13 Types Of Entrepreneurs That Exist Today

13 Types Of Entrepreneurs That Exist Today
Did you know that there are different types of entrepreneurs according to their nature? Each of the characteristics and reasons of these people to undertake determines the variables that differentiate them from others.
In the present it is very common to see how new companies are created thanks to the discovery of a market need that later becomes a business opportunity, this is how new entrepreneurs are born every day willing to offer a quality product or service. In other words, the different types of entrepreneurs are formed amid business opportunities, and even during economic crisis processes, where there is no other option than to go out and undertake.Additionally, entrepreneurs are trained as they develop their businesses, every day they are obliged to improve the skills and techniques necessary to become successful entrepreneurs.

Qualities of Entrepreneurs:

An entrepreneur takes risks in the search for new opportunities that allow him to grow as a professional and from there take economic benefits for a personal brand.

This is why it is important first to know their qualities before identifying what types of entrepreneurs exist since it is vitally important to know their skills to exploit them and take advantage of them within the world of entrepreneurship.

Although here you will find some of the characteristics of an entrepreneur, there are other skills, experiences, and knowledge that make up the essence of that person who decides to start their own business.

Creativity :

This is a key piece to respond to the needs of society since entrepreneurs need to start with creativity to establish new products, services, and innovative businesses that are better than those existing in the market.

Opportunity detectors :

Entrepreneurs are characterized by detecting business opportunities that allow them to generate a change in society or provide an improved service.

Wit :

This is a key element since, with ingenuity, entrepreneurs can make the most of the opportunities that arise along the way, as well as allow them to face and overcome challenges to reach a successful conclusion with their products.

Value generation :

Once the previous elements have been identified, an economic value is placed on your product or service, to increase its productivity and obtain the necessary inputs for it. To achieve this, different business models make it easier to identify and quantify this value.

Entrepreneurial spirit :

An entrepreneur is characterized by having a spirit and dynamic style of work since they are considered positive people who see an opportunity in adversity and fight to materialize their ideas and thereby meet a demand. Without a doubt, these people have done their homework in learning how to be a successful entrepreneurs.

Types of entrepreneurs today: 

13 Types Of Entrepreneurs That Exist Today


Once we are clear about the basic qualities of an entrepreneur, it is time to examine what types of entrepreneurs exist today.

As you have seen, an entrepreneur is a visionary who sees beyond an innovative idea and a business opportunity, since successful entrepreneurs seek to surround themselves with expert mentors in the field who help them consolidate their proposals and materialize them.

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Given the nature of the entrepreneur, these can be classified as follows:

1. Social Entrepreneur :

These types of entrepreneurs are individuals who are dedicated to enhancing a potential identified by themselves, to achieve a positive change in society.

To do this, they start from an opportunity, a need, and a proposal that satisfies such needs through an innovative or improved business approach to another existing business.

His initiative focuses on benefiting economically and helping meet the needs of society, creating social enterprises that positively impact their environment.

2. Specialist Entrepreneur :

This kind of entrepreneur has a more technically defined language since he has taken on the task of studying the market niche in which he has focused to start his business, to exercise his knowledge in a business manner.

For example, professionals specialized in some branch, such as medical surgeons, who merge their entrepreneurship based on their knowledge and ambitions, carrying out a project such as dictating their personalized consultations in their own office, or in the best of cases expanding your vision a little more and build a new clinic.

3. Types of entrepreneurs by chance :

This type of entrepreneur is characterized by having a clear vision of the need found in the market. Likewise, he has the skills to adapt to changes, since he seizes adversity as a great opportunity.

The adjective “entrepreneur by chance” is derived from a person who, without planning it, generates a business opportunity that drives until the fruits of their enterprise are achieved.

For example, cases in which an individual prepares a fruit juice and mistakenly leaves it in the freezer are considered entrepreneurs by chance, some time later they take it out and realize that the juice has turned into ice cream and that ice cream benefits from it. through its commercial sale. Without planning it he devised a business model.

4. Multi-entrepreneur :

This entrepreneur seeks to focus his attention on several projects in parallel to respond to various needs and thereby seeks constant profitability in several businesses.

However, this is a type of risky entrepreneur who bets everything to achieve results even though it is advisable to start a business and once matured, focus attention on other projects.

Today many multi-entrepreneurs tend to be successful in every area of ​​their business.

For example, a fast food entrepreneur who also invests in a side business selling auto parts. To do this, this person usually has the support of a work team that represents him every time he has to be absent to pay attention to the sale of car products.

5. Entrepreneur by necessity :

It is the one who sees himself in the obligation to identify business opportunities that allow him to have additional income, that help him to emerge and be able to satisfy his own needs; either because he is unemployed or because his net income is not enough to satisfy his demands and tastes.

Their own needs lead them to detect opportunities for improvement and they are very individualistic, which is why they end up developing an individual effort in their new work role.

These types of entrepreneurs out of necessity are those whose professional work does not allow them to cover their expenses, so this professional sees the need to do extracurricular work that adds life experience.

