Earn money Bots Telegram opinions: Is it a scam?

Earn money Bots Telegram opinions: Is it a scam?

Can you make money with Telegram Bots?

Messaging services are a fundamental part of our daily lives today.

Virtually everyone with a smartphone has at least one such app installed. Without a doubt, they are the main means of interpersonal communication today.

We can’t imagine a world without messages and chats, right?

But if there is something that we can take for granted, it is that ICTs evolve with each passing day.

In this application, we can not only talk with our contacts, but also join massive chat groups, share content in much larger volumes than other apps, modify files, and even create a minimalist blog.

But what concerns us today is a premise that is seen, with increasing frequency, in videos, messages, and advertisements. And that is making money with bots, perhaps the most popular way to make money with Telegram.

We cannot deny that this activity has existed for a long time and that many have dabbled in it. But we can ask ourselves, how effective and safe is it?

To fully delve into this question, we must first talk about the mechanisms used to generate income using bots from this application.

What can be done with Telegram bots?

If you are an active Telegram user, you will have heard the word “bot” on more than one occasion.

If you don’t know what it refers to, let’s put it in simple terms.

A bot is a software that is installed as a chat extension to perform a certain function.

You don’t need to download them but rather add them. In addition, they are developed by the users themselves, which means that there is a wide variety of programs available.

Surely you are wondering what are Telegram bots for.

Well for everything.


  • Send automatic messages
  • Translate messages into another language
  • chat with users
  • look up definitions
  • Manage surveys
  • And many more
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Then there are others more leisure-oriented, such as bots to play minigames and download animated gifs and stickers. Its function will depend on the type of software that we install.

There are inline bots and independent bots

The former only run when you mention them in the chat, while the latter do so automatically.

The function of Telegram bots

Now that we know what these extensions are, let’s talk about their role.

Indeed, there are Telegram bots to earn money, or at least that is what they promise. As we have seen, the function can vary according to the intention of the developer and some programmers have created software aimed at making a profit.

To tell the truth, most of these bots to generate income have a modality that is not at all innovative in the world of the network. We are talking about the famous pyramid scheme.

Easily recognizable because one of the fundamental requirements is to ask other users to join and put in money or a lot of time (because time is also money).

In this way and by completing small tasks, we obtain a gradual economic benefit.

Another very important aspect to note is that, in most cases, payments are made in cryptocurrencies. Something that has become very common in recent times.

But it is time to talk about particular cases. Next, we are going to mention some of the best-known extensions in this field.

The following are some of the bots to earn money that are or have been more popular on Telegram in recent years.

Let’s look a little above what we found because it is interesting.

1 Dodge Click Bot:

First of all, we have a fairly well-known bot in the world of Telegram.

In Dodge Click the tasks to complete are quite simple and range from watching videos to visiting pages, sending messages, and joining chat groups.

As you will have already deduced from its name, payments are made with cryptocurrencies, precisely in Dodgecoin.

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Is it a safe bot?

In my opinion, it is most likely a scam, either as a Ponzi scheme or simply resulting in affiliate commissions or something similar.

2BTC Click Bot:

The next position is occupied by another quite popular extension.

The tasks to complete are the same as the ones mentioned above.

The difference is that the payments are made in BTC or, rather, satoshis, which are the lowest denomination of Bitcoin.

I suspect that the “non-function” of many of these bots is that they have already fulfilled their function as a scam for many clients and the moment has passed.

3 Claim BTC Bot:

In this case, we will be able to invite other Telegram users to join in exchange for a reward of approximately 200 satoshis.

In addition, in Claim BTC we are going to “mine” for profit.

If you want to increase your mining level, you will have to deposit money.

 4 Bitcoin Satoshi:

In theory, the purpose of this bot is similar to the previous one, although the reward they give us for inviting users is slightly lower.

In the same way, we will be able to invest in “mining machines” to improve our daily earnings.

As we can see, in the Telegram app they already tell us that it is a scam, something that comes from Telegram itself and that unequivocally tells us that this is almost certainly a fraud

The reality is that the cases of problems with the users were so great that in the end the scam of this app was discovered. You can see it on your own in your Telegram app or website.

Earn money on Telegram with a Tik Tok bot?

In the aforementioned list, we have talked about extensions that work or worked in the world of virtual mining.

But what would you think if I told you that there are bots that promise to generate income from leisure-related actions? That is the case with Tik Tok Bot.

The operating mode of this program is similar to the previous ones.

Invite other users in exchange for a small reward and perform small tasks.

The difference is that here they will pay us in cents on the dollar.

The striking point is the tasks themselves, which involve actions as simple as watching Tik Tok videos, commenting, and subscribing to recommended channels on a list.

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The first problem is that the rewards they offer us are exaggeratedly high.

While it’s just pennies, for watching a simple Tik Tok video or leaving a comment, it’s a relatively high payout.

Sounds pretty good right?

But if we have learned something in the world of the Internet, it is that promises of making money easily must be taken with great discretion.

The second problem is that this is not endorsed by any entity or institution.

Also, there is very little information on how to withdraw money.

It is quite likely that the Tik Tok bot is a pyramid scheme, so be careful

How safe are Telegram bots?

As we have seen throughout this article, there is a wide spectrum of bots available for Telegram.

By having very few regulations, any user can develop them.

Some are very safe, of course, because their use does not pose a risk or a financial investment.

In other words, the risks of downloading a bot to read PDF files or to look up the definition of a word, frankly, are not going to be the same as those that promise to earn money from your cell phone or spy on other contacts.

The answer is simple, there are safe bots and there are unsafe bots.

That is why you should inform yourself well before installing any and be wary of those premises that are too good to be true.

Is it a good idea to earn money with Telegram Bots?

An example of how bots make money. By joining one, they require us to join many other pages, most of which ask us to join Blockchain.com, a cryptocurrency exchange. How these bots earn is as affiliates to that exchange, by referring users

In short, is it worth installing bots to earn money on Telegram?

To be frank, it’s not the best option. First of all, because there are many scams in this field.

Being unregulated, they are fertile ground for Ponzi schemes.

On the other hand, even if they are safe, the payments are very small and take a long time.

The best option to take advantage of bots is to develop your own extensions.

You can use them to drive specific actions, such as driving traffic to your channels.

Remember that these programs are, in essence, a tool, and the results will depend on how it is used.


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