23 Booming Businesses with a Future 

23 Booming Businesses with a Future 

If you want to get into a business, nothing better than doing it in one that is booming.

But it could be even better: a business that also has a future.

But how do you know which businesses are booming and have a future?

This is the crux of the matter.

Nobody is a fortune teller, but we can see the businesses that are growing the most and those that can grow the most in the future.

I am going to show you a list of many of the “hottest” businesses of the moment, and that also promises to set trends soon.

Best booming businesses in the EU and Latin America

The new world panorama that the pandemic has brought, together with the issue of Climate Change, is making businesses have to adapt at a forced march.

Many businesses that were viable two years ago are suffering and desperately trying to change their model.

Fortunately, if we have a little “eye” we can see the causes and consequences of what is happening and thus we can predict what type of business is most likely to have growth in the future.

I already anticipate that the key is in the digital issue.

Let’s see the list.

1 Remote tutorials

In a matter of a few years, countless companies related to the subject of training in the different fields of knowledge have been established.

Anyone who has known the world of making money online for years knows what I’m talking about.

We have authentic tutoring empires in all niches:

  • online marketing
  • Copywriting Courses
  • Email marketing (using sites like Mailrelay )
  • Trading of futures, cryptocurrencies, Forex, etc. (with brokers like XTB or eToro)
  • Welfare
  • SEO courses
  • Growth on Youtube

And many more that I have no idea about.

The best of all?

Even in future businesses, there will be a need for tutors.

In other words, it is a market with a growing supply and demand.

On the other hand, I believe that face-to-face tutorials will not be able to grow in the same way, and in many sectors, they will even tend to disappear little by little.

2 Digital Fitness

This could also fall within the previous point since we can set up specific fitness courses or tutorials for students from all over the world.

Yes, we are no longer limited to the people who live around us.

The online market opens up the possibility of having clients in the United States, Australia, Peru, Spain, or even Madagascar.

This opens up new business possibilities.

For example:

  • Fitness Youtube or Instagram Influencer: where you can earn with promoted products, affiliates, or advertising
  • Carrying the diet and the exercise plan at a distance: training in food is also very important
  • Take classes online
  • fitness podcasts

Programs like Zoom and the like are key in this new model of dealing with gym customers online.

An LEK study says that digital fitness has grown between 30 and 35% compared to pre-Covid levels.

3 Pets and associated services

Many will have seen the program “The Dog Charmer” by Cesar Millán.

There are many types of pets and each one has a particular need.

Over the years, many businesses related to this market have been created, such as:

  • Hotels
  • Trainers
  • walkers
  • caregivers
  • Hairdressers

The fact is that as people have become more individual, the demand for pet care has grown. This is because many people live alone and do not have the time or skills to do certain things for their pets. Moreover, pets are very important in the lives of many people, those who are willing to spend a lot of money on them.

What future trend could this market have?

Difficult to know, because what I’m seeing is that there is an interest in replacing real pets with artificial ones, something like we saw in the movie Artificial Intelligence.

If that happens, then you could create a robot pet business.

4 Digital Marketing Agencies

Of course, if the digital world makes and moves more and more money, then there are more and more businesses directly associated with it, and this is where digital marketing agencies come in.

I will not fool you.

It is a tough sector and I do not recommend that you get into it without having experience.

But if you have worked for the sector in one of these companies or similar, there are many possibilities to create agencies of this type.

What’s more, I think many market niches are untapped, especially in more specialized topics.

It is undoubtedly a wild market where competition is fierce, but talent is rewarded, since it is still far from being a bureaucratized market and, therefore, with few possibilities for natural entrepreneurs.

5 Elderly Caregivers

This market is very large in Anglo-Saxon and Northern European countries.

In Spanish-speaking countries, it is not so much, but the trend is unequivocal that it will grow more in the coming years.

There are more and more difficulties for the family to take care of the elderly.

In this sense there are two solutions:

  • End up in a retirement home (another business idea)
  • Provide home care services

The case that interests us most is the second.

According to the trends that I have seen, there are more and more companies specializing in providing home care services totally or flexibly.

This last thing that I have said is key since there are older people who only need help for a couple of hours a day, while others need continuous care.

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Between both cases, we have a whole range of possibilities and a large market that even goes beyond care for the elderly.

