37 Jobs From Home To Start Today  

37 Jobs From Home To Start Today   

 It makes me very angry every time I read comments to earn money from home like:


“I invite you to sell ***, they have a super good compensation plan, if you are interested send me inbox”


“I have the opportunity of a lifetime, I am already earning what I was earning in my old job, only working 5 hours a week, from my home”


Sound familiar?

What bothers me the most is that the people who ask are super disoriented because they think that an MLM is the only way to make money from home. And that’s the worst lie in the world!


More and more of us need work from home in very different ways. It may be that you are a mother, like me, and you do not want to live the stress between feeling fulfilled with a professional career and losing the growth of your children. Although of course there are also many more reasons:

  • You are a teenager and you cannot work legally or you do not have a few hours available because you study
  • You have a physical disability that does not allow you to have a “normal” job
  • You want to travel around the world while making money (or sometimes you just don’t want to live in a city, where there are better job opportunities)
  • You don’t like wasting time and you prefer not to have unnecessary social contact.

The truth is that we want to be free to do work our way, and this pandemic has taught us that we don’t need to be in company offices to be productive.


We want freedom of time and space, to be with our loved ones, to live where we want, and to be able to work in our pajamas.

Of course, there is also a great advantage when you work from home that almost nobody mentions: it saves you a lot of money!

When you have a job from home, you save on:

  • Meal
  • Clothing
  • Laundry / dry cleaning
  • Gasoline and car maintenance
  • Make-up
  • Nursery/babysitter
  • Of course apart from ALL the time you spend on transportation and getting ready to go.

Ask yourself this question: With these savings, how much money do you need to earn from home to maintain your lifestyle? There are times when going to work is more expensive than staying at home, so have you already got your accounts?

Therefore, here are some options to earn money from home that you can start NOW to fulfill your dreams as soon as possible.


How to make money from your home with a computer and the internet


#1.Create a blog

When I realized that I never wanted to go back to work at a company again, I started brainstorming ideas for starting a business. I wanted something that didn’t take so long because I had a son, but that would give me enough money not to work. It was thus that after investigating and going through options such as opening a laundry, it was that this option fell in love with me and that after 4 years of starting it allows me to earn money from my home and with a minimal investment of time, it has been a passive income.


A blog can be capitalized by:

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sale of physical products or own info-products
  • Advertising for companies / sponsored post


#2. Sell your physical products

A very good option to earn money from home is to start a virtual store, find a Marketplace like Amazon or MercadoLibre or sell it through different social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or TikTok.

  • If you create a product or make a craft, you can sell it online. Choose the best page to sell it depending on what it is, although you can almost always use Amazon, MercadoLibre, create your own virtual store or sell it through your social networks.
  • Dropshipping is when you sell a product through the internet and then the producer sends the product directly to your client, so you don’t have to worry about inventories or shipments.
  • Selling products on Amazon and MercadoLibre is profitable because you have access to millions of customers who use them every month, so you don’t have to worry about advertising them.

#3.Invest in the internet

If you want to earn money from home passively, the most reliable thing is to invest money online. The great advantage is that you can start with small amounts and perfectly analyze everything before launching to invest, apart from the fact that everything is online, the commissions go down a lot and the returns you can have are high compared to traditional methods.

Another excellent option is to invest in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies but to make a living from this, it is best to become a trader and it is no longer passive.

#4Virtual assistant

It is like a secretary, but now online, with independence to work with different employers and with flexible hours.

The Virtual Assistants do tasks from entering data into excel, managing social networks, or making reservations. Everything that the person who hired you needs. And they work from their bed if they want, without taking off their pajamas and sometimes without even opening the laptop.


Now be careful, this I think is one of the jobs that you can easily get but you do have to have certain skills depending on who you work for. A personal assistant may need experience with reservations, travel, and doing good research to know where to eat. An assistant to a blogger needs notions of graphic design and excellent spelling, apart from knowing or quickly learning to use the different platforms.

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Of course, what they all have in common is the speed with which they do their work, availability, and responsibility. You can start by looking at the main job boards or freelancer.es  or Workana.


A Freelancer is a person who works freelance and does projects or temporary jobs, so again: What skills do you have that people would want to pay you for?

Later I will talk about specific activities for which you can be a freelancer, but I put this point to tell you that if you are looking for freelance or “from home” in the job boards you can have opportunities near you.

