5 Types Of Customers And How You Should Treat Them

5 Types Of Customers And How You Should Treat Them

Customer profile

It is famous the phrase that we have been hearing all our lives that says that we must not generalize. But, on some occasions, it is necessary and it can come in handy. For example, the generalization we can make of our clients. 

Each client is different, but some common characteristics can help us group them into five different types, in which you can include your regular clients, and thus know how to treat them.

Let’s see them.

What is the profile of your customers?

There are indeed many types of clients, but we are going to group them into five main types:

  • The suspicious customerThis client is the one who does not trust your company, and surely none, and he is going to bombard you with questions. He can be sure that he will question any recommendation you make to him.

How to deal with him: the best thing is to answer his doubts and mistrust in the most appropriate, convincing, and clear way possible, always using accurate data. If you are still suspicious, try offering real testimonies of other cases similar to yours.

  • Demanding customerIt must be clear that a demanding client is not the same as an aggressive one. It is a client who demands something within logical limits.

How to deal with him: the best thing is to listen to them, weigh their demands and make them understand if they are possible or not.

  • impatient customer. It is the same as a demanding client but adds rush. He feels a priority with the rest of the clients and, therefore, he believes that he has certain privileges.
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How to deal with him: the most important thing is to avoid confrontations with him and give him information so that he understands that, although you consider him a special client, you cannot break the rules with the rest of your clients.

  • Aggressive customer. This type of client is always in a bad mood and gives the feeling that they must discuss, even insult, at the minimum.

How to deal with him: Arm yourself with patience and, of course, never get down to his level. With any luck, you’ll be able to strike up a conversation with him.

  • Wise customer. He thinks he knows more about your own business than you do. It can become unbearable. But he is your client and you have to deal with him.

How to deal with him: having patience, education, and giving him reason from time to time so that he stays calm. When he’s comfortable knowing he’s right, it’s time to win him over.


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