9 Tips To Have More Free Time For Your Family!

9 Tips To Have More Free Time For Your Family!

You have already achieved the professional status you always dreamed of, you have a good salary and, consequently, you are a financially stable person. It turns out that all this effort at work consumes all of our time, the day, the week, the month, and the year. And so life goes by and you feel frustrated because you don’t have more free time for your family.

Although it is not an easy task, improving the quality of life and achieving fulfillment between tasks can be simple. This post provides some tips on how to improve the management of your day and balance the time spent between work and family. Check out!

1. Organize your day to have free time for your family

Knowing exactly what needs to be done during the day seems like an easy task, but most people are unable to organize themselves in such a way that distractions are a distraction and are not part of the routine.

It is common for people to waste a lot of time on secondary and often meaningless activities. Organizing your day and being clear about what you need to do is half the battle to ending the work day with the energy to dedicate yourself to your family.

2. Use the Pomodoro technique at work

When Francesco Cirillo invented the Pomodoro technique in the 1980s, he didn’t know that his creation would be much more relevant 20 or 30 years later. The rise of technology has increased the possibilities for distraction and the ability to concentrate has become even more fundamental.

This may not be the case for those who work in a company with well-defined rules, even so, the Pomodoro technique will be very useful for increasing brain agility and, consequently, productivity.

The technique consists of timing your work time and, every 25 minutes, taking a short break. The idea is to use this break to increase brain agility. However, what should be highlighted is the organization of tasks between intervals.

To do this, you need to draw up a daily schedule, make a plan, and follow every detail of the planning to the letter. Without distraction and procrastination, you will be able to end the day with a feeling of accomplishment and arrive home free to dedicate yourself to your family.

3. Delegate less important activities

The act of micromanagement takes more energy and time than doing the tasks yourself. If time is short and you miss family time, delegate those less important activities, especially at work. Taking work home is not a good idea and distributing tasks will eliminate any possibility of being late.

For that, you have to trust people. There is no point in reviewing an activity and continuing to worry about meeting the deadline and the quality of the work. It turns out that activities with little complexity can safely be delegated. Do this and notice that everything will flow more naturally.

4. Negotiate work at home office

Working from home at least once a week will save you significant time, as there will no longer be a need to take traffic and travel to the company. Furthermore, you will be able to have family meals, increasing the proximity between other members of the house.

This can be a great experience to improve your relationship with organizing your own time. If you decide to open your own business, for example, you will already be used to a routine of flexible hours, but which require even more discipline to not get lost.

5. Wake up early to exercise

Exercising is not only a benefit for your physical health but also for your mental health. Furthermore, the practice of getting up early can be an ally in generating energy and disposition, helping to increase your focus on work and, consequently, making you more productive.

If the day starts well and is in a good mood, it is natural that it continues at the same pace and that family moments are well enjoyed. And this is also a great opportunity to express gratitude for another day.

6. Set a day of the week to dedicate to the family

This point is part of organizing your days, as a well-defined week with clear objectives will help you maintain discipline. You may not have the opportunity to spend the whole day with your family, but by setting a day to go on a trip or some fun activity, you will be able to stay focused on this commitment, preventing other responsibilities from getting in the way of this important moment in the company of your family.

7. Share household chores

A couple or family that shares household chores tends to be happier. Normally, women are overwhelmed and carry out these household activities alone, which leaves them exhausted, even on weekends.

In addition to being unfair, there will be no time left for a conversation with your child or for a family activity. For this reason, the ideal is to include everyone and make these jobs a great opportunity for healthy coexistence.

For example, even if the child does not yet know how to perform a task, by being included in activities he will feel closer to his mother. Not to mention that time will be optimized and afterwards it will be possible to practice a fun activity that involves everyone.

8. Use time with a purpose

With the immense possibility of connecting to the world through social networks and meaningless searches on the internet, people waste time rambling between one subject and another, a WhatsApp chat, or a curiosity video posted on Facebook.

However, it is necessary to remember that time must be seen as money and, therefore, be used for some purpose. Try analyzing how you are using your time and see if your priorities are contributing to the goal of having more free time for your family.

Time is an asset and must be used to generate value, just like money. If you take care of your money and where you are using your earnings, you also need to take care of your time, as it is as limited as currency.

9. Seek balance

Having a balanced life is a matter of health. If work is consuming all your time, demanding a lot and you are unable to balance your dedication between professional and personal activities, perhaps it is time to rethink your career.

Changes are part of life and this openness makes it possible to own your own time and destiny. How about starting a business that allows for a closer relationship with your children and with your own life, without the need to live worn out and frustrated?

Remember that, in addition to dividing yourself between professional and family activities, you cannot forget your individuality. A moment of reading, meditation, or a simple cup of coffee at the end of the day with a friend can ease tension and help you feel more important.

Each tip is fundamental in the search for a full and purposeful life, but the combination of them all will lead to achieving your goal. The main attitude is to do a thorough analysis of your routine and consider the proposed changes, as well as, if necessary, seek professional help to organize your routine and start leveraging your personal life. Having free time for your family is much more than having fun and chatting, but living a healthy and fulfilled life.

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