Be careful, being a freelancer you do not receive a fixed salary and you have to pay the benefits of a job, such as Infonavit or IMSS, but the advantage is that you can earn money from home.

#6.Video editor

We all know that the content we consume on the internet goes one way: video.

Many people create audiovisual content but don’t have time to edit it, so that’s where you can offer your services as a freelancer. In TikTok, there are success stories in which teenagers who take good videos managed to be responsible for the official TikTok of very important brands.

#7.Software programmer

This weekend I was asking my brother, who is a programmer if you needed a degree to get a job as a programmer. His answer: no. You just have to take courses, be good and that’s it.

Companies care less and less about school and more about what you can do and an industry that shows that is software creation. Companies fight candidates and there is a lot of turnover and high salaries for this. If you are interested in changing careers, software programming, as long as you get a job in a technology company, is an excellent option.

#8Answer surveys

You will not be able to leave your job with this option and it is not scalable either, but making money by answering surveys is always a good option if you have the time. In the link, I leave you the best pages to do it.



Many companies are looking for people to help them sell through phone calls. With a simple search in Google, you will realize the jobs that are near you.

#10.Customer service

This job is a bit like Telemarketing, but instead of selling you have to solve customer problems, according to the company they hire you for. For these positions, you must know English since many of the companies they hire are from the United States.

#11.Community manager or social media administrator

It is the job in which there is the most competition, but as long as you give results to your clients, you will always excel. Remember that social networks for a business are another showcase to sell, but also to connect with your customer.

Remember to look for clients in real life! The small businesses around you will thank you.


There are many courses to be a Community manager and they are very important for the technical, but what you should develop more is the sales strategy, how you will position the brand, and also what is the essence of the brand that you want to make known.

On the other hand, social media optimization is also a niche! We all want to get the most out of our social networks, but sometimes we don’t know-how.


The transcriptions can be from transcribing the text of a PDF to a word, from audio to text, and even from video to text to put subtitles. They are usually within the same language, but if you know another language it could be a plus. This job is not that well paid, so you would have to transcribe a lot in a short time to make it profitable.


Many blogs are interested in attracting more customers, so one of your options is to translate all of your popular content into another language. The most popular is any language to English or vice versa, therefore they are also the cheapest, but if you know another language you could negotiate a higher payment.


#14.Consulting / private classes

Depending on what you are an expert in, you can teach people privately or you can even teach companies. Some ideas are personal trainer, math or chemistry counseling, sustainability, social media trends, logistics, first aid, accounting, free play, education, etc. Someone wants to learn what you teach and is willing to pay you.

If you know English, you can give private lessons to Chinese children through VIPKID, I have heard very good reviews from this page.

You can also teach math, science, or any other subject in teachaway.com, start advertising through Facebook Marketplace and in Facebook sales groups or through your neighbors.


#15. Sell courses

One of the best ways to monetize your social networks or your blog is by selling info products, of which courses are one of the best options since you can do them live and record them to continue selling them. Always remember to be very clear about the transformation you are offering with your course, so your clients will know exactly what to expect and you will have a better chance of its being a success.

To choose the platform for your course:

  • If you already have an audience, I recommend a platform to upload your course like Teachable
  • If you don’t have an audience, I recommend looking for an online course platform, such as Cursera, Crehana, Udemy, etc.


Photography is very wide and apart from the typical “sell your photos for stock”, I recently realized that there are more possibilities. There are photographers that you send your product to and they take care of taking professional photos for your brand from their home. Imagine the added value for the brand and the photographer!



Before you think you’re going to have to constantly take photos of yourself and learn to dance, an influencer’s original job is to be influential. And you can influence many topics: Entrepreneurship, fashion, health, healthy recipes, recycling and caring for the environment, movies and series, mental health, and much more.

Remember that the important thing is the influence you have on your followers, not the number of them.

#18Sell ebooks and templates

This is very similar to selling books and the advice is almost the same. If you have an audience, it is best if you publish your ebooks and templates yourself, as I do. If you do not have an audience, it is best to publish yourself on Amazon or similar Marketplace so that you can benefit from their customers.

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#19.Virtual travel agent

Until a few years ago I planned 100% of my trips, but we planned my honeymoon through a travel agent, and wow! What a difference. You do not have to worry about absolutely anything other than enjoying your trip and that is why we have already used it 2 more times. Best of all, as a travel agent, you don’t have to have an office since you can provide the full service through WhatsApp.


