The New Device “Puts” Music Into Your Head Without Headphones

The New Device “Puts” Music Into Your Head Without Headphones

Share devices that stream music and sound straight to your head without headphones. But what do we mean by that?

Imagine a world where you move with your sound bubble. You can listen to your favorite music, play computer games, watch movies, or receive navigation instructions in your car – without disturbing other people.

This is characteristic of “sound beaming”, a new futuristic audio technology from New Systems, an Israeli company. Desktop devices start and send sound directly to the listener’s ears without needing to use headphones.


The company provided The Associated Press with an exclusive SoundBeamer 1.0 demonstration ahead of Friday’s draw.

The XNUMXD sound offered by this device is so close, that it sounds like it is in the ear when it is in front of, above, and behind it.


Noveto expects the device to have more practical uses than allowing employees to listen to music or have “meetings” without disturbing coworkers to allowing one person to play games, watch movies, or listen to music without disturbing others.


The absence of headphones means that other sounds in the room can be heard clearly.

This technology uses a 3-D detector to detect and monitor the position of the ear. It uses ultrasonic waves to send sound to create something like “sound drops” from the user’s ear. His voice can be heard in stereo and 3D mode, the company said.

The demo is a video from nature featuring geese swimming in lakes, bees, and rivers that make listeners feel as if they are being carried across a stage.

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But even CEO Christoph Rammstein finds it difficult to describe the device in words. In the zoom demonstration conducted by Zoom, SoundBeamer Product Manager Ayana Walter was unable to hear gunshots during demonstration play.


Changing the setting allows the voice to “follow” the listener as they move their head. It’s also possible to avoid the rays and hear nothing, which creates a real experience.


After his first hearing, Rammstein wondered how he was different from other audio devices. While the sound broadcasting concept is not new, Noveto is the first to introduce the technology and the SoundBeamer 1.0 desktop kit will be the brand’s first consumer product.

Rammstein said a “smaller and sexier” version of the device will be available to consumers by Christmas 2021.

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