How to Create a Life You Love: 6 Key Steps

How to Create a Life You Love: 6 Key Steps

How to create a life that you love. Contrary to what everyone believes, you don’t need to strive for a thousand years to achieve the life of your dreams. In a second you can go from ordinary life to enjoying the life you want.

This is not magic, quackery, or the law of attraction.

Rather, you need to organize your mind, and your focus, and take the right steps to build your ideal life.

That’s what this guide is about. I am going to share with you 6 keys that will help you design a life plan. You will also learn how to use it to create a life that you love.

These are keys that have helped me and they are also keys that I work with my coaching clients to help them achieve extraordinary results.

This is not a text I wrote just to entertain you. The goal is for you to take action and start building an amazing life. Before we start, I want you to get a notebook to do the activities.

I also suggest that you bookmark this page so you don’t lose it and can refer back to it later.

The more seriously you give this tutorial, the better results you will see.

Let’s start with the first key.


Key 1: Leave the “Consume” mode and activate the “Create” mode

All human beings are creative by nature. This does not mean that we are all artists, painters, or writers. Rather I say it because we are all co-creators of reality.

You may or may not agree with this statement, but the first step to achieving the life you want is to accept it. If you do not assume yourself as the creator and responsible for everything that exists in your life, you become a victim of external circumstances and turn off your power. You can never create a life that you love.

Regardless of whether you are metaphysical and trust the power of your thinking, or rather you are practical and trust the value of hard work – it’s all about you.

Accept it.

Here is another important point that consists of going from consumer mode to creator mode.

How to stop being a consumer and create a life you love

Our world is designed for you to be a consumer:

  • You have a phone with applications like Facebook and Instagram that constantly demand your time and attention.
  • On every corner, there is a store where you can get junk food
  • You are bombarded by advertising that encourages you to buy the nonsense that you do not need
  • Entertainment services like Netflix and YouTube are practically free and designed to keep you glued to them

When you are involved in these types of activities, you are a consumer. Beyond entertaining you and getting pleasure, you don’t get any benefit from the amount of time, money, and energy you invest in them.

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If you want to start changing your life, you need to reduce the time you spend in the “Consumer” mode and increase the time you spend in the “Creator” mode.

The secret to having the life you want: Staying in Creator Mode

When you are in creator mode, you have a goal. If you do an activity, you do it because you consciously choose to devote time, attention, and energy to it. You don’t do it simply because you fell into default mode and that’s what it was. You do it because you have a purpose, there is something important that this activity is going to give you.

Your energy is directed outward and you focus on higher emotions such as love, peace, fun, and compassion.

Anything that makes you feel expanded and open is creation mode.

Examples of activities that put you in this mode are:

  • Find a recipe and cook something to eat healthily
  • Organize a meeting with your friends and family, so that everyone has a good time
  • Go for a run, to have fun and improve your health
  • Write in your journal, because that relaxes you and helps you process your emotions
  • Post on social media, because you want to inspire others
  • Plan a trip with your family

When you want to achieve an extraordinary life, you NEED to be in creation mode. If you waste your health, your time, your focus, and energy on “Consumption” activities you will eventually run out of gas to build the fulfilling life you desire.

Think of all the activities you do in one day.

How many of those do you spend in consumer mode and how many in a creator?

Key # 2: Define what an extraordinary life looks like to you

A sculptor cannot create work without first sketching what the finished sculpture will look like. An architect cannot build a house if he does not have the plan to guide him. And you can’t have an extraordinary life if you don’t know what that means to you.

Your extraordinary life can be having a family, getting married, having a garden, living in Holland, having children, staying single, and adopting five dogs. Maybe you want to make a career change or take your business to the next level. I do not know.

Each person has a different version of what their ideal life looks like.

When I thought about this, I realized that the most important thing for me is freedom. That covers several areas. Freedom to work when I want. Live anywhere I like, without being tied down by a job. To be free of thought, express and share my ideas without fear of being criticized. Financial freedom – not depending on a job, a man, or my parents. Know that I can take care of myself.

When I discovered this, I became obsessed with creating the freedom I wanted. Anything that could imprison me was expelled from my life. It was simply intolerable to me.

You don’t need to reduce your life to a single word, it just makes it easier for me.

What does an extraordinary life look like to you? Write it. With all the details you can.

Key # 3: Design a life project

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​what your extraordinary life looks like, you need to make it more concrete. Next, I give you a list of different areas. For each one, define what it would look like if it worked perfectly and everything was just the way you want it. Here you must think about what you want, not what you think you should want, what is politically correct, or what your parents, your partner, or your aunt would like.