How to make money on Facebook? Apart from using it to sell physical products and info-products, I want to talk to you in another way: Facebook pays content creators who have a large following. The program is called Facebook Creators and has requirements to enter such as:

  • Have a fan page with more than 10,000 followers
  • 30,000 video views of at least 3 minutes
  • Comply with the community rules of Facebook among others

#21.Affiliate Marketing

This is another way to earn money online that is one of the most popular and it is also a way to monetize your website, blog, or an account on social networks.

Affiliate marketing is putting a personalized link so that they buy a product. If they buy it, you get a percentage of the sale. The most important affiliate marketing platform is Amazon, but there are many more and you can even be affiliated with smaller brands. You are like a virtual salesperson.


YouTube was positioned from the beginning as a great platform to earn money on the internet because the ads shown are on video, so they have greater value for advertisers. So how do you make money with YouTube? Create a channel and start generating original content.

Like Facebook, YouTube also has a series of requirements for followers and the number of reproductions to enter the program where they are paid.



A web page can become many things and one of them is directories. You can create directories of many things, a very famous one is of doctors. You enter this directory and you can find all the doctors that are in a certain area, see opinions and contact information, you can even schedule them. The directory for its part charges doctors for registering them in the directory and also earns for the advertising that is displayed in the directory. It is a large project for which you need knowledge especially of SEO (to position it in Google) and programming to create the web page.

#24.Graphic designer

The creation of logos, images for social networks, and brand branding are some of the most required jobs for graphic designers. Keep in mind that it is difficult to stand out in this profession due to a large amount of competition there is, but you can always manage to stand out from the rest.


#25.Web development

From creating websites, blogs, business pages, e-commerce to designing them, web development is in high demand today. Anyone can make a website, but no one can make it like a professional. Remember to look for clients in real life! Sometimes you can charge better than online.

Apart from developing from 0 websites, you can also give consultancies or projects for WordPress. Some even sell monthly memberships to help you with any problems with your blog! In my case, a few years ago I hired a professional who helped me improve the speed and some problems of my website since it was too technical for me and I was not interested in learning it.


#26.App development

Every day, every hour, someone comes up with an original idea for an app and some of them think of putting this idea into practice. That’s where you come in. Many companies want to develop their app to attract more customers. Developing apps is not only creating them but also maintaining them and being aware of them, so you can charge an initial price for the development and a monthly fee for their maintenance.


From creating sounds, doing the Voice over or editing a podcast, there is demand for audio professionals. Every time we want better sounds, a proof of this is the trend of ASMR that shows sounds of common things that produce satisfaction in the listener. I just found a YouTube channel that is dedicated to making ASMR sounds that have over 1.5 million followers!

#28.Marketing for small businesses

I love this idea. If you know how to create Facebook Ads that work and manage social networks, you should start looking for small companies around you to sell your services. I know you need a computer

A good pitch (sales pitch) includes the current state of your web presence and how you can improve it and generate many sales.


#29. Write, edit, SEO, and Copy

With the number of blogs out there now, it is increasingly difficult to create good content to attract more people, so I recommend that you specialize in topics for which more research is required so you can stand out from the rest.

The basic thing is to have very good writing and spelling and complement it with knowledge of SEO, image design and if you learn copywriting, much better!

  • SEO is the ability to optimize something so that it can rank at the top of Google.
  • Copywriting is persuasive writing. With more and more landing pages, writing persuasively is key to getting your readers to buy what you are selling.

How to make money from home without a computer and internet

For some of these options you need a cell phone with internet to be able to make yourself known more easily, but try to minimize the use of technology, so here are my best options:

#30.Looking for work with flexible hours

Think about what skills you have and what kinds of jobs you could do. According to them, he contacts companies that have flexible or part-time hours. For example Commissioned sales jobs, insurance sales, cars, houses, consultants, web developer, programmer, designer, event coordination, customer service, etc.

Regarding companies: SC Johnson, General Electric, Amazon, Google, etc. Already 96% of the best companies to work allow flexible hours or telecommuting and with the pandemic, many more!

Of course, you have to be very patient and very dedicated to being able to obtain the necessary skills to get one of these jobs. It is not easy to find such a job, but it is not impossible at all. Cheer up!

