Google Chrome: How to personalize the New Tab page?

Google Chrome: How to personalize the New Tab page?
Google Chrome’s default New Tab page probably works well for most users, but it could be made even better and more personalized. You can add shortcuts to the web, change the wallpaper and see where you’ve been in Google apps. It’s worth making some adjustments to make your New Tab even better.

Home Page in Google Chrome

To set the home page in Google Chrome, you must first enable the Home button, from Settings > Appearance > Show Home Button. Then you can choose what the button does.

  • First, click on the menu icon with three dots in the upper right corner and then select “ Settings ” from the menu.
  • Next, go to the “ Appearance ” section.
  • Enable the “ Show Home Button “. After that, you can choose to use “ New Tab Page ” or enter a custom web address. This is the address you will go to when you click the Home button. It does not replace the New Tab page.

By following the simple process above, you are setting the home page in Google Chrome!

Change the wallpaper on the Chrome New Tab page

You can set a wallpaper for the Google Chrome New Tab page by selecting the “ Customize ” button and selecting an image.

  • First, click the “ plus ” icon in the tab bar to open a new tab, then click the “ Customize ” icon (pencil icon) in the lower right corner.
  • From the “ Background ” tab, open a gallery of images and select one to use as wallpaper. You can also use your own image if you want by clicking “ Upload From Device ”.
  • Some collections include a “ Refresh Daily ” option at the top right. With this option, a new wallpaper from the collection will be automatically applied every day.
  • Once you’ve made your changes, click “ Done ” to save your preferences.
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To set the home page in Google Chrome

Edit shortcuts in Chrome’s New Tab Page

The New Tab page in Google Chrome can display your most visited websites or your custom shortcuts. You can also hide the shortcuts completely if you want.

  • First, click the “plus” icon in the tab bar to open a new tab, then click the “ Customize ” icon in the lower right corner.
  • From the “ Shortcuts ” tab, select “ My Shortcuts ” to select your own or “ Most Visited Sites ” for suggestions. Here you can also select “ Hide Shortcuts ” so that the shortcuts are not visible.
  • Click “ Done ” when you are done making changes.
  • If you select “My Shortcuts”, you can click the “ Add Shortcut ” button to enter a web address.
  • You can also click the three-dot icon for any shortcut to edit or remove the name and address.

These shortcuts can be useful for quickly going to websites every time you open a new tab, instead of typing it or using the bookmarks bar.

How to change the Chrome theme?

Google Chrome has a variety of colors and themes.

  • First, click the “plus” icon in the tab bar to open a new tab, then click the “ Customize ” pencil icon in the lower right corner.
  • Go to the “ Color and Theme ” tab and click on one of the color options. It will be implemented immediately.
  • In case you don’t like the colors available, click the dropper icon to choose your own custom color.
  • Select “ Done ” when you are done with the changes.
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By making these small changes, you can customize your New Tab page to better suit your needs.



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