51 Niche Markets for a Coach, Consultant, or Expert

51 Niche Markets for a Coach, Consultant, or Expert

Today there are niche markets for a coach, consultant, or expert like never before in history. Technology has made distances disappear and instant communication between people is routine.


There are no longer geographical, age, gender, or education barriers. Knowledge management has changed, and this creates important opportunities for those who seek professional support or have the possibility to provide it.


In societies where conventional employment has significant entry barriers and entrepreneurial activity marks the development of economies, it is vital to understand what markets demand and what professionals can offer.


Below is a detail of more than 50 professional trades and tasks that can be exercised without great obstacles or requirements.

All are in increasing demand and will be niche markets for a coach, consultant, or expert for a long time to come.

The people who can eventually dedicate themselves to these trades do not need large structures or investments. And its market can be global since it is barely limited by the availability of internet service and some language barriers.


To practice these trades there is only one requirement: to give VALUE to the people who take and hire them.

These are some of the trades of coach, instructor, mentor, consultant, advisor, or expert that can be offered to an expectant market:


Table of Contents

1. Personal or corporate sales coach.-

Sales skills are a requirement for every act in life. Therefore the market for this is huge. And the possibility of focusing on the development of these skills in people and/or work teams will always be a profitable job.

NOTE: “training” is not the same as training. The first is adjusted to the demands of time and permanent presence, to continuous training. The second is an event.

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2. Marketing consultant.-

Marketing techniques, to support sales efforts, are essential in increasingly competitive markets. The field is so vast that the fact of having mastery even over a single marketing technique allows the consultant’s work to be well-positioned and exploited in the market.


3. Positioning Trainer.-

Positioning techniques are intended to distinguish people (professionals), offers, or brands in the market.

While these tasks can be understood as part of marketing, they are so important in themselves that they provide the possibility of focus.

In today’s markets, training people to build a distinguished offering and image is a necessity that can be profitable.


4. Consultant in Social Networks.-

Many companies and professionals have offers that the market requires, but they do not master the communication systems that are changing the world.

This is one of the market niches for a coach, consultant, or most important expert today. Offering these services means working with a demand that is only increasing. And although there is “a lot” of supply in this, the granting of value ensures that the business can be perfected.


5. Tutor in Public Relations.-

Many professionals dedicated to managing business interests need to base their success on perceptions and relationships with the environment.

For this reason, dedicating themselves to orientation and training in these subjects produces good results.


6. Coach for Bloggers.-

This is another activity that grows in the dynamics of the virtual world and enriches specialized knowledge. Therefore there is a lot of demand for these services.


7. Copywriter (writer of advertising content, documents, books for third parties, etc.) .-

Who owns the knowledge, the vision, or has something important to communicate, does not always have the time or capacity to do it with quality.

Coordinating these efforts with people who have literary virtues generates mutual benefits.


8. WEB page designer.-

This is another element that underpins the presentation and transmission of ideas, offers, and messages today.

Dedicating yourself to it is a business that can be exploited profitably for much longer and without geographic limitations.


9. Expert in e-commerce (electronic commerce) of platforms such as Amazon and others that work in the market.

This is another of the market niches for a coach, consultant, or expert, which can be exploited in great depth.

Electronic commerce will progressively reach the same proportions as conventional commerce. This means the development of a field of work of extraordinary dimensions.

Knowledge of concepts and techniques to address it is a demand that will grow exponentially in the immediate future.


10. Online sales consultant.

Something similar to the above. With the addition of focusing on specific commercial aspects that allow the improvement of sales transactions.


11. Business Coach in the market.

Company and Business are not the same. The Company is a structure, the Business a function. Business organizations are built from a successful business.

The functions that perfect the Business are production and sales. To these are added, due to the effect of growth, other support functions that make up the company.

In this logic, the business coach focuses on distinguishing the character and behavior of the Business variables in an Organization. In this way, it helps to strengthen the very core of the organizational task.

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12. Information Technology Consultant.

The challenge for people, professionals, and institutions lies in keeping up with and keeping pace with everything that information management technology offers.

Consequently, whoever dedicates himself to contributing to these efforts, can make his activity profitable very well in the economic and social dynamics that exist today.


13. Drafting Coach.

This is a demand that they have from students who want to optimize and distinguish their academic performance, to great executives.


14. Start-Ups Coach.

Start-Ups are the “cellular form” that enterprises are adopting to measure and modulate their situation and position in the market.

And this logic offers the possibility of specialized and profitable advice.

