, such as data entry, writing assignments, research, and more.

You get paid for each task through PayPal. Assignments need to be reviewed (for good quality control), which can take 1-7 business days.



As a CrowdFlower contributor, you can participate in small tasks when you have free time and take advantage of it to earn extra money. As you complete more tasks, you will earn a better reputation, which can also help you earn money faster.

You can also earn more money by completing a daily to-do list. Payments are made through PayPal every week.

Next Track

The Sig Track company will hire you as an independent contractor and will pay you to help process registrations on their website and moderate requests.

You will need experience with spreadsheets and word processing. Although registration is only open to US citizens, the pay isn’t bad for the time you invest. Sig Track pays out with PayPal weekly and your earnings are calculated with precision checkers.

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38. Clickworker 

Clickworker pays to do simple micro-tasks, like quick research or product categorization. It is perfect for people who live in Europe since in addition to paying through PayPal they also make transfers to SEPA ( Single Euro Payment Area ) accounts.

Pay after 7 days of completing tasks.


Apps that pay you daily


The Ibotta app will pay you to take photos of your receipts every time you go to the store. This is one of the best ways to earn money for doing things you ALREADY do. It’s that easy!

The app also compares local deals you’ve been able to take advantage of and gives you the price difference back, so it’s also a great way to save money.

In addition, they give you a welcome bonus of 5 dollars JUST FOR REGISTERING

You will see your payment reflected 48 hours after taking the photos of your purchase receipts and then you will be able to transfer your payment to PayPal or Venmo when you reach a minimum of 20 dollars. The payment usually takes about 24 hours to be processed.

Another similar app that pays you to take photos of ANY RECEIPT is Fetch Rewards.



YouGov is one of the few legitimate survey panels worth considering. You will get paid to complete entertainment-related surveys.

You’ll answer questions about your TV viewing habits and get paid for your opinion on new TV commercials and long-time members get paid to watch free movies.

This company will pay you through PayPal, or with gift cards for Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Starbucks, and Walmart.



Easyshift is an app for iOS or Android that pays you to do small tasks like taking photos, checking prices, and finding sale items.

They pay through PayPal, and after 48 hours you complete the task.


42. Field Agent

Field Agent is available to pay you to complete tasks in your area, such as taking photos of specific products or visiting stores anonymously. This is known as mystery shopping.

Most of the tasks pay between $3 and $12, and you will be paid by PayPal or Dwolla after completing the tasks.


Fronto will pay you to see ads on your cell phone. After you sign up, the app will place banner ads on your screen when you unlock your phone. You can choose to see or ignore the announcement, just like any other notification on your phone.

Either way, you’ll get paid to install the app and earn more money by responding to ads.

Fronto pays you in coupons, Amazon gift cards, or PayPal cash.


With Gigwalk you will get paid to complete mini jobs in your area that you will find through the iOS or Android app.

The pay is good but ranges from $3 to $100 for each task completed. You will be paid immediately via PayPal once your assignment review is approved.



1Q pays you to answer questions, (similar to survey sites), but without registration. You can use your cell phone or mobile to send text messages with the answers to your questions.

Surveys are short and can even be just one question. Each question pays USD 0.50. After completing each question, you will receive your payment instantly with PayPal.



TaskRabbit connects you with other people who need your help with certain trades and will pay you to help them complete certain tasks.

Trades range from general handyman tasks to more complicated home improvement tasks. You can use the app to find a job and only work with people who pay the rates that suit you.

After completing your work, you will be able to send an invoice through the application and you will receive your money immediately.


You can get paid to answer calls from home with the VOIQ app.

The app works with companies that make customer calls and you can choose from several campaigns that you want to work on. You must be at least 21 years old and have some experience in call centers or call centers.

The payment is 30 cents per minute of conversation and some campaigns that have additional bonuses. The company pays every Friday through PayPal.


Internet translation jobs that pay fast

These companies will pay you weekly for translating texts, audio, or videos working from your home online:


48. Language Line

Language Line Interpreters work from home providing translation services for telephone callers. Payments are made weekly by direct deposit or check.



LiveOps is a company that connects customer service agents with clients from different companies.

Agents typically work around 30 hours a week and may complete work in areas such as ticketing, roadside assistance, insurance claims and sales, and more.

The rate and frequency of payment depend on the clients you work with, but the payment is made weekly.



BestMark is hiring mystery shoppers to act as customers by evaluating the customer service of certain companies.

Pay is $14-$18 per hour with potential for pay increases after 30 days. They pay every Friday with direct deposit.


51. Needle 

Neede is a company that helps customers through live chat to help them find the perfect product they are looking for. Pay is approximately $10 per hour and they pay weekly (every Monday) through PayPal.



NexusOp hires customer service agents who are at least 18 years of age to work from home. Offers a variety of flexible hours. Compensation is between $10 and $25 per hour and is paid weekly.

On Point at Home

On Point at Home contracts with telephone call operators. You must work a minimum of 25 hours per week, but flexible hours are available. Payment is made weekly.


See-A-Fast is looking for home-based customer service agents who can work at least 16 hours a week for multiple shifts. Pay is weekly by check. You will earn around $10 per hour plus some commissions.


55. Vocalabs 

Vocalabs offers a work-from-home opportunity with very flexible hours. It is a quality control company that supervises the operators that provide customer service.

