10 Tips to Make an Inexpensive Wedding

10 Tips to Make an Inexpensive Wedding

Who doesn’t want a dream wedding? Now, the big question is how much budget will it require and how much do I have to spend? Can you have a cheap wedding without affecting the activity? Yes, although you consider that a celebration of this type has many details that increase your costs. Location, decoration, food, drink, and … the inevitable cake. 


In addition to this, memories for the guests and musicalization. An investment! However, here you will find the keys to making an inexpensive wedding. You don’t need to go into debt. You can enjoy your day in a simple and especially special way.

How to make an inexpensive wedding with fewer guests

The couple is the star of the wedding. It is a moment created for both of them that they share with those closest to them. You don’t need to invite Great-Aunt Lola who you haven’t seen since you were a child and who doesn’t even know that you already have a fiancé. Focus on the people closest to you, that is parents, grandparents, siblings, those uncles, and cousins ​​with whom you are still in contact. In the same way, friends, some even invite co-workers. Write down everyone you want to invite and make a general list.


Check the total number. Take into account that some will bring their partners or companions and it would be rude to ask them to come alone. If you think that is a suitable number, leave it at that. After a few days you will have to take a look again, but reserve a few places, since it is likely that you have forgotten someone. If the number of guests is very high, you must choose: who do you want to share this moment with you and your boyfriend? With this, you refine your list leaving only the closest ones.


10 Tips to Make an Inexpensive Wedding

                                                    Small and inexpensive wedding 

Can I do it alone or do I need to hire a Wedding Planner?

Although you think that a wedding planner can increase costs, it will really save you money. In addition, you will avoid many worries and having to deal with different suppliers of whose work you may not be certain. The wedding planner will save you time (which is more valuable than the money itself).


It begins by indicating what your priorities are and what elements are the most important of the wedding. You must also report the assigned budget. This will allow the  Wedding Planner to categorize and divide the budget. This will adjust to your demands and work towards pleasing the wedding couple. One point in favor of the Wedding Planners is that they know many reliable suppliers with whom they have already worked. This provides greater security and will guarantee you a better job.


10 Tips to Make an Inexpensive Wedding
                                                        A Wedding Planner will be your best ally 

Hiring a provider will make it easy for you to have an inexpensive wedding 

There are those who not only rent the space, they also include decoration and also meals. They have a whole catering team that they make available to the client and usually present several options so that you can choose the one that best suits your budget. If you don’t have a wedding planner, then this option may be the most suitable for you.

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It is the most recommended because you will not have to contact different providers directly, with all that that implies: talking, explaining what you want, and closing deals. In a single team, you would end up concentrating many of the most important details such as location, decoration, and food. Only other minor details would be missing.

Make an inexpensive home wedding

You will save on renting a space. Now you should consider that you need an area that is comfortable for the guests. How many tables do you plan to locate? If you are going to have music, remember that you need a dance floor. Take into account all these aspects.


If you need to invest in conditioning the house, compare it with the amount you would spend if you directly rent a room. The positive point is that you can take care of the decoration and make it beautiful but simple. You, with the support of some friends, can decorate the different spaces. However, if time is short, feel free to hire someone to take care of this.


By doing an inexpensive home wedding. You must take care of the food. Consider buffet options with Mexican snacks. It will be original, traditional, and simple. Guests can serve themselves whatever they like and you won’t need too many logistics staff to serve them. Add a dessert table. You can offer small sweets. The bottom line here is variety.


A food buffet will save you money on your wedding
                                             A food buffet is an excellent option

You can add some options free of sugar and gluten, even vegetarian and vegan for those who are on a diet or under special diets. This will certainly be a great gesture. The wedding meal will depend on the number of guests and the time to be held. The menu that you can offer if the ceremony is in the afternoon is not the same as the menu that you would toast if the wedding is at night.


There is another option that is very much in vogue and that is food stalls or wedding stations. For this, you will need to get different providers. They will be in charge of preparing the snacks directly and offering them in kind of stands or spaces. Likewise, they are very practical because you will not need much logistics. They directly prepare and serve the tastings and even talk with the diners who come.


You can vary types, for example having a sushi station, another one for mini burgers, salads, etc. Doing a cheap home wedding can be a bit more expensive believe it or not. However, it is your decision.


10 Tips to Make an Inexpensive Wedding

                                                          Beverage station

Wedding dresses (not cheap but low cost)

Many international brands are now opting for simple, less expensive styles. The market has changed and many millennial brides now prefer simplicity. Spending an excessive amount solely on a suit that will be worn for a couple of hours is not exactly the decision of their lives. They know they can look really good and save a bit of money.


