The Best Ice Cream Man in the World is Not Poor

The Best Ice Cream Man in the World is Not Poor

Quite the opposite! He’s probably doing very well, just like the world’s best carpenter, gardener, newsboy, lawyer, taxi driver, or electronics engineer. It doesn’t matter what they do, but rather how they do it, and if they are the best in the world at it, there is no doubt that they are doing wonderfully well.

The formula for this is very simple, it’s called Value. Worth things are always highly appreciated and in demand. One way or another. Anywhere. At all times.

In the professional world, the Value of people is represented by the Quality of the things they do, not necessarily by the things they know, but always by what they Do. Because there are not a few cases of those who know but ultimately do not do things of concrete value. In this, the Quality of performance requires that bridges be built between Aptitude and Attitude because it is the latter that finally enables Knowledge to materialize for benefit.

Every person who wants to succeed professionally in life must seek to be “the best in the world at what he does”, not the best in the company, the neighborhood, the city, or the country, but the best of all. That is an individual for whom destiny sets the table so that he can serve everything he wants.

Is there some kind of limitation for Anyone to aspire and decide to be the best in the world in what they do? Any logical argument that is not part of the rationalization or forced contextualization that “mediocracy” likes so much? Or that it does not conclude by blaming and billing others?

Does it make sense for the objection to argue that because I was “not born in Chicago” I can never be the best ice cream man in the world, or because I live in a poor country, full of envious people and corrupt leaders, I will never become the best at anything?

Wanting to be prudent and humble of heart, I will say that I do not know the precise answer, but I dare to predict that the concern is completely unfounded, even for a society that is subjected to the toughest tests and the greatest misfortunes. And this is for a reason that is also simple: the human spirit is incredibly resilient, powerful, and creative. The human being “stops” the best of himself precisely in the face of the most adverse conditions. There are thousands of years of history and events that testify to it.

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The reason for not being “the best in the world” is rather one of complete personal responsibility. We are not because we don’t want to be, we don’t pretend to be, and we don’t even think about it. This is beyond the borders that our vision contemplates.

There is also something of “not being able to” apart from “not wanting to”. And that also for another simple reason: many of us choose to carry out trades and tasks that are not consistent with our gifts, aptitudes, and abilities; trades and tasks that we do not like to perform, that do not complete us as individuals, that do not ring that “bell” of self-esteem, satisfaction, well-being, and happiness. And so, of course, they do not complete us. If there is hardly any motivation to do what we do today, how will there be to be the best in the world?

It is a fundamental mistake to choose as a profession of life something that does not suit one’s disposition, basic talent, and contentment. That’s a lousy starting point. All human beings, absolutely all, have some gift or ability that distinguishes them from the rest, and if the profession of life starts from that point it can go much further than if it does not.

It is possible that Life can finally be understood as a complex unfolding of facts and eventualities, or that we should assume that it is not easy to go through, but most of the dynamics that compose it are rooted in very simple things. One of them is that things will be better done the more you like to do them and the more satisfaction they produce. When one is doing something that makes him happy, he can easily aspire to be the best of all at it, and there he triggers a circuit of unlimited value, which ends up benefiting everyone around him.

This is also the only way to achieve genuine Freedom., of not depending on the assignment of Value that other people determine and that finally conditions the quality of life that one leads. If you don’t build your Value yourself, then you allow someone else to do so, in their own parameters and according to their strict discretion. Millions of human beings live today (some say survive), under the aegis of the Value assigned to them by others, thus ending the fleeting passage that we all have on earth. In jobs that they despise and that despise them, in trades that they are “forced” to carry out because they do not understand that there may be options. A fate of life determined by “someone else.” When one asks why these things should be understood as unavoidable or “normal”, the answers are the same ones that already “shine” due to the excessive and idle use that is given to them: “This is how the world works”,

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All of these responses are more damaging than evil itself. Because they finally establish support for the inadmissible, they help the roots of the absurd reach deeper and deeper into bad soil. This way of thinking gives very little value to Life itself because I do not believe, from any point of view, that Life is a sentence, that it must also be fulfilled within strict frameworks of lack and mediocrity. The world boasts that it is advancing by establishing basic Human Rights statements when in reality these can never be established among the “essential minimum”. The human being has the right to transcend, to be truly great, to leave his mark on this planet, to be happy, or at least always walk on the path that eventually leads to it. There can be no margin for the mediocre in the definition of those rights because mediocrity cannot be the destiny established for humanity.

Mediocre is the way of thinking of that family that envisions a better life for their son on the premise of making him a Doctor or Engineer, mediocre the idea of ​​who turns the purchase of a house into a lifetime investment, mediocre professional mentality who is governed by the law of least effort, mediocre who works in a job that he does not like and does not assign any value to it, mediocre who gets up every day dragging his feet to go to a job that he would avoid with all his heart , mediocre who also does it with the argument of thinking about the family and the children who “need to eat”, mediocre who sighs with sorrow at dawn every Monday and smiles at sunset every Friday, mediocre who hates your boss because it’s easier than hating yourself,mediocre who adjusts his life to the slogan that the “fortnight” or the “end of the month” is coming, mediocre the intellectual who by way of “solidarity” promotes the validity of this “disabled system” or requests inflamed anger that they be the “ruling classes” who put an end to him, mediocre who thinks that “others” are obligated to him, mediocre who feels that if he had been “born in Chicago” another would be his destiny because the same mediocre exist there,mediocre who feels that if he had been “born in Chicago” another would be his destiny because the same mediocre exist there,mediocre who feels that if he had been “born in Chicago” another would be his destiny because the same mediocre exist there,and mediocrity is the travel backpack of the mediocre wherever it goes .

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The way to get out of this rude circuit of spiritual, mental, and material poverty is simple and is available to everyone: you have to become the best ice cream man in the world! that is to say:

  1. Choose as a job of Life any coherent with the gifts, aptitudes, and personal dispositions.
  2. To be the best in the world in that profession.

These two elements produce VALUE and that is all that is needed for well-being to arrive progressively.

Because as those who know well know, Fortune is not sought directly, Fortune catches up with one on the road, when things that produce happiness are being done on it and they are being done better than anyone else.

Difficult? Think about it: DIFFICULT is living as we are doing…, or as others would say: surviving is always more difficult than living.


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