You will be tasked with calling customers after they have called a customer’s customer service line and asking them questions about their experiences.

They pay $2.50 per call, and each call usually lasts about 5 minutes. Payment is made weekly with PayPal.

Voter Consumer Research

You can work from home surveying people on their political opinion over the phone with this company. Shifts are available every day of the week, with evening hours available for greater flexibility.

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57. Westat 

As a Westat Phone Data Operator, you can work 15-40 hours per week providing survey and call center services over the phone.

The initial payment is USD 9, but they will pay you more if you are bilingual. The company offers flexible hours and often pays more when covering night shifts. Pay every Friday by check or direct deposit.


Data Transcription Jobs That Pay Fast

You can work online transcribing information. The job is simple: just write what you hear (for example, a video or audio recording) and you’ll get paid for your time.


58. Allegis 

You can work transcribing from home for Allegis Transcription. The job typically consists of transcribing interviews between people in the insurance industry.

You can join with a basic level of English and choose the tasks you want to work on when you are available. You must complete the training in 2-3 weeks before you start receiving weekly payments.

Babble Type

Babble Type hires transcriptionists, translators, and proofreaders who want flexible hours. They pay weekly through PayPal.


60. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription is looking for staff who are looking for a flexible schedule to work part or full-time. To apply for the job, you must fill out the form to obtain more information on how to become part of the team. Payments are made weekly.

Go Transcript

Go Transcript pays its transcriptionists up to 60 cents per minute of audio. The best transcriptionists earn around $1,200 per month. The hours are flexible and you will work as little or as much as you want. They pay weekly through PayPal.



QuickTate transcriptionists work with voice messages, letters, conference calls, and other audio files. You can choose the days and hours you want to work as QuickTate has options to work 24/7.

Before being hired, you must pass a background check (must cover the cost, $15) before starting work. They pay 25 cents per word for general transcription and 50 cents per word for technical transcription (medical, professional, legal terms, etc.)

Payment is made every Monday by PayPal.


63. rev 

Rev transcriptionists earn between 40 and 65 cents per minute of audio. They also pay a special fee for creating captions (between 40 and 75 cents per minute of video). Translators earn between 5 and 7 cents per word. They pay weekly through PayPal.


Scribie transcriptionists earn between $5 and $20 for every hour of audio transcribed. They also receive monthly bonuses of $5 for every 3 hours of audio completed.

When you are hired, you can work from home and choose the files you want to work on and the time you can do it. You can withdraw money from your account to PayPal at any time and payments are usually cleared within one business day.


Transcribe.com is another transcription service that hires in-house transcriptionists and document editors. Payments are made weekly via PayPal for work done.

Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me offers a flexible schedule for transcriptionists to work from home on their own time. They pay $20 per audio hour, though some projects may pay more. You can request payment weekly through PayPal.



By working for WeLocalize, you will transcribe song lyrics and get paid weekly via PayPal for the songs you have completed that week. You can work from your cell phone and you can earn USD 4 per song.


Fast Paying Tutoring Jobs

Do you have the patience to teach? You can work from home by tutoring and helping others improve their skills.


68. Cambly 

Cambly offers language learning services. You can provide students around the world with practice to improve their Spanish by working from home and teaching via video or audio.

They pay you 17 cents per minute of conversation and you will receive your earnings every Monday through PayPal.


69. Chegg 

Working as a Chegg Tutor, you’ll earn as low as $20 per hour with opportunities to raise. In addition, you will set your own hours that you can and want to work. You get paid weekly through PayPal.



As a NiceTalk tutor, you will be able to help language learners practice speaking with them through the app. You can earn more if you are fluent in English or bilingual. The work is flexible and you will receive weekly payments with some bonuses.

71. Studypool 

Studypool tutors answer students’ questions in various subjects. You can choose the questions you want to answer, answer them, and get paid for it.

By working from home for this company you will be able to request your payment once your answers are accepted. They pay by check or PayPal, and payments are usually processed within 3 business days.

Freelance jobs that pay fast

If you want to earn money quickly from home, a Freelance job will offer you a good way to earn income, without being subject to a boss or having to work in an office.

These sites offer jobs in a variety of categories, so you can search and find jobs that match your skills:



Freelancer is a marketplace that helps you find work related to your skills. Most of these jobs are temporary, but they are from home. In addition, they are in charge of collecting payment for your work.

The tasks that you can do vary from writing services, translation, graphic design, and much more.

After completing the job, you will receive your payment within 2-4 business days, depending on the payment method you have chosen.


Guru is one of the few freelance marketplaces that can pay you the same day for work done, although it also depends on how quickly your client pays.

Once you finish the job and your client approves and pays for it, you could receive payment in your PayPal account the same day.


74. Upwork 

Upwork is one of the best sites to find freelance work that allows you to get paid quickly. However, it’s hard to get in right now because they have a lot of freelancers in their database.

Still, if you have skills that don’t have as much competition, Upwork might be a good fit for you. Upwork freelancers are usually paid by the hour or a fixed price.

After the job is complete, you may be eligible to receive your payment paid in five business days.

Now you have many ways to earn fast money online. Start receiving your payments daily or weekly.

Do you have questions about these companies? Can you think of any other that we have not added to the list? Please tell us in a comment.


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