30 Seconds to Win Customers

30 Seconds to Win Customers

Winning clients is important and for this, you must be prepared for any situation or opportunity to present your project.


Sure, when you read the title of the post, you doubted or thought it was a joke, but you have to be prepared to network or sell your project to a potential client.


This technique is called ” Elevator Pitch “.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch, consists of presenting your project idea or your business idea in a clear, concise, and fast way to your potential client or partner and thus capture the attention and interest and then establish a second meeting.

The objective of an Elevator Pitch

The objective of this tool is to attract and capture the interest of your potential client to generate a second meeting, it can be virtual or face-to-face and there you can explain your project in more detail, before finishing the speech you must have obtained contact information such as personal email, telephone number, a business card among others.


If you did not manage to obtain it, analyze well what you commented and thus improve your speech and keep trying

Benefits of an Elevator Pitch

  • Be prepared in any situation
  • Take advantage of unique opportunities
  • Personal identity
  • Increase your networking
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How to prepare an Elevator Pitch?


  • Define your project: Who is your target audience?

To help you be more focused, it is necessary that you define who you are selling to since it will help you focus and know your customer segment, and thus you can create a unique value proposition.


  • What are the needs or problems of my target audience?

Now you already know your target audience, we will analyze their problem or needs in order to offer a solution to the problem


  • What solution do you propose?

In this part, you must create a product or service that solves this problem, that is effective and attractive to the customer.


When talking with the client, it is better not to tell the solution immediately, to feed the curiosity in the client, and thus be able to schedule a second meeting and present your complete project.


  • Benefits for your client

You must add within the speech what are the benefits that the client obtains with your product and service.

1. Questions necessary to complement your speech:

  • Who are you?
  • Professional experience in the field?
  • Why can you make this project successful?

You must define very well your qualities as a professional, studies carried out, experiences, qualities, among others


  • How big is the market you are targeting?

You already know your target audience, but do you already know how big your market is? You must know and know this information to measure the future growth of the project and the impact on the market.

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  • How do you think about getting the investors’ money back (ROI)?

If investors invest in your project, in how long will they get back the money invested? How long will it take to show the profit from the project?


2. Differentiate yourself from others

  • What makes you different from the others?

Think very well about what differentiates you from other professionals in your field or area.

  • Why should they invest in you and not someone else?

Up to this point, you should have the answer to this question since you have defined the target audience, solution of the problem, benefits, and time of the return of the money for your investors

3. Explain your business model.

  • How is your project?
  • How are you going to earn money?
  • Why is your project going to be a success?


Once you have finished answering these questions it is time to filter and curate the information and thus have a perfect speech. Follow the next steps:

  1. Filter out all redundant information.
  2. Collect all the answers to your questions and put together your speech.
  3. Practice your speech several times, until it feels natural.

Do 30 seconds sound crazy to you?

Relax, in the first 30 seconds, you should be able to capture the attention of your client, because if it arouses that curiosity in the client, he will not want to stop talking to you and learn more about the project.


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