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For example, in my health area, I want extreme health. I want to be active all day and not get tired. May my body be agile and strong. Do handstands, push-ups, and one-handed chin-ups.

There are probably not many people who aspire to do one-handed push-ups, and that’s okay. Perhaps for you, the important thing is to achieve a healthy pregnancy or to find a treatment for a chronic condition that you have.

Allow yourself to think about this and decide which one is ideal for you in each of these areas:

  • Physical health and energy
  • Personal relationships (You can divide them into friends, family, and colleagues)
  • Habits, routines, and time organization
  • Spiritual
  • Partner
  • Professional
  • Business
  • Home
  • Adventure and fun

If you have a hard time visualizing what you want in some area, start by defining what you don’t want or don’t like. When you have this clear, it is easier to find alternatives. Another thing that helps is going to a different environment. Try visiting a new coffee shop, park, or someplace that you find interesting. The novelty of the environment will help you think outside the box.

Key # 4: Design habits and routines to create the life you want

For each of the areas in that you were raised, you must analyze the habits and routines that you currently have. You should also think about the changes you need to implement.

Here are four options:

  1. Continue: Maintain the habits and routines you already have and they will help you achieve the ideal you set out
  2. Strengthen: Strengthen the habits and routines that you already have and they will help you but they are not very solid
  3. Start: Adopt new habits that you have never practiced before, but they will help you
  4. Eliminate: Get rid of habits that do not serve you or take you away from the result you want

For example, if I desire extreme health, my habits and routines have to match that. I must eat fruits and vegetables, exercise every day, and sleep 8 hours.

I can’t wish for extreme health and eat milkshakes and fries, stay up until 3 am watching TV shows, and smoke a pack a day. I have never done any of these things, but if I did I would have to eliminate those habits from my life.

How to design habits and routines to create the life you dream of

To define your habits, start by using common sense. For example, if you want to save 20,000 pesos, you need to create a routine of saving money in your savings account every month. To improve your social relationships, you must create the habit of staying in touch with your friends.

Common sense is a good starting point, but there are probably some areas where you are lost in space and you don’t know what habits and routines you need to create.

This is something that I see commonly with my entrepreneurship clients. They want to have a business where they can pursue their passion. They are very clear about what their life will look like once they succeed in it, but they do not know the steps to achieve it.

If this is your situation, the quickest and most effective thing you can do is get a mentor who can guide you. By having their support you will avoid wasting time, money, and effort trying to reinvent the black thread.

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If for some reason you can’t get a mentor, your second-best option is to read a book or sign up for a course.


Key # 5: Take the first step toward the life you want

Now that you have clear habits and routines, you need to start taking action. The first habit you need to develop is reviewing your plan every day.

By keeping your plan in mind, your brain will have a direction in which to point and will help you create the life of your dreams. Another thing that happens is that you are finding new ideas and changes that you would like to make to the life project you designed.

You don’t need to be perfect starting tomorrow.

Your plan, with its habits and routines, is a map that shows you the way to have the life of your dreams.

Take things one step at a time.

Most people think that their ideal life does not begin until they complete the plan and achieve an extraordinary change.

This is a mistake.

Your ideal life begins with the first step you take.

And today you already gave it.

But you need to keep moving forward.

Start by building the habit of reviewing your plan every day. When that’s solid, build a second habit. When the second habit is working, adopt a third.

Never stop viewing these advances as if they were always the first step.

When all your steps are the first, you stay motivated and inspired to continue.

Key # 6: Use your project to make the right decisions

Everything you see around you is the product of some decision you made in the past. From what clothes you are wearing, what your body looks like, where you are, the people around you, what time of day you are reading this, where you are reading this – it can all be connected to a decision.

So every time you review your plan, you need to resolve it.

Make it a point to get out of your comfort zone and do whatever it takes to have the life you want.

DECIDE that your plan is the only reality you accept and whatever happens, you will achieve it.

Your life project is not set in stone. If necessary you can modify it.

What you cannot do is think that it is very difficult, that you will not be able to or that it is not worth trying.

And every day, when you go back to review your life project, renew the resolution. Because if you don’t, you lose power.

It’s like wearing deodorant. You can’t expect that with just one application, you will smell like flowers for the rest of your life. You have to renew it so as not to stink.

You have a force, very powerful energy inside. That energy can come out either creatively or destructively.

Your job as the boss of your life is to help that energy focus and have a creative outlet. Otherwise, it will take the easier route, and usually, that consists of activities that lead you to a black hole.

By renewing your decision, you show that energy where it has to flow.

So start TODAY. Review your plan. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and resolve.


Congratulations! You are already in your new life.


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