15 technological trends that will mark this 2023: Don’t stay behind

15 technological trends that will mark this 2023: Don’t stay behind

The world is advancing at a dizzying pace and this is, to a large extent, due to the technological developments that surprise humanity every day. These have generated that many dynamics of daily life have changed and that some are already condemned to be obsolete. For this reason, in this article, we will present some technological trends for 2023.

It is important that you know them since they can be very useful both for your daily routine and for your business or company.

Surely you will wonder, what will 2023 bring us in terms of technology issues? And well, it is understandable that there is curiosity about this and how it can affect or change what can currently be seen as normal. What we can assure you is that several technological trends for this year are related to entrepreneurial projects.

It is no coincidence that every week you hear new news about characters like Elon Musk and his projects that surprise the world. One of the causes of the rapid development of innovative technologies is the investment in research and studies made by these men and their work teams.

Beyond this, we want you to know for yourself the technological trends that will mark the roadmap this 2023 and what their contributions will be:

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

15 technological trends that will mark this 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken on great importance in our lives and perhaps we have not yet found out about it or have not given it the importance it deserves. Just to mention a few examples, AI is already present in Google, Waze and how not to mention the great protagonist of the year: OpenAI with its ChaTGPT.

What about a development that will answer any questions you have or that can do many things for you, such as designing, editing or even managing programming languages? Due to facts like the above, this technological trend is the new electricity in the lives of human beings.

2. Nanotechnology

What we are going to show you next is something that you may relate more to science fiction movies or series, but that is getting closer. Can you imagine taking a pill and having thousands of nano cameras diagnose your body in an effective and non-intrusive way?

Well, nanotechnology will enable great innovations in health, engineering, as well as the information and communications sector. To cite a few examples, it is already used in cosmetics, sunscreens, textiles, coatings, health products, and, of course, pharmaceuticals.

3. Smart robotics

15 technological trends that will mark this 2023


This is a technological trend that, in addition to being surprised, also generates fear in workers in many industries. Because? The moment in which we will be able to see robots fulfilling the functions of collaborators in a company is getting closer and closer. It is even something that is already being seen, but this will be magnified.

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Robotics is combined with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to execute tasks that, at some point, can represent a lot of complexity. However, these robots can be great tools to carry out physical tasks or those that are risky for human beings.


Among the current technological trends, 5G is one of the most established during 2023. It is known that it has already made great strides, but this year it will complete the great leap with much faster download speeds and greater uploads. network.

What other benefits does 5G technology represent as one of the most relevant technological innovations? This will allow people greater connectivity and better performance for virtual reality, augmented reality, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

5. Virtual and augmented reality

15 technological trends that will mark this 2023


Of the technology trends that will be protagonists during 2023, there is virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (RA). The first has existed for decades, but the results, due to the technology of the moment, did not allow hyper-realistic graphics like the current ones.

Glasses and helmets that allow you to travel through virtual worlds such as the metaverse will become more common. AR, for its part, integrates virtual elements into the real world that surrounds human beings. Of course, this has worked in a great way on mobile phones and applications such as Pokemon Go, and Google Lens, among others.

6. Sustainability and energy efficiency

It is clear that the world urgently needs an abundant and cheap source of energy. The year 2022 culminated with the news that nuclear fusion had been achieved and that in about ten years human beings will have the energy of the sun on Earth. As this is not a sure thing, in the meantime, variants have been developed improving renewable energy or the hydrogen cell.

As mentioned before, AI is one of the great technological innovations with enormous benefits. For example, this development will help to improve electrical networks, which means that it is necessary to produce the same energy as 20 years ago, but for consumption that could be double. 

7. Clones or digital twins

15 technological trends that will mark this 2023


Among the technological trends that can surprise people the most is that of clones or digital twins. What is this about? They are a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical product, process, or system that bridges the physical and digital worlds.

Digital twins use sensors to collect real-time data about a physical object, which is used to create a virtual duplicate of it. The digital duplicate can be optimized, manipulated, and analyzed to test different scenarios in a risk-free environment. It should be noted that digital twins integrate AI and machine learning (ML).

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8. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of connected sensors and infrastructure that can collect data from anything. As clearer examples, this development can be found in objects such as domestic heating to traffic jams on city streets.

