Smart Rings: The Substitutes For ‘Smart Watches’?

Smart Rings: The Substitutes For ‘Smart Watches’?

Various manufacturers are betting on these ‘wearables’ as a new option to monitor physical activity

Wearables of all kinds are here to stay. Perhaps the best known are smartwatches and activity bracelets, but the truth is that there is a whole market with other most interesting products. From smart rings to jewelry that are capable of monitoring your physical activity and increasing your well-being.

A man wearing a smart ring
Amazon was one of the first to launch a smart ring: the Echo Loop ©GettyImages

And it is that wearables are on their way to conquering the last territory that technology lacked: that of our own body. In case you don’t know what the thing is, in this article, we will tell you about some of the most technological devices that you can find today.

The smart rings

Amazon was one of the first tech companies to jump on the smart ring bandwagon with its Echo Loop. A discreet black device that allows you to receive notifications and consult with Alexa through a small microphone. In addition, it has a micro speaker to respond to the user and is also capable of monitoring physical activity.

But he’s not the only one. The Finnish brand Oura also has a device that is already in its third generation and is already being used in the NBA. A ring that has just presented a special edition designed by Gucci. A wearable that lays the foundations for the future of health, accurately monitoring sleep, heart rate, physical activity, or temperature. To work, it is enough to synchronize it with the smartphone, be it iPhone or Android.

The special edition of Gucci comes with the brand logo and 18-carat gold trim, which increases its price to 950 euros (more than triple what the original model costs). Of course, it includes a lifetime subscription to the Oura activity platform, for those who can afford it, of course.

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Smart jewelry

As we said before, these activity rings are not the only smart jewels on the market. There are already much cheaper smart ring models that incorporate an NFC chip.

Thanks to it, the user can pay in stores or use it to activate certain actions within a connected home. From opening doors or windows to turning on the heating or air conditioning. All with a simple gesture.

Oura smart ring against coronavirus
Oura’s smart ring is currently one of the most demanded ©EuropaPress

But perhaps the most surprising smart device is the Leaf Urban pendant. A piece is available in gold, silver, or ivory finish designed especially for women. Thanks to its sensors, it is capable of monitoring physical activity and stress, as well as the menstrual cycle, offering notifications and advice to lead a healthier and more relaxed life.

This smart jewel (whose price ranges between 99 dollars (about 92 euros) and 249 dollars (232 euros), depending on the finish, can be worn as a bracelet, bracelet, or pendant. An accessory that provides a touch of distinction and serves to reduce the use of screens and improve health.


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