19 Codes of Life that Will Lead You to Victory

19 Codes of Life that Will Lead You to Victory

In terms of law, a code is a set of norms and rules that condition the development or dynamics of something. And the ” codes of life ” that are exposed below allow just that: positively condition the victory of anyone in whatever they are looking for.


These are not “rules of life”, because if they were, they would lack the indispensable synergy that a code has between its components. On the other hand, these norms deal with something that does not always deserve attention: the fact of OVERCOMING the challenges that existence presents.


There is a subtle difference between success and victory. The first is due to an intimate and personal evaluation. No one can measure or judge the success of others. On the other hand, victory is simple: it means to prevail, to triumph, and to achieve what you want despite everything you try to prevent.


Do you want to succeed in what you set out to do in life? Well, know, understand, and internalize these tips based on the enormous wisdom of Frank Sonnenberg.

Table of Contents
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1. “What you have is momentary; what you are is forever ”. The first of the codes of life.

Two things must be understood with crystal clarity to succeed in life. First, recognize that all possession is eventual. Today it exists and tomorrow it does not. Second, everything you want to get in this world depends on what you are and what you do.


Oranges are always the fruit of the orange tree. It will never be otherwise. The tree IS first, and as a result, it delivers the fruit that is known to it. This occurs at harvest, but the tree is always there, ready to renew its gifts, again and again.


All the things you want to have in life, the people and experiences you long for, are conditioned by the BEING you have built. It produces the fruits, it is never the other way around.

2. “Be a good person. Everything else is secondary”.

Who is a good person? Simple. Someone at peace with himself and satisfied with what he gets out of life. This is summed up.

Who is at peace with himself, is at peace with the world. And if you are satisfied with life, you never face it as a creditor. He does not ask, rather he gives.

3. “Virtue does not consist in demanding more from others; rather, in expecting more of yourself ”.

Every victory is measured by the ability to be better now than yesterday. This sums up any virtuous comparison and all competitive zeal. The codes of life are oriented to the inside, never outside. Nobody has power over the things that happen to them, but they have the complete ability to control their responses to what happens.


4. “You have the freedom to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of those choices.”

This is what LIABILITY is all about. It must be understood that freedom is subject to a single imposition: assuming the consequences of the decisions that are made, whether they are expected or not.

5. “Inner peace is a by-product of how you choose to live your life.”

If you don’t feel at peace with yourself, the remedy is simple: change the way you are living. There is no other way.


Inner peace is the essential representation of victory. You get to it, you never leave from there. Who hopes to have inner peace to live as he wants, sins of naivety, and is idle. You have to live a certain way to achieve peace, so stop focusing on it for a while and focus on ordering your daily actions. Inner peace is a by-product. Falls like ripe fruit when properly lived.

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6. “Words express what is in your mind, but your actions say what is in your heart.”

The biblical precept says it from ancient times: “by their fruits you will know them.” Speak up if you want others to know what you think, but only your actions will establish what you are.

7. “I’m too busy” is another way of saying, “it’s not a priority.”

Understand this well when they tell you and avoid saying it yourself. Reflect on this advice, it will give you many triumphs in life.


8. “Problems are better dealt with before they arise.”

Don’t go too fast in understanding this. Among the codes of life described here, there is a tricky edge in this statement. Because if a problem is taken care of before it arises, then it was never a problem, right?


That’s how it is. The best way to avoid problems is not to complicate things too much and to act well at all times. As long as this is so, fewer problems will exist.


Look at the matter from the perspective of energy. It is always smarter to invest energy in avoiding complications than in solving problems. Now, this does not guarantee that adversities will not happen, but you will find it with greater strength to face them.


9. “WHAT is correct is much more important than WHO is right”.

Winning a false argument constitutes a Pyrrhic victory. Do not do it. If your guidance is correct, you may lose a battle, but victory in the war will be guaranteed.


10. “Do not believe everything you think” (one of the wisest rules of the codes of life).

The greatest enemy is inside. The mind betrays nine times for each one it guides for good. This is what the genuine struggle between good and evil in this world is all about.


Be humble and skeptical of what you think. Never assume you have the truth. On the contrary, recognize yourself as fallible, and question yourself. This is how he honors the wisdom of an older man, that Socrates said, “the only thing I know is that I know nothing.”

11. “You are what you eat and, above all, the information you digest.”

There is food for the body and there is food for the soul. Take care of both.

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12. “Treat criticism as a gift, not as a slap.”

The self-confident person is edified by adultery and also by admonition. It is always above both. Because if someone depends on someone else’s adult to feel good, their stature is defined by others. And if you take criticism for being affected, you recognize yourself as a dwarf.

13. “Excuses scream lack of will to change.”

14.- “Invest in relationships so as not to waste time and resources repairing them.”

The good investor does not expect immediate gratification, he visualizes them over time. That’s the way to deal with relationships. The more you sow and give, the more you take.


There is no better investment in this world than that made in relationships with others, whether they are close or not. Sow, water, care. Do not expect immediate fruit, because at harvest time you will find it in abundance.


Finally, there is no one poorer than that individual who strives to build relationships to find meaning in them.

15. “Although the amount of friends can feed your ego, it will never satisfy your heart.”

16. “Having bad company is like being in an area infested with germs. You never know what you can get ”.

Including this premise in the codes of life can only pay off well. No one consciously seeks to become infected with a germ, but when one is among them, contagion is likely.

17.”People will test you in small ways before they completely trust you.”

Therefore, if you want to receive in large proportions, be loyal and faithful in the small. There is nothing insignificant or negligible in the dynamics that build trust.

18 . “The way you handle success says a lot about you.”

It’s funny, but success exposes while failure can hide. In victorious situations, few repress their nature because they assume they are virtuous because of what happens to them.


Success is riskier than failure in many ways, but the main one is always this: it shows everyone as they are. If well, well. If wrong, wrong. And if it is the latter, to start over, since there has been no victory.

19. “Follow your conscience. You have to live with yourself for the rest of your life. ” This is the foundation of the codes of life.

You can run away from everything and everyone, but the conscience is a faithful sentinel until the end. Among the many ways of depicting hell, this one will always be illustrious: a conscience that tortures to the end because it is not listened to.



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