15 Food and Drink Image Search Engines

15 Food and Drink Image Search Engines

An image says more than a thousand words.

A saying that is well known to all of us and in this digital age this saying gains more force.


And the reason for this is that today’s media focuses on displaying high-quality images, photos, and videos to users who interact daily on their social media accounts.


Food stores, restaurants, bars, among others; it is vital to have an image or photo that will enamor, attract and hypnotize network users.


But there are many occasions that brands do not have the time or money to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the food, drink, or food plate.


To take a photo or video it is necessary to invest a lot of time so that the photo comes out and shows the essence of the dish and if the dishes have an essence.


For instance

If it is a hot dish, through the photo you must convey that, the smell, the texture, the flavor, and for this you need a professional photo.


I present these 10 image search engines that are free to use.


This means that depending on the policy of each search engine you can use the images freely at no cost.


However, there are image search engines that require a membership fee to be used or to pay for a photo.


 List of free image search engines

#1. Pixabay

It is a great search engine for free images, illustrations, vectors, and videos. It has different categories and one of the most numerous categories is food, it has more than 43,150 images on food and drinks.


#2. Pexels

It is a search engine that has free photos under the Creative Commons license.

It has many categories such as natural photos, landscapes, black and white photos, animals, cities, Christmas, cars, people, business, technology, season, and of course food.

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The platform has more than 10,000 photos to choose from in the food category. \


#3. FoodiesFeed

FoodiesFeed is a library containing free-to-use images and photos, the images are especially high-resolution food and drink.

All images can be downloaded and used for blogs, articles, websites, templates, mobile applications, backgrounds, or any type of design.

This search engine has 9 categories: healthy food, coffee and drinks, fruit and vegetables, breakfast and dessert, cooking and baking, meat and fish, pasta and pizza, cooking ingredient, and exotic food.

This search engine also has a Premium version where you have more access to other exclusive images. It has 3 packages:

  • Personal but non-commercial use, $ 29
  • Personal but commercial use, $ 69
  • For agency and company, $ 129

#4. Free Food Photos

Free Food Photos offers a wide selection of high-curated food photographs, suitable for use by designers and users.


Depending on the needs of the users, they can download and use images of different sizes and qualities, all the images that are in this search engine can be perfectly adapted to the design requirements that the clients demand.

All images and photos are under the creative commons license for free use.


#5. All Free Download

It has an exclusive collection of 2,990 photos especially of food and drinks, all these photos are free to use.


#6. Free Digital Photos

The Free Digital Photos search engine has different characteristics: person, business, energy, architecture, health and beauty, events and festive dates, symbols, nature, objects, science and technology, sports, transportation, and of course food and drink.

In the food and drink category, it has a collection of 10,000 photos of food and drinks, the images can be used freely.


#7. Dreamstime

It is a large library, where it has many different categories, but the most impressive of all this is that it has 5,233,221 images of food and drinks.

It’s a great place to get photos and be inspired by your designs.


#8 . Stockvault

It is an image search engine that offers a free version of images from different categories and this also includes food and drinks, although this search engine also has a paid version.


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#9. Raumrot

It is a space dedicated to sharing images of food and drinks, for commercial use.

The content offered by this platform can be used for commercial or personal projects.


#10 . Pngimg

It is a search engine especially for images without a background, to be used in the designs and this will allow having a much cleaner and more direct design.


List of paid image search engines

#1. The Picture Pantry

It is a search engine founded by food-loving photographers, within the search engine you will find an extensive catalog of quality photos.

The images in the library are curated by great professionals from an internal team of the brand.

All photographs are taken by professional photographers recognized by the world.

Although the photos are of high quality and there are different sizes to be used, this search engine is paid, depending on the size of the image it has a different cost


  • Small: to be used on web pages, blogs, and social networks, it costs £ 15 / € 17 / US $ 19 / AU $ 26
  • Medium: to be used in A5 size press costs £ 40 / € 47 / US $ 52 / AU $ 70
  • Large: to be used in A4 size press costs £ 60 / € 71 / US $ 79 / AU $ 105
  • Larger: can be used for any scale, it costs £ 80 / € 95 / US $ 105 / AU $ 140

Within this platform, it can be paid by credit cards or PayPal.


#2. Shutterstock

It is a mega image search engine, where it has more than 10 different categories.

As you can see they have many categories to be used but we will focus on the food section, it has high-quality photos of different sizes.

This search engine is paid, depending on the plan you select, it can range from $ 49 to $ 1699.

of course, the first downloads are free, so you can take advantage and select the images you want to use. 


#3 . FotoSearch

Fotosearch is a search engine for royalty-free and royalty-free images, photos, illustrations, maps, videos, and audio.

You can get photos from different categories in one place.

It is a paid search engine, where depending on the quality and size of the image the price may vary.

  • Low Resolution (1MB), 10.1 ″ x 6.7 ″ @ 72dpi in size, costs $ 3 each image.
  • Medium Resolution (10 MB), sized at 7.6 ″ x 5.1 ″ @ 300dpi, costs $ 5 each image.
  • High Resolution (23.4 MB), 11.7 ″ x 7.8 ″ @ 300dpi in size, costs $ 7 each image.
  • Super High Resolution (46 MB), at 16.5 ″ x 11 ″ @ 300dpi, costs $ 12 each image.
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Although if you are a fan of the FotoSearch photo search engine, it gives you the option of making a monthly and annual subscription, depending on the number of photos you want to download monthly, the cost of the images may vary.


#4. Big Stock Photo

Big Stock is a simple and fast site where you can get quality images.

This search engine has more than 38 million photos, videos, and illustrations.

Created by photographers and artists from all over the world and has different categories.

Since 2009 this search engine was acquired by ShutterStock. It is also a paid search engine where it has different download plans.


Pictures and videos

  • You can download 150 images per month for a cost of $ 79
  • You can download 300 images per month for a cost of $ 99


#5. Stock Food

It is an image search engine specialized in food, it has millions of photos, ready to be used, it is a paid search engine.

Depending on the size and quality of the image, its cost may vary.

  • 22 ″ X 18 ″, has the cost of $ 119.99
  • 20 ″ x 16 ″ (51x41cm), it has the cost of $ 149.99
  • 14 ″ X 11 ″, has the cost of $ 39.99
  • A2 (59x42cm), it has cost $ 19.99



It should be noted that if the brand, restaurant, or food store wants to have more personalized photographs.

The best investment is to hire a professional photographer and obtain your own and exclusive use photos.

However, for content development, it is necessary to prepare a publication schedule.


Because when creating content for the food sector, it is necessary to be creative and have impressive visual and audiovisual resources, but if each publication is not planned, they are simple stray bullets.

You still have time to take advantage of and develop attractive content for your audience.


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