The Definitive Guide To Discovering Your Skills

The Definitive Guide To Discovering Your Skills

We all have a talent, a special gift, something that makes us unique and that makes us stand out from the crowd. And discovering your skills is essential to having a better life, not just financially, but in general. It’s a way to feel good doing something you like and be positively recognized.

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What are skills?

Skills are things we do without any effort, which are so natural to us that we often fail to recognize them as gifts. Another thing that is very easy to confuse is your passion with skill — which is not always the same. You might love doing something that has nothing to do with what you’re good at. Strange, but it can happen.

Finding your skill can take time, and you need to know yourself better, that is, reflect, ask yourself questions, question yourself think a little deeper, and take your thoughts outside the box. Self-knowledge is essential at this moment.

You haven’t found your skill yet? Don’t worry, this question is much more common than you might think. But we are here to help you eliminate it. Here are some tips on how to find it and use it to develop your career:

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How to discover your skills?

Discover what you like to do

Already working? Start thinking about what you like to do most during your workday. For example: do you feel better working in isolation or in the middle of a lot of people? Do you like dealing with people or do you prefer to do things independently? Do you like messing with papers or are you terrified of the bureaucratic part?

All of this needs to be analyzed. If you still don’t know the answers to this question, take a moment to analyze it while you’re working. Think about what makes it easier for you, what doesn’t demand much effort, and what you do naturally, without much difficulty.

Ask yourself what your strengths are

Have you ever stopped to reflect on your qualities? We all have at least one that doesn’t necessarily have to be something we do with an object. For example, you might be great at listening to people and giving advice. Quality can be anything you have.

If you can’t identify any, ask a friend, acquaintance, or family member to describe what they like most about your way of being and what makes you so different from the majority.

Think about what you do for fun

Did you know that your hobby could be hiding your talent? It can become the business of your life and bring you many fruits, not only financial but also emotional. Doubt? You can read about, for example, stories of fashion bloggers who today earn a lot of money from things they did as a hobby and, over time, became a huge success. It is possible to work with what you love and feel satisfied in every way.

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Do different things

Here’s a great way to discover your skills: test them. In addition to being very good for our brain, you will be giving yourself more chances to find what you can excel at.

For example, think of things you might enjoy doing like playing a musical instrument. Take a trial class or enroll in a course to try different instruments, such as piano, guitar, and flute. When you find something you’re good at, focus on and develop your skills further.

Pay attention to small successes

Did you organize a party and all the colleagues who meet you congratulate you on it? Did a friend ask you to help him understand a certain subject that you managed to explain masterfully, resulting in good results?

Receive the compliments and pay attention to them. Sometimes, because they are things of little importance, we don’t pay attention and let this information get lost in the air. Your skills can be exactly at these points.

Don’t worry about other people’s opinions

You know that crazy idea you have in your head? That thing that, among your friends, only you can do, but everyone else thinks is ridiculous or strange? Don’t get too attached to these opinions, after all, many businesses that were initially discredited ended up making millions.

Do not believe? Take this example: If you were born (or grew up) in the 1990s, you will remember the crazy spring. It was colorful and has helped many people relax while working. The inventor of this simple idea made an impressive 250 million dollars with something that no one believed would work.

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What to do with them?

After you’ve put all these steps into practice and figured out what your skills are, what to do? The 1st thing is to exercise them, as no skill stands alone. You need to practice and improve yourself.

The 2nd is to look for a professional who can give you the necessary guidance, such as a mentor and courses that can help you channel your gifts into things that will turn into a business and that will allow you to work with what you like, natural and stress-free way.

Furthermore, a great way to grow professionally with what you know how to do is to show it to the world. For example: let’s say your hobby is watching series. Create a blog or YouTube channel to review stories. The most important thing is to become a reference on the subject, no matter what.

Someone, from anywhere in the world, can find you and ask you to work for a company. You can start to gain experience and then set up your own business or find people who believe in your ideas and want to invest in them!

Have you managed to discover your skills yet? Tell us what you intend to do with this. Leave a comment!


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