34  Platforms to create your Business App Without Knowing Programming(no-code)

34  Platforms to create your Business App Without Knowing Programming(no-code)

One of the characteristics of the modern digital environment is that it is multichannel.  This means that companies must be present in all those channels where their potential customers are.

There are around 6.84 billion smartphones worldwide. In short, this figure represents about 85% of the world’s population of 8 billion people.

Global smartphone users have been increasing by at least 5% annually for the last five years.

There are more than 10.47 billion IoT connections worldwide.

China has the most smartphone users in the world.

Germany has the highest per capita smartphone usage.

University graduates most often have smartphones.

Android is the world’s leading mobile operating system.

Each of the 20 countries with the most smartphone users has more than 30 million active smartphone users.


 These percentages are too high to not take them into account and underestimate the potential of Apps in the marketing strategy of our business.

How can an App contribute to the growth of your business?

Mobile devices have become the main means of accessing the Internet and 80% of connections are made through mobile devices.

According to the business of apps, the most used applications are those related to instant messaging and social networks: WhatsApp, Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  In 2022, Apple’s App Store had 32.6 billion app downloads, but that pales in comparison to Google Play, which recorded over 110 billion downloads users have installed on their mobile phones.

TikTok retained its spot as the most downloaded app in 2022, and its video editing app CapCut made the top five. Facebook had three apps in the top five.

AppDownloads (mm)
Subway Surfers304
Stumble Guys254

Source: Apptopia

However, in the business field, mobile applications also have their space as they facilitate more fluid and close contact with the customer and create access to new markets. Thus we have corporate Apps, sales, management, and training to increase productivity. All of them have something in common: their content is organized to be immediately accessible by users through their mobile phones.

Some advantages of having an App for your business:

  • Improve the image of your brand, differentiating yourself from the competition.
  • Greater visibility: your business will be visible in the App Store, Google Play, or Windows Phone Store, causing a positive impact on SEO positioning and an increase in online presence.
  • Having another sales channel: by developing an App for your business, you will not only be able to strengthen the image of your brand, but you will also be opening a new sales channel where users can buy your products as they would in a physical store.
  • Build customer loyalty:  we can obtain some data from the customers who follow us and use this data to create actions that generate engagement (send them notifications with promotions, discounts, and surveys) and thus retain and maintain them.
  • More speed: the average loading speed of an E-Commerce is 3-5 seconds, but from a mobile App the loading time is faster.
  • 24/7 presence:  perhaps this is the most compelling reason to have a corporate App. Your business will always be present on users’ mobile devices, creating a permanent memory of the brand. Your customers will be able to consult the services and/or products whenever they want without the time limitations of a physical store.
  • Expand the commercial reach of your brand: you will be able to access a greater market share and increase your profits, something that would have very high costs with traditional advertising.

Are the platforms a good option to create the App for your business without Knowing the Programming?

In recent years, some startups have developed platforms to create their own Apps without programming or no-code apps. They are based on the use of “drag and drop” tools that allow us to publish content dynamically.

Are they a good option to create a business App? The answer will depend on your goals. It is not the same to create an App to build loyalty as to monetize. Do you plan to sell products or do you just want to improve the image of your brand by offering valuable content to your users?

If what you want is to sell through your App, it is best to invest from the beginning in custom development, because sooner or later you will end up doing it when you discover that the options of the no-code platforms are limited and fall short ( if, for example, you want to include a new payment method, shipping methods, retargeting strategies, etc.).

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On the other hand, you should keep in mind that design plays an important role when it comes to attracting new customers. An impressive design will make you stand out from your competitors. Unfortunately, this is one of the aspects that makes a custom App more expensive, and although we have pre-designed templates on no-code platforms (especially free ones), customization options are limited.

Summarizing the advantages of  platforms to create the app for our business without knowing programming orno-code :

  1. It is not necessary to have programming knowledge to use them.
  2. They allow you to create cross-platform applications that work on different devices.
  3. They are usually quite intuitive. Thanks to its editing tools we can choose a design and test it from any OS
  4. Its price is not as high as that of custom development (some are even free). Sometimes they are the only option within our reach if we have a low budget.

Summarizing the drawbacks of  platforms to create the App of our business without knowing programming:

  1. We do not have control over the source code of our App since we are using a pre-built one.
  2. They do not give the possibility to create native applications (Android or iOS). They are hybrid applications so they are not capable of making the most of all the resources of the devices.
  3. They work with predefined templates that, depending on the platform we choose, can be more or less customizable.
  4. In terms of functionality, they do not replace applications developed under programming languages.

34  platforms to create the App for your business.

Taking into account all these aspects that we have just mentioned, we invite you to discover these 34  platforms to create the App for your business without knowing the programming.

It is convenient to be clear about the functions we need and see if these tools fit what we are looking for.


It was created in 2014 and bought by Google at the beginning of 2020, integrating with Google Cloud.

