Companies That Offer WORK FROM HOME 

Companies That Offer WORK FROM HOME 

There are many job promises online, but not all of them are legitimate. This is why we have not been given the task of investigating the LEGITIMATE companies with telecommuting or working from home. In addition, we tell you how much you can earn and what you need to be hired.

How much can you earn with teleworking?

By working with the telecommuting companies below, you will have different opportunities to earn money from home, but how much money can you make?

 Recommended methods to earn money:

Haven’t you found a good way to generate income?

Starting from Scratch: Based on our experience, it is reasonable to expect to earn an average of between $15,000 and $25,000 when starting from home. In other words, you can expect to earn between $1,000 to $2,000 per month (or the equivalent in your local currency) working from the comfort of your home.

After one year of telecommuting: After accumulating at least one year of experience (2 years is recommended), you will be eligible for better compensation with related companies (or moving up in the same company). During this period it is reasonable to expect to earn between $22,000 to $35,000 per year ($1,800 to $3,000 per month).

What do you need to be hired by a telecommuting company?

Although there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet, the reality is that it is completely possible to work from home. However, you must have some skills that will allow you to achieve profitable telecommuting.

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Although not required for 100% of jobs, one particular skill to gain in telecommuting is writing. This is one of the easiest skills to monetize on the Internet.

What if you’re not good at writing? Don’t worry! You may also qualify for various telecommutes at certain companies. However, excellent communication skills will be a must.

In general, companies with telecommuting will ask you:

  • Use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) efficiently
  • Being effective when multitasking on a computer
  • Feel comfortable talking to others on the phone
  • Ability to solve problems in a team and without being supervised
  • energetic personality
  • be a good listener
  • Type on a keyboard at a typing speed of at least 40 words per minute ( you can check your typing speed here )

Of course, certain jobs will require unique skills, but usually, these skills will be enough to get you hired by a telecommuting company.

Now that you know what you need to work from home, let’s see the reliable companies to get telecommuting.

Telework in call centers or call centers

Customer service call jobs (also known as call centers ) are among the most popular options when looking for telecommuting.

Many companies find it much more cost-effective to pay someone to work from home, rather than pay rent in a central location.

How to work at home receiving calls? Your job description and daily tasks will vary by company, but typically you will receive calls from customers who need to resolve a problem or require a service from the company you represent.

Most of these telecommutes will require 30 to 40 hours a week. The good news is that shifts are often flexible, which is perfect if you’re going to school, are an expecting mom, or want to create your schedule.

On the downside, call centers can be a very stressful job. You need to be quite a patient and kind operator and remember that you will probably be answering calls from stressed and tired people.

These are some well-known companies that offer telecommuting by receiving customer service calls:


Amazon hires people who work from home as customer service agents. Remote jobs are not available in all areas, but this is a program that is slowly rolling out globally.

The types of positions and locations they offer will vary, however, because Amazon is such a large company that there are almost always jobs available to choose from.

You will get a better salary for this Amazon telecommuting if you speak multiple languages ​​as well. In addition to getting a job fast, you’ll get better compensation from Amazon if you can speak English, Spanish, and other languages.

Most positions with Amazon pay around $11 to $15 per hour. You are likely assigned a shift of hours that they want you to work as well.

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Note: Amazon also offers other types of telecommuting, including higher-salary positions, though these often require a college degree.

Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels encompass several different hotel brands around the world. They often look for agents who can work from home.

They ask that their telecommuting agents be available to work at least 25 hours a week, including nights, weekends, and some holidays. If you like helping people book and manage their hotel reservations, this could be a great job for you.


Apple is hiring At Home Customer Service Representatives (known as At Home Advisors ). The salary is usually between $12 to $25 per hour, depending on your skills and experience.

If you are a patient person, have good communication skills, enjoy helping others, and are willing to learn about Apple products, this could be a good telecommuting opportunity for you.

If working from home for Apple isn’t incentive enough, consider this: All Apple representatives (even those who work part-time) get a comprehensive benefits package that includes paid vacations, discounts on Apple products, and opportunities for advancement within the company.


U-Haul is a moving company that hires customer service representatives to work from your home. One of the great things about U-Haul is that they will hire customer service staff as young as 16 years old, as long as they have the professional skills to be a great customer service representative.

In these types of positions, you can help people reserve vans or move trucks.

VIP Desk Connect

VIP Desk Connect is an outsourcing company that hires customer service representatives to work for various individual companies. They are currently looking for people to work remotely (telecommuting) in customer service.


