If There Is No Solution, There Is No Problem!

If There Is No Solution, There Is No Problem!

One of the most important causes of the anguish that many people feel is the helplessness to solve a Problem. This is a frustrating situation, it destabilizes the emotional balance and progressively “kidnaps” the person and turns them into a hostage.

Unresolved problems prevent any kind of concentration on regular tasks, they steal precious and irrecoverable time. The focus disappears and the general development weakens. This situation makes people very vulnerable, especially in the face of the following setbacks that may arise, since problems have a non-stop routine: they never stop being or appearing. Unresolved problems are open doors for more problems.

However, the good news is known: in life, every problem has a solution. And note this well, because it is not stated that all problems have ONE solution, it is stated that they all HAVE a solution. Efficiency in solving the Problem is, in this case, more valuable than effectiveness. Some solutions may have better or worse results than others, but there is no such thing as an unresolved state. The Quality of the solution is another thing.

It can be affirmed that there are solutions that only complicate the problem (remedies that are worse than the disease), but even in these cases, it is shown that there are solutions for each problem. Qualitatively, there is a big difference between understanding that all problems have a solution (good or bad) and thinking that there are unsolvable problems. The first situation demands greater capacity, the second only generates helplessness and frustration. There is a difference between acting badly and being paralyzed.

The only unsolvable problems are generally inscribed in people’s imagination. The human being has that powerful ability to visualize the future, imagine it; anticipate states, calculate probabilities, and measure hypothetical consequences. At a given moment he finds himself living in imaginary situations, even with a degree of realism higher than what is factual. The phenomenon of “What if…?” It is probably the biggest enemy of peace of mind.

Visualizing hypothetical situations to the point of experiencing them in advance also anticipates the presence of problems. And of course, these have no solution because they do not exist.

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The problem is not the problem, The problem is your attitude toward the problem. Jack Sparrow

Now, anticipating problems is correct because it is part of the work that must be done in the causal relationship that these have, but “anticipating” the Problem is something completely different. A Problem cannot be anticipated: a Problem is or it is not.

Any confusion can be very costly. The farsighted person is the one who anticipates problems, not the one who anticipates their presence. People who live in the world of “What if?” He makes a voluntary admission to purgatory: that universe of “maybe yes, maybe no.” The group of people who live like this is so large that it forces the construction of this category. In it, IF there are problems that have no solution, and people are completely paralyzed.

The most effective way to avoid this destructive habit is to always imagine the future in positive terms. This costs NOTHING! It is preferable to err on the side of optimism and not find the desired results than to make flesh of imaginary problems that “hypothetically” the future may bring. The positive visualization of the future also produces positive energies in the present, favorably alters moods, and strengthens them.

Another way to avoid unnecessarily anticipating problems is by adopting the attitude of “living each day with its desire.” It is only the specific moment that the human being is allowed to live in, only in it does he effectively have control over his actions and direct influence over his circumstances. For this reason, it is advisable to “open and close” the day, in the same way, that clarity opens it in the mornings and darkness closes it at night, giving each day its desire, nothing less, but, above all, nothing else. The performance ends at the end of the day, and the curtain MUST fall because at the same time, the “show” MUST continue the next day.

Something else: sleep is a powerful advisor. The solution to many problems takes shape while you sleep. For this reason, it is absurd to deprive oneself of such a blessing, especially under the protection of “problems that take away sleep…”. The relationship has to be inverse: sleep should not take away the problem, it is rather a good dream that should help to solve it. That is why it is necessary to “open and close” properly each day; While he is active, invest the best in each act, extracting the “juice” of capacity and life and then, when the time comes, deactivate everything.

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And for those who affirm that this is erring on the side of facileness, innocence, or naivety, the challenge is posed: What is gained by doing things differently? Where are they and who makes up that gallery of notables who solved more problems while sleeping less? Who among the worried has the record of problems solved? Can you see any pictures of these hard-working people? A medical certificate? The Diary of a member of your family?

The biblical advice establishes as imperative “Let the sun not go down on your anger”, and here a humble parallel is posed to ask “Let the sun not go down on your problem”. If the day was well spent and the Problem was not resolved, it will be resolved tomorrow. The indispensable Pause is not a tool for the irresponsible or indifferent, it is a powerful weapon in the hands of the intelligent. The “official” people, those who by way of responsibility live at the pace dictated by their problems, are those who would have wanted to build the Panama Canal with a pick and shovel in hand: To this day they would continue working. Intelligent people work to solve their problems and achieve their goals on paved roads, in this task, there are no effective “shortcuts”.

Some notes about “worried” people :

The dictionary says that Worry is: “uneasiness, concern or fear caused by something.”

Its synonyms are: “restlessness, restlessness, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, sadness, malaise, disquiet, suspicion, insomnia, anguish, mania, neurosis…”

Visualize yourself as a “worried” person trying to solve their problems amid restlessness, fear, discomfort, unease, anguish, etc. It’s almost absurd! However, popular understanding seeks to accept that a “worried” person is precisely one who is paying more attention to their problems: they are “pre-worried.”

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Worry is not a prelude to solving the problem, it is a consequence of poorly resolved problems. Nothing is gained with worry, what’s more, when you reach that state the battle is practically lost.

And the fact is that with problems a battle is fought, and although it is not always won, this is not a battle that is undertaken to lose. The person seasoned in fighting draws benefits from both victory and defeat, but he plays to win. The worried person has already been defeated before fighting because even if he exceptionally manages to solve the problem well, he has lost calm, tranquility, and peace. This weakens the spirit for the following confrontations and puts at risk the definitive victory that a quality life demands.

There will also be some who claim that asking not to pay attention to imaginary problems and concerns is naive. After all, they will say, life is not a cup of milk for anyone and they must become aware of the “harsh” reality and place their feet on the ground.

It will be up to them to tell them that the request to “have your feet on the ground” is understandable, but nothing obliges you to have your head at the level of your feet.

It’s all about Quality of Life. This has to be the paradigm and everything that leads there must be accepted as good. Understanding in this sense that every problem has a solution helps a lot, and rationalizing it contributes incomparably to personal growth.

There is no margin for error or risk when stating: IF THERE IS NO SOLUTION, THERE IS NO PROBLEM!

It is good to remember this every day because it wonderfully increases Faith in victory. And it has been well said by a Superior Wisdom that Faith moves mountains…


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