AppSheet apps can be built from data sources such as Google Sheets, Excel, Cloud SQL, Salesforce, and other similar connectors. They are dynamic and can be used on all mobile devices and browsers. You can also share your App with real users so they can test it before publishing it.

To start using it, we recommend you watch the tutorial “How to create an App” where they explain step by step how the platform works.


iBuild App

It allows us to create an application for free for Android and iOS. You will be able to have your App ready in a matter of minutes without the need to program a single line of code. You will only have to drag and drop the functions that are provided.

It has more than 1000 templates for different types of business and 24/7 support in professional paid plans. The free version comes with a visible platform logo and certain limitations of use, especially with both the number of users and visits that we can have.


It has become one of the most popular no-code tools at the moment since it allows us to create databases as if we were managing spreadsheets.

It has a limited free version with 1200 rows per base and 2GB of space per base and other more advanced paid versions.


It is a tool designed to create Apps for Android: easy, fast, intuitive… You will be able to easily create the App for your business with hardly any knowledge of web development.

In addition, this platform allows us to create Apps in different languages ​​(24 to be exact) and include different monetization methods. Of course, it does not have a free version (the Starter version costs $8/month and the Professional version costs $21/month).


It allows us to create mobile applications for iOS or Android. It has a very intuitive interface that works through the “drag and drop” system and thanks to the included SDK developer function you can create custom features for your business.

It is a paid application but we can try it thanks to its free trial version.


It is one of the simplest and most complete no-code platforms on the market. It allows us to create an App for Android, iOS, or Fire OS without programming.

One of its advantages is the possibility of adding ads to our applications to monetize them. We also have an analytics log to keep track of users downloading the app.

In the free version we can develop the applications, but to upload them to the Apple Store or Google Play we must hire a payment plan whose prices start at 18 euros per application per month.


It is a simple and intuitive application, suitable to be used by true beginners. In addition, all the services are hosted on their own hosting so you can forget about their maintenance.

It has a free version that allows you to create your App from scratch and paid versions with advanced features such as integration with email marketing platforms, Analytics, additional databases, and payment gateways.


It is a Spanish startup that is gradually conquering its space in this highly competitive ecosystem of no-code tools. It offers powerful software that allows us to create applications intuitively without the need to handle code.

We can create 100% customizable designs with templates that adapt to the needs of all types of businesses: restaurants, shops, schools, hotels, gyms, events, etc.

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One aspect that differentiates this platform from its competitors is that it is oriented toward return on investment. Thus, it has a complete management panel that allows us to manage orders, make reservations, organize campaigns and email marketing, send push notifications with personalized messages, manage a small online store, or implement review systems, among other things.

They have different professional plans (it does not have a free version) that allow us to create unlimited Apps.


It is a very complete platform that allows users to create 100% customizable applications without having any programming knowledge. If you have a WordPress website for your business, with this tool you can also develop an App from the databases of your website.

You can see a little more how it works in the following video.


A Spanish company that has also developed its own software for creating Apps without programming. It has a powerful visual editor to create up to five types of applications with many integrated functions: online store, order manager, reservation manager, event calendars, Podcast and multimedia content, call button, integration with suppliers, etc.

The monthly price depends on the operating system for which the application is created, although we can access a free trial to see how the platform works before contracting a plan. We can also ask them to develop it for us with their “App in hand” service. We will only have to send them our corporate image and they will take care of everything.


It is a tool that takes great care of the final design of the Apps, allowing us to customize down to the last detail. Its editor has a minimalist design and also has a bank of images free of copyright that we can insert into our application.

It has quite affordable prices (starting at 16 euros per month). We can get you started with your free trial for a few days. First of all, we will have to specify if we are going to create a shopping or content App, enter our email and fill in the fields according to the steps indicated. Another advantage is that we will have unlimited assistance 24/7. All these features make it a very complete platform.


Another Spanish platform to create powerful and dynamic Apps.

You will be able to develop your application for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone without programming. It also has advanced functions such as an online store, databases, Analytics, and, for the most expert, access to the source code. We may also embed advertising in the form of advertisements to monetize it.

Mobincube has a free plan in which the platform keeps a small percentage of the earnings from your App and other payment plans starting at 43.41 euros/year.


Another Spanish platform focused on the creation of Apps for entrepreneurs and startups.

All its applications are Progressive Web Apps that combine the best of the web and Apps and work on both iOS and Android. It also has tools to build customer loyalty, manage orders, send push notifications, etc. It has a personal tutor who will guide you in creating your application from scratch.

It has a minimum price of 4.95 euros/month, but we can create a free trial version.

Mobile Roadie

Create Apps focused on geolocation for iOS or Android. It has interactive maps, in-app purchases, and integration with social networks.

The prices are not visible from the platform (we have to contact your sales team).

MobApp Creator

It allows us to create native applications for iOS and Android simply and intuitively can also use the marketing tools that it offers us to publish the App and measure its impact.

Prices range from USD 25.17/month to USD 82.50/month depending on the number of platforms our App is available for or if it has advanced features such as Streaming.