Alorica hires thousands of work-at-home agents to provide high-quality service to its clients. This is a relatively easy telecommuting job to get, and they will even pay you while they train you.

This company does not hire in every country but does have call agent opportunities in most states. Check their website or leave us a comment if you need more information.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions hires customer service agents to work from home. To qualify for these telecommutes, you will need your up-to-date computer, high-speed Internet connection, and landline phone.

The site says that evaluations for customer service positions can take up to an hour and must be completed from the computer you plan to work on.


Concentrix hires customer service representatives, sales support, and technical support specialists to work from home.

In addition to offering a competitive salary, they also offer medical and dental benefits, a 401(k) retirement plan, and even the opportunity to go to college for FREE thanks to their college tuition reimbursement plan.

As an employee of this company, you will be trained and work from the comfort of your own home.

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Sitel Group

Sitel Group customer service representatives answer calls about billing inquiries, order statuses, account questions, installation scheduling, and more.

This telecommuting is simple: You’ll get paid to serve customers from home for several industries, including financial, retail, telecommunications, hospitality, and healthcare companies.

 See jobs


Home Shopping Network or HSN is hiring people to work from home for sales representative positions.

The job consists of helping customers who call wanting to buy something. You don’t need to sell or promote products, as HSN sales reps don’t directly sell anything.

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Xact Telesolutions

Xact Telesolutions offers a variety of work-from-home jobs for various companies, including customer service representatives and sales representatives.

This company offers telecommuting with flexible hours, benefits, and paid vacations for most of its workers.

If you already have experience working from home, they also have some team leader and supervisory positions available within the company.

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NexRep hires home-based professionals in sales, service, and technical support positions for its customers. If you are friendly, outgoing, and passionate about being the best at what you do, this home-based job will be easy for you.

Requirements: You will need to be a resident of the United States to qualify, have a quiet space in your home where you can talk to clients, and you will also be required to pay $25 for a background check.

See jobs

The company hires customer service agents, cruise sales agents, and online support agents to work from home. Most positions require a minimum of 1 year of cruise industry experience and/or call center or customer service experience.

All positions have responsibilities for customer service and assistance with booking cruises or vacation insurance. The company provides you with paid training. See jobs

Transcription or data entry telework ( data entry )

Looking for a job from home, but don’t want to serve clients? Good news! There are still telecommuting jobs that don’t require answering calls or solving problems from disgruntled customers.

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Transcription and data entry jobs often pay a competitive salary upfront, but often pay much better after 1-2 years of experience (you can earn up to $25 per job ). hour).

These are some of the best telecommuting opportunities in transcription and data entry :


Appen hires people who work from home to do transcriptions and other types of work. This is a global company that hires people from all over the world offering many types of telecommuting.

Seeing Remember to look for other types of jobs that are also remote, and not just transcription jobs so that you can find the best job opportunity for you. Knowledge of multiple languages ​​is an advantage as they serve clients from all over the world.

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Clickworker hires people to work from home on translation, research, and data entry. Each worker can choose which jobs she wants to perform from the set of available tasks.

Most tasks are smaller (known as MICROTASKS) and can be done quickly if you are efficient. After having at least 1 year with the company, you will qualify for a salary increase and you will be paid per project completed and not per hour.

 See jobs

AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global hires transcriptionists to work from home. To get this telecommuting, you must be able to write at least 60 words per minute (WPM), be a good listener, and have excellent spelling and grammar. You’ll get paid up to 50% more if you write English at a native level.

To be hired you must pass a transcription exam and they need to have a computer that is no more than four years old.

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Dion Data Solutions

DionData Solutions hires data entry workers to work from home. The requirements for this telework are:

  • Write at least 60 words per minute
  • Have advanced computer knowledge (you will have to attach, download and upload documents)
  • Have at least 25 hours per week for work tasks
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Be able to work efficiently with minimal supervision

See jobs

Internet tutoring telework

Being an online tutor is another great way to earn money working from home. It is not necessary to be a teacher or professor to have one of these teleworks. If you have some basic skills and patience to teach, you can earn money by telecommuting as a tutor.

Among the tutors with high demand are:

  • School subjects (especially mathematics)
  • Musical instruments (especially the ukulele and the guitar)
  • Manual trade (especially carpentry, electricity, and plumbing)
  • Online English or Spanish classes

How much can you earn being an online tutor? Everything will depend on your level of experience and the ability you have to teach.

It is reasonable to expect to earn between $10 and $20 per hour in your first year. After gaining experience with these companies, it is possible to earn up to $45 per hour as an advanced tutor.