In advanced countries, we have related startup projects such as:

  • Honor
  • care (Spain)
  • com
  • Dad
  • homage
  • Ouihelp (France)
  • Elder (UK)

6 App and software development

Ok, I know that many think that this is not a booming sector because it has been in fashion for many years and because it is supposedly very burnt out both at the business level and as a freelance job.


It hasn’t been out of style for many years.

At most a few decades.

That’s not to say it’s not booming.

Quite the opposite.

There are still many businesses that are not digitized and online purchases are far from being 100% of the global business.

When the digital world or sales over the internet or through digital payments approach 100%, then on that day we can already say that the sector will no longer be booming.

At the moment, and despite the supposedly great competition that exists, the design of software and apps has room to grow.

7 Online event management

As face-to-face events decrease, online events are increasing in number and, above all, in complexity.

We are talking about millions of companies and businesses that need to organize webinars and online meetings of all kinds.

This is creating new niches that are related to all aspects of event management.

Previously, you had to get waiters and staff to bring water to face-to-face events.

We will replace that with other things in online events and there you already have a demand to create an event business industry.


In a study carried out by Grand View Research, it is estimated that the sector will grow more than 23% per year in the following years. That gives a growth of more than 500% in 8 years.

So get used to the idea that money is going to move there.

8 Cybersecurity

In a world where transactions are shifting from physical to digital, where do you think the biggest growth in crime is going to take place?

The answer is obvious, isn’t it?

Well then, faced with an increase in problems, solutions will have to be proposed.

This is where cybersecurity experts come into play.

The opportunities in this sector are truly remarkable.

Think that all online businesses, and even people in daily use are going to have security needs.

If you specialize in a niche in this field you could create a successful business.

9 Home Renovation

Does it sound like I said online businesses are growing?

This means that there are more and more jobs from home, which in turn pushes many people to have to remodel it.

As society changes, so does the very design and organization of houses.

With the pandemic, there was a very large increase in the number of remodeling projects.

The number of home offices will be increasing.

There are a lot of markets to be exploited there, not only in renovation but in equipment and many more things.

10 Home health services

In many countries, there are very great difficulties to be attended by the health service. With the excuse of how dangerous it is, there is a brutal increase in the private demand for toilets.

It may seem a bit confusing if you ask yourself, but if it is dangerous in the medical center, won’t the private visit also be dangerous?

Logical or not logical, the truth is that private health consultations are increasing and with it businesses of this type.

One of them is home visits, which can be of many types, such as rehabilitation, monitoring, administration, and various check-ups.

11 Food Trucks

This is a booming sector in certain niches.

I will try to explain it to you in a practical way.

As it becomes more difficult to work in old environments, classic bars, and restaurants continue to lose business.

Faced with the impossibility of making trips as before, people adopt new escape routes, such as a greater number of excursions to nearby places. In these types of environments, there can be an increase in demand, especially in specific sites.

If you get a good position on a site with growing demand, you have guaranteed business for a while.

12 Home delivery of food

Another of the businesses that have exploded brutally is the delivery of food at home, both from restaurants, supermarkets, and small stores.

Unfortunately, Spain, they have released the Rider Law, which destroys the flexibility of the food delivery market, but this tells us that the sector, in general, is growing.

They may not let you be a Raider on your own, but you might think about starting a company associated with that market.

Even though the market is dominated by companies such as Glovo, Deliveroo, Just Eats, or Uber Eats, there are many possibilities to get niche businesses in it.

13 Drones

The drone is one of the new gadgets that have come to stay in our society.

The interesting thing from a business point of view is that being something so new, it is quite likely that it is a market that is going to grow a lot.

But how to create a business with these drones?

Don’t worry, surely business ideas that do not exist appear.

Some that occurred to me are:

  • Drone piloting courses
  • Sell ​​aerial photos
  • aerial surveillance company
  • Home delivery company (this is what they say from the World Economic Forum itself)

And sure there’s more.

Do some research and you might find something interesting.

14 nurseries online

The market for lifetime site visits is suffering.

We know.

It is no different in the plant sector.

Although the ideal is to be able to visit the site and see the plant that we are going to buy, more and more online nurseries are coming out that allow you to choose the ideal plant, prepare it and send it home at a reduced cost.

The market has grown a lot compared to before 2020.

