Simplicity Is The Key To Brilliance

Simplicity Is The Key To Brilliance

If it can be accepted that perfection exists in something, then that “something” has to be simple. Because complexity is at odds with the fluidity of things in life, with the efficiency, dynamics, and aesthetics of the elements that make up the universe. Complexity darkens, while simplicity is the key to brilliance.

The first factor that explains the simplicity of something is precisely its fluidity. This is because all the things that exist in the universe respond to a dynamic that always flows, in one way or another. The more complex things are, the less ability they have to flow.

If in a two-dimensional world, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, in the dynamics of the universe, the optimal time to get from point A to point B depends on the fluidity of the process.


This is decisive for any purpose in life, since the objectives that you want to achieve depend on the degree of fluidity that your processes have, on the simplicity with which they are built.


Now, the processes themselves do not always have to be simple, nor is, for example, the course of a river. The imperative is not to place more obstacles there than already exist. If there are many rocks in the river, the flow of the water is altered, and the current becomes wild and stormy.

Simplicity is explained first by not placing obstacles, not necessarily by the processes being simple by themselves. It is clear that not everything is easy in this world, but it is another thing to complicate situations deliberately, even as a result of good intentions.

When the art of not hindering the flow of processes is mastered, simplicity is achieved, a key element of the brilliant, the brilliant, and the extraordinary. The wheel is a simple tool, just like Einstein’s equation, to explain the behavior of energy. Simplicity is the most advantaged apprentice of perfection.

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In all aspects of daily life, the goal is not to simplify processes, it is to try not to complicate them. It is not always easy to remove obstacles, but it is wise not to place them unnecessarily.

This may seem like a very basic recommendation, because in the end, who is out there trying to complicate their lives? Well, the answer to this is also simple: most do, and consistently. Because simplicity always raises suspicion. If something seems easy, it is “possibly” not right, and if it is even very easy, it is surely “too good to be true”.

For that mentality that evaluates everything through the lens of difficulty, simplicity is suspect. Simple things do not have the same value as those that cost the most, and the product of perspiration is always more valuable than the fruit of ingenuity.

And since people commit faults equally by action or omission, in the case of their relationship with the simple they sin firstly: they put their hands where they should not. They complicate things in their eagerness to contribute.

Life is indeed difficult in many aspects, but it is so mainly because of human actions.

Because everything in nature reflects simplicity. The simple is a foundation of the dynamics of the Universe. Most of the time, processes do not require exogenous interventions to follow their best course.

This does not mean that people inhabit this world to peacefully contemplate what happens, but rather that they are not called to unnecessary protagonism. Your role is to appreciate things and events with the lens of simplicity that underpins the perfect.

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Any evaluation of processes and possible solutions must follow, in the worst case, the flow of a funnel. The difficulties have to be sifted to the point that simple solutions and answers are distilled from the other end. You should never “invert the funnel.” If something looks and feels simple, there’s no need to complicate it.

From the other point of view, it is necessary to be aware of the following paradox: the more difficult something is, the simpler the answer is. The more complex the problem, the simpler the solution. Complexity has no cure in itself, simplicity is the remedy.

If you are going through a difficult situation, you have to reflect on something: the solution is simple, and surely it is present nearby, from the beginning. Another thing is that you don’t see it or don’t want to take it, in which case the situation is no longer the problem, but yourself.

One could think in this sense: If complex problems have simple solutions, then there are also “simple problems”? No. Simplicity is never a problem. Therefore, stop seeing difficulties everywhere.

There is a false idea that approaching things through the lens of complexity generates less friction with others and less mental tribulation:

  • It seems easier to say “maybe” than yes or no.


  • It seems very difficult to simply set a Stop or an End Point for something.


  • It seems more comfortable to say a “see you later” where a goodbye corresponds.


  • It seems easier to live according to the expectations of others than to be honest with yourself.
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  • It seems easier to be in “bad company” than alone…


  • The “bad known” seems better than the good to be known.


  • It seems that “living in peace” has more value than being happy.

It seems, in short, that simple resolutions do not take into consideration others and oneself. Being frank conflicts with courtesy, being honest with oneself can be an insult to others, and cutting something short can be a lack of sensitivity. From this point on she begins to live in a world of lies, deception, and hypocrisy. A full cast of agents of complexity.

Learn (or it should be said rather “re-learn” because it is in your nature), to see the world as it essentially is: simple, beautiful, with perfect flows and dynamics. Balanced, full of reasons and justifications. Everything that seems complex is provided by oneself.

Recognize that the simpler, the better. Whether you are proposing or looking for a solution. Great is always simple!

But don’t be mistaken either: walking the paths of simplicity requires a lot of work. Because the human being has built a world full of obstacles. Getting around them is not easy and they cannot be ignored either. That is why few people shine and achieve what they want.

In short, aligning thoughts with the simplicity of things in the universe, living simply, and always gravitating in the sphere of solutions and not problems, is something rare and rare in this world. Something extraordinary.

Very few people live like this. For the majority, life is hard, the world is very complex and existence is almost an obligation…


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