In addition, with these books that we are going to share with you, you will have a clearer picture in terms of dynamics, habits, and decisions that will make you become a better investor.Like everything in life, it’s a matter of deciding to achieve it and starting by taking small steps in the right direction. You don’t need to solve everything right now, but surely there will be things that you need to change in order to achieve your purpose.

Read these investment books and change your future:

Many of these investment books will give you the basics so you can start to understand how money works and put it to work for you, through smart investing.

If you are not dedicated to the world of finances, you do not have to worry, you do not need to be an expert or professional in the field to make decisions that positively impact your life and even the lives of your loved ones.

Here we share these 10 investment books that will be of great help if you decide to venture into this activity:

1. The psychology of money

This book by Morgan Housel explains why a person’s behavior is more important than their technical knowledge in the world of finance.


You do not need to be a genius with numbers to ensure a successful economic future, it is much more important that you know how to act, what strategies to apply, and how to use your motivations as fuel to do things correctly.

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From here we highlight an essential question to understand how psychology applied to this field works:

What is your relationship with money?

From this and based on 18 invaluable recommendations, you can become an excellent investor through this finance book.

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2. The smart investor

In this revised version of Benjamin Graham‘s original text, he keeps the information intact but with some commentary from financial journalist Jason Zweig.

It is a finance book that aims to help understand the basic principles of investments so that they can be applied today by anyone who is interested in the subject.

It also aims for its readers to achieve their financial goals in a practical and simple way.

Link: Access the book

3. Money: Dominate the game

In this book, Tony Robbins brings us closer to the possibility of applying seven simple steps to fully control finances towards a much more enjoyable future.

Thanks to the content of this book, anyone can access information that was once only available to large entrepreneurs, investors, or people with very powerful contacts.


If you take advantage of the author’s teachings, you will be closer to your financial goals, learning from the mistakes that great personalities made, even correcting mistakes that you yourself have made but that you still have time to correct to achieve your goals.

Link: Access the book

4. The new living of trading:

Although this book is focused on a public specialized in trading, it works as a classic guide that can be applied today.

It is highly recommended for traders who work independently or who work in large business teams.

It takes risk management into account, offers templates for decision analysis, defines self-management parameters, etc.

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Link: Access the book

5. Buffetology

It is undeniable that the name Warren Buffett resonates strongly when we think of investments.

This man has been recognized by millions as the most successful investor in history and continues to be a role model for many others.


In this investment book we find the answer to one of the questions that has been asked the most and that until now had no answer:

What is the applied formula in which Buffett invests his money?

It is a book in which you will learn his long-term investment methods, through specific cases of companies that were acquired by this great investor.

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6. Technical analysis for beginners

Although it is a book that requires a little knowledge, with this you will learn and know the tools with which to master the technical analysis of stock market investments.

In this way, you will be able to make good transactions and choices in a professional manner to obtain effective results based on clear and precise information.

This book includes examples, graphs, case studies, and necessary concepts that are related to the subject in a more practical way, indicating the functionality of the investment dynamics.

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7. One step ahead of Wall Street

In this book, Peter Lynch describes his method for achieving financial success, sharing his knowledge so that it can be applied by anyone who decides to invest their money wisely.


One of the things that most represents the need for learning in this area, and that you will also find clearly described in this book, is the possibility of understanding how the financial status of a company works in order to make the right decision when investing.

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8. The little book to invest with common sense

In this book, John C. Bogle aims to share the knowledge necessary to build a strong and effective estate.

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He talks about the investment strategy of applying common sense, which for him means buying an index fund.

These are designed to replicate the general performance of any financial market, it also explains its concepts, bases, and operation.

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9. Principles by Ray Dalio

The author of this investment book, Ray Dalio, was dubbed “the Steve Jobs of investing . ”

With this, you can give yourself a clear idea of ​​what you are going to share in the content of the book in terms of innovation and good practices.

In this investment book, Dalio develops the principles that, for him, are fundamental in investments.

According to him, by applying these principles you can achieve any financial goal you set for yourself.


The best thing is that you will learn from their mistakes and successes so that you can overcome situations with a preparation that perhaps these characters could not visualize and now share with you so that you overcome obstacles.

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10. The Bitcoin Pattern

If you have been wondering about this modern concept of cryptocurrencies, this is the book for you.

You will understand the historical context from where it was born, and who is the creator of this revolutionary and strategic concept, and you will have a better outlook in case you decide to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin as a pioneer in the market establishes a path that many have begun to walk but others had the audacity and vision and now enjoy their great profits.

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Access these investment books and become an expert:

Finally, if you apply the knowledge that these great investment masters have provided for you, you will find yourself in a truly beneficial situation.

Investment books represent great allies and a wealth of information that may open the way for you to put it into practice in your day-to-day life.