Hybrid and electric cars are already among us 

50 years ago it was believed that by this time cars were going to fly or transform into something else, according to some futuristic books, comics, movies, and other stories. Today, the future has arrived, but it is not exactly flying cars that are on the horizon, that place is occupied by hybrid and electric cars, the great bet of the automotive industry. It is estimated that within a few years, many of the large companies will be dedicated exclusively to producing car models with these types of characteristics.

Projections indicate that hybrid and electric cars are booming and that they will continue to increase their presence in the market. It is not only a question of modernity, the plan and the characteristics of these vehicles coincide with a global need which is the protection of the environment. It is known that the combustion generated by cars that run on hydrocarbons (naphtha, gasoline, and derivatives) is harmful and has a direct impact on environmental issues.

Hybrid and electric cars. What is convenient and which ones can already be achieved?

Caring for the environment and reducing gases a priority that coincides with the model of hybrid and electric cars

As we said, the idea of ​​betting on electric motors is undoubtedly a step forward in terms of technology applied to cars and mobility in general, but also a great ally in caring for the environment. This somehow accelerated the conversion process towards this type of vehicle, which is beginning to enter production lines more regularly and even some of the largest brands announce that they plan to deepen the model in such a way that they will abandon production. of cars with internal combustion engines.

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In this way, everything coincides so that the future of cars is hand in hand with hybrids as a transition and full electrics as the final objective. Fuels that need to exploit non-renewable resources would be set aside and cleaner operations would be applied, which could also have many other benefits, such as comfortduration, and even ease of driving.

Of course, this is a plan that will take many years and that is just beginning to be developed, for which it is necessary to continue informing yourself and looking for the best alternatives within what is already available to acquire and also, it is also useful to learn because, as already We said, they will be the cars of the future.

Differences and definitions of hybrid and electric cars 

It is time to delve into the conformation of these car models that attract so much attention and that we will surely begin to listen more and more. You have to mark the clear differences between the two, so that when you want to choose, you can be clear about what one offers and the other, without falling into assumptions that may be far from reality.

The union of two currents: Hybrid cars are the first step

As in any transition process, things cannot be done from one moment to the next and that is why to start getting involved in electric motors, automakers propose as a first step a model that combines the best of both worlds, maintaining the power of the traditional and adding the purity and simplicity of the electric future. In this way, the conformation of a hybrid car can be explained as a combination of engines, one with internal combustion, either with gasoline or gasoline, and another (one or two) powered by electricity.

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The beauty of this combination lies in the possibility of choosing the moments in which you want to use each motor, according to your needs, but also in the opportunity to use both at the same time. Thus, if a little more power is wanted or needed, the fuel-injected engine is used, and if a regular speed is proposed, for example, being able to use electric motors that will spend less and be healthier for everyone.

The targeted ideal that gives rein to progress: Electric cars are the goal

If we say that hybrid cars are a kind of transition between what is already known and what is sought to be discovered, it is because there is something that is pursued and that is even further. That carrot is electric cars, which are still in the development stages, looking for greater comfort and functionality, but which already have examples that demonstrate their reliability.

An electric car eliminates complex elements such as the traditional gearbox or refrigeration and introduces new concepts in the structure and mechanics of a car. Its operation is given thanks to four fundamental parts that are: ChargerBatteryConverter, and Motor.

The first is the one that makes the first passage from alternating to direct current, to store all that energy in the battery, which then functions as the fuel or storage tank in this case. For its part, the converter is the one that generates the constant change of current (alternating to continuous and vice versa) in moments of acceleration and deceleration, while the motor is the one that gives movement to all that energy but also can regulate and store in each brake to provide greater autonomy to the car.

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Hybrid and electric cars. What is convenient and which ones can already be achieved?

Myths and statements about hybrid and electric cars that usually circulate

As in any process of change, there are opposing positions. Those who embrace the modifications and the arrival of new ideas that mean a leap in the quality of life or those who resist these new paradigms a little more and cling to the already established tradition.

In the case of hybrid and electric cars, this is no exception and that is why sayings and affirmations are generated, which in turn become myths and which are often too far from reality. Let’s review some of them.

“Hybrid and electric cars cannot travel long distances”

This statement is simply false since the autonomy of an electric motor allows you to travel long distances, precisely thanks to its ability to save energy in each brake, among other things and functions. In addition, this type of vehicle is expressly designed so that a person can move in urban areas and travel during the day without any problems, with the advantage of spending much less.

“Hybrid and electric cars have no space and their designs are all the same”

Well, this is a question that is beginning to change. It is true that the first models of electric cars are presented with very similar designs and that they tend to be small cars with little capacity. However, in recent times development has led to thinking about creating new types of hybrid and electric cars, much more comfortable and with enough space to become family vehicles. What’s more, vans powered by electric motors are already available.

Hybrid and electric cars. What is convenient and which ones can already be achieved?

“The big brands do not make hybrid and electric cars”

Another sentence becomes false due to the announcements of the last years. Leading brands such as Volkswagen, Renault, and even Audi, among others, have confirmed that they will give priority to the manufacture of hybrid and electric cars, so there will soon be a greater variety of brands and models available.