15 Companies To MAKE MONEY Watching Ads That Pay The Best 

15 Companies To MAKE MONEY Watching Ads That Pay The Best 

Did you know that you can earn money by watching advertising from anywhere? It’s relatively easy to earn an extra $200 (or the equivalent in your local currency) by spending a few minutes a day watching ads. It’s so easy that you can even leave the videos playing on your phone and just listen to them while doing other things. Let’s take a look at how to get started and the companies to make money by viewing higher-paying advertising.

Why will they pay you to see advertising?

Every day there are more advertisers on the Internet who want customers to publicize their products and services. These advertisers hire PTC sites to get visitors and customers by displaying their ads.

As a result, the advertisers pay the PTC site, which shares the profit with you as long as you see these ads.

The work routine is simple: you only register for free and you must see the available ads. Ads are typically 30-40 seconds long, and in some cases, you’ll even get paid to watch ad videos.

How much money can you earn by watching advertising?

The amount of money you will earn depends on the site you are working with. Not all sites will pay you the same amount to view ads.

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In our experience, by spending 5-10 minutes watching ads, it’s reasonable to expect to earn up to $200 per month (or the equivalent in your local currency) by using all the recommended sites.

Best of all, joining these sites is FREE. So you will not need to pay to earn money.

Below we present some tips that will allow you to earn more than USD 200 per month working 30 minutes to 1 hour with these sites. So don’t forget to read about these tips at the end of this article.

Best sites that pay you to see advertising 

These companies allow you to earn money by watching advertisements and have good compensation:

Swagbucks Proof of Payment (paid to view ads)

Swagbucks is a site known for its paid surveys, but it also offers other ways to earn money in your spare time.

It is a reliable company with a long reputation. It is possible to make money shopping online, get paid to search the Internet, play games and even watch videos.

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This is one of our recommended companies if you are starting to earn money online, and we have published a free guide where we show you how to earn USD 100 a day with Swagbucks.

You will also earn money for watching a variety of commercials ranging from world news channels, sports highlights, and other topics.

You can receive your payment through gift cards or transfers to your PayPal account.


We like InboxDollars because it allows you to earn money by viewing ads and signing up from almost ANY COUNTRY. It is perfect for international members or if you simply want to earn money online, no matter where you live.

It is possible to earn over USD 100 per month (or the equivalent in your local currency) with this company working 5-10 minutes a day.

We like this company so much that we have published a complete review of InboxDollars, with the best ways to earn a good extra income online.



MyPoints is a site that pays you in gift cards for viewing ads, completing surveys, watching videos, and even reading emails.

Video adverts pay well, but you’ll need to keep an eye on them to receive any earnings. You will need to stay on the video page and keep your browser open in that window.

This is one of our sites to start making money online, and you can see the best way to start in our MyPoints review.


Proof of payment for earnings with Neobux (via PayPal)

NeoBux allows you to earn good money in various ways. This is one of the fastest paying sites with lots of ads available every day.

After signing up, you’ll find several options that offer greater earning potential, such as daily rewards of up to $90 or earning more money by referring other people.


Proof of payment with ClixSense (received by PayPal)

ClixSense is undoubtedly one of the PTC sites that pays you the most for viewing advertising. Aside from banner ads, there are several ways to earn money.

By working with this site, it is realistic to earn more than $200 from this website.

You can earn money in several ways:

  • Complete daily surveys
  • Earn for completing tasks and daily offers
  • Invite others through your affiliate program
  • Daily prizes up to USD 10
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The company pays quickly through Payoneer or Skrill.


FushionCash pays you to watch ad videos but requires having the window open and visible at all times.

We like this site because they offer you an additional $5 or $10 bonus just for signing up (the amount of the bonus will depend on your country of residence).


CashCrate pays you to perform micro-tasks, answer surveys, view ads, and refer other people.

They also pay to watch video ads, but they require you to pay attention during the videos. To test your attention, 2 numbers will flash during the video and you will have to enter these numbers at the end to be credited.

8. Perk 

Perk is a very easy-to-use application that pays you to perform different tasks. You can earn money by doing a variety of things: from shopping and contests to getting paid to watch TV and watch ads.

The app that pays you to watch TV is called PerkTV. It pays you with Amazon cards for having the app open while you watch TV. You only have to complete a few questions about programming to earn money.

Creation Rewards

Earn rewards in the same way when you watch ads with Creation Rewards. This company pays you to view various types of advertisements, most of them in the form of videos.


Aside from paying you to view ads, PrizeRebel allows you to earn money by taking surveys, completing offers, and even playing online games. In addition, they have many raffles and contests that allow you to multiply your income.

It is also possible to earn more by referring PrizeRebel to your friends and family via Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Best of all, you’ll earn 20% off ALL their winnings.

The company pays you in coins (USD 1 equals 100 coins). You can cash out your earnings through PayPal, Bitcoin, or gift cards.


Lots of people are earning a good income by watching ads on Paidverts because they have an innovative concept and are different from other PTC sites.

When you join Paidverts, you will start accumulating points for viewing ads daily. You can then use these points to earn more money with ads that will pay you even more.

Initially, you will earn a small income, but the key is to work hard and continuously to be presented with the highest-paying advertisements. It’s possible to earn up to $10 per viewing a 30-second ad (although you’ll need to build a good reputation with the company to reach this level of earnings).

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This company pays through PayPal, Bitcoin, and Payza.


GG2U gives you several options to earn money online. You get paid to answer surveys, play games, watch ads, print coupons, play games, and watch videos.

Its Android application makes it possible for you to earn money by watching advertising from anywhere you have Internet, so it’s a good option to turn your free time into additional earnings.

Another advantage is that they do not require your full attention when viewing advertisements. You can have the website open and play videos while you work or browse in another tab.


Another survey site will also pay you to watch videos and ads. QuickRewards is different from other sites because it tends to be more specific about what is the best method for you to earn money.

For example, you can choose to earn money shopping online, get paid by taking surveys, or get paid to read emails, watch ads, and more.


This is an app that pays you to watch ads, try games and apps. The best thing about AppNana is that they provide you with the games and apps for FREE, instead of paying for them.

They pay you through a system of points (known as “lullabies”), which you can use as gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, or Xbox.

15. App Trailers

This site pays you to watch videos and ads about new apps, video games, movie trailers, and more.

The only downside to using it is that you have to click the side to see the next video, so you can’t leave the videos playing while doing other things.


Millions of people earn money by watching advertising. The companies on this list (also known as Paid To Click or PTC sites) offer a way to generate extra income online. However, many of these sites turn out to be scams. That’s why we’ve researched hundreds of PTC sites and brought you the sites that pay well and are reliable.

From all these FREE sites, you can receive payments through PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Skrill, check or transfer to your bank account.

By working with these sites, you will be able to earn a better extra income for doing something extremely easy.

If you have questions or doubts about how to earn money by watching advertising, leave us a comment below and we will help you clear up your doubts.


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