The Best Investment Portfolio To Earn Money

The Best Investment Portfolio To Earn Money

Having the best investment portfolio is essential if you want to be successful when investing in the stock market. To help you have the best investment portfolio that best suits your needs, we have created an investment guide that will show you the best portfolio recommended by experts.

The best investment portfolio to multiply your money

It does not matter if you want to invest in the stock market in the short or long term, you need to have a good investment strategy. Next, we present the best investment portfolio most recommended by experts and then we will show you other investment portfolios chosen by our users.

These investment portfolios combine a passive investment strategy and we have created them to keep investment costs low when investing in ETFs. These recommended investment portfolios have produced the best returns historically. This way you can be sure that your money is working for you without having to monitor your investments every second.

Best investment portfolio: Investment portfolio of 3 funds

The Best Investment Portfolio has been recommended time after time by John Bogle, the legendary investor, and founder of one of the largest investment companies on the planet: Vanguard Investments. John Bogle believes that the best investment portfolio consists of having the best companies in the market at the lowest possible cost.

To have the best investment portfolio, we will invest in ETFs from 3 markets that have historically been very successful: US stocks, international stocks, and government bonds.

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1. 40% US Stocks: Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF  (symbol: VTI )

best investment portfolioWith this exchange-traded fund (also known as ETF) you can have the best investment portfolio filled with the ENTIRE US stock market. This fund has more than 3,700 company shares and has a very cheap expense ratio (just 0.17%) or $17 for every $10,000 invested.

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2. 30% International Stocks: Vanguard Total International ETF  (symbol: VXUS )

best investment portfolioTo have the best investment portfolio, it is necessary to diversify the risk. Now that we have covered the US stock market, we will be able to diversify our investment portfolio with international stock markets with this investment fund.

This fund has more than 5,600 stocks in developed and emerging markets outside the United States, which together represent approximately 50% of the world’s market capitalization. This ETF also has a low expense ratio of 0.22% or $22 for every $10,000 invested.

3. 30% Government Bonds: Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF  (symbol: BND )

best investment portfolioWith the two previous funds, your best investment portfolio already includes most of the largest companies in the world. Now, you must diversify your risk and capture the government bond market with this investment fund.

This ETF has several government bonds that have high credit quality and more than 6,700 fixed-income bonds around the world. It is important to have this fund in your investment portfolio because it can help you earn good returns during difficult economic climates.

If you want to further diversify your investment portfolio, you can also follow these investment portfolios recommended by our users based on the recommendation of various financial experts.

These portfolios feature ETFs to keep costs down, and we’ve taken risk and diversification of various assets into consideration when creating these investment portfolios that cater to different investment types and markets.

Best investment portfolio for young people:

This investment portfolio is ideal for young investors or those seeking more aggressive growth. With greater exposure to the US market and better exposure to government bonds, this will be the best investment portfolio to take advantage of global economic growth.

Best Long-Term Investment Portfolio:

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This investment portfolio is perfect if you want to have assets in international companies in the long term. You will have varied exposure to American companies, companies in Latin American countries, and European companies. If you want a more aggressive investment strategy, you can decrease government bonds and increase assets in emerging countries and real estate.

Best investment portfolio with real estate:

If you are interested in investing in properties or real estate, this investment portfolio is perfect for you. It is designed to keep costs down and have passive exposure to real estate around the world.

If you want to have a more aggressive real estate investment portfolio, you can have fewer assets in government bonds and more assets in real estate.

Aggressive Growth Investment Portfolio:

This investment portfolio focuses on aggressive (but riskier) growth in the stock market. It is designed with the “invest and forget” mindset as it focuses on long-term aggressive growth. However, if you are nearing retirement age but still want aggressive growth, we recommend raising government bonds.

Best Growth Investment Portfolio, Passive:

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If you want your portfolio to grow but you don’t want to take too much risk, this portfolio is created for you. We focus on a more conservative strategy (investing more in government bonds) and put money in small companies with higher growth potential and reduce risk by investing in large companies and S&P 500 index companies.

Best investment portfolio with gold:

Do you want to invest in gold and have an efficient investment portfolio? Then this is the best investment portfolio for you. The idea of ​​this investment portfolio is to diversify the risk associated with investing in gold with other types of investment in assets spread around the world and in government bonds that provide a modest return.

Simple investment portfolio:

If you are looking for the best investment portfolio for the long term but do not want to worry or complicate your investment method, this is the perfect asset portfolio for you. This investment method is simple: half your money in stocks and the other half in government bonds. In this way, you obtain an investment mode without complications and with good returns.

The best investment portfolio to invest in will depend on your age, level of risk, and investment strategy.


We hope these ideas on the best investment portfolio will help you find an investment portfolio that suits your needs. Remember that before investing in any of these assets, you must be sure of the risks involved.

If you have questions about these investment portfolios or want to know more about the funds mentioned for your investment portfolio, leave us a comment below and we will help you clear up your doubts.

What is the best investment portfolio? Leave us your opinions below and share with us your strategies to multiply and earn money by investing in the stock market.


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