On the other hand, Start-Up coaches can not only make their work profitable through fees. They can also participate in the equity and the results obtained by the organizations they advise


15. Coach to achieve goals and success (Success Coach).

All people have goals and want to achieve them. So guiding and supporting this has an almost universal echo in the markets.


16. Coach in communication techniques.

17. Coach in leadership.

Its need and scope are self-explanatory.


18. Coach in Personal Productivity.

One of the market niches for a coach, consultant, or expert, is more consistent with the behavior of work dynamics today. And not only that but also with the indispensable personal life that everyone should have.

The demand for concepts and techniques that help Personal Productivity will only grow in the future. And it will do so as markets and economic dynamics become more competitive.


19. Coach in Personal Time Management.

Similar to the above, and equally important.


20. Coach for the development of the professional career.

Important and necessary in an increasingly crystallized and demanding market.


21. Coach for academic development.

Very similar to the previous one, but focused on educational and training processes.


22. Coach concepts and techniques of negotiation.

Negotiation skills condition the obtaining of results. Possessing them is a requirement for the contemporary professional. Therefore, guiding and training people in this is a useful and profitable task.


23. Coaching to speak in public.

Another essential skill in the quest is to distinguish the personal and professional profiles.


24. Coach in image and style.

There is a lot of demand for this, and the possibility of offering practical and useful services.


25. Coach in finance and investments.

Its importance is self-explanatory.


26. Real Estate Consultant.

Another useful and profitable market niche.


27. Coach to identify personal and professional purposes.

Identifying purposes is not necessarily the same as identifying goals. There is a qualitative difference between the two.

Who collaborates with people and professionals on this issue can measure the size of the market by answering a simple question: How many people and professionals would like to identify their purposes in their professional careers and their own lives?

The potential of this is immense.


28. Motivation coach.

Indispensable element. Psychological factors are increasingly important in professional development.


29. Coach to overcome fears (Fear Coach).

Fears and fears are painful anchors for people. Contributing to the solution is a contribution that is priced very well in the market. And it has universal scope.

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“Who says they are not afraid of anything is really only afraid to tell the truth . ”


30. Happiness Coach.

None of the market niches for a coach, consultant, or expert has a greater field of work than this. Happiness is a universal demand of the human spirit. Contributing intelligently and professionally can only be a constantly growing business.

It is an ambitious goal but at the same time a commendable and useful purpose. The single dimension of the subject provides enormous perspectives.


31. Coach to overcome the midlife crisis.

Useful, practical, very focused, and deep niche work.


32. Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

33. Coach in Hypnosis.

34.-Coach in Reiki techniques.

35. Coach in Excursions and Trips.

There is an important market for people who want to optimize investments related to their free time. Therefore experienced help generates mutual benefit.


36. Yoga Instructor.

Yoga is a technique that helps to alleviate the effects of mental and emotional intensity that work demands. Something important in the current economic and social dynamics. Matching this demand provides profitable work.


37. Coach in high performance.

Especially for people who want to reach the frontiers of their competitive capacity, whether in sports or other activities, since many want to build “the best version of themselves” and need important help to do so.


38. Personal Development Coach.

It includes many of the other references, and therein lies its value.


39. Coach to raise and educate children (Parenting Coach).

It seems trivial, but it is an obvious necessity that can be worked on very well. Especially in homes where there are more resources than time.


40. Consultant for couples or marriages.

Its importance and need are self-explanatory.


41. Coach in Sex and sexual performance.

There is a huge market for this, and targeting efforts can be very profitable.


42. Coach in Divorces.

A focused, useful work, since it constitutes a critical experience that individuals must face and overcome.


43. Dating Coach.

Emerging market. Extensive and profitable, as experiences in many parts of the world demonstrate.


44. Coach in photography.

45. Coach in health and nutrition.

The demand for these services only tends to grow in the immediate and medium future.


46. Fitness Coach.

A dynamic identical to the previous one.


47. Spiritual Coach (Spiritual Coach).

More and more people, apart from dogmatic considerations, understand the holistic meaning that the Human Being represents, and the importance of the non-physical ingredient in well-being and general performance. A market of millions of people seeking guidance and help.


48. Dog trainer.

49. Coach in meditation techniques.

Increasingly used to combat stress, build mental focus and achieve comprehensive well-being.


50. Coach in action.

51. Coach in musical instruments and singing.

All of these tasks, and many others, can be used effectively with dedication and focus. No need for conventional training. All represent luscious market niches for a coach, consultant, or expert.

The requirement to activate the tasks in these niches is only one: to have the ability to grant VALUE to the customer. And this is not only rooted in knowledge, but also in experience, skills, disciplined work, and a vocation for service.

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