Financial Education For You: The Best Personal Finance Books

Financial Education For You: The Best Personal Finance Books

It is always enriching to read books, as well as learn about personal finances, so… Why not read about financial education? There are endless books that teach you to better manage your money or even to change your paradigm about money, to achieve a freer and happier financial life. Do you want to be rich? Start by reading these books.

Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki)

No expert in financial education does not recommend this book to you. His examples on personal finances and the concept of financial freedom graphed in the experiences of two parents (one “rich” and the other humble), will bring you much more than simple advice to better manage your money: they will teach you to be “rich”, which is not the same as being a millionaire.

Why read this book?

Because it will 100% change your paradigm about money, investment, and the concept of “earning money” so that it becomes something completely different: What if you make money work for you?

There is never a bad time to read this book! There are even those who say it should be compulsory in schools.

“Losers avoid failure, and failure turns losers into winners.”

Robert Kiyosaki

The Money Code (Raimon Samso)

Most people have problems with their finances or conflicts with money, but have you ever wondered why? The one who did ask him, and also answers it in a book, is Raimon Samso, author of “The Money Code”, who also teaches you to reinvent yourself day by day until you achieve financial freedom.

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Why read this book?

If far from experiencing financial freedom, you are experiencing your fears and complexes, this is the book for you: it will not only teach you how to eradicate this problem from your life but also how to better manage your time, generate passive income and become “rich”.

One of those books that, without the need to be an expert, will make you “kick the board” and turn your personal finances around.

“The solution to money problems is not in the money but in a different mindset.”

Raymond Samson

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (T. Harv Eker)

What is it to be a millionaire? Is it to have a big house and an expensive car? Not exactly, although you see it in more than one Hollywood movie. Harv Eker completely redefines the concept of wealth, associating it with something much less material: Wealth is in your subconscious! What if you start thinking like a millionaire?

Why read this book?

Because it doesn’t teach you to be a millionaire, but to think and decide like one of them. If you program your mind to be a rich person, according to this book, financial success will soon knock on your door.

It is not easy, it is true, but in this reading, you will find great secrets.

“If you are only willing to do what is easy, life will be difficult. If you are willing to do the difficult, life will be easy.”

T. Harv Eker

Have a worse car than your neighbor (Luis Pita)

Being rich is not what it seems. So says Luis Pita, another who is encouraged to revolutionize this concept: How is it possible to have fewer “luxuries” than the neighbor and in turn be richer? It’s very simple: Having greater financial freedom! It is one thing to live like a rich man or quite another to be. This book deals with the second concept…

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Why read this book?

Because you can be rich even without excessive income! You don’t need the house, the car, or the stunning fortune. You need to learn to save, eliminating those harmful and unnecessary expenses, the main enemies of your wealth.

To achieve this, Luis Pita introduces a new concept: pre-savings. Do you want to know what it is? Don’t waste time and read this book!

“True wealth is time, financial freedom.”

louis pita.

The Richest Man in Babylon (George Samuel Clason)

How can a book published in 1926, set in ancient Babylon, retain its value today? There is an explanation: there are certain financial habits whose success is 100% proven and have no expiration date. Besides, the Babylonians have a lot to teach us! I know his golden rules to achieve wealth.

Why read this book?

A reading as useful as it is enjoyable (it is narrated like a novel), in which you will discover the key paths to financial success: How to make money, save it and multiply it?

In a particularly simple and down-to-earth way, it covers key concepts about saving and financial planning. Mandatory reading.

“Wealth, like the tree, is born from a seed. The first coin you save will be the seed that will germinate the tree of your wealth.”

George Samuel Clason

Wealth and freedom in your finances are not achieved overnight, but after reading these books, you will realize that they are closer than you think. Which of these books do you plan to read first?


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