What You Achieve In Life Depends On Your Sense Of Humor.

What You Achieve In Life Depends On Your Sense Of Humor.

Peter F. Drucker, the father of modern management, said: “You should take your work seriously, but never take yourself too seriously. This appreciation must be extended to the general understanding of existence because it is certainly appropriate to take life seriously, but to live… that is something else. And for this, there is no better lubricant than a sense of humor.

In the desire to make a nice presentation, one could say that there are few things sadder than a person who lacks a sense of humor. But this would be a banal statement because the matter is very serious. Those who cannot see the world with a minimum of joy suffer tremendously.

It’s all about ATTITUDE. Nothing else. A way of feeling and understanding the things that happen. There are no skills involved in this. Those who say that “taking things with humor is a privilege of intelligence” are right, but this does not refer to particular knowledge.


The sense of humor, in its deepest interpretation, consists of recognizing “the grace” that accompanies all the things that happen.

“Funny”. This beautiful term has two concurrent interpretations. It means benevolence, favor, or benefit that is received without any type of merit. And it is also a gift that some have to have fun and make people laugh through words or attitudes.

Existence is a grace granted. No one has effective control over what the future holds. Today it is here and tomorrow who knows. As long as this is true, life is simply a grace. A favor, a blessing received without any merit.

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Now, many people (unfortunately not enough) find that benevolence comforting. They see it as a “pleasant and pleasant” blessing. And from this point, everything flows easily, because from the understanding of what is “grateful” comes the meaning of what is “gracious” (from the Latin term “ gratus”, comes the word “gratiotus” ).

It’s not that what’s funny “can be” funny, it’s that it is.

The sense of humor is consistent with the nature of life.

Therefore, finding and understanding His grace is an act of basic intelligence. Recognizing it is an existential imperative, and “celebrating it” is a wonderful gift.

Who celebrates shares and involves others. He transmits joy, lifts spirits, and enriches the environment wherever he is. Improving the world in this way is one of the two greatest fruits of a sense of humor. The other, which is even larger, will be exposed later.

Celebrating the grace of life and promoting the establishment of pleasant environments is a gift that few have. Nothing is deprived of these because they possess the essential attitude of victors.

Also to lead and direct others, few things are more useful than a sense of humor.

About this, Dwight D. Eisenhower, the great American general and president, said: “A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of being with people, of making things happen. ” A powerful vehicle for building relationships, developing faith, recognition, perceptions of protection and love.

It is an attitude that allows you to face events without allowing yourself to be conditioned by defeat or misfortune. A kind of bastion, a refuge. People with a sense of humor can get through delicate issues guided by the hope and certainty that everything can improve.

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Popular wisdom likes to say in times of difficulty: “Keep calm, everything will be resolved soon. One day you will remember with a smile everything you went through now. ” And this is true. Although it is difficult to understand, in life everything is ALWAYS good. Reality is neutral. Each person interprets and qualifies the things that happen to them according to the lens they wear.

Well, a sense of humor is a wonderfully useful “lens” to appreciate everything. Increases the positive energy of events and neutralizes the negative.

Smile at life! Seriously… There is no better act of healthy defiance and judicious acceptance.

Reflect on this for a moment. Is there anything more comforting than facing adversity with a smile? Doesn’t this give more power than the raised fist? On the other hand, think about the following: Does defeat smile?

On the other hand, and possibly most importantly, learn to laugh heartily at yourself. This is the greatest fruit of the sense of humor.

People who take themselves too seriously are dramatically weak. Insecure, susceptible, and self-conscious. They live in terms of an Ego that demands incessant protection and care. They are like huge glass castles that are afraid of even the smallest rock.

These people cannot present great achievements. They live jumping from bush to bush, protecting themselves from everything that seems appropriate to them. They achieve grotesque mastery in the management of absolute seriousness. They operate according to other people’s qualifications and take everything to heart.

He who can laugh at himself celebrates his existence. It is nothing else. Nothing reduces or minimizes. It neither asks nor grants. It only relativizes the apparent majesty of the events. It gives them the size they really are.

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Appreciate the size of the Universe. Our entire galaxy is like a speck of dust in the desert. Imagine, in this context, the proportion of a simple person. Is it reasonable to give yourself so much importance? Is it necessary to consider the “hole” in the cake and assume that everything revolves conspiratorially around it?


Therefore laugh at yourself. And willingly. That has the effect of the midday sun on a few grams of margarine. If he considers himself affected by nothing, then nothing can affect him. The process begins there: in oneself. Then everything else is an accessory. What others think or say is their problem.

And speaking of “senses”…

Popular wisdom also says that “common sense is the least common of the senses.” He is not wrong in this either. Not having a sense of humor is a basic and monumental nonsense.

Because finally:

If you always bring a smile to life, you also get a smile in return. And if life smiles at you, what else can you aspire to?


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