The IoT will continue to transform the energy sector with devices such as smart thermostats to control energy consumption and regulate temperatures. This innovation will also be important in services related to health and well-being, such as smartwatches with sensors to control indicators of physical condition.

9. Autonomous logistics

15 technological trends that will mark this 2023


Another technology trend of great relevance for this year is autonomous logistics. Over the years, customers are increasingly demanding with the deliveries of their products. Due to this, the experience managers of the companies advance with the creation of autonomous systems in logistics.

By 2023 it will be usual to see more delivery vehicles, trucks, and boats that work autonomously, in addition to the popular delivery robots. Companies will adopt tools such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to automate repetitive tasks and processes with computer algorithms.

10. Observability applied

The tenth example of technological trends that will set the standard in 2023 is applied observability. To explain this development, we can cite its most representative example: Tesla. What this company does is offer its customers insurance based only on the observable behavior of drivers.

In this way, Tesla cars observe driving behavior using vehicle sensors to quantify a monthly safety score. Thus, it is estimated that an average driver saves from 20 to 40% on his insurance premium. Observable data has its value in that it is not based on intentions but on user actions.

11. Super Apps

15 technological trends that will mark this 2023


When talking about new technology, eyes will always be on the Asian continent and this is no exception. Among the technological trends that Asia presents and that will reach the Western market with a lot of influence are Super Apps. Simply put, these are mobile apps that do just about everything.

A Super App combines the functions of an application, a platform, and an ecosystem in a single app. Thus, it provides a platform for third parties to develop and publish their own applets. An example of this is We Chat, which offers services such as messaging, mobile payments, and online shopping in the same space.

12. Blockchain

As is traditional, the processes that include the establishment of trust between two parties have occurred through an intermediary. The fact that systems like Paypal are centralized means that there can still be problems when the companies that provide them do not manage them effectively.

That is where Blockchain appears, one of the technological trends and innovations that will continue to give people something to talk about this year. This is just a way to store data or run programs that are spread across multiple computers and cannot be interfered with by outsiders.

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13. Transport and mobility

15 technological trends that will mark this 2023

By 2023, there will also be technological trends related to transport and mobility. Examples of this are electric vehicles, added to the development of batteries and charging systems. According to what was said by Steve Koenig, vice president of research at the CTA (Consumer Technology Association), cars full of screens will be seen.

In addition, developments will target vehicles that can be controlled with voice and that are compatible with 5G networks. To cite just a few examples of vehicle innovations, at CES, the world’s most influential consumer electronics trade show, Volkswagen unveiled a vehicle with digital camouflage bodywork that changes to the beat of the music.

14. 3D printing

To cite an example of business technology trends, it’s time to talk about 3D printing. Surely you have already heard about it and you will have even had contact with it, but this development will continue to be key in prototyping. This technology has been characterized by its great impact on the biomedical and industrial sectors.

Until a few years ago, it was hard to imagine that a real object could be printed from a printer. Now, this innovation, which is here to stay, will continue to offer its benefits to companies in the data and health sector. 3D printing will also be a source of high-paying jobs, like AI.

15. Tech Talent

15 technological trends that will mark this 2023


Finally, in this list in which various types of technological trends have been mentioned, human material could not be left out. Large companies will remain in competition for a limited supply of technology professionals. Therefore, the winning strategy of these is to create, cultivate and care for these new talents.

Candidates with profiles of this type are becoming increasingly scarce and technology is advancing so fast that many talents become obsolete every 2.5 years, on average. The foregoing leads to the conclusion that companies should focus their efforts on training professionals with these characteristics, instead of looking for them in the market.

The above are 15 technological trends that will be protagonists during 2023. As you have seen, some are just emerging, while others have been around for some time and will now be essential in many industries.

Final words

As technology continues to advance, new trends are expected to emerge and the way of life of human beings will be transformed. It is important, therefore, to be constantly updated to know where the industries are going and which tools can optimize people’s personal and work lives.

If you are an entrepreneur and you are interested in these topics, you should also know that sustainability is an increasingly paramount topic. Yes, you always want to do everything better and faster, but what you are also looking for now is to help take care of resources. That is one of the great objectives that industries must have in their panorama.


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