Do we bet that it will continue to grow?

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Business with future

Now we are going to look at those businesses that could have even greater growth in the future, if and when the conditions are right.

15 3D printing

When I did this for the first time today I thought it was some kind of toy.

However, even though they are still simple when I studied the matter I realized that it is something very real.

This 3D printing is still in its infancy, but everything seems to indicate that it is going to develop very quickly, so there will surely be business opportunities with the subject.

16 Virtual and augmented reality

The virtual reality sector is a whole world.

I would not know where to start.

At the moment we only have an appetizer with the Oculus and similar devices, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Without going any further, I think that this could be a good Internet niche, both on the web and in SEO, as well as for YouTube, or any other means that allows the dissemination of new arrivals in the sector.

I believe that it will grow exaggeratedly in the coming years.

According to a PwC study, the sector will grow an average of at least 30% per year between now and 2025.

I think they fall short.

17 The NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens have been starting to cause a sensation for a very short time.

To see how new this market is, just look at Google Trends, and we will quickly understand that this is in full swing:


These NFTs could be said to be a part of Virtual Reality, so we already have an example of a product that is being created with that type of world in mind.

They are still in their infancy, but there are already many projects that are coming out and laying the foundations for a digital economy in the future.

Markets like Cryptopunks, Axie Infinity, or NBA Shots are attracting a lot of business.

The possibility of creating companies around them is great.

18 vehicle charging stations

More and more people use electric cars.

Tesla Motors’ price rise in previous years was no accident.

Many investors were stunned thinking that it was an unsubstantiated rise.


Those investors did not count on what was going to change in the future is the paradigm.

It’s not that Tesla was more profitable than Daimler, Renault, or Toyota, but that it has anticipated a radical regulatory change in the future.

Think, if there is a climate emergency and governments ban the use of fossil fuels, what would happen to the electric car market?

That is why I think that everything related to these vehicles seems to be an investment for the future.

We are on our way to moving from going to traditional gas stations to electric charging sites.

19 CBD Products

Marijuana users promise to be happy.

It seems increasingly clear that CBD and related products are going to become more popular in the world.

The legislation is becoming more and more favorable and it is clear that the sector seems to be taking off.

You only have to see the action of the marijuana companies to realize that something is brewing there.

CBD is short for cannabidiol oil and is very popular in therapies.

More than a sector of the future, we can say that it is of the present, but I think there are countries, especially in South America, where nothing is yet advanced and surely there are possibilities to create companies related to it.

According to Global Market Insights, the market is going to multiply by more than 15 by 2027, which would be an average annual increase of close to 50%.

You are already taking time to set up your “CBD bar”.

20 Agriculture or Vertical Farm

Vertical farms are associated with the practice of agriculture in the city.

The issue is not so much because humans have to grow these surfaces upwards due to the increase in population, as it would be logical to think.


It is this increase in population and the awareness to stop climate change that makes the powers of the world push societies to live in the city.

Under this vision, the rest of the planet must be left free of the human footprint as far as possible.

So, the agriculture that can be practiced as a small business will be within the city, looking for industrial warehouses, skyscrapers, various buildings, or whatever.

The objective is to make the most of the space and obtain ecological products that do not harm the environment.

All this guarantees that it is very likely that new professions related to this will appear in the city.

Vertical agriculture specialists and all kinds of related services will be sought.

This can come in handy if you like gardening and the world of plants in general.

According to a study by Allied Market Research, it is expected to grow an average of 24.6% per year from 2019 to 2026.

Not bad, and we have not yet entered the madness of the “Smart Cities”.

21 Recycling and garbage transport

The key is in Climate Change.

Sorry to be heavy but that’s how it is.

Whether or not it is real, governments and global institutions have decided that it is, and, therefore, we must change our lifestyles.

That will include how we treat waste.

What’s more, being such an important activity for the conservation of the Earth, I foresee that it will be of crucial importance in the future.

In this link you have an interesting article in English (translate it with the Google translation service) about the history of entrepreneurship in this sector of South Africa.

Undoubtedly, I believe that market niches will appear on the subject of recycling.

The question I have is whether the governments are going to allow these things to be managed privately or if, on the contrary, it will be the state that manages everything. This last thought addresses me for the rest of the questions as well.

If in the end, the State takes over everything, business ideas don’t make sense.

