The 5 Keys To Prevent An iPhone From Being Hacked Or Hacked

The 5 Keys To Prevent An iPhone From Being Hacked Or Hacked

Hacking an iPhone is not very common, but it can happen if you are not careful. From malware hidden in apps downloaded from the App Store to targeted attacks, private information stored on an iPhone can be stolen in countless ways.

In this note, BuzzBongo will teach the most common types of piracy to know how to prevent them and how to know if an iPhone has been hacked.

Just like on a computer, an iPhone can be hacked by clicking on links from dubious sources. If you see that a website looks strange, it is better to check the logos, spelling, or URL.

Also avoid connecting to a Wifi network that does not have a password, as any hacker can direct the user to a fraudulent site to access the login credentials.

As for messages from unknown phone numbers, do not click on any link that is received.

Fortunately, modern smartphones are good at resisting such malware and ransomware, which reduces the risk of an iPhone being hacked, but anything can happen.

The 5 Keys To Prevent An iPhone From Being Hacked Or Hacked

iPhone. (photo: Notimérica)

2. Do not download suspicious applications

Apple devices have a much more closed ecosystem than Android, something that offers greater protection against any attack, but this is not infallible. You have to be careful with applications that ask for more information than they will need to work.

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For example, if a wallpaper or flashlight app has been downloaded and it asks for things like:

– The ubication

– The contact list

– The camera

– Or the microphone

You have to start suspecting. The developers are likely tricking the user into offering information so that it can be sold.

The 5 Keys To Prevent An iPhone From Being Hacked Or Hacked

AppStore. (photo: dpa)

3. Use a strong password

If you back up your phone to iCloud, make sure you have a strong password. If someone gets the password, you don’t even need to hack the phone because you can download a backup from the cloud.

Activating the2 factor authentication’s a good way to stay safe and prevent the iCloud account from being hacked as you need another extra step to access it.

The 5 Keys To Prevent An iPhone From Being Hacked Or Hacked

iCloud. (photo: K-tuin)

4. Never jailbreak your iPhone

If you’re not sure what jailbreaking is, here’s a quick explanation: Through a technical process, software restrictions imposed on iOS are removed to open the door to things not possible on iPhone.

Although it may sound appealing, this opens the door to potential vulnerabilities in the software because some of Apple’s existing security measures have been removed.

The 5 Keys To Prevent An iPhone From Being Hacked Or Hacked

The user performing a jailbreak on iPhone. (photo: Applesphere)

5. Keep iPhone up to date

It is essential to have an updated iPhone since security patches always come to reinforce any critical point.

As is logical, in addition to including security fixes, they also come with new features that improve the experience completely.

The 5 Keys To Prevent An iPhone From Being Hacked Or Hacked

Keep an iPhone up to date. (photo:

How to tell if an iPhone has been hacked

You can’t always tell if an iPhone has been hacked. However, a few things can be noticed:

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– iPhone is unusually hot or shuts down frequently.

– iPhone takes a long time to load websites.

– Battery low very fast even when iPhone is not being touched.

These symptoms indicate that the phone is working all the time, even when it is not being used. Sometimes the best indicators come from the outside, like when friends or family mention that you’re sending them weird messages. However, the most sophisticated hacks can be invisible.

There is no definitive way to check every type of hack. Experts bet on iVerify as a reliable way to know if one has been hacked since it analyzes the device. However, it is not infallible.


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