How to be an Influencer, Types of Influencers and How Much they Earn

How to be an Influencer, Types of Influencers and How Much they Earn

Influencers, better known as influencers, already form a community of more than 20 million around the world. A number that does not stop growing, since more and more young people want to become what their idols have become. Do you want to know how to be an influencer? Next, we give you all the keys.

How to be an influencer, types, and how much they earn

How can you be an influencer?

But is it a world in which we all have a place?

Who decides who is an influencer and who is not?

How to start? Why do my videos have no repercussion and instead others that do the same?

The trends, going to the latest, meeting people, and falling in grace, are some of the minimum requirements to be accepted within the influencer community. In short, the popularity that each of us has in the circle in which we move will be the key to becoming influencers and not dying of success in the attempt.


However, it is not worth just posting a video doing four “bullshit” on YouTube or posting a “posture” photo. If we want to get followers, fans, and everything that goes with it, it is important to offer something unique and of value to other users. 


For example, Chiara Ferragni opened a fashion blog in 2009, and today she has her own collection of jewelry and shoes, as well as being the cover of Vogue and other brands. Today he has 22 million followers. Another case is that of Dulceida, Aida Domenech, in 2009 she decided to create a blog as a fashion fan, today she has her own brand and fashion and music event has participated in television programs and has 2.8 million followers.

Tips to be an influencer

Are you ready to become part of the community of the influencer? Get it with the following tips!

Important to set a goal

Before starting this adventure we must be clear about a few things. It is not worth starting to publish content like crazy, but it is important to have a defined strategy to follow. Being clear about our objectives and where we want to go is essential. It is also important to know what our style is, what we are good at and what we want to show the world.

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Knowing what our strong point is and what we stand out in will undoubtedly help to differentiate ourselves from the rest. There are millions of people who know how to sing, who play video games, who always dress in the latest fashion … so it is important to find what differentiates us from them. Remember, seeing users always the same end up boring them.


It is important to have a defined style and theme so that our users feel identified with us, and in this way, achieve a better interaction in the publications.

Be authentic

The personal brand is essential to becoming an Influencer. As we have explained in previous paragraphs, many people in the world know how to sing or who are passionate about fashion, and thus, with many other themes. This is why we must avoid imitations of other influencers since this can harm our credibility and authenticity.


Therefore, it is very important to be yourself, have your own style, and try to get the maximum possible potential. Only in this way will we achieve our goals.

High-quality content

The quality of the content plays a key role. Making publications with blurred images, in bad light or that are not pleasant to the eye, will undoubtedly be one of the main impediments when it comes to achieving our goals.


It is essential that the content looks sharp, has a good composition, and has the right lighting. Actually, with smartphones today it is very easy to take good photos without being a professional photographer.


It is also recommended that the publications are accompanied by a text. This should be short, direct, and hooky. And above all, very, very important, no spelling mistakes! These recommendations apply to all publications in whatever format. Using geolocation can influence visibility.


Using Instagram or Instagram Stories and direct ones that last 24 hours can be a good way to attract new followers and retain existing ones as long as they are fun, original, and with a close tone. As for the videos, they do not have to be recorded with a professional camera and be perfect, but it will be necessary to have an original story and add humor to it.

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Have “quality” followers

What are quality followers? There are numerous platforms to get followers, but this system is not highly recommended, since these end up becoming only a number in our account, and they do not contribute anything to us.


Quality followers are those who interact with us and give us great engagement. It is not worth opening an account on Instagram for example and publishing photos, but the important thing is to get likes, comments and make a lot of noise to continue growing.


In addition, the Instagram algorithm does not stop changing, so now it is given more importance to save, share, comment, and like. This would be the order. 

Use of hashtags and tags

Using Hashtags, as long as it is done in moderation, is a good way to increase the visibility of our publications since the contents are ordered and can be found easily. But it is not worth putting hashtags to any word, but depending on the topic we are talking about, it will be convenient for us to look at the most popular hashtags.


The use of labels is also recommended since they make the photos appear in the images of the brand that we have labeled. In this way, his followers see us in the “tagged photos” section.

Types of influencers 

Currently, there are several types of Influencers, since each one has its own style, a different theme, and different ways of reaching a specific target. Here are some of the most common types of influencers.


These types of influencers are those who are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle. They are responsible for raising awareness in society of the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.


Collaborative influencers are those who get together with other influencers to work together, whether it’s to run a banner ad, video, or event. In this way, they increase their engagement.

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The influential dedicated to fashion have become icons with their own personality and style beyond brands.



Videogames bring together a very distinctive and loyal audience. These are dedicated to hanging their videos showing new video games that have come on the market or teaching tricks and techniques to get past the different screens.


We already find many influencers dedicated to the gastronomic sector and who through videos and images give the key to making quick and easy recipes, without wasting a lot of time in the kitchen, something that sometimes we lack.


These are influencers who have turned traveling into a profession and tell their stories while visiting different countries. Thanks to their advice and knowledge, they give the keys to travel to incredible places.


In recent times it has become very fashionable to show the world what it really means to be a mother. Large families, pregnancy period, reconciling work and family life … are some of the advice given by influential mothers.

Influencers salary

According to various sources in the sector, the salaries of the influencers are distributed as follows:

In the case of Instagram, with less than 100,000 followers, you can earn between 450 and 900 euros approximately for a sponsored post. An influencer with 500,000 followers can earn more than 4,580 euros for a sponsored publication, but as long as their content is of high quality and has good engagement. But if you look at those who have 1 million or more followers, they can charge up to 18,300 euros for a single post.


In TikTok, the salaries are not yet defined but the big Tiktokers can charge between 50,000 and 150,000 euros per sponsored post. 


On YouTube the rules are different. To start charging you have to meet two requirements: have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4000 views. YouTube pays about one euro for every 1000 views. 


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And up to here our tips! As you can see, being an influencer is not so easy and implies having innate skills but also developing other types of skills. 


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