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22 Artificial and organic food

Needless to say, the issue of food is another of the keys to the change we are experiencing.

Those of the Great Reset are not going to leave a puppet with a head and food is one of the key points of our lives.

And boy is it.

Well, the trends that they are supporting and that they are going to make almost mandatory are the following:

  • artificial meat
  • vegan food
  • Ecological production
  • insect consumption

Within each of these branches, many business opportunities are emerging and that are yet to emerge.

Grab one of them.

23 Bottled air

This is a type of dystopian investment that still doesn’t look like a close thing unless you live in China. The Asian country is famous for its pollution, and one of the ways the Chinese have to combat it is to buy bottles of compressed natural air.

Will this fashion reach the cities of Europe and America?

Probably, especially if in the end the plans of globalism are carried out and citizens flock to live in smart cities. No matter how intelligent they are, it is to be assumed that the air in them will not be entirely pure.

Well, there are already business success stories out there and startups that are betting on the subject.

If you live in an area with good air quality, perhaps you could look at options for creating something similar.

As I said before, bottled air has been all the rage in China for years and some of its most polluted cities like Beijing:

What small businesses have a future?

After seeing so many ideas, which one do you think has the most future?

Almost all of those booming businesses with a future that I have named can be done with little capital, that is, they are affordable to entrepreneurs with little money.

But don’t be fooled, in some of these businesses you will need to have some money or take out a significant loan.

There are businesses with a present and a future that do not need so much money, at least when it comes to starting.

Let’s see those businesses with a future that do not need a lot of money to start:

  • Remote tutoring: this is essentially an online type of business with which it is very viable to be able to earn money from home, and in it, you can start with very little. You don’t even need to borrow much.
  • Digital Fitness: same as above
  • Pets and associated services
  • App and software development
  • Online event management: you will need your good work more than money
  • cybersecurity
  • Start with NFTs

Other booming businesses are likely to need a bit more capital to get started, or at least to do so more seriously. Some will not be possible to do without investing an amount of money.

Let’s see those small businesses with a future where you have to have more capital at the beginning:

  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • food trucks
  • Delivery of food at home: if it is necessary to buy transport elements, for example
  • drones
  • Online nurseries
  • 3D printers
  • Electric charging stations for vehicles
  • CBD Products
  • vertical farming
  • Recycling
  • artificial food
  • bottled air

We are not necessarily going to have to put material and money into all those businesses, especially if we choose some way to carry them out but more online.

The good thing about these small businesses is that many of them can grow a lot over time and maybe one day you could have a medium or large company.

Final Tips and Opinions on Booming Businesses

When we look for a business that is booming and has a good prospect for the future, it is ideal that it has a series of characteristics.

Let’s see some of them.

Not many people know him

This is something similar to the topic of finding niches for the online market.

If you ask your neighbors, family, and friends about an issue and the vast majority know nothing about it, then it is probably a good business idea.

If everyone knows it, it is most likely that it is a business that is not booming.

Look at businesses that are succeeding in leading markets like the USA

Perhaps the business has not taken off in your territory or is doing so very slowly.

That’s why it’s good to look at leading markets like the United States because that way we can find inspiration.

Make it an innovative service

It should be something that you do not find easily in the market.

The danger of the product not yet being offered is that it may not be viable.

That is the risk we have to take with things like this, but sometimes it is worth it because if you find the right product you can make a lot of money in a short time.

The difference between going broke and getting rich is sometimes a fine line.

Look for inspiration

This is something you can find in the least expected situation:

  • In a Twitter conversation
  • Watching a Netflix series
  • in a tv ad
  • reading a science article

Don’t give up on failures

One of the characteristics of the undertaking is that most of the time it fails.

What way to cheer up, right?

Well, it’s the truth.

But it is a truth that must be known and used to our advantage.

Thus, if we fail once we do not have to get discouraged, but rather, arm ourselves with courage and try again.

As we gain experience, things will turn out better and one day we will surely come up with the right idea.

To finish, tell you that the process of starting a business is not easy, but that is something that is the same for everyone.

If you want something you’re going to have to work.

There are many businesses with a future waiting for you out there.

Many more than I have discussed here.

If you investigate a little about yourself, you will surely discover some talent that you can apply in today’s world.

Good luck with your business ideas for the future.


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