It allows us to create an App through a simple text document. The tools that it offers us are intuitive and easy to use.


It is a  platform created in 2011 that allows us to create Apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and also HTML5 applications.

It has a large variety of preconfigured templates and more than 30 ready-to-use modules.

The cheapest plan is 34 euros/month for a Progressive Web App (native applications have a higher cost) and includes, among other things: user management, an internal chat function, or automated campaigns. We can use its free trial version to test the tool and compare it with others.


It allows you to create games for Android and iOS through an intuitive and easy-to-use tool. The minimum price is 8 USD/month to use the platform for educational purposes.


It stands out for its advanced editor which is reminiscent of image editing programs like Photoshop.

It can be used tree until the moment of publishing the application. At that time we will have to contact one of its payment plans or launch it under the webflow.io domain offered by the company.


A much lesser-known tool than the previous ones but with great potential. Its interface, simple and intuitive, is based on the system of dragging and dropping blocks.

It has a free version with a maximum of 200 MB of storage and 10 projects per account.


It is a platform created by a Spanish company that focuses above all on offering solutions to SMEs and the hospitality sector to create mobile applications without programming.

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It has a wide catalog of predesigned templates and advanced features such as geolocation, push notifications, AdMob advertising, store, reservations, etc. for a price of 200 euros per year. The service also includes support and hosting on their servers.

They also offer a custom development solution starting at 500 euros.


It allows you to use the content of your website as a springboard to create iOS or Android applications. You will only have to pass the URL of your website to the editor and it will automatically import all the content. You can also become a reseller and create Apps for your clients.

The cheapest plan of 39 euros/month allows us to create a single application while with the advanced reseller plans of 300 euros/month, we can create up to 30 applications (10 euros for each application).


A tool developed by MIT in collaboration with Google that allows you to create applications for Android devices for free.

It is not a platform created for business solutions but for the educational sector, but we found it interesting to include it in this list due to its relevance (more than 20 million Apps created using this tool).


Founded in 2011, this platform already has more than 10,000 Apps created around the world.

Some of its most interesting aspects are WordPress integration, Shopify integration, and monetization (advertising) elements.

The prices vary a lot depending on whether we are going to create the App ourselves, if we order it from their team of experts, if it is cross-platform or only for Android, etc.


It is a completely free tool that allows us to create Apps on iOS or Android.

To start using it, we must first indicate the category of our application: business, events, etc., upload a logo, and choose a customizable template. If you get lost, there are also video tutorials to guide you through the process.


It is a cloud-based development software from Amazon Web Services that allows us to create applications for iOS or Android. With minimal knowledge of XML and thanks to its intuitive interface, developers using this markup language can create a fully customized App.

The prices are to consult.

App Press

It is a development platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses create and manage their applications.

It uses a cloud-based technology from Amazon and one of its most notable features is that it is aimed at designers (it has a Photoshop-like user interface).

The company claims that experienced designers can create up to five Apps a day using its platform.


A  platform for creating mobile applications from a Spanish company. It uses a very simple modular interface so that anyone without programming knowledge can have their App ready in a few minutes.

It has a free version for Android with a small advertising banner from the company and other paid plans without advertising for both Android and iOS.


Its operation is very simple since you only have to drag the components you need to create your application. In addition, it gives us the security that all the Apps created are stored on its servers.

Kodular is tree since it shares monetization benefits with its creators, that is, it keeps a small percentage of our sales or advertising earnings.

App Institute

It is one of the platforms most used by small businesses and entrepreneurs since it has a very intuitive interface that allows us to create the App for our business without knowing anything about programming.

Some of its advanced functions are geolocation chat support, Analytics, and online payments. We can create our App for free and check how the tool works, but when publishing it we will have to contact one of its payment plans.


It is a really interesting no-code platform to create your applications since it offers a multitude of functions, from games to chats or integration with social networks and it is 100% free because you share the monetization of it. If you win, they win!

It has video tutorials that explain step-by-step how to create your App and take advantage of your ideas.


It was created to meet the needs of small businesses and local businesses that do not have enough budget to commission the development of a custom App: retail, professional services, hospitality, beauty salons, etc.

It has e-commerce options: online payments, coupons, customer loyalty options, etc.

You have a 30-day free trial with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


It is a free and open-source tool for creating iOS and Android applications. Its interface is very simple to use and we do not need to have programming knowledge.

The creation of a single App is free. If we want to create several applications or become a reseller, we will have to choose one of their payment plans.


It is a quite complete tool (also quite expensive) focused mainly on creating multi-user applications for teams, events, or communities.

You can import all your content from a . CSV, set privacy levels, designate administrators, moderate social feeds, etc. In some types of business, these applications may be necessary and if this is your case, we recommend you try its free 14-day version and see if it fits what you are looking for.


In recent years, some startups have developed platforms to create their own Apps without programming. They are based on the use of “drag and drop” tools that allow us to publish content dynamically.


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