How to be a real estate agent

How to be a real estate agent

Among the most lucrative investment markets, real estate can be included. There are several ways to earn in this market and Clear and Easy Finance, we will help you understand them. We will focus first on how to be a real estate agent.

With this knowledge, you will have more clarity about this scenario and you will be able to decide to be a real estate agent or take advantage of any of the forms of investment in real estate to generate good income. These e-books contain very practical information for you, “How to make money with real estate and real estate

Read until the end and remember that if you have any questions or concerns or want to know about our training programs, you can write to us. 

Requirements to be a real estate agent

To be a real estate agent, the basic requirements are:

  • Be of age.
  • Have a basic preparation to aspire to work in real estate, either independently or privately.
  • Have some basic study to aspire to a job offer in this market.
  • You can certify yourself by taking a real estate agent course.
  • You need to study and know the legal terms related to real estate activity. 

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that to work as a real estate agent you need a series of skills, including: 

  • Empathy is understanding the needs of your customers.
  • Perseverance and patience to achieve the transaction.
  • It is important to know about online marketing. 
  • Know how to correctly manage priorities. 
  • Have skill in handling technology at an acceptable level.
  • Communication skills with potential customers.
  • Ability to set goals in the short, medium, and long term.

Is there a career in real estate?

There are real estate careers in which you can graduate, however, it is essential to have training as a real estate agent to increase your success in your performance.

There is no official license, but there are associations that are governed by a code of ethics and educational institutions that focus their efforts on providing training in this area. You must know the legislation to be a real estate agent in your country, even in your Community, because there are some requirements.

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In this sense, the Ministry of Economic Development can be given as an example as an institution that registers and accredits real estate professionals in CDMX and issues two types of certifications: Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Administrator.

The requirements to certify yourself in one of these two ways with the Ministry of Economic Development are:

Requirements for natural persons

  • Copy of valid official identification with photograph.
  • Expressly agree to comply with the training and updating programs.
  • Accredit your experience and knowledge in Real Estate services through the certification issued by the competent authority.

Requirements for moral persons

  • Certified copy of the constitutive or creation document of the company.
  • Copy of valid official identification with the photograph of the legal representative.
  • Expressly accept that the professionals that compose it, partners or employees, will comply with the training and updating programs indicated by the Law.
  • Accredit your Registration before the corresponding tax authorities.

What to study to work in real estate?

Here are some special recommendations on what to study to work in real estate:

  • Take marketing or real estate marketing courses.
  • You can take a degree in Business Administration, among other careers that we will present to you later.
  • You can also take a diploma related to Business Administration.
  • Study the legal processes for actions such as the sale, purchase, and rental of real estate. That way with the legal knowledge you can protect yourself and your clients.
  • Investigate and learn about the value of real estate in the international and national market, and also relate to aspects such as mortgage loans, marketing, and finances. 
  • We recommend joining the America Real Estate Association(AREA) if you are from the USA or Association of Real Estate Professionals AC ( AMPI ) if you are from Mexico or the National Association of Real Estate, Financial and Fiscal Professionals (ANPIFF ) from Spain, this could generate more confidence in your business.
  • The AMPI has a page called the Page of the Training and Statistics Center (CCIE), where you can locate courses and read studies related to the real estate market. 

Advantages of being an independent real estate agent

Being an independent real estate agent has its advantages, these can be summarized in three:

More independence

Being an independent real estate agent, it is logical that you will have more independence, this allows you to:

  • Organize your times.
  • Decide when to make appointments.
  • Choose the properties that you will promote.
  • Set your day or days off.
  • You don’t have to give results to a real estate company.
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However, you will indeed have to work a little harder to get your first clients, but once you do, everything will become easier.

Organizing yourself in your own way is a great advantage because it will also allow you to draw up a plan to specialize in offering or evaluating different types of properties. For example, some real estate agents work with people who are interested in a specific type of property.

You can also decide whether to focus on working in a certain area. 

Personalized attention

An independent real estate agent has the opportunity to choose who to work with and who not to. 

This helps you to better personalize your service you can make agreements with other professionals at your convenience and pleasure. Choose the type of service you want to provide, and the time and dedication to each buyer or seller that contacts you. 

It is also true that you will not have the ability to accept and help many clients, but that is the foundation of a personalized service, which generates better results and allows you to provide an efficient and high-quality service.

This is how you can generate more satisfaction with your service and, as a result, you will have a better reputation in the real estate market. 

Better earnings

It is one of the great advantages, if you work for a real estate agency your profits are obtained through a commission system, and the amount of money is less if the value of the property is less.

As a real estate agent for an agency, you will have to adapt to the conditions of the employment contract and the profits prospected by the agency.

Being independent, you will be able to choose your salary and work the time necessary to reach your financial goals and obtain the earnings you desire. You will only need to plan, maintain your organization and effort according to the circumstances. 

How is the real estate business?

Regarding what the real estate business is like, we recommend first starting a line of services to venture into the business.

There are three investment scales or three ways in which you can enter the business, these are: 

A real estate broker is the person who negotiates the purchase, sale, or rental of real estate, such as houses, buildings, apartments, or land. 

A broker is a real estate agent, also known as a broker because the function they perform is to find clients to sell or rent the property of someone who is not capable of establishing a negotiation on their own.

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This is how you earn a commission proportional to the value of the property. As we have already said, in this case, it is convenient for you to include yourself in an association and start independently.

As a real estate broker or agent, you do not need a very large capital, and you can scale up to become a formal real estate agency capable of generating good profits.

1. Investor

This is the person who does have good capital, enough to buy and resell properties, or to start a high-value real estate project.

As an investor, you must take advantage of the reductions in the prices of real estate or the offers of those who sell their houses or land, so you will buy them at a lower price to resell them and obtain an almost immediate profit. 

As an investor, in many cases, you will also have to remodel, restore or improve the houses or apartments because that way you can increase the sale price on the investment.

Now, to act as an investor in the real estate field, you will need to know how to identify the best opportunities for successful investment and minimize the risk of loss. 

2. Developer

This role is similar to the role of the investor in the real estate business, only that it has the necessary infrastructure for the development of projects.

It is a person or company with the ability to acquire property, build buildings, shopping centers, or warehouses, or with the ability to buy large portions of land to segment them into small projects and thus sell them. 

The success of a developer depends on the transformation of real estate into high-demand products at the industrial or residential level. 

A developer in the real estate business can aspire to large and juicy profits, but, as already established, he must have a high investment capacity.  


Generating income as a real estate agent, with an investment of time, money, and energy is possible, it is a market that can provide you with a high rate of profits, you just have to prepare to be a real estate agent.

You can also consider the different roles within the real estate market and play the one that fits your profile as an investor.

At Clear and Easy Finances, we can help you develop a very sharp sense of investment, identify the best opportunities, and start generating considerable income for your financial health and the fulfillment of your goals.


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