9 Best Ways To Earn Money As A Notary Public

9 Best Ways To Earn Money As A Notary Public

Originating from the Latin notarĭus, the word notary describes the public official who has the authorization to control and serve as a witness in the execution of contracts, wills, and other extrajudicial acts. The notary, therefore, grants public character to private documents utilizing his signature.

For example: “We have to look for a notary to sign the deed”“Gabriel was not satisfied with the notary’s performance since he did not clearly explain the clauses of the contract”“They cannot complain, since the notary has attested to everything signed”.

What the notary does is function as a guarantee because he confirms the legality of the documents he controls, since he is a lawyer empowered by law to grant guarantees to acts that arise in the field of private law.

When we talk about a notary, we also have to make clear the four types of documents that the notary can produce:

Ratification. It is the action through which said professional certifies that it is true and true, whether it is writing, an act, or a word.

Testimony. This term comes to define the complete transcription that is made of a record.

Notarial certification is the relationship made on a fact or act as well as the establishment that a specific document coincides with an original.

Certified copy. As its name indicates, this term comes to define the complete or partial copy that is carried out of a record or any other type of writing.

It should be noted that notaries are also dedicated to advising the population on issues related to public records, wills, and inheritances and to safeguarding documents. Unlike lawyers (who defend the interests of those they represent), notaries are obliged to maintain neutrality.

It should also be mentioned that the notary may not be a public official, since this matter depends on the legal system of each country. The function of the notary, in any case, is always public, even when he carries out his activity autonomously. The writings authorized by a notary, on the other hand, always have legal validity recognized by the State.

In the case of Spain, any person who wishes to become a notary must meet a series of requirements such as having Spanish nationality or from a country of the European Union, being at least 23 years old, not being incapacitated or disqualified from being able to carry out functions corresponding to this job position and have a Law Degree or Doctorate.

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In the US, to become a notary, you will need to be at least 18 years old, have legal residency in the state where they are seeking approval, and have a clean criminal record. Additionally, certain states will grant notaries from neighboring states approval to perform work there. Some states also require notaries to be able to speak and write in English.

Likewise, in the said nation it must be emphasized that any notary has a double consideration. And it is that in some cases he is considered as if he were a civil servant, since for example, he accesses the position through an opposition competition, and in others as a self-employed worker. In this last aspect, it must be established that he is classified as such in terms of the Social Security regime or sick leave.

In some countries, such as European Union and the US, notarial work is performed by a professional known as a notary public. The notary and the notary, therefore, fulfill the same functions.

Do you want to earn money as a notary but you lack ideas and knowledge? if yes, here are 9 best ways to make money fast as a notary public 

Being a notary is a very good way to earn extra money in the United States of America, regardless of whether you do it regularly or part-time. Because the services of a notary are necessary to get important documents signed, such as car titles, property titles, bank documents, court documents, etc., this makes their service in constant demand. however, you will need to ensure that you have all the necessary qualifications and meet all the requirements.

Before you start earning money as a notary public, you will first need to make sure that you have met all the requirements of the state office to start legalizing documents. While each state has similarities in fees and licensing requirements, each state also has significant differences in the appointment process, the length of commissions, and the powers and duties of a notary public.

After you have obtained your license as a notary public, the next thing you need to do is market yourself properly to effectively solicit business. One of the best ways to do this is by using the Internet to market your services. You can do this by creating articles or web content for your web page that will increase your site’s visibility in search engine rankings.

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You can also look into hiring a professional internet marketing company that specializes in increasing web presence, which can help put your name at the top of every notary public search in your area. You can also place ads in the yellow pages or classified sections of your local newspaper to promote yourself.

While it can be difficult to maintain a full-time income working as a notary public, there are opportunities to earn good money. These are some ways to earn money as a notary in the United States of America.

9 Best Ways to Earn Money as a Notary Public 

1. Organize seminars on how to buy your first home: This is easier than you think. just contact a local real estate agent or loan officer to set up your event. you do all the marketing and they provide the necessary expertise, making this a win-win situation.

2. Perform Service Process – Process servers serve legal documents to individuals like summonses and other court-related documents like divorces, child support, etc. Check with your jurisdiction what is required of you to become a server. you don’t have to take each one, and you can try it once and if it’s too hard or too scary, you can return the documents and refuse.

3. Offer identity theft seminars – As a notary, you are expected to be quite knowledgeable in your local area when it comes to identity and this will allow you to build an “expert” reputation in your community.

4. Become a mentor to another notary – This can help you grow as a professional after becoming a mentor, and this role can help you build a more holistic and well-integrated business. you can also charge some money for your tutoring.

5. Being a wedding official: Four states in the United States (Florida, Maine, Nevada, and South Carolina) authorize commissioned notaries to perform marriage ceremonies as part of their official duties. other states may allow you to do so with a special wedding permit. Check your local laws to confirm what wedding operations you can and cannot do in your area. Florida allows notaries to charge $20 and Nevada $75 to perform a marriage ceremony.

South Carolina allows a $5 notary fee and a separate travel fee. other states do not specify the amount that can be charged for officiating a wedding. for other states, fees vary based on state law, region, and ceremony date and time.

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You can start by checking with your state notary regulatory agency if you are commissioned in a state that authorizes notaries to perform weddings. In other states, check with the county clerk’s office in the jurisdiction in which you want to have weddings for more information. If you are active with a church or other religious affiliation, you can check with your clergy to see if becoming a wedding officiant will affect your religious standing.

6. Being a notary signing agent: They facilitate the closing of loans for the mortgage financing industry. You must be a notary public before beginning the NSA certification process. Notaries should be aware that loan signing opportunities may be limited or restricted in some states. You can be paid a minimum of $50 to get notarized after someone has signed the first or second mortgage loan documents.

7. Blogging: A blog is an individual website that is regularly updated. Due to the large number of people who use and depend on the Internet daily, blogging has become a very profitable business to start. It only costs a couple of bucks to get started.

Patience, along with a basic understanding of SEO and being able to create quality content is essential. you can start a blog that will be based on the notarial business; how to become a notary, challenges involved, experiences, and lessons learned.

8. Podcast: A podcast is like a personal radio show where you talk about specific topics. Before you think about monetizing your podcast, you need to make sure it’s packed with rich and engaging content. You can monetize your podcast through sponsorship, affiliate marketing, or even selling your own product. You can easily start a podcast about the notary business and then monetize it along the way.

9. Form I-9 Services: Every employer must complete a Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification for each employee they hire. Due to the increasing number of remote employees in the workforce, employers may designate an authorized representative to complete the form on their behalf.

And US Citizenship and Immigration Services view notaries as good candidates for this role. You should advertise your services on your website and social media pages, and reach out to various companies that are likely to hire remote employees regularly.


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