What are Web templates and How to Use them? 

What are Web templates and How to Use them? 

The use of a web template to create your space or digital home is not only for lazy people or for fashion, but it is a great option to optimize times in its development.

Therefore, today I want to present to you in this article the main reasons for investing in a web template that will help you boost your ideas more.

To refresh our memory a bit, let’s define again,

What is a template?

The template is a base that allows you to create spaces, which are encoded in a language of HTML and CSS tags, which is a language of stylesheets created to control the appearance or presentation.

If you are an independent professional, development company, digital agency, or technology company; and you dedicate yourself to creating web pages, I imagine that you have had the opportunity to use some free or premium templates, to create more interesting, faster spaces and in a short time.

Some benefits of templates are:

Can be customized

All templates have the option of being personalized, from the most basic, which is to adapt it to corporate colors, to the location of visual elements and incorporating functions, but all this depends a lot on the template you have selected, how wide it is and how many functions it possesses.


That is why the templates are divided into FREE and PREMIUM:

  • Free: they have limited functions, where according to the design you may have to modify some elements manually, for this it is necessary to have technical and professional knowledge, to avoid any important changes.
  • Premium: they are developed by professionals, they have a wide degree of customization, such as incorporating the logo, colors, moving elements such as banners, right or left sides, menus, functions, … 
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Many of the people who are unaware of this great advantage, consider that using a template WOULD NOT LOOK ORIGINAL, but creative geniuses can edit the template to such an extent that it can look DIFFERENT, incorporating modules, functionalities and giving it a professional approach.

Complete designs adapted to a functional style

Not all templates have a complete design, that is why you have to SELECT a good option, to achieve this objective you have to understand that various factors must be evaluated such as:

  • The flexibility of design adaptation.
  • Last modified or updated.
  • The number of functions that are allowed to be incorporated that the template brings by default.


The aforementioned elements can be taken into account for their selection, of course, there will always be clients who will demand at the visual design level, but all this depends on the nature of the product, if we work with an art gallery or a brand that owns a high aesthetic and artistic sense, it is necessary to hire a specialist web designer, where you can develop, according to your ability, a space that meets each of the VISUAL requirements.


For this, the professional engaged in development must have extensive knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and the code adapted to each CMS (CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM), such as WordPress, Magento, … to program it. And for a professional possessing this knowledge, their fees have to be representative of their experience, portfolio, among others.


But, if it is a project that is within the visual parameters of the average requirement, you can choose a good template, remember that having a template completely made from ZERO, the investment is much more than what you have estimated at the beginning…

Therefore, you have to evaluate if the client needs a design from scratch or you can select a template and adapt it.

Community-backed designs

All the templates used have a community of developers who will give constant support on their use or changes and it is also used by various projects in the world.

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Although the last part may scare you, since you can get very similar pages, but remember that there are MILLIONS OF TEMPLATES AND WEBSITES around the world, so don’t worry, but FOCUS on customizing it as much as possible and if you can INVEST in a premium one, allows you to compete with more elaborate designs.

And of course, being tested by a group of professionals gives you the FREEDOM to evaluate and select the one you like the most.

They are more economical and profitable

As said in a few paragraphs above, the use of templates is more economical, since it is not necessary to invest in an excessive amount in designs worked by specialized professionals and have a sharp perception to create an original space, difficult to copy and that adapts to the taste of each professional.


And the adaptation that you must make to each web page, surely it is something basic and simple.

Being inexpensive, efficient, and easy to handle, it is more cost-effective. Because the learning curve is lower, making a design from scratch is expensive for a client who wants to have limits on their budget.

By working with a web template, it consumes fewer resources for its implementation.

Is more efficient

A template not only focuses on the beautiful shape and visual composition but also the number of functions that help you bring life and utility to your digital space.


Programming each function you want can cost much more than you expect, therefore, investing in a template can give you a better performance if you are starting and incorporate more if the need warrants it in order to adapt at the right time and place.


It helps you analyze how much you should invest in time, resources, and knowledge to create a design that fulfills all the main functions already created with existing elements?

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Remember that you can invest time, design, and resources in other activities that can better contribute to your brand and its growth.

Easy to manage and manipulate

Creating a web page is easier using a template, it allows optimizing resources and minimizing the risks in its creation.

It also gives you the power to manage it without having much professional knowledge and more if you use a CMS, being a merchant or entrepreneur is always married by a budget that has a limit to be able to meet the objective according to each project.

Faster page refresh

It is common for brands to want to refresh or update a new design from time to time, when working with a template within a CMS, the changes can be only hours, where depending on the functions of each one of them a different level of complexity arises.

You save time and have a design in a matter of hours.

Disadvantages of templates

Of course, all of the above mentioned are great advantages behind the website, but I am clear that like everything in life they always have disadvantages such as:

  • Codes not optimized.
  • Security holes could compromise the information on the page.


The use of templates is not an option for the development of quick ideas to evaluate models or brands that emerge every day with great force and speed, therefore the development of a web page has to be so fast, effective, impactful, and safe that there is not much time to hesitate and take appropriate action.


That is why it is necessary to take into account everything recommended and more about the investment that you must make and remember that it is necessary to adapt to major changes more quickly to survive and continue growing, evaluating not only the EXPERIENCE AND USABILITY that you can provide to each user but also the recommendations that they can bring with them.


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