The 25 Most Demanded (and Best Paid) Freelance Jobs 

The 25 Most Demanded (and Best Paid) Freelance Jobs 

Have you been thinking about the idea of ​​working remotely for a while, but do you feel that nothing fits with what you know how to do? Even though today there is a huge demand for all kinds of freelance jobs, the truth is that many people still think that this is only for tech geeks. They couldn’t be more wrong!

The digital world is almost infinite. Just as we now do things online that were unthinkable a few years ago (buy, start a business, study) there are also jobs that we would not have imagined could be done from home.

The most in-demand freelancers are no longer just those computer geniuses who have five monitors in their office and it seems they can hack the Pentagon with one click. Now they are people with all kinds of skills who even work with a laptop anywhere in the world. 

To show you that you can do it too, I wrote this post with the freelance profiles most sought after by companies and professionals. I classified them by area to make it easier for you to find one that suits your skills, and so you see that this is for everything. And when I tell you everything is everything from writing to designing a building. So I better not talk anymore and we start.

Most in-demand freelance jobs in technology

Yes, I know I told you that being freelance was not only for those who know technology, but that does not mean that this continues to be the most booming sector in the digital environment. The jobs with the most demand here are:

programming and development

Have you ever thought about how many web pages and applications there are? Today, any company or business that does not want to be left behind needs to have a presence on the web, and programmers are almost always the ones who help take the first step, so their profile is in very high demand in the market. I have yet to meet a programmer without a job.

Now, don’t think that this is for everyone because you need to have very technical knowledge about programming languages ​​and servers. The good thing is that it is a profession that can be learned 100% online, so if you like it you could start training today.


We are still in the digital universe. In this case, the cybersecurity expert is in charge of safeguarding all the data that is handled there. And imagine the amount of sensitive information that moves on the internet: account and credit card numbers, financial statements, addresses, and a long etcetera. If it were to leak or get lost it would be a disaster, so companies are willing to pay top dollar to make sure all their data and IT systems are safe.

Analysis of data

I already told you above that a lot of data moves on the internet, right? But not all of them are confidential like card numbers, but rather things like the tastes and habits of people when browsing the web, and market trends, among others. What a data analyst does is compile all of that and turn it into useful information for companies to make better business decisions.

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Blockchain technology is a universe in itself that is used to carry out transactions of all kinds. Companies and governments have launched their cryptocurrencies, but it is also possible to create information systems, digital markets, or games. As it is a booming technology, the demand for freelance workers for blockchain only grows and grows, and since the supply is low, the salaries are usually very attractive.

Remote jobs in art and design with more demand

Art and design have been at home in the digital world for a long time. I tell you the professions with the most demand within this sector.


You may have already realized that everything on the internet is very visual, so having good photographs is essential for any business. If this is your thing, you can dedicate yourself to offering your photos online in stores and image banks, or also work with companies that will ask you directly for the type and style of photos they need. The market is infinite and ranges from product photography to landscapes and models, so no matter what your branch is, you can surely take advantage of it.

Video Editor

If you know how to use programs like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, you already have one of the most demanded freelance profiles. With the rise of YouTube channels and video content, working as a video editor has become very popular. Companies and creators rarely have the time or knowledge to edit their own and end up hiring other people to do the job for them.

Graphic design

Graphic designers are dedicated to building all kinds of visual pieces, from social media posts to web page designs to book covers. A mix of technical skills in editing programs, aesthetics, and tons of creativity is necessary here, as well as an eye for art.


It consists of creating digital drawings that accompany any type of content or design pieces. Unlike designers, illustrators are in charge of shaping characters, animals, and objects that help tell a story or are part of a very specific universe. If you decide to go down this path, you will be highly sought after by publishers, to give life to the books they publish, but you can also work on your own and sell your art.


It’s a step beyond illustration and is about building animated sequences from illustrated characters and objects, plus special visual effects for any form of video content. Animators are in high demand by creative studios and video game companies, as well as television production companies and internet channels. 

3d modeling

In this profession, all kinds of digital objects are created in three dimensions through highly specialized software. Maybe it looks a bit like the illustration, but here the important thing is not only that the elements are beautiful, but also to be able to show all the characteristics of each piece, including its technical information. As a 3D modeler, you can work in technology companies, architecture studios, engineering firms, among others.

Most demanded online services for writing

If writing is your thing, I will tell you the four freelance jobs with the most demand in the world of writing that you can do from the comfort of your home (or from any corner of the planet).

Content writing

Here your job will be to write articles like this one for blogs on all kinds of topics. You need to have impeccable writing and spelling, as well as a willingness to search for information on the internet and create quality content. It is also important that you acquire knowledge such as SEO techniques or writing for digital media. Regarding work, your clients will be marketing agencies, news portals, direct companies, and content creators that need help to feed their blog or any other channel.