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#31. Sell food from your home

Food is one of the BEST businesses and that you can apply from home. It is always good to have someone around who sells everything from trinkets, sweets, popsicles, to run food or a special dish. And it always sells very well.

The advantage of the food business is that it has a high-profit margin and you can make food to sell according to your abilities, from super elaborate like mole (in Mexico) to preparing pork rinds with sauce. It’s up to you!

#32.Earn money from home through the skills you have

  • Offer your services as an independent worker: Photography, accounting, marketing, etc.
  • Teach Kids Classes: English, Math, or Physical Activation
  • Offer services like errands, dog walking, babysitting, or lawn mowing

I bet you there is more than one in your community that needs your services and you don’t need a lot of investment. Activate your “financial creativity” as mentioned, again, by Robert Kiyosaki

#33.Airbnb rental

But I don’t have that many rooms! You are surely thinking.

I do not mean that you rent yours (although it is a good way to start), if not that you dedicate yourself to offering the rooms or properties of other people.

It includes answering messages and questions from potential tenants and, perhaps, even managing them physically (cleaning the house, washing bedding, making sure there is shampoo, soap, etc.). It’s big business!

#34.Earn money from your home with a business

Almost any business you want to start can be done small from your home. What are the most common?

  • Makeup artist, stylist, and nails
  • Microblanding and false eyelashes
  • Dentist
  • Mobile phones repair
  • Grocery stores

And many more that you can adapt to the space of your home.


#35.Generates passive (or almost passive) income

To earn money without working there are many options, from investments to machines, water purifiers and laundries are the best options if what you want is to have an income but not the daily work of running a business every day.

Another option is to automate your businesses through systems that allow you to monitor them and leave the work for other people.

#36.Rent your things

Tools, tents, chairs, tables, or mattresses are things that are needed very few times a year but it is always good to have on hand. Why not take advantage of the fact that you have already made the investment and rent it out to other people? Like any business, you have to develop the way to lend them and the form, but once you define it, you will see that it can be very profitable.


#37.Multilevel / Catalog

And we finish with what we started. A multilevel or catalog company, also known as network marketing is a good option, as long as you check what company you are going to get into.


The first catch is that “personal finance guru” Robert Kiyosaki recommends it. But be careful, it is not true, it recommends that you enter to:

  • Train you in sales:  Because they usually have a proven team for you to learn to sell.
  • Generate emotional intelligence:  Which you will need if you want to have your business.

I was in one of these companies and the truth is that the training in both sales and personal growth is very strong because you are with a team that supports and motivates you, apart from the fact that you want to achieve objectives within the company.


Could you get that knowledge from the outside?

Yes! You can read books and watch conferences, but what I take away is the group of people motivating you and following the same path (it’s almost like a cult, almost, because I’ve never been in one).


The second is that you can earn money from home and you are free to organize yourself, which is true, but if you want to earn “well” you need time and effort. A lot of time and a lot of effort. Never believe in “get rich quick with just 3 hours a week”. It is never true.


  • Very few people make money at these companies (some mention that 95-99% do not, but I could not corroborate the source).
  • You have to invest money to be able to buy the membership or make a stock. Prices range from 200 to even 20,000.
  • You don’t “start a business” you’re a commission salesperson trying to build a personal brand, but you’re still a business salesperson.


If you want to be part of this:

  • Find a company that you love: There are thousands of companies that sell from telecommunications to investments; from makeup to household items. Find a product that you love to make it easier for you to recommend it. Also, review the compensation plan.
  • Market: If there are too many associates in an area, likely, the market is already saturated.
  • Upline: The person who is inviting you must be someone with experience, knowledge, and that you admire so that you can learn from them.
  • Define a maximum amount to invest: And give it up for the loss. Define what your limit will be because from Herbalife in the movie “Betting to Zero” (found on Netflix) to LuLaRoe (MLM that sells leggings) has been sued by former partners who were told if they wanted to be successful in this business, they had to invest more and more, even at the cost of their vehicle, going into debt and even causing anxiety problems.
  • Talk to the people who are inside:  With the person who wants to put you in: How much does he earn from his network and how much from the sales of the product. With new and old partners, to also check that the profits are constant.


I leave it to your decision.

If you want to know more about MLM companies, I wrote a complete article on how to choose one and how to decide whether to enter or not.

And you, you know how to earn money from home? What jobs from home do you know? Which ones have worked for you and which ones have not?


Let me know in the comments! 

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