Sports And Betting – Where Are We Now?

Sports And Betting – Where Are We Now?
We as humans have been betting on sports and other disciplines since the 17th century. There is something very entertaining about betting and gambling on sports. 

Maybe it’s because we share the relevance that one day you played that sport so that you feel attracted to it. Maybe you know the ins and outs of the sport and have studied and analyzed the sport for years. Whatever your reason for gambling on sports. Know you are not the only one.

In the US alone, there are 19 million online sports better per year. And about 70% of all online bets are for football. Data on the UK or Ireland on this is quite limited. This is why a statistic from the USA was used. But that’s just to give you an idea of ​​how big the sports betting industry is.

We have come a long way from where sports betting started, but sports betting services and websites continue to improve and move forward. Websites become more user-friendly, and you get more bonuses. To give you an idea of ​​where we stand in this industry today, read more below.

Payments and deposits

At all popular and everyday providers, you will find the deposit method that suits you best; some even offer Klarna. Klarna is a buy now, pay later payment gate. Others keep it simpler and allow you to use your credit/debit card or PayPal. On rare occasions, you may see a provider where you can pay by cash transfer through a service like WesternUnion.

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Profits, rewards, and earnings are repaid safely and quickly to the deposit method.

Or you can choose how you want it to be returned to you. There used to be a lot of transaction fees and costs associated with the deposit or payout. But by now, those fees are small to nothing.

Where to play in Europe?

Unfortunately, not every online betting site is created equal. You can try your luck to google around, but the chances that you will end up on a scammer’s site are high. The use of popular services such as Ireland’s own “betinireland. ie” eliminates that nightmare scenario. Use them here when searching for new engagement sites.

Here, too, they set out the pros and cons of each website, and achieve it points out of ten.

This way you always know what you are getting yourself into! They highlighted all the bad and the good. From a better sport to other sports bookmakers.


It’s easy to jump up and start playing without really paying attention. When you use an online betting service, you often get bonuses because it is online, and the service or provider saves costs by opening a location. So they reward you most of the time with bonuses. This can be through deposit matches. This is when the betting services match the amount you deposit. If you deposit 500, they will add another 500 for you to play with. Other times you will get bonuses in the form of credits or tokens. Those credits or tokens allow you to play more.

It is easy to forget that the bonuses exist and to play and miss them. Do not miss it, as it is more often just for new players. So the bonuses will expire after a while.

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How it works is fairly simple, but if you are betting for a team that has not won for a long time, the betting service/provider can give you a multiplier on it. If you bet, for example, bets for Wales by getting to the World Cup and winning the group stage, you can get a fat multiplier for it, based on the history of Wales’ national football team.

However, if you bet on teams that often achieve those victories like Liverpool or Manchester, the multiplier can be nothing or minimal as those teams win left and right matches all the time. Also when a highly qualified team like Barcelona plays against a team in Poland. The multiplier for Barcelona may be reduced because they will most likely win from Poland. However, if you were to bet on Poland and they somehow won, you would get a big fat multiplier.


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