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Proofreading and editing

Proofreaders or editors are in charge of reviewing all types of texts and finding every last error in terms of grammar, spelling, readability, or format, to leave it impeccable and easy to understand. To work in this area, it is essential that you know the grammar rules of the language very well and do some specific training since many criteria go beyond just writing well.


Copywriting is the writing of persuasive texts or copywriting. Here you are also going to write, but in this case, the objective is not to inform, but to lead readers to carry out a specific action such as buying, requesting a quote, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. It is more oriented toward marketing, sales, and advertising.


As a transcriber, you will have to write content that is in audio, image, or video format and translate it into a text document. It is a simple task with which you can start working as a freelance while gaining experience in remote employment.

Most demanded freelance jobs in digital marketing

Marketing has become the lord and master of the digital world, and there are many related freelance jobs that you can do virtually.

Community management

Can you imagine a world without social networks? Right now it is impossible for us because they have become an extension of our lives and businesses do everything possible to have a presence in them. As a community manager, you will be in charge of building a community on social networks for different companies, creating content, and interacting with their followers. Here you need to have a mixture of skills ranging from copywriting to web design, so it is usually very well paid and you can even work with your cell phone.


SEO refers to search engine optimization, that is, doing everything possible so that a web page appears in the first search results of Google and readers visit it. SEO profiles require a lot of specialized knowledge ranging from writing techniques to link-building strategies. The good thing is that there are quite a few courses available on the internet and the demand for SEOs does not stop growing.

Online advertising

This would be the paid area within online marketing. Digital advertisers are in charge of managing paid campaigns such as ads on Google or social networks and collaborations between companies and the media. You need to know about marketing, sales, and markets, but you can learn everything virtually.

Most demanded freelance jobs in education and training

There is also a place for you in online work if you are passionate about education and enjoy teaching other people. I tell you:

Language teaching

That of studying a language in person has almost been forgotten, and people are looking for online teachers who can teach them at their own pace, without schedules or schedules. Therefore, if you are bilingual you can take advantage of it and teach your mother tongue to foreign students. Today there are many platforms to teach online language classes and you only need solid knowledge in the two languages ​​you are going to use, as well as a lot of patience and pedagogy to teach.

Specialized tutorials

Do you know any specific science? Then tutoring can be your thing. These are the private classes of a lifetime for students who need extra help in their training, both in high school and university. The most demanded are mathematics, physics, chemistry, finance, economics, and engineering, and are usually paid by the hour or by project.

APA Standards Specialist

This is a highly demanded and interesting freelance job because the APA standards are an international standard that is responsible for regulating the format of research projects. It seems simple, but the truth is that it has many intricacies, and students who are doing their final degree project, whatever the level, always look for a specialist to help them to make sure they meet all the requirements. 

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Most wanted freelance jobs in management and sales

Here I summarize the three freelance jobs with the most demand in the world of Internet sales and management, something that has become key for any type of business and, therefore, is booming.

Virtual assistance

As a virtual assistant, you will have to take care of administrative tasks such as keeping agendas, scheduling meetings, sending and receiving invoices, charging clients, and all kinds of activities related to the day-to-day running of a business. It is one of the most in-demand freelance jobs today and you can collaborate with companies all over the planet.

Customer Support

Customer service is a fundamental pillar of any business, and today companies hire freelancers to take care of this task online. You can do it as if it were a call center, receiving calls at home through a router, or answering online chats, emails, and even WhatsApp. All you need is basic computer skills and a lot of patience to deal with customers.


The work of telemarketing consists of making offers of products or services through telephone calls. There are hundreds of companies with huge databases of prospects and they need people to help them acquire customers and close sales. If you have good communication skills and aren’t afraid of cold selling, this may be a remote job for you.

Most demanded professions to work remotely in architecture and construction

I leave this for last because it is one of the most specific sectors and very specialized knowledge is required. You can work here if you have some training related to architecture or technical drawing and you want to leap into freelance work.

Design plans

Here your task will be to draw plans according to the specifications of your client so that he can later use them as a base when constructing any type of building. Everything is done through specialized software and following very detailed parameters.


It consists of creating hyper-realistic images and videos that show what a space would look like once built or designed. These images are made from plans or sketches in three dimensions and advanced architecture programs are used. It is a job closely related to the construction industry and interior design, as well as companies that sell furniture.

Work as a freelance and make the world your office

As you can see, the market demands freelance workers of all kinds, not just technological ones. No matter what your skills are, you can surely find a way to harness them remotely and make money from them. Best of all, when you work online you forget about the office because you can do it from wherever you want and on your terms.

With all these options of the most demanded freelance jobs, you can already get an idea of ​​the possibilities you have to start training in one of them and venture into what you like. Now, if you feel like you don’t know where to start, I can give you a hand. My remote work course without experience gives you the foundation you need to get started in this world.

Now tell me, which of these freelance jobs do you most identify with? Do you have experience with any of them? I wait for you in the comments and on my InstagramTwitter, and YouTube channel, where I share more content like this that can help you start your digital path. See you there!


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