If you want to save on your wedding dress, follow these tips:

  • Visit many stores: in some, there are discounts on costumes from past seasons.
  • Choose the ideal wedding dress for you and try to reduce the number of changes. Choose the one you like the most and fit what you dream of. If you plan to transform an entire dress, so many changes to adjust it will generate higher expenses.
  • Simple is more economical: rhinestones, embroidered crystals, imported lace all of this will add up and increase the cost of the wedding dress. You can find one that makes you feel beautiful and highlights your attributes, without needing to be covered in Swarovski crystals.
  • Buy the sample: as it is not new, it will have a lower cost: yes, you should review it rigorously to avoid taking home a dress with details. You must pass it through a dry cleaner.
  • Design it and wear it with a dressmaker or seamstress: by drawing and establishing the details yourself, the wedding dress will be unique and will reflect your personality. The type of fabric used and the execution are the most important in this case. You must be sure that the finish will be neat. A poorly cut or sewn dress will turn into a nightmare. Of course, you may not save so much, but it will undoubtedly be to your liking.
  • Rent it: it is perhaps the simplest option and with which you will save more. There are not only stores dedicated to this area, but you can also talk with a designer and reach an economic agreement. So you will have a special wedding dress without investing a lot of money.
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10 Tips to Make an Inexpensive Wedding
Low-cost wedding dresses


Cheap church wedding decor

The altar should concentrate most of the flowers. Some put two very large arrangements one on each side while others, in turn, include medium and small. The key is to put in enough foliage. This way it will contrast with the flowers, and the arrangements will look spacious and eye-catching.

If the day you chose to get married there are other weddings, even the ones the day before, try to communicate with the other couples, they can reach an agreement and share the decoration costs of the church or even this can allow increasing the budget and doing something more elaborate or expensive.


Decoration with rose petals

Highlighting the path to the altar with them will give a romantic touch. The pages can also throw petals as they make the journey with the bride. Use seasonal flowers and find a dealer. Yes, when buying large quantities you can request a discount and with these, you can also make the centerpieces for your wedding.


10 Tips to Make an Inexpensive Wedding

                                                             Church decoration with rose petals 

What types of flowers to use in the decoration of an inexpensive wedding

  • Cloud flower: it is an inexpensive and essential species in bridal arrangements. Its long stems make it ideal for church decoration. You can easily combine them with gerberas, chrysanthemums, and roses. Also, it is a sign of abundance.
  • Carnations: you can find them almost all year round, they are very durable and can withstand the heat without withering. Its chromatic range is varied, you can find light colors such as pink, nuanced light yellow, and white. In centerpieces, they will look spectacular.
  • Daisies and astromeliads: you can also get them throughout the year and they are quite inexpensive. In your arrangements, they will give a touch of freshness. Astromeliads are ideal for the bride’s bouquet due to their characteristics.
  • Gerberas: they are very versatile, if you want a contrasting arrangement or centerpiece, don’t hesitate to use them. They will serve you to decorate different spaces.
  • Tulips: they are delicate, elegant, and romantic. They go well with gerberas and astromeliads. They are special for the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere. In addition, its petals are edible so you can combine both elements and include tulips in your wedding cake. A little fix will make a difference.
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If you want to save as much as possible and you have an aptitude for decoration, you can take charge of the decoration. Gather your courtship and closest friends and in one afternoon you can make the centerpieces. If the wedding is small, you can do it yourself. However, if the wedding is medium, you should delegate these tasks and hire someone to take care of all the decoration.

Affordable wedding centerpieces

With cages and natural flowers:

A few gerberas, clouds, and roses will give a chic and romantic, and very vintage style. It is an inexpensive, simple, and easily assemble centerpiece.


10 Tips to Make an Inexpensive Wedding

                                Centerpieces with cages, original and simple (Wedding Decoration)

With simple bases

From glass vases to metal, ceramic, or clay pots and wooden boxes. These centerpieces are ideal for less classic and more minimalist weddings


10 Tips to Make an Inexpensive Wedding
                                                                  Centerpieces with glass bases

With glass jars, eco-friendly style

Original, fun, and ecological centerpieces! Bottles of soda, beer, or jars of jam can be very original bases and they will look beautiful. They can be combined with all styles. It is the best option for an inexpensive wedding.


10 Tips to Make an Inexpensive Wedding

                                                            Eco-friendly wedding centerpieces 

Items you can save on:

Souvenirs for guests at your wedding

The gifts that are given to the guests at your wedding are just that, details that house the affection of both grooms. It is a reminder of that special moment and what was lived. Therefore, even when you can consider saving in this regard. Try to give a simple but meaningful gift. There are details that more than cost, contain a unique concept.


For your cheap wedding, you can go for souvenirs made by your own hand: a jar of jam or some cookies. It’s a very nice gesture. You can also support yourself with entrepreneurs in the area. A bottle with a craft liquor, a box of chocolates, or a small basket with sweet almonds. It will certainly be a gesture that everyone will like. Add a written message in your own handwriting, quite a detail!


10 Tips to Make an Inexpensive Wedding

The souvenir for guests must be special


A couple of cups with a message and the name of the bride and groom plus a jute bag with coffee or herbal tea. It is an original and very useful wedding gift. The mini pots are very beautiful and original, the guests can use them as decoration both in their homes and in their offices or works. Choose the plant that you like the most and voila. The container can have a message or the names of both. You can also buy wholesale details, it will be much cheaper.


10 Tips to Make an Inexpensive Wedding

                                                       The pots are an original and eco-friendly gift 

Virtual invitations:

Digital invitations are a very inexpensive option. You will not need to invest in materials, you only need the services of a designer and that’s it. It will be personalized and you can send it through social networks or even if it is a video, you can upload it to the cloud and only send the link.


You can have a beautiful wedding without spending so much money. Planning is the keyword. You can buy some items in advance. Contact small local businesses, since they can help you with the gifts or souvenirs that you will give at your wedding, they can also be used for decoration. Use your imagination, creativity, and don’t forget to be patient.


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