The Value Of Life Depends On The Use Of Time, Not Money

The Value Of Life Depends On The Use Of Time, Not Money

The value of people’s lives is defined by the use they give to their time. There is no better qualification since time is ultimately what defines the extension of life.

When there are limitations on the discretionary use of time, the value of life is reduced proportionally.

When these limitations are established by other people, said value is determined, then, by those other people. One is worth what others “pay” for the time they are provided.

And if this mechanism of “renting time” is sustained for long periods, the “rental” becomes a definitive purchase and sale. And the person’s life becomes the “property” of someone else.

Many think that they are masters of their destiny even though they permanently “rent” their time.

The person who “rents” his or her time in a job and is subject to what the system provides in this sense, has an owner and must recognize an employer. And he who invests his time in tasks whose remuneration depends exclusively on personal time has his profession as his employer.

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He is not rich and has a lot of money, rather he is the owner of his time as well as his money. Being tied to a gold chain is the saddest paradox in life.

This is why it is important to refute some premises established by intellectual laziness, or what mass culture calls “tradition”:

  • It is not true that the best way to obtain a livelihood comes from trading time for money. That is not true! As much as it constitutes part of ancient popular wisdom.
  • Nor is it true that success in life (first it must be stated that success has a personal unit of measurement) lies in training people in knowledge, skills, and abilities that “have always been well valued in the market.”
  • It is false that traditional employment constitutes the ideal vehicle to sell this training in the market.
  • It is not true that a successful “professional career” is represented by a history of jobs that consume a good part of one’s time and life. Ultimately, no one cares about that, not even the systems that benefit from it.
  • It is not true that the only alternative to this is to develop knowledge in a trade that is traded in the market without dependence on others. This is self-employment that lawyers, doctors, dentists, etc. know well. A system that only changes the boss and enthrones the trade as owner and lord of its own time.
  • It is false that all this is solved by the accumulation of experience. People with a lot of experience are equally lost in the circuit, trading basic skills for a handful of money.
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The person who organizes personal and professional premises according to the intelligent use of his or her time is not wrong. Because in doing so he works on the most important variable in the equation of life. The good use of time provides, first of all, quality of life, which is precisely what is sought by “mortgaging” it for a few coins.

Quality of life understood as a state of physical, mental, and emotional balance, provides the best conditions for making decisions regarding money. It is different to “arrive” at a hypothetical state of quality of life as a result of having accumulated money (mortgaging time, generally), then starting from a state that provides a certain quality of life and achieving financial goals from there.

Can you generate money without spending time? Of course! The most logical way is to trade knowledge, skills, advice, skills, or any product that emerges from the combination of these.

All people possess something of value that others need and can afford. And these transactions must be made for values ​​that allow time to be conserved and not just accumulate money. This forces you to have something of quality that others are willing to pay for a good price because if you trade something of low value, you end up burning time.

That is why “ the best ice cream maker in the world is not poor ”, because he is the best at what he does. This gives value to what you trade and the time you invest and save.

On the other hand, it is not about advocating any magic formula that provides money without effort.

Work is essential to get what you need and want in life. And the work demands the investment of time. But this is precisely what should be done: invest time intelligently, not spend it as if it were endless.

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Manage and accumulate time, not money. This way you will know the value of life and genuine wealth.

Don’t forget the following:

  • Money cannot buy time, time can buy everything, even money.
  • He who has time can make decisions, he who has money has already decided.
  • Money and time are not always compatible, but who said that time and money are not? It all depends on the concept that is prioritized.
  • Whoever privileges time invests money, whoever favors money invests time. The first is wise, the second is “confused.”
  • Money tends to worry people, while time can only be occupied.
  • “Monopoly” is a board game, life is not a “Monopoly” game.
  • The richest man in the cemetery is still there with the same problem he had in life: he doesn’t have time.

The value of life depends on the use of time, not money.


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