Here are some of the most popular online tutoring companies that have telecommuting for tutors:


Chegg hires tutors to help middle and high school students and college students. When you sign up as a tutor you can select from several subjects and this company puts you in direct contact with potential students.

Of course, as a tutor, you can accept students with whom you would like to work.

You will get paid to give private lessons from anywhere with an internet connection. Chegg usually pays weekly by check or wire transfer.

See jobs hires tutors to teach children as young as kindergarten age through college and beyond. They even have tutoring positions available for adult students who need these services.

To qualify for one of these telecommuting jobs, you’ll first need to apply, pass a subject matter test, do a mock tutoring session, and finally pass a background check.

You can give private lessons from anywhere and set your schedule as you are available.

See jobs


VIP KID is solely focused on teaching children in China to speak English fluently. To be a tutor with them, it is not necessary to know Chinese, but it is essential to have an advanced command of English (oral and grammar).

Upon being hired, the company will provide you with a curriculum and you will teach directly using their teaching manuals.

There is no communication with parents (the company takes care of that) and the way of teaching is in a one-on-one environment so that your student has your complete and personalized attention.

As an English tutor, you must indicate your availability for the tutoring sessions in a form in advance one month and then the company schedules the students for you based on the data you entered.

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When you have a scheduled tutoring session you will receive it at least 24 hours in advance. This will give you time to prepare and review the training materials for that lesson. As you can see, there are a few different options and several companies that will hire people to work from home.

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Other teleworks with high demand 

The teleworks that we have previously recommended are the easiest way to find a job from home with recognized companies. However, there are various teleworks that allow you to earn money online. Other teleworking options with good demand are:

 Virtual Assistant

When working from home as a virtual assistant (also known as Virtual Assistant ), you will get paid to help various clients by providing administrative, creative, and technical services.

Although virtual assistance telecommutes vary dramatically, tasks can include:

  • Send and reply to emails
  • Create and distribute documents related to a company
  • Answer questions or promote products on social media
  • Write and create content

While pay varies, telecommuting in virtual assistant positions typically pays $10-$15 per hour, depending on your experience. However, what you will earn depends on who you work for and the skill level required for your daily tasks.

You can find several companies with these remote jobs on sites like Freelancer or Upwork.


Are you good at writing or are you interested in making money this way? Do you want your words to be read by thousands of our followers on social networks? We would love to work with you.

We invite you to be part of our team and contribute high-quality content to

We are looking for good writers, regardless of their country of residence. Please note that you will need to submit a full article for consideration (or sample articles published on a website).

Social Media Manager ( Community manager )

Almost all large companies use social networks to monitor their image and promote their products and services. By working as a community manager, you will be paid to manage the social networks of certain companies.

Community managers typically earn between $10 to $25 per hour. However, some also work for a down payment or monthly fee.

Best of all, you don’t need a lot of experience to land these work-at-home jobs. If you have experience using social media (especially Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest) and a basic understanding of graphic design, you may be able to get several companies to hire you.

Your own blog

Having your own blog is unlike any work-at-home job in that you have to build it yourself. However, there is a lot of potential for people to be able to capture an audience, grow their site, and find good ways to monetize it.

The good news is that there are tons of ways to monetize a blog. Some examples are affiliate programs, sponsored ads, Google AdSense, and product sales.

Even better, owning a blog can be an inexpensive way to start your own business and earn money passively. To get started, all you need is a domain (it costs $12 per year) and a hosting plan or fast hosting (it costs $3 per month).


Telecommuting for translators is in high demand. However, to get a well-paying translation job from home you will need a bachelor’s degree or certification.

You will be paid much more when doing translations for professional services, scientific and technical documents, educational services, hospitals, and government documents.

By working remotely as a translator you can earn between $15 to $45 per hour. The big difference lies in the type of documents and the difficulty of the terms when translating.

Web Designer

It is quite easy to build your own website if you spend time on free online learning courses. However, many companies will pay you to build and maintain their own site.

This is one of the highest paying jobs, as a web developer can earn anywhere from $25 to $75 per hour, depending on their level of experience and the complexity of the project.

Also, many companies do not require a college degree to work with you. However, it will be extremely important that you have an online portfolio of attractive projects attached to your resume.


If none of these sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’ve got a MEGA list of the best ways to MAKE MONEY. There we explain the methods that really work when generating money on the Internet and we show you how you can start.

If you have questions or doubts about how to start earning money by telecommuting or about any of the recommended companies, leave us a comment below and we will do our best to answer your questions.


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