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For example, they are creative and look for ways to generate extra income such as earning money with Airbnb, Uber work, or taxi in their free time and with it complete their month to cover their demands.

6. Entrepreneur investor :

It is one of the most common today since they are those that have sufficient resources to invest in projects.

This entrepreneur can also grow up within an investment family that has dedicated its income to carrying out commercial work.

An example of this type of entrepreneur is the owners of bakeries, who constantly invest in supplying their business with food to meet the needs of the families of a community, added to this, bakers are often entrepreneurs who have inherited this business from the family and maintain their commercial legacy over time.

7. Innovative Entrepreneur :

For these types of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is rooted in an innovative culture that strives to improve or replace existing products and services with better ones.

Likewise, innovative entrepreneurs seek to solve various problems, they are characterized by applying new ideas, and strategies and being creative to launch new products on the market and thereby satisfy a need.

For example, innovative entrepreneurs can be pastry chefs who are constantly looking for new formulas and recipes to create sweets with different presentations than those already on the market.

8. Visionary Entrepreneur :

This type of entrepreneur focuses his business opportunity on obtaining a profitable business and for this, he associates or looks for strategic people who serve as allies to boost his business and generate more sales.

The visionary entrepreneur goes beyond a business opportunity since other factors motivate him to achieve a purpose, whether he is stimulated by buying a house, vehicle, or a certain dream.

For example, visionary entrepreneurs are those who seek big dreams to fulfill, so big that their own life falls short, and from there they start to work and achieve their life purpose.

9. Persuasive Entrepreneur :

This type of entrepreneur has a great influence to try to convince their consumers or clients about the benefits that their product or service brings, and with this, they seek to catch them and get more sales than planned.

They usually have their concepts very clear and captured to try to sell both with the presentation and with the benefits of the same product or service.

Nowadays it is very common for these entrepreneurs to work individually or in small and medium-sized companies.

For example, the persuasive entrepreneur is very frequently found both in boutiques when it comes to convincing a client to purchase a certain garment, as well as these entrepreneurs in restaurants or fast food stalls, which The main objective is to get more sales.

Types of entrepreneurs according to their probability of starting a business:

13 Types Of Entrepreneurs That Exist Today


Now, there is another way to classify entrepreneurs, and this is according to their ability to start a business and turn their ideas into successful companies. Below we present their characteristics, as well as the probabilities that they will be successful.

As you will see, these characteristics are transversal to the types of entrepreneurs that we have already seen, however, they are analyzed from a different perspective.

10. Product Entrepreneurs:

Probability of creating a new company: Minimal

These people are the most common. Product entrepreneurs are the ones who come up with an idea for a new product that is supposed to make life easier.

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These people typically have no business ideas. They simply have product ideas. Just like a toothbrush that combs your beard while brushing your teeth. Or a coffee maker that reads the newspaper in your case.

But as great as the idea may sound, the product entrepreneur typically doesn’t have the engineering skills to build the product (or a prototype) on their own, or even he or she knows of anyone who can.

So it is generally unlikely that they will ever start a new business as they are just looking for people to recognize that the creative part of their brain is working properly.

11. App Entrepreneurs:

Probability of creating a new company: Small

Similar to a Product Entrepreneur, an App Entrepreneur is someone who has just come up with a shiny new app for their Smartphone.

Again, most of these app ideas are just that – ideas. People who think only of themselves usually can’t develop apps on their own, nor do they want to pay someone to develop the app for them.

Just like most product entrepreneur ideas, app ideas die once the app entrepreneur realizes that they have no real chance or interest in creating the app.

12. Business Entrepreneurs:

Probability of creating a new company: Decent

These people often come from the world of services. And they are usually too sure that there is a demand for the new service, plus they know how to sell their ideas.

These new business ideas are typically created by someone who works in the industry. They have first-hand experience and knowledge of the need to find a new way to reach the consumer. For this reason, he or she wants to create a new way to negotiate this relationship.

And since all it takes is a relatively small amount of cash and an individual from the tech field to partner with, it’s not unlikely that business entrepreneurs will launch their new business idea.

13. Opportunistic Entrepreneurs:

Probability of creating a new company: Very likely

It is from this point that entrepreneurs become more aggressive about learning how to start a business.

One day they went shopping and they couldn’t find what they were looking for or what they find is too expensive. So they think that there are not enough companies out there that sell what they are looking for at a fair price.

Starting these businesses can be expensive. And the opportunistic entrepreneur may be entering an industry in which he has no experience, but as a consumer of this product, he still feels qualified to jump into the game and solve the problem that exists.

Of all the types of entrepreneurs out there, this tends to be the category that stands out the most.

Purpose of the entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur arises in a business or service opportunity, his purpose will always be to provide a product that allows him to position himself in the market as a quality product, based on the needs of customers under a novel proposal.

However, if you are considering the possibility of starting your own business, the invitation is that you review this list of types of entrepreneurs, find the categories with which you identify, and take full advantage of your skills.

Similarly, each category has a series of weaknesses or points to improve. Find out what your shortcomings are and start working on them, this will be the only way to become a successful entrepreneur.


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